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Florida Georgia Line - H.O.L.Y. -
Published: 11 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 11 months ago

137, 688, 305 views

603, 316 Likes   53, 141 Dislikes

“H.O.L.Y.” is on FGL’s latest release DIG YOUR ROOTS. Click here:

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing H.O.L.Y.. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Ozane Pereira
'Ozane Pereira' 5 hours ago
linda música já perdi a conta de quantas vezes coloquei pra repetir
Jessica Gary
'Jessica Gary' 6 hours ago
New app
'akrLaB19s' 6 hours ago
Where was this filmed?!?! like HOLY shit
Glenda Dodd
'Glenda Dodd' 8 hours ago
I. Go. To church. And. I. Love. Your. Song. It. Is. Like. A. Church. Song
Hannah Is Da Bomb
'Hannah Is Da Bomb' 8 hours ago
You ❤FGL❤
andrew creyke
'andrew creyke' 8 hours ago
Rip my sweet wife 💚
Regina Heavner
'Regina Heavner' 9 hours ago
I love these guys.
Margaret Johnson
'Margaret Johnson' 10 hours ago
This song is me and my husband wedding song we love it.....<3<3<3
Clayton MacDonald
'Clayton MacDonald' 12 hours ago
To all men out there if you ever find a woman who makes you feel this way always cherish her. she is a one of a kind and i am glad i found mine when i was walking a very dark road.
'ALLYANA G HAMMON' 12 hours ago
love this song so much😝❤
Temperary Account
'Temperary Account' 13 hours ago
i love this
'Ðieselbeast' 15 hours ago
he reminds me of the pirate guy from "Dodgeball"
ryleigh salmons
'ryleigh salmons' 15 hours ago
burning. house
amber beckham
'amber beckham' 16 hours ago
this is my favorite song by Florida Georgia line too
Dana Morrodyjw
'Dana Morrodyjw' 16 hours ago
I love your song so much
Syndi Mahler
'Syndi Mahler' 16 hours ago
love love this song hits home to me
'Jamie CISNEROS' 18 hours ago
The Best song ever
Frederic Merlin
'Frederic Merlin' 18 hours ago
trop belle balade thy HOLY ;)
Shirley Childress
'Shirley Childress' 18 hours ago
Kacie Gorby
'Kacie Gorby' 19 hours ago
He is the best singer
LOTAYA Forever
'LOTAYA Forever' 19 hours ago
I like country music very much.😘😃😅😆😆😪😪💑💗💟💕
Brooklyn Rogers
'Brooklyn Rogers' 21 hours ago
Brooklyn Rogers
'Brooklyn Rogers' 21 hours ago
wow i like this song i love this song (: Subcribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Hoke
'Adam Hoke' 21 hours ago
omg i love it
Meeka Mitchell
'Meeka Mitchell' 1 day ago
this song is amazing 💙 love FGL so much
Darla Dove
'Darla Dove' 1 day ago
I love my god
F.G. simply means Field Goal #3   just sayin' power lovin' People!!  Constitution IS high and H.O.L.Y. yo'.
'Macaylee' 1 day ago
This is my favorite country band
Faith Teeple
'Faith Teeple' 1 day ago
I love this song.
Andrew Gelok
'Andrew Gelok' 1 day ago
I rember when this song had 11M views
Savannah Hall
'Savannah Hall' 1 day ago
Abby Coffey
'Abby Coffey' 1 day ago
I really like this song but I consider it more pop than country
Chasity Powers
'Chasity Powers' 1 day ago
Holly jolly Holly crap good song
Chasity Powers
'Chasity Powers' 1 day ago
I love this song but I like God your momma and me and I got a ticket for your concert when you come to Tennessee.
Jennifer Haines
'Jennifer Haines' 1 day ago
loveeeee it!!!!
Sabrina Lima
'Sabrina Lima' 1 day ago
Simplesmente linda!
Joseph Newmeyer
'Joseph Newmeyer' 1 day ago
This song is so sack-religious lol
The Fischer
'The Fischer' 2 days ago
Do you guys think it will work for my ex
McKinley Freeman
'McKinley Freeman' 2 days ago
best song ever 😎
Louise Roseberry
'Louise Roseberry' 2 days ago
Love this song. I love so many songs by so many artists.
'jackiee961' 2 days ago
love it!!!!!!!!!!!
Coast Droid
'Coast Droid' 2 days ago
This hurts to listen too...
Mariah Davis
'Mariah Davis' 2 days ago
and my family
Mariah Davis
'Mariah Davis' 2 days ago
I'm country
Kendra Casey
'Kendra Casey' 2 days ago
this song is the best and most beautiful song I have heard in a long time
samantha brudniak
'samantha brudniak' 2 days ago
I love this song
Terri Fisher
'Terri Fisher' 2 days ago
My Dad Love's The Song!
'J F' 2 days ago
