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Travis Scott - beibs in the trap ft. NAV -
Published: 3 months ago By: TravisScottVEVO

By: TravisScottVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

37, 803, 671 views

353, 142 Likes   15, 997 Dislikes

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NS Singh
'NS Singh' 1 hour ago
'ALMIGHTY QUAVO' 5 hours ago
i look in the back and nav almost fucked up the lambo doing donuts😂😂
TrueBlue Nation
'TrueBlue Nation' 5 hours ago
subscribe to my chanel 😆
'J.R's sounds' 5 hours ago
Y'all won't pay attention, but i'd appreciate it if you guys can check my beats, I'm weak but I'm hoping to improve! thanks guys!
Nic Rivera
'Nic Rivera' 6 hours ago
NAV UGLY ASF LMAO (copy and paste this)
'blackl1steddrums' 6 hours ago
What a stupid-ass video ahahaha
Micheal House
'Micheal House' 7 hours ago
got it from  
PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS
Micheal House
'Micheal House' 7 hours ago
I just put a eight in the leader throw some jolly ranchers in make 'em sweeter only part I like
Gerardo Espinoza
'Gerardo Espinoza' 8 hours ago
Bitch close the door, there's shit on' your nose🎶👍🔥🔥🔥
'BENDER 7' 9 hours ago
quem do brasil ae? hahaha ....
DeeDee Good
'DeeDee Good' 9 hours ago
Came here from
'themegaabe' 9 hours ago
I remember The day this vid dropped.. Man shiit feels like so long time ago.. Mis those times. Yes i know its only been like 3-4 months
Trap Beast
'Trap Beast' 13 hours ago
Trap Beast
'Trap Beast' 13 hours ago
watch my channelllll
White AndBlack
'White AndBlack' 13 hours ago
I swear Travis got some groovy trap in him man. Hey brothers I think you will like it it's a weed set that Snoop Dogg organized all you have to do is go to google type in"wdbox420" chose your set wait for DHL to deliver it to you and you can enjoy it. Everything is free even the shipping!
boy pussy
'boy pussy' 14 hours ago
wow a song about some chick doin cocaine great message
Space City Randy
'Space City Randy' 17 hours ago
I don't see why people saying nav sounds like speaker knockerz..
'KENG A.F.C.' 18 hours ago
this beat drop OC
Alessandro Pilotto
'Alessandro Pilotto' 18 hours ago
support from ITALY !!!!!!
Otf Pakistan
'Otf Pakistan' 18 hours ago
Nigga nav 🔥
Rachelle Bobo
'Rachelle Bobo' 19 hours ago
ayeee get turnt up
Jayow BVNG
'Jayow BVNG' 20 hours ago
danm! this is good , chek out my page im a french producer
Elliot Green
'Elliot Green' 24 hours ago
Love Trav ad libs. Especially his verse
Customized Genius
'Customized Genius' 24 hours ago
Whys a Arab say the n word?
solebro 7769
'solebro 7769' 1 day ago
this song im gonna make my youtube channel
N. O. N. G Y O U N G M A N
ย๊ะ ย๊ะ
Caden McDole
'Caden McDole' 1 day ago
This is savage
Javier Perez
'Javier Perez' 1 day ago
Arriba México putos
Hayden Rodriguez
'Hayden Rodriguez' 1 day ago
This beat made my grandma wanna hit em' folks
'FailAYour' 1 day ago
Funny how the black folks are okay with him saying the n word while the white folks keep judging, what has the world come to nowadays lol. Im Cambodian (Asian) and Ethiopian (African), I say NAV has the right to say whatever word he wants, bitches just need to stop hating.
Insert Coin
'Insert Coin' 1 day ago
I just poured an 8 in the liter put jolly rancher in it make it sweeter
The Legend
'The Legend' 1 day ago
If you tryna start a streak hmu

