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Louis C.K. Monologue - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

4, 005, 635 views

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Host Louis C.K. discusses what it was like growing up in the 1970s, when it was okay to be racist and everyone knew about the town child molester.

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Anne Andreea
'Anne Andreea' 1 hour ago
wtf is this
Lord Java
'Lord Java' 10 hours ago
As a black guy I have NO PROBLEM with race jokes if done tastefully and Louis CK never lets me down in that area. This guy is pure genius. That child molestation bit was fucking hilarious too. Fan for life!
I absolutely love the hesitation and the nervous laughter before the busts out the toughest punchlines, yet one of his best bits or appearances ever.
chiemezue atubi
'chiemezue atubi' 3 days ago
great use of comedy to make a point 😂😂 crazy dude, can't believe he went there
Zack WallonDrums
'Zack WallonDrums' 3 days ago
the evolution of Louie, now he wears tuxedos
'Moreal' 3 days ago
Wait, why did Drake have to shave his beard to get on the show, but Louis got to keep his?
Mike Ong
'Mike Ong' 4 days ago
Did he just say "childs"?
Brian DaSilva
'Brian DaSilva' 4 days ago
Patrice would have slapped him for doing it and again for succeeding
Lee Penrose
'Lee Penrose' 5 days ago
That may be the best SNL monologue of all time.
Athena Rose Corleone
You know what I can't stand. When people say "That's hilarious" is it? Maybe it's funny, but not hilarious.
'legomypancakes' 6 days ago
there is still a second part of that joke where he says he would only fuck a child if they were dead in a field lol
'ShehbazAhmed5' 7 days ago
7:33 what did he say?
Barry Thompson
'Barry Thompson' 1 week ago
I can't believe he wasted that child molesting bit on SNL. He should've saved that one for the road.
Yvette Singh
'Yvette Singh' 1 week ago
i was a victim of abuse and neglect and i thought it was funny as hell. People need to relax and stop taking shit so serious
Younes PhD Henni
'Younes PhD Henni' 1 week ago
what a formidable comedian
jimmie dimmick
'jimmie dimmick' 1 week ago
Louis is fucking T H I C C
Robert Kok
'Robert Kok' 1 week ago
This is why this man is the reigning king of comedy...
'Veggegg' 1 week ago
one of Louis (ses?, or what mark did i use for that) strongest bits, in my opinion better than the new one. this is where i was humbled by his talent and his guts, and became a fan. Awesome dude
'RealityIsTheNow' 1 week ago
Doing this shit on live tv...goddamn. White knuckler lol. <--- Heh. Get it? White knuckler? Lol?
juntjoo nunya
'juntjoo nunya' 2 weeks ago
Child molestation victims laughed
Sasapesso S
'Sasapesso S' 2 weeks ago
The black man stopped following the chicken cause he saw the police. He wouldn't let that walking nuggets walk away.
Ricardo m
'Ricardo m' 2 weeks ago
is piece of toast still on snl,
'Mfly' 2 weeks ago
Louis CK. You make the world alright. Pure genius and right on the edge on this one.
Guido Verona
'Guido Verona' 2 weeks ago
And the reactions in the back are priceless.
Guido Verona
'Guido Verona' 2 weeks ago
All credit to Carlin because he was a mentor to Louis but he is about to surpass Carlin.
'TraumaER' 2 weeks ago
Top Pure Stand-Up Comedians Of All Time:

