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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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'SocraTetres' 34 seconds ago
There weren't any announcements. . . or end cards. . . or mentions of the other channels at the end. . . 0.0''
'ISHKA' 4 minutes ago
It's wonderful how insane your videos are if you watch them with the sound off. Completely nonsensical.
Coded Gaming
'Coded Gaming' 14 minutes ago
Say's it's gonna be a long episode.....and it's only 16 minutes
'gavinator' 37 minutes ago
notification squad ftw
Evan Blitz
'Evan Blitz' 38 minutes ago
Mattpack doesn't like key lime pie. Is he evil? But that's just a theory, a pie theory!
Chaos Controller
'Chaos Controller' 46 minutes ago
So do we need to change the song now?

"I want to be a millionaire, like Luigi."
Roberta Adomaityte
'Roberta Adomaityte' 2 hours ago
Please do a theory on oxenfree
Zomy Entertainment
'Zomy Entertainment' 2 hours ago
Maxio Fire
'Maxio Fire' 2 hours ago
i say this game in dave and busters in times square
Cameron Lacroix
'Cameron Lacroix' 4 hours ago
Wait, the Luigi Mansion Arcade game isn't Japan-exclusive. I've played it at Dave and Busters.
Tim Ermias
'Tim Ermias' 4 hours ago
Damn your jobs hard...
Super Sonic
'Super Sonic' 5 hours ago
Do Luigi's mansion dark moon
Jack Keating
'Jack Keating' 5 hours ago
notification squad
Sam Russell
'Sam Russell' 5 hours ago
Key lime pie is the waluigi or pies?? Umm have you seen the key lime pies we make in the UK? We love it, it's the best kind of pie ever, next to lemon meringue and banoffee.
Chase Brattain
'Chase Brattain' 6 hours ago
notification spuad
'Dynocation' 6 hours ago
Now why would murders and suicides decrease the price of a home? Just take a cross and kill all the ghosts yourself, or... take a vacuum in Luigi's case.
FBSkoel88 minecraft en meer
i was the 100,000'st liker!!
Kamlesh Kumar
'Kamlesh Kumar' 6 hours ago
why did you bring the Taj Mahal from my country
John Barone
'John Barone' 7 hours ago
Thats wierd, I recall playing a similar arcade game at Dave and Busters months (like borderlining a year?) ago.
Sara Hursey
'Sara Hursey' 7 hours ago
i love this guy
Edward Fitzgerald
'Edward Fitzgerald' 8 hours ago
i watched this at 3 am thanks for the scare
'Bargomorphic' 9 hours ago
13:30 You didn't even try Oxi-Clean.
'Kaleb' 9 hours ago
Juan abel Cisneros
'Juan abel Cisneros' 10 hours ago
I love game Theory
Derpy over Load
'Derpy over Load' 10 hours ago
In vannoses vid
Derpy over Load
'Derpy over Load' 10 hours ago
Y dose he say dd determine like delirious
Farzan ALi
'Farzan ALi' 10 hours ago
Would you believe me if i told that i am just a 10 year old boy
Ian McLennan
'Ian McLennan' 10 hours ago
What about the value of the land itself?
'TokyoAnimeGamer1' 10 hours ago
Extra 0 after 70,0000
Sean Alfaro
'Sean Alfaro' 11 hours ago
notification squad can I get a shout out please it is my birthday!!
Mama Lorqas
'Mama Lorqas' 11 hours ago
I like key lime pie.....
Galaxy the Fox
'Galaxy the Fox' 11 hours ago
the room with the big stairs looks exactly like the start room in spooky's house of jumpscares
'LeviTCK' 11 hours ago
Marvin Cabrera
'Marvin Cabrera' 11 hours ago
'Pixlo360' 11 hours ago
Luigi...I wish i was him....But then again, I do not want to be a plumber. Sick mustache on the plus side. And that hair tho.
'Rainbowzzz' 12 hours ago
MatPat: Half A Football.
Me: Pfff, Haha Your So Funny w...wait your serious? The Football Field In Are Town Is Only 700 miles
OmegaBrow and Derpy_Stache
oh come on I love key lime
Andrew Behl
'Andrew Behl' 13 hours ago
Notification squad
The Savage King
'The Savage King' 13 hours ago
11:37 It says 70,0000 and you said seventy thousand. Absolutely disgusting
Happy Mask Salesman
'Happy Mask Salesman' 13 hours ago
He's on a mission to ruin EVERY SINGLE Mario character. Bowser, Mario, Peach, Toad, and now Luigi.
Malaki Fraize
'Malaki Fraize' 13 hours ago
How do I subscribe
Tayla Smith
'Tayla Smith' 14 hours ago
The best thing I have ever won in a rifle is a bike! I'm so lucky.
Hanna Thompson
'Hanna Thompson' 14 hours ago
this is my favorite game theory video! thanks matpat
Linda Kregar
'Linda Kregar' 14 hours ago
i'm a bell ringer
Mackenzie Campbell
'Mackenzie Campbell' 14 hours ago
7:52 Haven't seen that mansion in a while.
That's the Rue Manor.
'A-ron' 14 hours ago
damn, that's not even counting the value of the land. Though I hope some of the stuff inside I hope they realized can be pretty valuable.
ice cream
'ice cream' 14 hours ago
OK i for got to do notifications on your channel then i did then a few secs later you said "where my notification squad at" and im like lol
Chuey Louie
'Chuey Louie' 14 hours ago
shark shark shark shark shark shark shark
Cirilo Geronio
'Cirilo Geronio' 15 hours ago
did anyone noticed at 11:35 its not 70k its 700k
Halo Beaver
'Halo Beaver' 15 hours ago
Yes suck and blow your way to the top mamma Luigi.