only one person is holy and it isn't a woman!
Anders Isaksson
'Anders Isaksson' 2 days ago
Absolutely Beautiful song
Clayton Isaacson
'Clayton Isaacson' 2 days ago
Clayton Isaacson
'Clayton Isaacson' 2 days ago
Heather Bicknell
'Heather Bicknell' 2 days ago
Love this song... very addicting!!!!
Kyle Tchen
'Kyle Tchen' 2 days ago
can we go back to 80's and 90's country? ;(
'deathbomber101' 2 days ago
joe pizzola
'joe pizzola' 2 days ago
Amanda Keckler
'Amanda Keckler' 2 days ago
beautiful Song 😓 it's sad tho
Ronnie McLean
'Ronnie McLean' 2 days ago
I love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lexi Fortune
'Lexi Fortune' 2 days ago
country is the best i live on a farm with my sister we love it we listen to this song evreyday we have horses as we ride them we listen to this song its amazing!!
James Lang
'James Lang' 2 days ago
I 😍 this song
Misty Manues
'Misty Manues' 2 days ago
Catheen Hanlon
'Catheen Hanlon' 2 days ago
i love your songs
Hailee Sullivan
'Hailee Sullivan' 2 days ago
i love them
Jasmine Starliper
'Jasmine Starliper' 3 days ago
yeah I know right the best son ever
geovanna escaranaro
'xFuture' 3 days ago
This song came out just before I went to Tennessee for vacation so perfect
Jess Repp
'Jess Repp' 3 days ago
I feel like in idiot; just a few nights ago I was trying to figure out why HOLY was divided by punctuation marks... and then it hit me: High On Loving You.... facepalm
Kaitlyn Reed
'Kaitlyn Reed' 3 days ago
I love it
Angelique Erwin
'Angelique Erwin' 3 days ago
worlds best song
Robert Lewonczyk
'Robert Lewonczyk' 3 days ago
Kid rock
benjamin graham
'benjamin graham' 3 days ago
where was this video shot?
Zoey Parsons
'Zoey Parsons' 3 days ago
my mom loves this song
Amari Sauls
'Amari Sauls' 3 days ago
I 💜❤💜❤💜💙💙💙💛💙💛💛💙💚💙💚💙 this 🎵🎶🎵
Daphné Blouin
'Daphné Blouin' 3 days ago
who still watching it in 2017?????? like if yess
Devon Green
'Devon Green' 3 days ago
i sang a girl this song and she went out with me....but she broke up with me on my birthday...
Wendy Campbell
'Wendy Campbell' 3 days ago
This song reminds me of my true love....Kenny Ricci
Grubkiler955 the best killer
i love this long i can sing it well
Malcolm Edgar
'Malcolm Edgar' 3 days ago
Am I the only one that's in high school with a lifted power stroke on 48 inch tires
yvonne stites
'yvonne stites' 3 days ago
yes it is but it's. a great one I love it. great stuff for real 😘
Katlyn Causey
'Katlyn Causey' 3 days ago
I can't stand country music at all. However, I love this song. My family made a tribute to my dog that passed away a couple months ago and this song was part of it. I really do love this song
josias santana
'josias santana' 3 days ago
Que som de se fuder ,viu "Cara" !!!!!!!
Brandy williford
'Brandy williford' 3 days ago
love this song
Kelly Moreira
'Kelly Moreira' 3 days ago
alguém do Brasil?
Kelly Moreira
'Kelly Moreira' 3 days ago
eu não me canso de ouvir , simplesmente perfeita ♡♡♡♡
Tawanna Ellis
'Tawanna Ellis' 3 days ago
your amazing coming to see the concert tomorrow your great keep up the work
Marlena Hougland
'Marlena Hougland' 3 days ago
Yes you are right
opino lo mismo
iD Chaos
'iD Chaos' 3 days ago
i cry evertime i hear this because both of my grandparents passed away and this is what i use to calm down
Evil Wizard
'Evil Wizard' 3 days ago
I live on the Florida Georgia Line . O_O
Septic exile
'Septic exile' 4 days ago
Fav song btw I'm a girl
Mohamed Farouk
'Mohamed Farouk' 4 days ago
Damn, I'm high on loving you is such an ear-worm. It stuck with me.
Logan Kaiser
'Logan Kaiser' 4 days ago
that not true
Mohamed Farouk
'Mohamed Farouk' 4 days ago
sierra eaton
'sierra eaton' 4 days ago
holy crap i love this song its my favorite song ever in the whole entire world
Nikolas Goff
'Nikolas Goff' 4 days ago
hey guys subcribe to 2 gamers play
Scott Dupert
'Scott Dupert' 4 days ago
not bad
Trey Huskey
'Trey Huskey' 4 days ago
i have been babtised
Caidan McGuire
'Caidan McGuire' 4 days ago
love it
super revolução ADROID
music good
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