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Thank You Notes with First Lady Michelle Obama -
Published: 1 month ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 1 month ago

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Jimmy and First Lady Michelle Obama write out Thank You Notes to President Obama, Inauguration Day and other things.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.

Thank You Notes with First Lady Michelle Obama

Made in America
'Made in America' 2 days ago
looks so!!!
Made in America
'Made in America' 2 days ago
she's a dude!!!
Made in America
'Made in America' 2 days ago
putin/ trump!!!!!!
Made in America
'Made in America' 2 days ago
obama fucked us over prison like hilary and soros!!!!!
Eskimo pal
'Eskimo pal' 3 days ago
Let me take a wild guess here..Angalian channel is white...! May be, white trash..!
'anglianchannel' 4 days ago
fuckin racist who're...
A Sanghera
'A Sanghera' 4 days ago
Fallon is amazing
Ardita Vukaj
'Ardita Vukaj' 5 days ago
Who came here from thank you letters with obama
'angel007sherm' 5 days ago
I'd actually love it if Michelle had her own talk show, it would be awesome!
Dale Collins
'Dale Collins' 6 days ago
She is a man!!
Lily Moore
'Lily Moore' 7 days ago
will honestly miss the obamas so much. feel so blessed to have been able to be able to witness this amazing power couple and one of the best presidents America is ever going to have. #Michelle2020
Allan Bacon
'Allan Bacon' 1 week ago
8 Years of Ugly.
Gabby Guzman
'Gabby Guzman' 1 week ago
"How about running for president" 😂😂😂
Jason Bourney
'Jason Bourney' 1 week ago
i found it cringy and funny and....touching
'GRAWSLAVE' 1 week ago
That's my boy James
'karthu1993' 1 week ago
Michelle for president!
The Legend27
'The Legend27' 1 week ago
Michelle reminds me of my mother, caring, sweet...

Oh yeah she also kinda looks like her
leonard bolton
'leonard bolton' 1 week ago
Queen Kong has left the building
Kennedy N Jackson
'Kennedy N Jackson' 2 weeks ago
hey Jimmy said it not us but on a totally unrelated note

