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Louis C.K. Monologue - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

3, 287, 107 views

23, 821 Likes   1, 312 Dislikes

Host Louis C.K. discusses what it was like growing up in the 1970s, when it was okay to be racist and everyone knew about the town child molester.

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Meng Hao
'Meng Hao' 8 hours ago
If there is an afterlife, which there isn't, then out there somewhere George Carlin is looking up at Louis CK screaming in agony.
Sam Weaver
'Sam Weaver' 2 days ago
Is he wrong?
Griffin Watson
'Griffin Watson' 2 days ago
7:10 is when I knew he was my favorite comedian living today. He actually went there. And it was gut bustingly hilarious.
'coshannon' 2 days ago
I "molest" young children and I think this monologue is offensive.
mclovin stephano
'mclovin stephano' 3 days ago
Louie clearly followed George Carlin's advice of "find the line, then deliberately cross it."
Nick Dover
'Nick Dover' 3 days ago
i almost fucking puked from how funny that is
Jim Null
'Jim Null' 4 days ago
Apparently anything is OK to say on television. How embarrassing!!
suraj punjabi
'suraj punjabi' 4 days ago
40th year, finale, and this is how he dresses up...its just so awesome how he doesnt care.
Snake Eater
'Snake Eater' 6 days ago
is it worth the risk? tell me youtube comments if it is worth the god damned risk to be a child molester
'P2floyd' 7 days ago
Omg he's the best
'Underdose' 1 week ago
Louie fills in the missing place of George Carlin pretty well if you ask me
'h3k' 1 week ago
This guy is an absolute genius, I rarely laugh to tears and he got me every damn time !!!
Brie Stoll
'Brie Stoll' 1 week ago
This is EVERYTHING.... did he go too far , no fuck you ... if you stick the joke , it is good joke. Subject matter is irrelevant
Das Ronny
'Das Ronny' 1 week ago
not to us cause we are all awesome!
'mydogiscalledoscar' 2 weeks ago
He's the first American comedian I've come across who does the balls out comedy I love since Bill Hicks.
'bfjb70' 2 weeks ago
My mild racism is exactly like the hoodie bit, I hate to admit it. I always think of (read: "feel validated by") Chris Rock's bit about the ATM. "I ain't looking over my shoulders for the MEDIA..."
Franku is bae
'Franku is bae' 2 weeks ago
I like childrens.
Daniel “HomelessRanger” Christy
Love yah louie.
Dylan Harrington
'Dylan Harrington' 2 weeks ago
one day and I hope, CK and Burr will be president and vice president.Another twist would be if they ran against each other...
Максим Щербін
Are you serious ? Was that funny ? This man says words we are not allowed to say in everyday life. That's all magic. He just said several offensive words in a row.
'scbluesman13' 2 weeks ago
Louis's initial observations were not racism. They were prejudices. Big difference. Funny as hell though.
Oh Shit Look At That
when you see a Louis CK video and it's above 360p
Ms. Zadeh
'Ms. Zadeh' 2 weeks ago
That was great if you to do this clip, to show, how important casting, writing, timing, wardrobe, and delivery, change an entire Comedy routine. I have enjoyed the 1 hour special where you are talk about real life experiences, fatherhood, and things middle aged people can relate to.
Noah Ford
'Noah Ford' 2 weeks ago
Good thing that black guy in the back was laughing.
Khalil Jones
'Khalil Jones' 3 weeks ago
fuck kd
'spinNspiral' 3 weeks ago
The Emasculated looser of 2016 folks! He picks up where Al Bundy left off! "Thanks Dad". Anti-American piece of shit.
Thomas Pate
'Thomas Pate' 3 weeks ago
Filthy Jew spewing filth.  Yawn.,
alejandra villa
'alejandra villa' 3 weeks ago
Cant believe people make more of a big deal about the molester than Israel killing palestinians and american backing it up.
Ma St
'Ma St' 3 weeks ago
Only HE could pull this off and get away with it on SNL!
'1911GreaterThanALL' 3 weeks ago
idiot - simply taking notice of race is not racism.
'soundlessw' 4 weeks ago
Race, Israel/Palestine, and Child Molesters. CK has no fear, lol
'Mouds' 4 weeks ago
what did he say at 7.35?
Alex Ortiz
'Alex Ortiz' 4 weeks ago
lol this is brutal! Louis for president
Morgan Bellavia
'Morgan Bellavia' 4 weeks ago
This was a hilarious monologues
'PsychoBoyJack' 4 weeks ago
people are butthurt about this monologue? it's fucking hilarious
Gaming Box
'Gaming Box' 4 weeks ago
only Louis C.K can do these jokes
handsome hunk
'handsome hunk' 4 weeks ago
this shit is getting outta control
Jhonathan Bracho
'Jhonathan Bracho' 4 weeks ago
Louie is crazy as fuck lol
Darnell Brooks
'Darnell Brooks' 4 weeks ago
yea louis hit it on the head, white folks love fucking little kids hahaha