1) Chris Rock
2) Eddie Murphy
3) Louis CK
4) Jerry Seinfeld
5) Dave Chapelle

alex marchewka
'alex marchewka' 2 weeks ago
oh god i fuckin love Louie!!! he has such balls to go on a pure brain washed liberal show and tell the most "Offensive" jokes he can. that is what real comedy is. ALL HALE LOUIE!
'luke53285' 2 weeks ago
waa he saying mouse parts?
Tucson Personal Chef Mike Neylan
SNL should have more comedians on their show.
'Caithlin' 2 weeks ago
Iran I heard was actually really different in the 70s. Something to chew on.
'nathenism' 2 weeks ago
the west is responsible for the mid east problems
Jerky .Murky
'Jerky .Murky' 2 weeks ago
You know youre a comedy god when you get a crowed to laugh at child molestation.
Wolf Pro1
'Wolf Pro1' 2 weeks ago
not funny
Julie Applegate
'Julie Applegate' 2 weeks ago
5:34 since he brought it up, does anyone know when the FBI is going to investigate John Podesta and his perverted emails?
John Rodgers
'John Rodgers' 2 weeks ago
7:30 he's thinking, "Am I taking this too far"?
Glowing Mind
'Glowing Mind' 2 weeks ago
What always strikes me about this video, is the black musician in the back laughing along with Louis, its because he is massively respected and the jokes come from a good place
'Verty' 2 weeks ago
I REALLY don't think those jokes were approp-
Nah just kidding.
John Ennis
'John Ennis' 2 weeks ago
This is, and will most likely always be, the greatest opening monologue in SNL history. It's like someone bet him that he couldn't win over the audience and still make them laugh while covering racism, the middle east and child molesters. Pure brilliance.
Myth Instinct
'Myth Instinct' 2 weeks ago
'Raimer' 2 weeks ago
He almost went to jail 3 times in one monolouge
livia 1881
'livia 1881' 2 weeks ago
its benign!! ohh lawdy!!
'googleisFascist' 2 weeks ago
Isn't John Baptiste the musician from the Late Show with Colbert?lol
Keith Greenan
'Keith Greenan' 2 weeks ago
He follows the advice of George Carlin. A comedian should know where the line is then deliberately cross it.
'TangoTanjo' 2 weeks ago
Too far.
Nadeem Aibani
'Nadeem Aibani' 2 weeks ago
I feel like someone dared him to do this lol and he said hold my beer
'Domtrain' 2 weeks ago
OMG its soo wrong yet its so funny, that childmolester joke made me lol so hard.
Colleenie Brola
'Colleenie Brola' 2 weeks ago
love love love Louis CK
'pop5678eye' 2 weeks ago
Best host ever.
Marc Cohen
'Marc Cohen' 2 weeks ago
that bit comparing his daughters to Israel and Palestine is fucking genius lmao
B Person
'B Person' 2 weeks ago
Stand up comedians struggling to not laugh at their own jokes is the best thing ever
Steven Blazek
'Steven Blazek' 2 weeks ago
At 1080p, its like Louis a warping our dimension.
Michele Salvemini
'Michele Salvemini' 2 weeks ago
The Israel and Palestine joke is incredibly true
'FALCONPUNCH' 2 weeks ago
Alright we did it. I was rollin
Dante Jose
'Dante Jose' 2 weeks ago
i always imagined that louis ck always goes on stage with nothing planned out. he just talks about anything and if he thinks of something funny he'll say it
'Mysterious_Me' 2 weeks ago
Holy shit look at his eyebrows at 4:05
'BOB D' 2 weeks ago
As someone who has experienced molestation I am offended by this. However after a lot of therapy, I am proud to say that i have not molested any children in months.
Maria Soto
'Maria Soto' 2 weeks ago
What a great analogy of Israel and Palestine.
'ALLGODS AREFAKE' 3 weeks ago
'whatwow' 3 weeks ago
wow... really dressed up for this one didnt ya louis
Mamalof Mamalof
'Mamalof Mamalof' 3 weeks ago
Louis the programme has been watching from Middle-East too. You made a nice point. By the way, let's keep it cool.
Tim MVC Cringy
'Tim MVC Cringy' 3 weeks ago
I swear i thought that dude to the right of louis was gordon ramsey.
Ulysses Villarreal
'Ulysses Villarreal' 3 weeks ago
this was 2 years ago?...holy fuck time flys
T Mc
'T Mc' 3 weeks ago
