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Louis C.K. Monologue - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

3, 639, 951 views

27, 219 Likes   1, 423 Dislikes

Host Louis C.K. discusses what it was like growing up in the 1970s, when it was okay to be racist and everyone knew about the town child molester.

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'jagemobe' 10 hours ago
this nigga is a genius
'GeorgeUK84' 1 day ago
6:50. He says "they love molesting childs". It's called CHILDREN!! Learn proper grammar before you get up on a stage!
'Spdur' 1 day ago
I fucking love him
Adam Lemoine
'Adam Lemoine' 2 days ago
Well... Philip Defranco sent me here
Eric Ragnar
'Eric Ragnar' 2 days ago
I didn't see the bass guitarist on his right shoulder until 7:47 when he showed some teeth while laughing....
Daniel Hughes
'Daniel Hughes' 2 days ago
This generation is sooo fucked if we get offended from dark humor... What a bunch of pussies.
'WKaliberr' 3 days ago
This was a fantastic monologue
't' 3 days ago
that was poetry
'TheRiskyBrothers' 4 days ago
Why is the shutter wipe so intense.
Nick Zagas
'Nick Zagas' 5 days ago
this is amazing!!!
'Moni' 5 days ago
oh my god i dont wanna laugh but its so hard
J Wood
'J Wood' 5 days ago
Sent here from an article that said this was 'polarizing', but I can't see how? All I see is Insightful, spot-on, and funny.
Jean Michel
'Jean Michel' 5 days ago
Louis cuck king
Rock Bottom
'Rock Bottom' 6 days ago
That town child molester joke is straight out of 4chan, I saw a picture of it on a website that shows funny images.
Beau Koleno
'Beau Koleno' 6 days ago
I have a paper due tomorrow. HOW DID I GET HERE?!?
Jevo Groni
'Jevo Groni' 6 days ago
He is so good!
'Ithereos' 1 week ago
What the hell does he say at 7:34?
'thefakespiff' 1 week ago
Michael Totzke
'Michael Totzke' 1 week ago
He takes it as far as it can go. Who else could do this? No one. Guy's a genius. ;-)
Nick Campbell
'Nick Campbell' 1 week ago
Has anyone else noticed the Amazing amount of "likes" WITHOUT any down votes? 1273/0 986/0 1005/0 486/0. SO Awesome! LCK forever!
Sin Wave
'Sin Wave' 1 week ago
He sounds like such a whiny pussy in this.
Mayden HollyWood Mayden HollyWood
i fucking love this guy dude , just saw him driving by me the other night pulled up at the light in West Hollywood I said CK right with a smile he yeah TRUE STORY
pepe the haye symbol
if i see a white guy in a hoodie coming towards me i get paranoid as fuck
'876r876rf' 2 weeks ago
I wonder if jean baptist saw this
'OnePieceLover1175' 2 weeks ago
I don't know any other comedian who could 've pulled off that big amount of laughter, from a joke so poisonous. Even when it goes well you gotta be expecting at least half the audience to pull back. But he nailed, and got most of the audiencie to laugh uncontrolably. Trully a master of his craft.
Regan Daly
'Regan Daly' 2 weeks ago
touchy subject
Dorian Graye
'Dorian Graye' 2 weeks ago
Interesting! Says the Ginger-Jew, Hungarian who claims to be Mexican! But, now call himself an American!

Is Louis CK a citizen!??
He wasn't born in America!
'ceny89cherny' 2 weeks ago
Phil A
'Phil A' 2 weeks ago
I like mounds bars too!
'BNL07604' 2 weeks ago
This guy is doing all right!
'GRiMM K.SiN' 2 weeks ago
was anybody else wondering where his microphone was hidden?
Danja Papajani
'Danja Papajani' 2 weeks ago
I don't think a lot of people understand how smart Louis is. His piece on being "mildly racist" stems from understanding his own unconscious bias and constantly working to fight that. It really is not "spitting on political correctness"; if anything its acknowledging that racism is still prevalent and we should always talk about it and always look into ourselves to try and improve. His jokes may not always be the textbook definition of "politically correct", but the morals and ideals behind them are.
'Amcor09' 2 weeks ago
Jeans and a t-shirt? Did he even know he was hosting a show that day?
'ModernPlague' 2 weeks ago
Louis CK is hilarious, and there were humorous aspects to this, but he spent more time empathizing with people who rape children than he did with the raped children themselves. I just read an article documenting a huge LIST of various professors, university deans & college staff who've been busted for trading child porn, and raping kids. One of the things that often goes unmentioned is that those types of sickos often like to actively, sadistically HURT and TORTURE children, even infants (one of the guy's email names was Daddy.Cruel; others delighted in hearing that the images/videos they traded had scenes of the kids being sadistically tortured; others involved in seeking to buy sexual encounters with kids made comments like, "Will so-and-so comply, or am I going to need to restrain him?").