I love when the allies expose they race for they is, just a bunch of genocide loving pedophile cave beasts hahaha
Zlatko Novakovic
'Zlatko Novakovic' 1 month ago
It is very interesting, while listening Louis, occasionally I look to black musicians on a stage to see their reaction.
Courtney Valdez
'Courtney Valdez' 1 month ago
One of the few highlights of the post-Will Ferrell era of SNL.
Yussof Ross
'Yussof Ross' 1 month ago
Only he can do overboard humor.
'Ghost_Bear' 1 month ago
lmfao at the end: "....alright....(exhale)...we did it....We made it through."
Michael Totzke
'Michael Totzke' 1 month ago
Right to the edge. Now THAT'S comedic GENIUS.
Louie Bee
'Louie Bee' 1 month ago
last time Louis took a chance
'TazTalksYouListen' 1 month ago
Louis Ck loves shocking audiences even more than child molesters love molesting childs.
JJ 00
'JJ 00' 1 month ago
"One could only surmise.. that it must be reaally good". Hahaha i cant believe he pulled off that joke. Hes incredible
Will Edwards
'Will Edwards' 1 month ago
there will never be peace in isreal because the jews left black and came back white.
'sbsfbhs' 1 month ago
the 40th anniversary, supposed to be a special episode, a proud moment in Louis' career... and his opening monologue is ALL ABOUT RACISM..... no wonder this show sucks now. over and over and over and over again, maybe it'll go away if you keep talking about it
'BklynHaitianCuz' 1 month ago
Chappelle, CK, Burr, O'neal are the kings of comedy
Marlon Manalese
'Marlon Manalese' 1 month ago
I have studied vigorously on child development. Everything from physical, psychological and sexual abuse. The effects are astounding in the adult lives of the victims. There's a higher risk of cancer, depression, social anxiety, self esteem issues, promiscuity, self harm, engaging in risky behaviour, the list goes on.

It's a horrible thing for a defenseless child to be at the mercy of adults, whether within the family or not. It makes me really sad to know that there are adults out there who could abuse their power over children and corrupt them in these kinds of ways...

