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Travis Scott - beibs in the trap ft. NAV -
Published: 2 months ago By: TravisScottVEVO

By: TravisScottVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

28, 642, 453 views

296, 348 Likes   12, 747 Dislikes

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Mr.Wonderful TheWonderful
oh great another rap song about drugs
'EmperorMaco' 35 minutes ago
Ok, Im sorry Scott but I expect better.
This is NAV's song in my viewpoint.
'jojo71439' 57 minutes ago
put a jolly rancher make it sweeter
'Kexuh' 58 minutes ago
Lmao how everyone found out about Nav smh
'KingDejen' 2 hours ago
wtf was that girl doing at 3:06
Jimmy Gallagher
'Jimmy Gallagher' 2 hours ago
tbh Nav did it better than Travis
Daleysia Murray
'Daleysia Murray' 2 hours ago
man cocaine is one hella drug
'Christomonte' 4 hours ago
anyone can say nigga now good times
Ya Okay Sherlock
'Ya Okay Sherlock' 4 hours ago
yes some more black lives mattering right here
'FREAQU' 4 hours ago
funny thing is the female models in these music videos are never the ones fucking with snow. these are all vegans who detox every week and exercise daily and live in the sun. the ones that fuck with the drugs heavy are sleezy thots with braid ups and flubber bellies
SSGSS Flacko
'SSGSS Flacko' 5 hours ago
The only nigga to pull of a lower case YouTube title
Рома Шевяков
Тимати охуенен! Travis Scott бог
Xx Papi_u_so.fuegoxX
wtf are the girls wearing on they head
'WALokotes509' 6 hours ago
on replay fire
Anaria Johnson
'Anaria Johnson' 7 hours ago
if this ur favorite song comment heart eyes :)
Yaboy Chink
'Yaboy Chink' 7 hours ago
I aint tryna see they saggy bals
im gay
'im gay' 7 hours ago
nav ugly asf
naruto AMV
'naruto AMV' 7 hours ago
What is the Instagram  Name from the Girl at 3:04
Mustafa Ahmed
'Mustafa Ahmed' 8 hours ago
did anyone just like the song cause of the lambo 😂😂
T-Raww Barrio
'T-Raww Barrio' 10 hours ago
Rain drop
Drop top
Ops.. wrong song...
'Zoned' 15 hours ago
damn so that's what nav look like he look like one of them fat ass Punjabi muhfuckas
adam rivers
'adam rivers' 16 hours ago
Im a fan of Travis, but he ruined the song.
Shawn Boyd
'Shawn Boyd' 17 hours ago
the best song ever
Tinman the ducer
'Tinman the ducer' 18 hours ago
That Nav need to Navigate to rehab lool. These two prolly hotboxing too hard for an antidote
Jeshod Hughes
'Jeshod Hughes' 18 hours ago
"Hit the gas so hard make it Rotate"
Kevin V
'Kevin V' 20 hours ago
NAV 🔥🔥🐐🐐👌👌
'MOMO TUBE' 20 hours ago
this song is lit af
Damonte Savage
'Damonte Savage' 20 hours ago
'MOMO TUBE' 20 hours ago
this song is liy
Chris Luzunaris
'Chris Luzunaris' 20 hours ago
Are u sure u wanna party with the demons? Hell no
'rhymegarden' 21 hours ago
ayo Nav cool asf for letting Travis hop on this. It was a dope feature.
Maddy Hannah
'Maddy Hannah' 21 hours ago
millionth fucking time watching this
Chris mike
'Chris mike' 22 hours ago
Spnt 875
'Spnt 875' 22 hours ago
ay yo nav,stick to producin
Luis Thigpen
'Luis Thigpen' 23 hours ago
What up
Luis Thigpen
'Luis Thigpen' 23 hours ago
what up cuse
'Hsnyd' 23 hours ago
whos the model at 1:50?
Kingshamm 101
'Kingshamm 101' 24 hours ago
sub to my channel and ill sub back also comment on one of my vids telling me that u sub
'TGM KINGSino' 24 hours ago
Listen to Shrimp Fried Rice (prod. tygotwifi) by King Roy #np on #SoundCloud

'Nayexo' 1 day ago
Am I really the only one noticing it's not even Travis Scott in the video. It's like some look alike or something lmao
Young Panther
'Young Panther' 1 day ago
Dj khaled lost weight !
abdik young
'abdik young' 1 day ago
This song is dead asf***
Official Infamous
thank god, an indian rapper finally made it!