OKAY. Here is the truth about this CRYPTIC jew, LOUIS C.K., whose family came to America via Mexico from Hungary. This route to America is a standard way these RKM jews hide their past history and their ethnic roots and come to America to hire on with RKM/jewish Industry Captains. (many times they take high positions in Hollywood or the Major Media which the RKM jews own) This CRYPTIC jew (like the rest of the RKM jewish immigrants) is not Hebrew and is totally unrelated to the HEBREW PEOPLES of the Old Testament)
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Allen Jenkins
'Allen Jenkins' 3 weeks ago
"I'll buy you a...missile." I just spit my drink out.
Becky Johnston
'Becky Johnston' 3 weeks ago
why does he get to make money talking about my life story.
The Player Formerly Known as Mousecop
fucking genius. can't wait for the new Netflix special
'Evelyn' 3 weeks ago
I screamed this was great
Syed Awesome
'Syed Awesome' 3 weeks ago
free the fucking palestine from israHell
Khalilah Abd Hafiz
'Khalilah Abd Hafiz' 3 weeks ago
Love frm kuala lumpur
Michael Rowlands
'Michael Rowlands' 3 weeks ago
Hold on... Did he just say the child molester was caleld "Jon Batiste"? O.o Does Colbert know?!
'isobarxxpublic' 3 weeks ago
You didn't de-interlace the video. Come on, people.
'TheActiveAssault' 3 weeks ago
The sheer weight of his balls
Cristian Duguet
'Cristian Duguet' 3 weeks ago
What does he say at 07:34?
Sam guy
'Sam guy' 3 weeks ago
The Palestine/Israel bit was fucking brilliantly handled and not sugar coated.. I love how he low key shows us how sadly biased towards Israel America and the west in general can be.. on fucking live national broadcast.
Rasun FrmQns
'Rasun FrmQns' 3 weeks ago
Hands on Hip: "Good, Good.. More of, That!"
Fatman Rolls
'Fatman Rolls' 3 weeks ago
Earlier this night Louis c.k. Was caught with 14,000 little boys in his crawl space
Greg Khatchatrian
'Greg Khatchatrian' 3 weeks ago
My favorite comedian of all time
Andrew Larson
'Andrew Larson' 3 weeks ago
One of my favorite SNL videos. Hilarious.
bryan gomez
'bryan gomez' 4 weeks ago
Too many people confuse racism with stereotypes.
'PhillyFrank1' 4 weeks ago
Karim korn
'Karim korn' 4 weeks ago
Libtards v. Cuckservatives
i love how uncomfortable, then how at ease louis makes me feel when i watch his stand up lol
Leon Willett
'Leon Willett' 4 weeks ago
good lord :D
'luname' 4 weeks ago
only Louis
Diego Pujol
'Diego Pujol' 4 weeks ago
This is one of SNL's best moments ever. And all they did was to call the right person.
Taylor Chausky
'Taylor Chausky' 4 weeks ago
His dark humor is elevated by his stage presence. Where other gross-out comics say "fuck you, it's my act", Louis treats everyone in the audience likes it's their own private show
'washburn11000' 4 weeks ago
Comedic genius
Rin Jeong
'Rin Jeong' 4 weeks ago
his body shape is so interesting
Dan Wagner
'Dan Wagner' 4 weeks ago
This and the chappelle monologue easily best in last 10 years
'MrRandomname010101' 4 weeks ago
It must be amazing to molest childs.
Anno Nyme
'Anno Nyme' 4 weeks ago
Replace his french molester caracter by an american one, not sure the reactions would be the same. Anyway, for me, the best monologue since Norm Macdonald.
'gapadry' 4 weeks ago
I think George Carlin's soul got in Louis CK.
'bidibum' 4 weeks ago
Fucking great xD
'Sapurina' 4 weeks ago
I love Louis CK! I have heard his child molester vs. mounds bar routine many, many times and he always says it exactly the same way - verbatim - yet somehow it is still hilarious every single time.
'jagemobe' 1 month ago
this nigga is a genius
'Spdur' 1 month ago
I fucking love him
Adam Lemoine
'Adam Lemoine' 1 month ago
Well... Philip Defranco sent me here
Eric Ragnar
'Eric Ragnar' 1 month ago
I didn't see the bass guitarist on his right shoulder until 7:47 when he showed some teeth while laughing....
Daniel Hughes
'Daniel Hughes' 1 month ago
This generation is sooo fucked if we get offended from dark humor... What a bunch of pussies.
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