and with that said Louis' bit on the neighbourhood molestor was friggin hilarious!
Enrique Díaz
'Enrique Díaz' 1 month ago
I think everybody was watching the reaction of the black guy behind. Was I the only one? 😂
Gil Torres
'Gil Torres' 1 month ago
Child molesters? Idk man I really don't Iike that subject, and I did lose respect for him, child molesters are sick in the head, it's that simple
satum anakit
'satum anakit' 1 month ago
Why does every comic state their political beliefs once they become famous? Don't they get that thatll make them lose a lot of vieuwers?
'Ioanides001' 1 month ago
this is something else, really. I love Seinfeld and Larry David and all the others but this guy is in a league of his own...
'markwang77' 1 month ago
no modern day comedian (with bill burr as a possible exception) could have pulled that off. genius...thy name is louis ck.
'SantaClaws' 1 month ago
Only Louie could pull this one off.. Jesus christ, brave bit!
Davin Alaniz
'Davin Alaniz' 1 month ago
he could be real life Peter Griffin
'EraseMeWhole' 1 month ago
I'm a little stoned and that fucking squiring instrument in the beginning really messed me up in a spiritual way
Zarathustra Zarath
'Zarathustra Zarath' 2 months ago
The Man, the Myth... the Legend!
Српски Патриота
He should look at some pictures of Middle East from 70s and compare them to 2010s pictures.. and also northern Africa.
'mignonthon' 2 months ago
That so funny you can feel he knows that he said a terrible thing by his gesture at the end.
Mrd El
'Mrd El' 2 months ago
this guy is a legend
Cort Jefferson
'Cort Jefferson' 2 months ago
Mikee Remastered
'Mikee Remastered' 2 months ago
When I want someone to make me laugh when i'm on youtube. I always type Louis CK first. Always. He's my guy. He's just so real. No over the top bullshit, acting-wise. He just seems like a very genuine person on stage. And that's hard to do. Cos I can't think of another.
Alejandro, yo
'Alejandro, yo' 2 months ago
To get on National TV and joke about child molestation is ballsy as fuck. Louis is an Absolute legend
Sébastien S. Robert
'Sébastien S. Robert' 2 months ago
Louie you went too far. You can't bike that far without your training wheels. Bad Louie.
'Grantflip' 2 months ago
that was the best monologue in the world!!
Sharp S
'Sharp S' 2 months ago
Vichys Siose
'Vichys Siose' 2 months ago
kinda neat....thus and now pizzagate
'sophietheadventurer' 2 months ago
i love how louis' version of dressing up is deciding to tuck the black shirt that he always wears into the jeans that he also always wears
Game Slayer
'Game Slayer' 2 months ago
I love Louis Ck but he say's some fuck shit lol
'Harshcore811' 2 months ago
I wish Louie would base an episode of his FX show on Jean Baptiste. I remember listening to Louie on Howard Stern way back and Louie mentioned Jean Baptiste and how he would drive around town in his Ford Pinto and hit on young teenage boys and invite them to McDonalds. Hahaha
Jay Paycheck
'Jay Paycheck' 2 months ago
Louis CK is just an unbelievable boor.
Andrew Holt
'Andrew Holt' 2 months ago
Great job CK! Comedy is the catalyst that converts negative into positive.
Gargoyle Senior
'Gargoyle Senior' 2 months ago
He's just a great guy
J Soul
'J Soul' 2 months ago
Louis C.K. looks like an Irish Tony Soprano. LOL
'KSTopNotch' 2 months ago
F'in hilarious. No ego or complex wat so ever, just take him as he is raw and comfortable with life, love it
Jessie Pinkman
'Jessie Pinkman' 2 months ago
Trump's president now see you in Mexico Lois
Aditya Kothari
'Aditya Kothari' 2 months ago
7:15 The musicians in the background just can't stop shaking their heads :D
Johnny CT Dupee
'Johnny CT Dupee' 2 months ago
I was at the dress rehearsal for this episode. I remember just being like I can't believe this dude just said that on national TV hahaha Louis Ck is a legend.
'ablooddiamond' 2 months ago
'JE7' 2 months ago
John Baptist? Like the one in the bible? Damn. Lol
Maladaptive Daydreamer
I never noticed, but it seems Louis leans towards Palestine (I like this one a little more). Or maybe I'm reaching?
Ross Whitlock
'Ross Whitlock' 3 months ago
'greenrolaids' 3 months ago
i was molested as a child.. and yet i thihk this is one of the best openings for snl ever.
'LiftOrGTFO' 3 months ago
I wonder if Rihanna was listening to Louis' bit. Shit was fucking hilarious.
Josie Kremer
'Josie Kremer' 3 months ago
What does he say at 7:35?? "How do you think I feel......"
Sajjawal Khan
'Sajjawal Khan' 3 months ago
Amazing! Simply amazing.
Thomas C
'Thomas C' 3 months ago
this guy is a fucking comedic genius...I grew up in the 70s also. Exactly.
'LATOYA SHARP' 3 months ago
Martin Lawrence has the best monologue ever
Samuel Hamblin
'Samuel Hamblin' 3 months ago
isn't Jon Baptist (spelling?) the lead band dude for the late show with Stephen Colbert?
'TheLineCutter' 3 months ago
You just know that a part of the audience did not understand why the fuck he would go that far into that joke. And then there are people that are smart enough to know exactly why that makes everything so much more funny.
Alex Perez
'Alex Perez' 3 months ago
He's amazing, Hahahaha. So hilarious.
This is just like his stand-up
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