Michelle Obama for President 2020
leonard bolton
'leonard bolton' 2 weeks ago
With Mrs. Trump we finally have a female first lady
leonard bolton
'leonard bolton' 2 weeks ago
we want the first WOMAN president -- not Michelle -- but I admit she's a better man than I am
Butch Vega
'Butch Vega' 2 weeks ago
we went from this 0 in Michelle to a 100 in Melania! I wish I grew up with a hot first lady rather than this Ape.
'mantra4ia' 2 weeks ago
"I like this side of the desk" Wishing that this was a 2020 quote instead.
UrsusArtifex Colfuck
Plz run 2020 plz
Josh Young
'Josh Young' 2 weeks ago
Michelle Obama has an extraordinarily large penis....
Kelly Miller
'Kelly Miller' 2 weeks ago
she has no credentials for running for president! exactly what are they? All of us went to school!, there are way more qualified folks out there...
Kelly Miller
'Kelly Miller' 2 weeks ago
hey news update HE IS NO LONGER PRESIDENT AND SHE IS NO LONGER THE FIRST UHHH YEA SURE SHE IS A LADY LOL seriously tho how many goodbyes do they need they didnt even meet half the people they said goodbye to and that 212 million Obama tried to send to the enemy classic move osama oops obama classic but we caught ya lol
Kelly Miller
'Kelly Miller' 2 weeks ago
fallon = the black communities biggest black ass kisser if your black your ass is polished if your white forget it he is only for well lets say his eyes are not brown for no reason and fuck Obama and his Fugly wife :)
'Axiom_' 2 weeks ago
0:50 His face is like "ohhh yesssss"
Cameron trahan
'Cameron trahan' 2 weeks ago
At 2:15 when she said or asi like ti call it i thought she was about to say iniggeration XD
Fatin Amirah
'Fatin Amirah' 2 weeks ago
that's mah boo!
Giordano Kenneth
'Giordano Kenneth' 2 weeks ago
if I had a dog with a face like hers, i'd shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards
Nina Schmid
'Nina Schmid' 2 weeks ago
Year instruction trunk time landscape chop industry glove dispute cast.
Kirsi Mikkola
'Kirsi Mikkola' 2 weeks ago
when ever i feel blue i just watch the obamas . they always lift me up. thanks !
jay stew
'jay stew' 3 weeks ago
I love watching this and reading all the comments. Jimmy Fallon is
absolutely the biggest sell out on American TV and Mike I mean Michele
is absolutely the worst roll model to peg Barack. From allowing our
country to be sold at penny's on the dollar, to advising and allowing
her daughter to file for food stamps, these are the worst circus
entertainers in history. and the sad part is that there are so many
comments of love and affection for these twits. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA,
'NatKing' 3 weeks ago
Lmao... she's like "No thank you. Nope! I saw what ya'll put my husband through..."
Kim Diep
'Kim Diep' 3 weeks ago
Imma miss the obamas even though I'm not American lol😂
yang zixiang
'yang zixiang' 3 weeks ago
if michelle ran for president she would win by default
Ian Hui
'Ian Hui' 3 weeks ago
man i love Jimmy Fallon as a host but hate him as an actor like wtf
ashley_tha_ beast
'ashley_tha_ beast' 3 weeks ago
I hope she's runs cuz Kanye West is going to run 2 😂😂😂😂 if he wins y'all.... rip American 😂
'BAD HOMBRE' 3 weeks ago
thank you michelle for making Kenya great again
Homer J. Fong
'Homer J. Fong' 3 weeks ago
Man that's one ugly coon
4ever Namath
'4ever Namath' 3 weeks ago
Oh man, am I gonna miss this GREAT lady. Now we are stuck with a first lady who can't speak English properly and couldn't be more clueless. Like your typical trophy wife. Worst part of all is she looks like a aged porn star. Major bummer.
Anjali J
'Anjali J' 3 weeks ago
Michelle 2020. Yes!
Dalia Engracial
'Dalia Engracial' 3 weeks ago
Tomas Beramendi
'Tomas Beramendi' 3 weeks ago
The last one was the best!
hika hika
'hika hika' 3 weeks ago
the last one was the killer note..........
Rafid hassan oney
'Rafid hassan oney' 3 weeks ago
Michelle Obama as the president of USA will be awesome but everyone knows how you Americans are - very much unpredictable as we saw in last year's election ! If you choose trump again or anyone dumber than him , the World will not be surprised ! So , Good luck America !
Mike Addison
'Mike Addison' 3 weeks ago
Thank you Michelle...not so much Barack
Ramandeep Singh Dhir
Can't believe the mayhem trump is creating in America. I miss the Obama family. What a great president Barack Obama was. A genius left the Whitehouse to make room for a racist clown
Malcolm Bagnall
'Malcolm Bagnall' 4 weeks ago
skrew jimmy I want Michell as the host and my President
Pieter Caen
'Pieter Caen' 4 weeks ago
what's the name of the little hiphop outro, a Roots track?
DJP Raath
'DJP Raath' 4 weeks ago
id rather listen to amy winehouse. and im glad she is dead
Humanity 234567890
'Humanity 234567890' 4 weeks ago
Michelle Obama should be the next president she is nice she is friendly she likes everyone unlike trump trump hates everyone
David Christians
'David Christians' 4 weeks ago
From 2018 : The Russian Team Won All Ladies Figure Skating Gold Silver & Bronze but in The Olympics USA won Gold!
Megan Cox
'Megan Cox' 4 weeks ago
I am missing her so much she was a great role model to young girls like me in our country and for that matter everyone else!
Shafiq Tokhi
'Shafiq Tokhi' 4 weeks ago
by the next election i can vote and if she does run shes gettin my first vote ever
Jessica Urbano
'Jessica Urbano' 4 weeks ago
i wonder if any talk show/ late night shows will have Trump of their show now.
Scarlett Brando
'Scarlett Brando' 4 weeks ago
Awww jimmy and michelle friendship goals
Blogg Chick Bommels
'Blogg Chick Bommels' 4 weeks ago
Yes You Can 2020
Jared Mitchell
'Jared Mitchell' 4 weeks ago
I so wish we could have 4 more years with the Obamas.
Kk MacGoo
'Kk MacGoo' 4 weeks ago
Awwww <3 Miss you Obama's. Michelle you were the best <3
Jackie Johnson
'Jackie Johnson' 4 weeks ago
i wouldn't be too mad if Barack Obama was the 1st first gentleman
Lilian Alila
'Lilian Alila' 4 weeks ago
Thank You Michelle Obama for being one of a kind for us to leave upto and emulate.
nate brown
'nate brown' 4 weeks ago
She looks like the beast of the apocalypse. She sounds like a Witch and swallows insects
'cmpl24' 4 weeks ago
We love Michel Obama. The bes bfoest lasy indeed. Hope she runs office as senator at least asap. Thanks for everything. You and President Barrack Obama did a very good job at the Oval Office. Muah.
haram bae
'haram bae' 4 weeks ago
4:20 long.... jimmy dropping hints?
'inala71' 4 weeks ago
I will miss the Obamas. Amazing family and people.
Cristian Panameno
'Cristian Panameno' 4 weeks ago
It fills me with ABSOLUTE joy to see how humble and powerful this woman is!! it's amazing... All woman and even man should look up to her. She's an example of success, humbleness, and charisma.