'daliesandmentlegen' 15 hours ago
MatPat, you have disappointed me yet again with your blatant misinformation. Key lime pie is the best kind of pie and anyone who disagrees is objectively and totally wrong.
Zane Cragle (SuperSaiyanMaximum)
i played the luigi's mansion arcade game in 6th grade, here in america none the less!
Lachlan Vester
'Lachlan Vester' 15 hours ago
Notification Squad bro
'Private257' 16 hours ago
Nintendo: oh uh...... We just threw around some old stuff.
'armopia' 16 hours ago
try cold water and hydrogen peroxide for blood stains Mattpatt
'Dontdriveat88' 16 hours ago
Key lime pie is the best!
Diane Moore
'Diane Moore' 16 hours ago
Its 11 11
Minecraft Cosmose
'Minecraft Cosmose' 16 hours ago
The mation in the game
The Yun-Kinator
'The Yun-Kinator' 16 hours ago
It's not Japan Exclusive. There's a Luigi's Mansion cabinet in a Dave & Buster's in a mall here in New York. I played it.
Inx Shii
'Inx Shii' 16 hours ago
My theory be like: He has a mansion... he is rich.
'ConnortheScrub' 16 hours ago
That arcade game isn't a Japan exclusive I live in Missouri and it was at my arcade(Dave & Busters). It was really hard though I died in a few minutes...
'TheCrazyGirlFOS' 17 hours ago
idk why but i lost it when matpat said 'suck it up, luigi, you filthy rich bastard' 😂
Hella “Fennec As Frik” Transman
notification squad
Big Mike
In Luigi's mansion didn't the mansion magically appear according to Professor E.Gadd?
'MegaOwy123' 17 hours ago
Luigi's Mansion Arcade isn't exclusive to Japan, it is at my local Dave and Busters
Nathan Harvey
'Nathan Harvey' 18 hours ago
Black panther is as rich as...LUIGI? ?
'TheTailsGuy' 18 hours ago
"No wonder Luigi's so excited to hump the furniture!"
Jesus, MatPat. Stop it. Get some help.
Gazden Roolay
'Gazden Roolay' 18 hours ago
if that luigi's mansion arcade game is exclusive to japan, how did i see it in a nearby dave & busters in america? NEW GAME THEORY!?!?!?
'xbugzgaming' 18 hours ago
and you have blood on your carpet why?
Sean Jensen (eyeyeye)
do a theory about gaster in undertale !!!!!!
'TheTailsGuy' 18 hours ago
Isn't the LM Arcade at Dave & Buster's too? I saw it once when I was there.
Smash Central
'Smash Central' 18 hours ago
Notification Squad
'Harry's Stuff' 19 hours ago
BRUH. When you said it was gonna be a long
Akili TV
'Akili TV' 19 hours ago
It is my birthday! Can I get 10 likes?
Aislee Tennyson
'Aislee Tennyson' 20 hours ago
ayyyy notification squaad
'Dillfaro' 20 hours ago
Who is Mark Whalberg? You mean Marky Mark?
Chris Duncan
'Chris Duncan' 20 hours ago
That game is in my local Round 1 in Lakewood, CA
'flint5two5' 20 hours ago
I love kelime pie
nick “Nickplaysgames” Rblx
Furniture,China and additional Junk LOL
Abderian Agelast
'Abderian Agelast' 21 hours ago
2:04 When you realize no one else really likes your favorite kind of pie...granted, this means I get more Key Lime to myself, so...I guess I win?
Didgeridoo 100
'Didgeridoo 100' 21 hours ago
possibly the best intro ever created
Hanna On The Moon
'Hanna On The Moon' 21 hours ago
I Played the Arcade Game! But I;m pretty sure I wasn't In Japan xD
'Chris WASUP' 21 hours ago
notification squad up!!!
'FBIwolve' 21 hours ago
11:34 (says 70,000 displays 70,0000) GOOD JOB MAT!!!!!
Roberto B
'Roberto B' 21 hours ago
11:35 One too many Zeros ;)))))... Sorry
J and J
'J and J' 21 hours ago
The arcade game is in America
K. K.A.T
'K. K.A.T' 22 hours ago
Flare 14
'Flare 14' 22 hours ago
I think this channel accounts for 95% of the stuff I actually learn on youtube
Rilakkuma Ruby
'Rilakkuma Ruby' 22 hours ago
If you need to het rid of blood on the carpet try coke.👍🏻 the more you know
'TheRallyGamer' 22 hours ago
tat accent at the beginning was like cockney, Australian, new Zealand, American and Bear Grylls.
Kyle Kelman
'Kyle Kelman' 22 hours ago
I am now a part of the notification squad
'Snowblooddirewolf' 22 hours ago
You know ryantowreview has a lot of fake people
Ricky Hernandez
'Ricky Hernandez' 22 hours ago
Did you realize those jeans are for Melbourne shufflers?????? @Thegametheorists
'Mr. GREY' 22 hours ago
You've tried bleach, baking soda, and vinegar? Silly Matpat, use Oxyclean, to get the tough stains out.
'SILVER rose LPS' 22 hours ago
nonafaction squad
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