Genesis Tshibuyi
'Genesis Tshibuyi' 1 day ago
'damarko21' 1 day ago
that backgroud sound is from March Madness played in a different note lmao ik exactly how to make that sound
alessio guadagnoli
Martin garrix in autostrada,130, si volaaaaaa
Michael Avon
'Michael Avon' 1 day ago
video is dope, Travis sucked...
Jailyn Drake
'Jailyn Drake' 1 day ago
this do say 1 word a minute & it was more fire then some of these other dudes
black goku
'black goku' 1 day ago
zenab mohamed-sharif
who elseaw this on musically
Trump Or Mexico
'Trump Or Mexico' 1 day ago
Trap hip-hop is actually pretty autistic, never in my life I thought music would hit such a low. No punchlines, no double entendre just fucking stale flow and lyrics that they wrote in five minutes on their way to fuck lowlife white women with daddy issues, disappointing.
Morbid Elm
'Morbid Elm' 1 day ago
why does this song have so many views... it's trash
'SamueLVLONE' 1 day ago
'Leysman1017' 1 day ago
The beginning got me dizzy asf
'TeleTubbies4Life' 1 day ago
yo the beat was stolen from "or nah"
'BlurryXI' 1 day ago
tf was travis scott doing at 2:39
Spikes zman
Христо Узунов
he have beef with nicki minaj or?
'Hiyam' 1 day ago
this music video is so lit!!!
boss hogg
'boss hogg' 1 day ago
that nigga nav looking like dj Khaled lil brotha
Zulfikar Aslandogan
Crazy Girls got it poppin' AOD got it poppin'
Jamie Johnson
'Jamie Johnson' 2 days ago
"Tryna text my accountant
Ain't no service in the mountains". Well Damn.
'EvanO57' 2 days ago
Travis has the best ad lips ever
Leonard Boisdron
'Leonard Boisdron' 2 days ago
Best part is when travis says yah in the background
Russell Kim
'Russell Kim' 2 days ago
I honestly thought Justin Bieber did the hook..they sound the same
'Alright' 2 days ago
shits so lit at 1.25
Drake Cj
'Drake Cj' 2 days ago
This song is fire
Mukhtar Dost
'Mukhtar Dost' 2 days ago
just came for 1:28
Dulce Prae
'Dulce Prae' 2 days ago
J'aime beaucoup beaucoup 🎩
marcos 12
'marcos 12' 2 days ago
are you shure you wana party with da demands
'MOMO TUBE' 2 days ago
lit song
chamise jenkins
'chamise jenkins' 2 days ago
Armen Breezy
'Armen Breezy' 2 days ago
Everyone check out my music Trust me you will not be disappointed!! Thank you sm! 1 love
Vernard Swindle
'Vernard Swindle' 2 days ago
vernard swindle. what up with that.
Aaron Frank
'Aaron Frank' 2 days ago
Turned Neon Demon into a music video. Cool shit.
4 your eyes
'4 your eyes' 2 days ago
0:16 best part
Life Goals
'Life Goals' 2 days ago
Nav to nice
'Kah'sir Carroway' 2 days ago
I am the king
Tape Agario
'Tape Agario' 2 days ago
This song makes me wanna tell my mom I'm not taking the trash out
'MACAVEL1' 2 days ago
Not hating but that Nav dude seems like a version of Post Malone that says nigga.
Guillermina Resola
Is lo lit
Anushanth theboss
'Anushanth theboss' 2 days ago
That's me in the Lamborghini except I'm pushing a shopping cart at the grocery store
Desiree Howell
'Desiree Howell' 2 days ago
I love it so much
Desiree Howell
'Desiree Howell' 2 days ago
Yvng Maniac
'Yvng Maniac' 2 days ago
Travis scott deffintly gotta be inXxl freshmen
'lainepeezy' 2 days ago
Video should have just been that Lamborghini spinning.
'tenj' 2 days ago
them white girls can get the pipe
HBK yahh
'HBK yahh' 2 days ago
I saw Drake😂
666 Savage
'666 Savage' 2 days ago
Asap Rocky Ft Aziz Ansari
'Deathwish' 2 days ago
Prkypine slicez
'Prkypine slicez' 2 days ago
beat smooth as fuck.
Zayn P
'Zayn P' 2 days ago
Jacques-Jacob Sylla
I dont know why but (Fuck this is so funny to see that lambo speed like this ! xD
cady garnett
'cady garnett' 2 days ago
Muvafukas get ur dicks out
'X' 2 days ago
i knew dis niga nav wasnt black he needa stop wit that voice frfr
T -Raw
'T -Raw' 2 days ago
Nav is 100% not black and he says nigga, shows how little people care unless it's a white boy doing it
Fatboy FBG
'Fatboy FBG' 2 days ago
When you trying to listen to your favorite song and you get hit with a 30 😫
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