Making light-hearted jokes about child molestation, as if it's just a minor goof or wacky phenomenon, is socially degrading and disgusting. It would be braver, and healthier, if he'd gone into those dark aspects of child molestation. That would also be edgy & uncomfortable, but he's good enough to make it funny----we should have been laughing at how edgy he got while describing how these perverts need to be castrated and killed, not at how silly he was while minimizing child rape, as if it's as innocuous as eating a mounds bar.
My Free Therapy
'My Free Therapy' 2 weeks ago
Cappo Don
'Cappo Don' 3 weeks ago
middle East dialogue is so true
Patrick Adzimah
'Patrick Adzimah' 3 weeks ago
CK probably should be locked up after that child molestation bit lol
'THE16THPHANTOM' 3 weeks ago
why do people like this guy, all he does is make uncomfortable shock value jokes. he is the equivalent of horror movies directors who think having jump scares every few minutes is actually scary.
Santiago Samaniego
'Santiago Samaniego' 3 weeks ago
Zevenen 70
'Zevenen 70' 3 weeks ago
if those Hollywood movies were more like this and less like the usual non comedy... :D
'ShyPoke' 3 weeks ago
Louis C.K. is, say it with me, the best comedian of our time.
'GoodWithHands27' 3 weeks ago
only Louis CK can make child molesting funny... and mabe George Carlin
'Sha'Tera Wilcoxson' 3 weeks ago
I would cuddle him so hard.
'kehbin123' 3 weeks ago
Does anybody else think Louis C.K. kind of sounds like Chris Pratt? Maybe because they have the same sense of humor
'MaeLSTRoM1997' 3 weeks ago
Eamon Doyle
'Eamon Doyle' 3 weeks ago
Please put up his 2012 monologue about helping the old lady in the airport.
Toby Slivka
'Toby Slivka' 3 weeks ago
this is blocked from australia

