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Millie Bobby Brown Makes Her Ellen Debut -
Published: 4 months ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 4 months ago

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The charming "Stranger Things" star sat down with Ellen for the very first time, bringing the excitement level up to 11!

Vini Kaka
'Vini Kaka' 1 day ago
I just love Millie so much 😂
Viola Jones
'Viola Jones' 3 days ago
She really reminds me of emma watson
aleksandra krivma
'aleksandra krivma' 4 days ago
TheElenShow can you interview Finn Wolfhard? ( he's in Stranger Things too ). Please?!
'kidzero1943' 4 days ago
When I first saw I thought she was a boy. ....I still think she looks like a boy.
'Bethany's Life' 6 days ago
Wow. She can actually say more then " No' and "I'm Sorry".
'karleesawesome' 7 days ago
im not so use to her talking so much
'demoncoffee' 1 week ago
this whole show gave me life
'Saabriinii' 1 week ago
she is soooo cool. and she seems like an adult. amazing 😍
Ashton Animations
'Ashton Animations' 1 week ago
Ok getting a tattoo of her or other celebs is just plain creepy and perverted.
Jaden Evans
'Jaden Evans' 1 week ago
Millie is my inspiration, not just because I love her role is stranger things, but because of the way she speaks and how mature and intelligent she sounds was very similar to how I was/am. I felt like I was just socially awkward because I didn't like talking to kids my age because I was a lot more mature than them, and even though she is a bit younger than me I just overall love her and her attitude. I can't wait for season two of strangers things!
Alex Jensen
'Alex Jensen' 1 week ago
Wait if she is twelve and I'm eleven and her film career four years ago I could be an actor😊 but wouldn't it make mor sense if she was eleven because she is named ( in the movie ) eleven I feel so smart 🤓 😩😫😖😤☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
'Natalie' 1 week ago
She's so confident 😂😂
'angcap15' 2 weeks ago
Emma Watson 15 years ago
'LZD Tv' 2 weeks ago
My English teacher dressed up as eleven for Halloween, so he shaved his head, brought a box of eggos to school and dressed up as her
Moonlight Princess
'Moonlight Princess' 2 weeks ago
I'm actually cringing rn bc of Ellen saying she hasn't spoke yet hwhshsjjwsjjw I can just feel the awkwardness
Sophie Hurst
'Sophie Hurst' 2 weeks ago
She's just like a little Emma Watson
Team Annihilation
'Team Annihilation' 2 weeks ago
i love you millie
Jade Rants
'Jade Rants' 2 weeks ago
she's not the youngest, Noah is younger
Nie Poczytalna
'Nie Poczytalna' 2 weeks ago
she's incredible
miss farish
'miss farish' 2 weeks ago
so mature for twelve y/o.. n damn good actor..
marian nunez
'marian nunez' 2 weeks ago
Everyone vote for her at
Cory c
'Cory c' 3 weeks ago
When I saw her in Stranger Things I thought she'd be a good Mathilda, 'Nathalie Portmans character in the film Leon'
Typical Teen
'Typical Teen' 3 weeks ago
I just get amazed by bobby brown
Coleman Júnior
'Coleman Júnior' 3 weeks ago
I am a Brazilian fan , i love Millie Bobby Brown As a friend (wanted to be friends with all of them (the cast of strange things)) is not really Charlie!
Rahma Zuberi
'Rahma Zuberi' 3 weeks ago
Why does she have a British accent
Ming Chang
'Ming Chang' 3 weeks ago
If there's anything more shameful than not watching just 8 episodes of your guest's show, it's that you're trying to hide the fact that you didn't watch it smh
Kimberly Sigmund
'Kimberly Sigmund' 3 weeks ago
you should scare her
marijana coco
'marijana coco' 3 weeks ago
she will be so famous
Sarah Maslanka
'Sarah Maslanka' 4 weeks ago
I wished I was in the show stranger things
'PixelBot' 4 weeks ago
tiffany mayer
'tiffany mayer' 4 weeks ago
she's so full of herself
Jordy Slush
'Jordy Slush' 1 month ago
It's a strange thing hearing her talk like that.
'Petrichor' 1 month ago
ugh shes so young and so successful i want to cry
John Man
'John Man' 1 month ago
And i was eating my buggers when i was 12...
'inevitablewanderer' 1 month ago
Damn Ellen you did not want to talk to her at all huh. Such a shame
'Potatoe' 1 month ago
She's so mature for her age 😍
Ava Meyers
'Ava Meyers' 1 month ago
She is so confident! better than any of Ellen's guest stars
Shadow Beam44
'Shadow Beam44' 1 month ago
How thinks Mille is hot??
'teadrinkerfication' 1 month ago
Also known as Emma Watson 2
Keenan Halabi
'Keenan Halabi' 1 month ago
God Ellen haven't you seen ST Millie Bobby brown does talk!
'TheDavid771' 1 month ago
talented kid
'AllyLxnn' 1 month ago
Its ur girl Eleven on her way to steal your eggos
jay roberts
'jay roberts' 1 month ago
She's so mature for her age
Dino Craft Gaming
'Dino Craft Gaming' 1 month ago
Halsey drestt up as 11 for 2016 hallowen lol
Micah Nystedt
'Micah Nystedt' 1 month ago
Millie Bobby Brown and Dafne Keen need to be friends RIGHT NOW!
'iiiExcaliburiii' 1 month ago
Wait! Who's Leo?
