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Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Ellen Debut -
Published: 1 week ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 1 week ago

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The charming "Stranger Things" star sat down with Ellen for the very first time, bringing the excitement level up to 11!

Maddison Emily
'Maddison Emily' 4 hours ago
Millie is so precious
'Icecreamsammies' 9 hours ago
I love her hair
'kristie737' 20 hours ago
Elevennnnnnnnnnnn what a beautiful young woman
Alex Ulloa
'Alex Ulloa' 24 hours ago
I'm so fucking mindfucked that she's British
Jack Armstrong
'Jack Armstrong' 1 day ago
Ski college extent found mortgage.
Keren Sukanth
'Keren Sukanth' 1 day ago
I cannot be the only one that cringed
lanlan nguyen
'lanlan nguyen' 1 day ago
I love millie so much omg i usually am very jealous of people my age with talent and never like them but millie is so down to earth and i just want to be bff with her 😭
actually 11 was Jane I think
Bani & Friends
'Bani & Friends' 2 days ago
good job
Aaliyah Mukhtar
'Aaliyah Mukhtar' 2 days ago
Inigo Teres
'Inigo Teres' 2 days ago
I think I'm gonna start watching Stranger Things because of her
'zXeno9' 2 days ago
she's so fucking cringey
Frank Walker From National Tiles
Reminds me sooooo much of Zoella!
Eleven _011
'Eleven _011' 2 days ago
I've been waiting for this
MKaur Sandhu
'MKaur Sandhu' 2 days ago
She looks like a young Natalie Portman!
Cora Paasch
'Cora Paasch' 2 days ago
Andrew Wilken
'Andrew Wilken' 2 days ago
Still trying to convince my wife to let our future daughter have at least the middle name Eleven.
Ashley Umsted (Lilmarie2008)
I think it would be amazing to meet Ellen
Drama Queen
'Drama Queen' 2 days ago
This comment section gets so many likes
John Thomas
'John Thomas' 2 days ago
I remember Millie saying that the day before Stranger Things released, she had 24 instagram followers. Now, she posts a video and gets over a million 'likes' in 6 hours..
Angela Owen
'Angela Owen' 3 days ago
Millie Bobby Brown reminds me of a mini Ellen
Amjad Saleh
'Amjad Saleh' 3 days ago
she looks like young natalie portman
Motor mad!!!!
'Motor mad!!!!' 3 days ago
She reminds me of a young Emma Watson
Lianna M
'Lianna M' 3 days ago
that film freaks me out😩Idk Why.
Jason Zl
'Jason Zl' 3 days ago
earth angel
Yaro key sang hai Hum
IAmVianca Martinez
Millie Bobby Brown. IS. FREAKING. AWESOME!!
Emily Chung
'Emily Chung' 3 days ago
'lovelyxskinny' 3 days ago
its crazy how a 12 year old sleeps over a woman's home and its not suspicious but when Michael Jackson did it, everyone lost their minds
'lovelyxskinny' 3 days ago
I'm surprised her accent is slightly English when she only lived in england for 4 years
No videos, just comments :p
I still can't get over the mike and eleven kiss. Whenever I see Millie or Finn agh I think of it it's so cute.
'bellajuventina' 3 days ago
"We've been through a lot" she met her 5 months a go.
Alberth Ariel Corella López
She is a star, we all can see that, I'm sure she is gonna be one of the greatest
Caroline Spencer
'Caroline Spencer' 3 days ago
Where is the full interview. My DRV didn't record this ...
Daredevil Blonde
'Daredevil Blonde' 3 days ago
she is an Emma Watson
amit kumar bhagat
'amit kumar bhagat' 4 days ago
i love you millie
Hannah Meng
'Hannah Meng' 4 days ago
Girl I can out Leo you anyday did you wright a 10 page paper on him for school about who is your biggest inspiration in life? I doubt it do you write Leo's name on your hand everyday? do you have a Leo wall in your room? Do you have a Leo phone case? did you bring cookies for him on his birthday to your school? On you birthday cookies did you put his name? I love Leonardo DiCaprio so much and everyone I have ever talked to knows it!! Not even kidding I am constantly talking about him I love him sooooooooo much Sorry i had to rant but I love you in stranger things!! U did rlly good in it 🙂👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Flynn David
'Flynn David' 4 days ago
I alway remember the worlds so cute from "BFG" that she said " BFG be brave" i love that part so much
Pranavan Prana
'Pranavan Prana' 4 days ago
so confidence and handling the situation like piece of cake! dam talent!
Ciara Rosalee
'Ciara Rosalee' 4 days ago
Millie had like 18-30 lines in Season 1
'MLPGirl6410' 4 days ago
God, I can't imagine 12 year old people talking as well as her at my school. We're so immature XD
ahmed alameddine
'ahmed alameddine' 4 days ago
but did she do well on the exams????????????????