'Datkidwiththestuff' 4 weeks ago
I fucking love this guy! Louie is the best
Tasdau Edwards
'Tasdau Edwards' 4 weeks ago
I'll buy you a really nice..............missle. Absolute GOLD!
Jeremiah Fernandez
'Jeremiah Fernandez' 4 weeks ago
that ending felt like running to the end of a cliff and tripping just in time to avoid falling
Mohammed Rashed
'Mohammed Rashed' 4 weeks ago
" He likes this one better". mhhhhhhh interesting
Tom Morrison
'Tom Morrison' 4 weeks ago
What odes he say at 7:33?
Bharadwaj Kulkarni
'Bharadwaj Kulkarni' 4 weeks ago
No one else could say "childs" and get away with it.
'UmadatmeBRAH' 4 weeks ago
What did he say at 7:35?
'sophocrat' 4 weeks ago
That was the most precariously dazzling successful attempt at a comedic tightrope I have ever seen.
Kid Koon
'Kid Koon' 4 weeks ago
Well he just stumbled into the graveyard, dug up a hole and dive-bombed right in there, am I right?
'metalforever12345' 4 weeks ago
Plot twist: Luis C.K. is a child molestor.
'FanDan' 4 weeks ago
This is like a fucking magic trick; I love it.
'charlotte' 4 weeks ago
what does he say at 7:33 ?
mohaned rashed
'mohaned rashed' 4 weeks ago
That joke is still older than Isreal
'Vassonx' 4 weeks ago
About the Middle East joke, Afghanistan and Iran legit looked like Europe before extremism took over.
'corrections' 1 month ago
E Schur
'E Schur' 1 month ago
You need a mountain of balls in order to publicly joke child molestation the way Louie does it here....
Oskar Espinoza
'Oskar Espinoza' 1 month ago
HARSH but true, thank you Luis.
'bluewhale18' 1 month ago
Only democrats can joke about this topic with no public outcry
Robert Williams
'Robert Williams' 1 month ago
Funny... Why isn't Louis CK doing a live apology on national television for joking about child rape....?
'assmatronix' 1 month ago
After that sparkling commercial for child molestation, I wanna finally check it out. ANY YOUNG BOYS IN HERE? I'VE GOT CHOCOLATE AND I'LL TAKE YOU TO MCDONALDS!! ;)
Wailer S
'Wailer S' 1 month ago
Is that paul mooney sitting in the top left corner? if not they looks so alike
Scarlette Michaels
'Scarlette Michaels' 1 month ago
Noor Khabbaz
'Noor Khabbaz' 1 month ago
"being a child molester must be the worst life to have" ummmmm dude what about the children???? I know it supposed to be a joke but are you serious. that's way too far. undermining the trauma thousands of people have to cope with. and for the snl 40th finale? u could not have come up with something better.
Charles McBrian
'Charles McBrian' 1 month ago
Still cracks me up
155UR 5H4NK0V17CH
'155UR 5H4NK0V17CH' 1 month ago
now that's how you're supposed to edgy humour
Majedul Haque
'Majedul Haque' 1 month ago
John Baptist from Stephen Colbert? :v
chiemezue atubi
'chiemezue atubi' 1 month ago
all those jokes were shoots a society and it's collective group think mentality. a lot of it is worth thinking about. what is morality
chiemezue atubi
'chiemezue atubi' 1 month ago
he really shook that shit off at the end of that child joke 😂😂😂😂😂 legend 🐄
Kip Burbank
'Kip Burbank' 1 month ago
I do NOT like this guy at all. Channel changer every time,....
Janis Abele
'Janis Abele' 1 month ago
The second i saw the saxaphonist in the background, i thought it was Gordon Ramsay
Paulo Renato Zimmermann
Louis CK is a genius
Foe Jnr
'Foe Jnr' 1 month ago
Still watching in 2k17?
One Man Orgy
'One Man Orgy' 1 month ago
Reminded me a little of the Jim Jefferies thing on Cosby.
'GBA64TCZ3' 1 month ago
When I listen to Louis' voice, I only hear Max from Secret Life of Pets. Help.
Francisco Feest
'Francisco Feest' 1 month ago
This is a genius ladies and gentlemen.
Joe Navajo
'Joe Navajo' 1 month ago
Man Louis is always so brave with his material, the GOAT in my opinion
'geronimo' 1 month ago
like he couldn't afford another room for his kids
'jokerswildio' 1 month ago
this guy is a fricken ballsy genius man!!
'jokerswildio' 1 month ago
this guy is a fricken ballsy genius man!!
Benj Ikeda
'Benj Ikeda' 1 month ago
Hahaha, this guy couldn't just tone it down for one monologue... Iconic
'BMWDRE10' 1 month ago
For a guy to make people laugh, or semi-laugh, about child molestation, I had to see who this dude was. So I just YouTube'd almost every clip with Louis C.K. in it....and now I know why. He's hilarious!!! I'm a new fan!
Jalen Co
'Jalen Co' 1 month ago
That child molester sounds like he'd be in a pretty good late night jazz band
'DamienHurts' 1 month ago
I'm in love with Louis C.K.
'unclewalker' 1 month ago
bravest stand up ever !
Chuka Kaelo
'Chuka Kaelo' 2 months ago
I hate this crowd. They don't know what they find funny. Just being over pc.
Pickle Jar
'Pickle Jar' 2 months ago
What did he say at 7:34?
'1airportsignguy' 2 months ago
He's the best. He can even get away with the N-word. ( in certain situations.) ha!
Daniel Filippus
'Daniel Filippus' 2 months ago
That was not mild racism. HE is racist through and through.
'roastbeafman87' 2 months ago
I guarantee as soon as he said "it must be really good for them" in his head he was like, "Oh shit, I just said that!!!" At least it proves this definitely wasn't scripted. 😂
'Razzrazz90' 2 months ago
Y'see, part of what makes Louis CK one of, if not, the BEST comedians alive is the fact that he never stops pushing the boundaries and challenging the audience to think a bit differently. He doesn't just depend on funny accents, stereotypes, impressions or shock comedy, but some kind of fucked up but beautifully done fusion of comedic styles that is so uniquely his own. I personally believe he and Dave Chapelle are the best comedians alive. Maybe not "The Most successful" or "the richest" but the Best. I consider them the George Carlin and Richard Pryor of our era.
Sim Deck
'Sim Deck' 2 months ago
brilliant man taking us to the edge
Belal Qureshi
'Belal Qureshi' 2 months ago
So Stephen Colbert's talk show sidekick was the child mol***?
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