Dear Loard, don't abandon us now that we have an ignorant president running this country. Protect us and provide the needy all their needs, specially the poor...
'57monks' 4 weeks ago
Thank heavens we no longer have to look at that gorilla face. Michelle, you will always be the First Bitch.
Andriati Nadhilah
'Andriati Nadhilah' 4 weeks ago
Yeeeaahh Mrs. O, how about you running for president 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Antonia Leonhäuser
'Antonia Leonhäuser' 4 weeks ago
Michelle for president ❤
John Lavigne
'John Lavigne' 4 weeks ago
'RandomSandra' 4 weeks ago
"Life could be a dream"...if only Michelle Obama was first female president!!!!
Nida Al Khalil
'Nida Al Khalil' 4 weeks ago
Melania you have some big shoes to fill
Allan Bacon
'Allan Bacon' 4 weeks ago
8 years of ugly
'EliteOps1' 4 weeks ago
Michelle Obama is a man.
Kirsten CA
'Kirsten CA' 4 weeks ago
Michelle Obama 2020! Yes!
'Jimz' 4 weeks ago
So glad Barry Hussein Obozo and his transwife, Michael, are finally gone!
'JDC' 4 weeks ago
Let's move that's my modo
Constanze Mantel
'Constanze Mantel' 4 weeks ago
actually...if we all survive the next 4 years it's a pretty good idea. Mrs. Obama for president!
'LiberoAzzurro' 4 weeks ago
Fallon is a democratic slave
Pablo Bascuñan C.
'Pablo Bascuñan C.' 4 weeks ago
OMG she should definitely run for president !!!
She'll do amazing !
'katelynfe' 4 weeks ago
by far she's the best first lady this country has ever had. the Obama family is just amazing and awesome
Inu Lianzhuang
'Inu Lianzhuang' 4 weeks ago
Last 1 was good Jimmy!! 2020 hopefully!!
'EnemyIntel' 4 weeks ago
Screw Kanye, let's get Michelle
Ofai Edori
'Ofai Edori' 4 weeks ago
Since you like exercising so much why don't you run for President 😂😂
Careful not to choke on your aspirations
Why does everyone want to move to Canada? What's wrong with Mexico?
So Kay
'So Kay' 1 month ago
i would be the happiest person if she ran for president 😭😍
Madeline Jones
'Madeline Jones' 1 month ago
Roll culture join vessel drag boy barrier resign wrong cold
Papel Blanco
'Papel Blanco' 1 month ago
Obama and Michelle are the definition GOOOALLLSS😩😩👏👏
Iris Friesen
'Iris Friesen' 1 month ago
Oh I love that dress Michelle! She looks beautiful tonight.
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