amaris vonnae
'amaris vonnae' 1 day ago
If you dumb little girls, listen to this bullshit music, and become drug addict whores....just know that these little non talented, devilish niggas will be laughing at you when do. Stop supporting this Bullshit! And you niggas foul and wreckless and confused. You and the ones like you aren't making music. This is thoughtless crap over a track. And if you weren't on that slave to the devil shit you wouldn't even be signed! Real talk.
Doris Ozoria
'Doris Ozoria' 1 day ago
this song lite
Doris Ozoria
'Doris Ozoria' 1 day ago
this song fríe bro
bob goblin
'bob goblin' 1 day ago
i dont see how he stole speaker knockerz flow
a gonz
'a gonz' 1 day ago
travis scott is dubbin like suicideboys
Crudup La
'Crudup La' 1 day ago
'Paulyfr3sh' 1 day ago
NAV killed this
Chinita H.
'Chinita H.' 2 days ago
damn Auto tune
Chinita H.
'Chinita H.' 2 days ago
What is this shit in comparison with eazy e, biggie, MC eiht, too short etc. pleaaase
Blake Sama
'Blake Sama' 2 days ago
Twerking hood ✌💪❤💎❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤👑❤
Dane Crouch
'Dane Crouch' 2 days ago
this is so cringey ngl but the songs good
Diego F
'Diego F' 2 days ago
im black and i personally feel that nav shouldnt say the n word, only blacks and the central american latinos, not the south american ones because central americans are the carribean also but yea this guy can say it
'JAYDEN SUTTON' 2 days ago
That terraria beat
YoungLambo850 YoungLambo
found this while listinning to the weeknd and NAV
YoungLambo850 YoungLambo
apart of this song is my intro ewww
Yoo Twist
'Yoo Twist' 2 days ago
This songs makes me wanna skinny dipping
Mayo J.
'Mayo J.' 2 days ago
that long shot at 2:08 is so badass. You hear the "straight-up" adlib, Travis is walking from the side of the screen and the lambo is just rotating hahaha
Jordan Abdjan
'Jordan Abdjan' 2 days ago
NAV looks confused
'JacksFam' 2 days ago
Hazel Morales
'Hazel Morales' 2 days ago
This "beibs in the trap" By NAV ft. Travis Scott 😂😂😂😂
YoungMiguelAngel TV
If DJ Khaled and Drake had a son, it would be Nav
'Greed_Gaming' 2 days ago
Are you sure you wanna Party with the Demons 😈
Matt K
'Matt K' 2 days ago
Can anyone id Travis' shirt?
JH Santos
'JH Santos' 2 days ago
Shawty Quad
'Shawty Quad' 2 days ago
everytime Travis say "yah" he sound like young thug
Fernando Solis
'Fernando Solis' 2 days ago
que buena cansion
NAV should be promotin that NAVcoin its goin way up , crypto currencies are gonna make me rich, fuckin ask me how on my steemit vote upmy posts, sigtnup on steemit FREE and get $5 and start making content get PAID for your posts like reddit + bitcoin! [email protected]/blog upvote my stuff after signin up! make your own unique pists and watch the money roll in, like imagine u get paid to post on reddit, imagine if ur karma was real crypto currency, 10 years on reddinot a dime and 2 weeks on steemit $100 so far
'LiTDrifts2' 2 days ago
Nav=Indian Me=More proud to be indian
'Jaegerjarquez' 2 days ago
White bitch
George George
'George George' 2 days ago
the only one having fun is the dude driving the lambo..errybody else seems to be faded
Matheus Sant
'Matheus Sant'ana' 2 days ago
2:39 mas que porra é essa ?
Saw Films
'Saw Films' 2 days ago
This song is lit af
If you can make a remix to this song using only the beat at the very beginning the entire song could sound more addictive
'FIJI WATER' 3 days ago
We all know a friend who needs to listen to this song
Johann Flament
'Johann Flament' 3 days ago
Name of these girl?
Leeshen P.
'Leeshen P.' 3 days ago
Are you sure you wanna party with the demons?
Riccardo P
'Riccardo P' 3 days ago
Che bomba ragazzi im italian
Marco Polo
'Marco Polo' 3 days ago
Anto theja
'Anto theja' 3 days ago
ugh.. ratchet ppl calling all women hoes and bitches again. lame
efren salcedo
'efren salcedo' 3 days ago
i listen to this song everytime i do that cokaaaaa!!!
will warren
'will warren' 3 days ago
awd burnouts are always funny to watch
Bruno Fernando
'Bruno Fernando' 3 days ago
Brasil representando também nos som
Bryan Hurtado
'Bryan Hurtado' 3 days ago
AK Rav
'AK Rav' 3 days ago
nav makes every fucking song better in the end or beginning
AAA spiffy
'AAA spiffy' 3 days ago
this is the sickest music video out there
Rap Goddd
'Rap Goddd' 3 days ago
1:55 is Travis's part
Jennifer Gitschel
'Jennifer Gitschel' 3 days ago
l love you so much ❤😘😘❤
'NBW DOUGHBOY' 3 days ago
NAV Is up Next For Sure
Ulaş Özer
'Ulaş Özer' 4 days ago
lan şu amına kodumun durmadan yeaah yeah diye bağıran adam kim lan her şarkıda bağırıyo ibne yeah yeah diye 2.10 da bağırıyo arka plandaki sese odaklanın
Chris brewington
'Chris brewington' 4 days ago
i used to drive the same toyota lol
Wenzel Gonzales
'Wenzel Gonzales' 4 days ago
This foooo is a FAGET
badass guy
'badass guy' 4 days ago
the bitches are wack af but the song lit af
Sage m8
'Sage m8' 4 days ago
Remember DJ Khaleds son Asahd? Feel old yet?
Recon Mission
'Recon Mission' 4 days ago
She said she want mo ur girl is a hoe u need to let go she fucked all my bros she snortin the snow and touchin the toes
'EriRotella' 4 days ago
funny thing is it says "anna nichole" and my name is erianna and my middle name is nichole
András Varnyu
'András Varnyu' 4 days ago
Nemzeti Adó és Vámhivatal....már itt is
nathan santiago
'nathan santiago' 4 days ago
Bonny James
'Bonny James' 4 days ago
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 4 days ago
Franisseca Poul
'Franisseca Poul' 4 days ago
Why they have to say white bitch they Never use black people smh
Queen Nefertiti
'Queen Nefertiti' 4 days ago
travis Scott's auto tune takes you to another dimension... not space not earth 😂😂😂😂
Pinkie Pie
'Pinkie Pie' 4 days ago
im always on coke when i listen to this song or make me want to do it big time
Gordon Girl
'Gordon Girl' 4 days ago
Klay Korman
'Klay Korman' 4 days ago
Who else sings this in class out loud
Justin Brehon
'Justin Brehon' 4 days ago
Bro this my Spotify playlist jam
Joaquin Gonzalez
'Joaquin Gonzalez' 4 days ago
'ANDREW ROCK' 4 days ago
'YRN_Creed' 4 days ago
xperthief got me on to NAV a year ago in the summer thinks Kevin🔥
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