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Thank You Notes with First Lady Michelle Obama -
Published: 6 days ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 6 days ago

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Jimmy and First Lady Michelle Obama write out Thank You Notes to President Obama, Inauguration Day and other things.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.

Thank You Notes with First Lady Michelle Obama

Amy Won
'Amy Won' 3 hours ago
she is amazing first lady ever! can you one day be are first woman president!....
'sarahtherandom' 4 hours ago
My favorites: The nerdier Jay-Z and the Michelle running for president one! xD xD
My gosh am I gonna miss them! We were SO LUCKY to get such amazing people for 8 whole years! If only it didn't have to end! Thank you, Obamas! We love you with all our hearts and we will miss you greatly!
'TheMrv30' 5 hours ago
I love her!! Awesome 1st Lady
'Helgali' 6 hours ago
Well, that last phrase was indeed the SMARTEST thing that has ever come from Jimmy's mouth.
Michelle as next president? Yes, please.
Gurjot Singh
'Gurjot Singh' 9 hours ago
Aahahahahahahh running for president
Mercedes Swiftie
'Mercedes Swiftie' 10 hours ago
jimmy has a point michelle likes exercise she should run (2020)
Brian Hibler
'Brian Hibler' 12 hours ago
2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 Subliminal enough for ya?!?! LOL
Борис Б
'Борис Б' 13 hours ago
whats the outro music?? it is really good
Michelle Vondell
'Michelle Vondell' 14 hours ago
Who in the right mind would dislike this video? Oh right. The people who voted in a reality TV star that looks like a cheeto...
James Taylor
'James Taylor' 14 hours ago
Glad this ugly monkey face bitch is going to be gone. So tired of her phony bull shit.
'Phankfuel7382' 16 hours ago
Fabiola Supit
'Fabiola Supit' 16 hours ago
"how about running for president?"
Ольга Романкив
Incredible woman
Jerome Austin
'Jerome Austin' 18 hours ago
she is such a class act the best first lady ever, the incoming cant hold a candle up against her
Kim Mozingo
'Kim Mozingo' 18 hours ago
'MrsElectrobeat' 18 hours ago
The last one was very good. I repeated like 50 times.
Snazzy Snail
'Snazzy Snail' 23 hours ago
Stealth Attack
'Stealth Attack' 23 hours ago
although anyone would be better then the fuhrer she would make a pretty good president.
Kevin Macky
'Kevin Macky' 24 hours ago
whatta man whatta man whatta man whatta mighty good man.
'GHINA ANNISA' 24 hours ago
she is really sweet but also funny
Hahahahahaha 😂
Colton Goertz
'Colton Goertz' 1 day ago
This is local 4 news with jimmy fallon and Michelle obama
'RLR PLP' 1 day ago
okayyyy 0:52 - 0:59 legit scared me..
'aczbdk' 1 day ago
Your husband called your "Michael" many times, so we should call you Micheal too.
Eddy Seid
'Eddy Seid' 1 day ago
I hope she and Barack will get invited more often at tv shows and stuff
'HyperJack' 1 day ago
I didn't think Obama was an AMAZING president but he wasn't bad at all. I'm just saying he didn't start WW3
Luca Hansen
'Luca Hansen' 1 day ago
I've seen House of Cards. I know Michelle is pretty much the closest Claire Underwood a real human being you can get! I guess you americans should prepare yourselves, you're gonna have a black woman as president. I guess, there have been worse presidents before and there will be in the future...
Ryan TheIrishMan
'Ryan TheIrishMan' 1 day ago
dude, i would love if she ran for president, she really should after trump, id vote for her! she'd be first female president, and we all get another great 8 years :D
hailey carter
'hailey carter' 1 day ago
Omg ever I really love it violentl} theology . . .
fabian infante
'fabian infante' 1 day ago
from Michelle to Ivanka? What have we done to deserve this 😭
'Divinecross' 1 day ago
Michelle Obama 2020
Nibah Asif
'Nibah Asif' 1 day ago
The Obama's should now have a reality show!!
'M L' 1 day ago
Jimmy Fallon is such a fake asshole!
Angela Delgado
'Angela Delgado' 2 days ago
"And since you like exercising so much ... how about running for president" 😂😂💖💖YESSS
Inglés de Cine
'Inglés de Cine' 2 days ago
My heart. She's smart, humble, cool as a cucumber, big-hearted and dedicated. And so is he. I love you Obamas. I'll one day tell my kids about your example❤
abubakar haruna
'abubakar haruna' 2 days ago
Coolest moment.
Leyla A. Roberson
'Leyla A. Roberson' 2 days ago
She is amazing... missing Obama's already 😂
Samantha Lauzon
'Samantha Lauzon' 2 days ago
Love Michelle Obama! What an incredibly inspirational woman.
Sancho Ditherson
'Sancho Ditherson' 2 days ago
It's like a second Christmas anticipating the permanent exit of these anti Americans from the White House. "Joy to the world the evil tyrants soon gone".
David Lawman
'David Lawman' 2 days ago
Yup, I'd like to see her as the President.
Fred Slot
'Fred Slot' 2 days ago
Maybe one day, the world will welcome the first female president of the United States .. Michelle Obama ...
Mr Troll
'Mr Troll' 2 days ago
Are her teeth chipped because they remind me of a Jackolantern.
Madeline Garza
'Madeline Garza' 2 days ago
Michelle Obama 2020!!!
Mabonkor Jabateh