Her hair is so pretty, I can't handle it ;~;
'Eleven's Eggos' 1 month ago
I love her so much! 💋💋❤️💋 She is my Idol and she is AMAZING and absolutly FLAWLESS in STRANGER THINGS!!!! If any of you haven't watched the show you literally should get your butt on the counch or bed whatever and WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!! It is F**CKING AMAZING!!!!!!!
'RachelNo1mjfan88' 1 month ago
She is so funny and lovely and sweet. Reminds me of a younger Emma Watson. Love her.
Valentina ™
'Valentina ™' 1 month ago
it is funny to compare this interview and kylie jenner's, Millie kick her butt a thousand times xD
Hiveswoop !!
'Hiveswoop !!' 1 month ago
my two favorite girls ever
m l y u m l y u
'm l y u m l y u' 1 month ago
millie's outfits are adorable 💕
Dia Omer
'Dia Omer' 1 month ago
she reminds me of young Emma Watson 😂
'OkokSavannah' 1 month ago
She speaks with such maturity omg I love her,she's my queen
Walking dead Dixon48
I'm a pure star anger things fan
'Kathryn94' 1 month ago
This girl is somethin else .. so mature for her age
Invicta tattoo
'Invicta tattoo' 1 month ago
Ellen presents you.... the new emmy/Oscar/golden globe/winner of the new era....
Koksy Wills
'Koksy Wills' 1 month ago
She's so pretty
Megan Pfeifer
'Megan Pfeifer' 1 month ago
she is so much like emma watson ❤❤ they are both such powerful beautiful women
Jose C
'Jose C' 1 month ago
love her
Iron Fist
'Iron Fist' 1 month ago
She's as tall as Ellen
CesarRomeroVEVO VEVO
2:07 What did she say? "Listen, i'm never gon ?????????? Someone tell me please
Erick Torres
'Erick Torres' 1 month ago
That tattoo of eleven is ugly as hell
İrem -
'İrem -' 1 month ago
Biri Türkçe çeviri yapsın :((((
Daniel Johnston
'Daniel Johnston' 1 month ago
What a talented, charming girl. It's incredible how articulate she is for 14 years old. When I was 14 I couldn't form a coherent sentence if my life depended on it.
first last
'first last' 1 month ago
4:34 did she say "the growth" ?
'meowitsjenna' 1 month ago
i am actually blown away by how articulate and mature millie is holy
'Ray' 1 month ago
She feel little Rock Star 11 hope you do better future
Mahnoor mehmood Mehmood ahmed
and his voice just remind me of chipmunk
Mahnoor mehmood Mehmood ahmed
she is so mad and witch like hell
Mahnoor mehmood Mehmood ahmed
she is jahhhhil and churail
Evelyn Alvarez
'Evelyn Alvarez' 1 month ago
Holy crap this girl is 12 and is funnier than me damn it.
Crabby Abby Cakes
'Crabby Abby Cakes' 2 months ago
Jazzy Saxophone Kid
'Jazzy Saxophone Kid' 2 months ago
She's like a tiny adult
V. Z.
'V. Z.' 2 months ago
Although it's an all kid cast, the first time I watched it, it made me feel like I was watching "The Goonies" for some reason. If you're from that era, some may be too young to remember, but if you are that was the affect it has. It just draws you in that way.
'annagitana1' 2 months ago
The kid seems brilliant and extremely mature but I found her to be insufferably precocious. Way too adult for her age.
Mr Fantastic yellow
'Mr Fantastic yellow' 2 months ago
Finally heard her voice xD
Lily Barton
'Lily Barton' 2 months ago
she is so mature !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Luthlan' 2 months ago
Has Ellen not watched the show?
'Wampor' 2 months ago
That hand gesture towards Ellen, wow. This is a well grown up girl right there. Love her.
deppresio _
'deppresio _' 2 months ago
im 12 and i really like millie. have i got a crush?
Leonicia *Worshipper*
I like her with really short hair. She can totally pull it off and would looks like a regal queen!
Behind You
'Behind You' 2 months ago
is this girl really 12?
She talks like adult. I love it when she always look at the audience.
Bilal Khalid
'Bilal Khalid' 2 months ago
For some reason she reminds me of a young emma watson. Tell me I'm not the only one.
Bobby Dylan
'Bobby Dylan' 2 months ago
How is this girl not more famous than Danielle Bregoli. Stupid fucking world we live in.
Carys Renzella
'Carys Renzella' 2 months ago
I love you millie
'digthewarmth' 2 months ago
In 10 years, Leo will probably be trying to date you. lol
Sid East
'Sid East' 2 months ago
The By Product of some Dark, Greedy People ........
Aya Aya
'Aya Aya' 2 months ago
how old is she؟
Jack Pesta
'Jack Pesta' 2 months ago
You can tell that Ellen hasn't watched Stranger Things lol.
Clemente Schmidt
'Clemente Schmidt' 2 months ago
She is so mature and beautiful!!! ❤❤❤
Kendra Gould
'Kendra Gould' 2 months ago
Millie's hot
Mollie Moore
'Mollie Moore' 2 months ago
Am I the only one who is reminded of Emma Watson when I see her?
Jaimie Alessi
'Jaimie Alessi' 2 months ago
I love her so much! And her accent!
Kim Tandy
'Kim Tandy' 2 months ago
Sophie Smith
'Sophie Smith' 2 months ago
She reminds me so much of Emma Watson
'RandyPantheGoatBoy' 2 months ago
So, a grown woman invited a twelve year old girl over for a sleepover. Do the words "Butterfly Kisses" mean anything to you?
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