'FlawlessSelMarie' 4 days ago
"We've been through a lot! Fire alarms and The Grove!" 😂
Serena Harper
'Serena Harper' 4 days ago
She's so sweet and funny
Hana M
'Hana M' 4 days ago
She's very mature for her age
Alma VBS
'Alma VBS' 4 days ago
1:51 English accent 💗
Sharon Rose
'Sharon Rose' 4 days ago
MadGamer IV
'MadGamer IV' 4 days ago
Millie is bueatiful
'Anastasia's World' 4 days ago
I love Millie so much
'Mia' 4 days ago
She is amazing!! I love her personality! Hopefully she'll do other things in the future aside from Stranger Things
Blue Collar Men Productions
So Ellen hasn't seen the show eh?
'TheLovelife35' 4 days ago
I love her interview with Stephen Colbert. She's holding back here.
Caitlin Greene
'Caitlin Greene' 4 days ago
I love her omgggg
Society Bye
'Society Bye' 4 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks she is completely full of herself she is 12 stop talking about portraying a character and shit very pretentious
'soubido' 4 days ago
I have a young Natalie Portman feel about her
'revolrtol' 4 days ago
She's amazing and one-of-a-kind person but I totally see why people call her the next Emma Watson. They have a lot in common. She is a well-spoken and down-to-earth young girl despite being only a child who got famous overnight, she's talented and smart, and she's also a brunette and has a nice British accent. I don't think anybody is trying to undermine her achievement/potential/talent when they compare her to Emma :)
NEON Siaki
'NEON Siaki' 4 days ago
Hi Ellen my name is Neon 19 years old from the small island of the pacific in Samoa or Apia, now I moved to American Samoa which is also an Island and work alone here without my parents, and Ive always try to make a time to watch your show, my birthday is on the 25th Jan and wishing to meet you one day.
Seth Blanco
'Seth Blanco' 4 days ago
love her ♡♡♡
R. Oyler
'R. Oyler' 4 days ago
She's so eloquent and well spoken.
Derek Coulahan
'Derek Coulahan' 4 days ago
She's a Dora Bull
Lori Wolfcat
'Lori Wolfcat' 4 days ago
I love Millie. I hope her parents raise her well. A lot of kid actors grow up horrible cuz their parents let them do whatever. But of course, people blame everything, but the parents/friends.
i love millie❤❤❤❤❤❤
Marguerite Truckey
Love you Ellen but looks like you didn't do your homework
Maryam Manzoor
'Maryam Manzoor' 4 days ago
I love Millie when i see her she reminds me of how i looked when i had chemotherapy. I realized i was and am BEAUTIFUL. Just like her
Audrey Watson
'Audrey Watson' 4 days ago
how old is she?!?!?
'April' 5 days ago
en españolllllllllllllll ahora
Maryam Ojani
'Maryam Ojani' 5 days ago
She's like an adult, she even has a large head
Dóra Modi- Ősz
'Dóra Modi- Ősz' 5 days ago
Okay people, hear me out. Tell me what do you think, is Millie a Griffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw or perhaps a cute little Slytherin?
'duckeymoneygirl' 5 days ago
I love her
Deja Hatchett
'Deja Hatchett' 5 days ago
she so mature and elegant and sweet, i hope hollywood doesn't change her
'theWanderer521' 5 days ago
she's like a young Princess Leia
'lovemusicissa' 5 days ago
She's so mature😍
'Cayutie' 5 days ago
She's so amazing
katharine kibela
'katharine kibela' 5 days ago
she looks like the woman from big!!!
Lily Henderson
'Lily Henderson' 5 days ago
my fucking queen
Gnarly Nina
'Gnarly Nina' 5 days ago
Young Hollywood is looking good with all those talented kids like Strangers Thing cast, Maddie, Grace.. I love Hollywood
'Tracey' 5 days ago
Awkward moment when she realizes Ellen hasn't watched enough of the show to know she doesn't have an accent in it lol
Ella O
'Ella O'Neill' 5 days ago
I love Millie sm
Emma Fisher
'Emma Fisher' 5 days ago
Hi peeps ! directly That was fabunous broken
the one with the blue eyes
She reminds me so much of a young Emma Watson, probably cause she's also beautiful, funny and intelligent 💛
Eloise Allan
'Eloise Allan' 5 days ago
Millie understand my emotions about Leo
T Ruth
'T Ruth' 5 days ago
I guess I'm the only one who thinks she's fake. She's young. Time will tell 🤔
Nathan Torres
'Nathan Torres' 5 days ago
I love her ! She is so educated and polite and humble
Chloe Jean-Pierre
'Chloe Jean-Pierre' 5 days ago
Emma Chapman
'Emma Chapman' 5 days ago
She's such a sweet person <3
Sean Knark
'Sean Knark' 5 days ago
Stage moms can train their kids to push Corny jokes and hide the pure anxiety and fear of failure.
Nio Jacobs
'Nio Jacobs' 5 days ago
Was this before the first season? The way they talk is as if they haven't seen the character yet.
Vianna Paranna
'Vianna Paranna' 5 days ago
Ellen is rude
Vianna Paranna
'Vianna Paranna' 5 days ago
Ellen is rude
Dana Grace
'Dana Grace' 5 days ago
The next Emma Watson?
Ahja Ryan
'Ahja Ryan' 5 days ago
she is so precious
Quân Nguyễn Minh
what is her accent ? so different from ms ellen
'ingemaleja' 5 days ago
Such a great personality at so young age...
she's so adorable
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