'Mabonkor Jabateh' 2 days ago
I wish she would run for president. She has more experience than some people..
Amon Yao
'Amon Yao' 2 days ago
If Michelle ran for president , that would make my life
'Dashloy' 2 days ago
if she were t actually run for president I would vote for her in a heart beat
Ismael Legrand
'Ismael Legrand' 2 days ago
Guys, well Does anybody see larger than this work#D ...2.
Francine Deinzer
'Francine Deinzer' 2 days ago
You have got be kidding me! Can't wait for him to leave!!
Me Me
'Me Me' 2 days ago
I was so embarrassed to have the Obama's as our President and first lady. I am so thankful that Trump won so we can rid ourselves of these horrible vermin, useless, worthless, they did nothing in eight years.
Bong Bong
'Bong Bong' 2 days ago
Michelle is such a classy lady whilst being so down to earth too. The future is bright for her and her family
anyjoecandoit dooks
she's like any other first lady , don't give a shit about anybody but myself.
legend wolf
'legend wolf' 2 days ago
4 more years!!!!!!!
nj13 nj13
'nj13 nj13' 3 days ago
give the donkey a apple so it can shut up
'burymeinpink' 3 days ago
Mom jeans... I love this woman.
Rachel Mittelstaedt
I need her to run for president sooo bad
danika ramos
'danika ramos' 3 days ago
That last thank you note was so smooth 😂 oml😂💖 she should definitely run for president tho
Barbed Two
'Barbed Two' 3 days ago
Michelle needs to run for president, get that orange skin cancer off out of the office
John Lou
'John Lou' 3 days ago
'T00tsieRollz' 3 days ago
First Lady Michelle Obama sounds like it's a new limited edition skin that you can buy for Classic Michelle Obama
Lautaro Gutierrez
'Lautaro Gutierrez' 3 days ago
majority software top controversy accompany last gas.
Ajdina Grizhja
'Ajdina Grizhja' 3 days ago
I don't want her to leave
Andy Mesa
'Andy Mesa' 3 days ago
Sure, because a wife of a president running for president worked so well the last time.
Alicja Rys
'Alicja Rys' 3 days ago
I think she would be very good president!!! She should definitely do it !!
Denise DeniseHuxtable
I love you!!!!
Hannah Bestie56
'Hannah Bestie56' 3 days ago
you know what i wanna see that, #MichelleObama2020
'ooicur412' 3 days ago
Yes Yes Yes Michelle for 2020 pass it on...
Elizabeth Cisneros
she is seriously the embodiment of a beautiful woman with an electrifying personality and elegant presence.
Desiree Sandoval
'Desiree Sandoval' 3 days ago
ya, run for president
Maggie Mae
'Maggie Mae' 3 days ago
Why am I only able to audio on these vids?
Michael Hajdu
'Michael Hajdu' 3 days ago
Yo what's that song the Roots are playing at the end of this video? Is it something, or just a jam?
Teressa G
'Teressa G' 3 days ago
I'm in.
'yelyel09' 3 days ago
I don't want four more years. I want EIGHT years with a President Michelle Obama! 😢😢
J. Rodolfo Rodriguez Jaquez
They look like a news anchor team
Samuel Clark
'Samuel Clark' 3 days ago
its crazy how mant people are on here claiming she should be President....just admire the woman and leave it at that...being a nice lady and a good mother is not a qualification to be president...liberals are all personality when it comes to electing a president...its not a personality contest, snowflakes
Samuel Clark
'Samuel Clark' 3 days ago
"the mom jeans are gone" lol
Mar Gon
'Mar Gon' 3 days ago
Michelle Obama 2020!!"Yes we can"
Dalila Rodriguez
'Dalila Rodriguez' 3 days ago
There won't be another First Lady like this! You will be missed Michelle💙
'rj9955hi' 3 days ago
Fuck Michelle
Anas Mohamed Mohamed
Obama was the first black president and his wife Michelle will be the first black-woman president in USA.
Tafadzwa M
'Tafadzwa M' 3 days ago
Lucky Jimmy gets to hang out with the first lady 04.00 so cute
'jisan317' 3 days ago
"Guess who's back? Back again, Michelle's back, tell some friends" - Michelle Obama, 2020
'lolforrofl' 3 days ago
Michelle 2020 would be the most awesome thing since bacon - Cheeseburger.
'Sharon' 3 days ago
Michelle Obama is so amazingly awesome!  The epitome of Black Girl Magic :)
'zamardii12' 3 days ago
"I like this side of the desk." Anyone else think she was about to announce something?
Francisco Diaz
'Francisco Diaz' 3 days ago
she will sadly be replaced by the. first Golddigger of the usa
Donald Bettilyon
'Donald Bettilyon' 3 days ago
Never have I seen a man try so hard to suck a woman's dick.
KellyAnn McGregor
'KellyAnn McGregor' 3 days ago
michelle is one ugly man bitch!!! So glad this stupid idiot and his husband are going to be kicked out on their ears in a few days.
'SP33DB00ST' 3 days ago
cant wait for her to leave
nj13 nj13
'nj13 nj13' 3 days ago
shove a apple in the donkey mouth
Shellissa simmonds
yes Michelle run for president 2020
Maeve Browne
'Maeve Browne' 3 days ago
she would be an AMAZING president!!!
Edicto Jaime
'Edicto Jaime' 3 days ago
Michelle Obama should totally be President!
junior hernandez
'junior hernandez' 3 days ago
She should run for president
Gab E
'Gab E' 3 days ago
I wish I had kids so they could've grown up having Michelle as their First Lady. What an inspiring beautiful woman.
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