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Florida Georgia Line - Heatwave (Static Version) -
Published: 6 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

406, 388 views

3, 426 Likes   170 Dislikes

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Heatwave. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Nibin Sasidharan
'Nibin Sasidharan' 3 weeks ago
Great one.. Fgl
Lillian Moore
'Lillian Moore' 4 weeks ago
Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'cooldog792' 4 weeks ago
Great song,
Kingsav Gaming
'Kingsav Gaming' 4 weeks ago
Hay FGL see my channel Kingsav Gaming
robert kelley
'robert kelley' 1 month ago
What's static version?
robert kelley
'robert kelley' 1 month ago
Can someone tell me the difference between album version and static version?
'Suplexmaschine' 1 month ago
Ignoriert mich, ich bin nur ein german Comment passing through...
Nick Burnett
'Nick Burnett' 1 month ago
FGL's becoming less and less country and more pop/rap. Pretty sad...
Brandy Freeman
'Brandy Freeman' 2 months ago
love this song.
Karissa Devroy
'Karissa Devroy' 2 months ago
Happy bday Tyler Hubbard
Alicia Miller
'Alicia Miller' 2 months ago
You guys did amazing tonight ❤❤❤ #WeLoveYouFromOrlandoFlorida
'MusicLover' 2 months ago
Can BK sing more like he does on this album?
Breaking Beast
'Breaking Beast' 2 months ago
Thhey make more money from YT than from music
Amaury Moreira
'Amaury Moreira' 2 months ago
Who sing this song? Tyler or Brian?
Elton Martin
'Elton Martin' 2 months ago
i hate comment's
Preston Pless
'Preston Pless' 2 months ago
this is one of the best songs ever it makes me think about sydnie buttram but I lost here and I wish I could have her back I'm praying
denise rose sampie
'denise rose sampie' 2 months ago
Florida Georgia line is
Harley Loeb
'Harley Loeb' 3 months ago
#1 fan
Harley Loeb
'Harley Loeb' 3 months ago
my fave band
Harley Loeb
'Harley Loeb' 3 months ago
omg ILY Florida Georgia line
rickey deel
'rickey deel' 3 months ago
rickey deel
'rickey deel' 3 months ago
There the best!
Caleb Harris
'Caleb Harris' 3 months ago
You cant help but love how beachy, summer sexy this tune is! Too bad I'm single 😅. But by far my favorite! Keep turning up the heat dudes 🔥🔥🔥 y'all are on fire!
'Mkat' 3 months ago
might be my favourite song from the album and the album is soo kick ass!
superior gam3r
'superior gam3r' 3 months ago
its been 3 months is fgl still together?
Greg Burnside
'Greg Burnside' 3 months ago
Sorry... too much pop... not enough country... like the older stuff not the new crap... like the songs about living and working in the country...

New stuff is all HOLLYWOOD lyrics... suck... get back to the basics that's what people crave.

My opinion
†Liz Tollison†
'†Liz Tollison†' 3 months ago
BK's tone of singing sets the right mood for this type of song. 😍😌
bunny_lover XOX
'bunny_lover XOX' 3 months ago
I love this song!
Isabela Cristina
'Isabela Cristina' 3 months ago
Amo suas músicas voces são incríveis💙💙💙💙💙💙
John Henry
'John Henry' 3 months ago
awesome song!!!
John Lawrence
'John Lawrence' 3 months ago
love this song
Tessa Dalgleish
'Tessa Dalgleish' 3 months ago
The Best In Country Music
Brians got a great voice.
Tori Blanton
'Tori Blanton' 4 months ago
this song makes me think about being on the beach at sunset I guess you could say a love song that makes you feel like you're on the beach I love Florida Georgia Line
'xSevenDevilsx' 4 months ago
This song is soooo underrated.
Lyric Like_illuminati5
Kayleigh Heeney
'Kayleigh Heeney' 5 months ago
Comment who you like better
Tyler or Brian
My vote: Tyler
Shelby Pruitt
'Shelby Pruitt' 5 months ago
hello. Tyler and Brian Kelly
GamersAreEpix GAMING
'GamersAreEpix GAMING' 5 months ago
how did you come up with dig your roots for a album and why did you name it that
Courtney Lloyd
'Courtney Lloyd' 5 months ago
Love me some FGL seen them 3 times every tour gets better :)
cecilia c
'cecilia c' 5 months ago
love this song 😍😍
Dillon Isom
'Dillon Isom' 5 months ago
Country has gone to shit America
Therto andrade
'Therto andrade' 5 months ago
the best!🙌
'tornithiwat' 5 months ago
dora scott
'dora scott' 5 months ago
just wanted you are looking for the first time I am going Florida Georgia line
Gocce di rugiada
'Gocce di rugiada' 5 months ago
congratulations, I've been kidnapped by the music just the 'I have known: love, respect, friendship, now lost values in your music. Really beautiful and useful to 'soul.
Shaun Nestor
'Shaun Nestor' 5 months ago
Honestly this whole album killed it. So many good songs
Kathy Bariezas
'Kathy Bariezas' 6 months ago
I'm caught up in a heatwave when I hear this song. Love it.
David Nunn
'David Nunn' 6 months ago
yea they are
Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 6 months ago
I think BK is singing this towards his wife. I noticed he said "cherokee skin"
Jello Wolf
'Jello Wolf' 6 months ago
I'm the wolf of the group😞
'FLM8' 6 months ago
musica fod@
Patti Barber
'Patti Barber' 6 months ago
Florida Georgia Line is my favorite
Maria Gutierrez
'Maria Gutierrez' 6 months ago
this song is sooooo... country
Razer _DAB_
'Razer _DAB_' 6 months ago
أكثر مغني اجنبي أحب صوته هو انت
-_- اعرف ما رح تهمني لاني عربي
Tyonna Queen
'Tyonna Queen' 6 months ago
this song omg 😍😍
black valintine
'black valintine' 6 months ago
Nevaeh Macomb34
'Nevaeh Macomb34' 6 months ago
love it and I am only 8 years old
Cj Fletcher
'Cj Fletcher' 6 months ago
This Song Is Perfect!!!!! Get It Bk 🔥😎🎤💜
'KSH' 6 months ago
You..just...gotta release this as a single guys. I see a potential chart buster. This would cater to listeners across all genres. Not just country. I see a billboard top10 in this
'MG R' 6 months ago
'jpdrogbathunder' 6 months ago
Can anybody explain what this line means "Meltin' ice in your right hand
But I'ma put a rock on your left baby"? Any interpretations?
RedNeck Soldier
'RedNeck Soldier' 6 months ago
i hate it
angiemofficial 24
'angiemofficial 24' 6 months ago
why does it say static version???
Chris Blackmon
'Chris Blackmon' 6 months ago
Good song.
Kyla Schafer
'Kyla Schafer' 6 months ago
love them
kyra hammons
'kyra hammons' 6 months ago
this is absolutely amazing luv it 😍😍
Loba TV
'Loba TV' 6 months ago
be amazing !!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
Jello Wolf
'Jello Wolf' 6 months ago
this song describes my friends but not me
WolfyGamer Sports
'WolfyGamer Sports' 6 months ago
This is so good👌🏻👏🏻👍🏻
Carlotta Pringle
'Carlotta Pringle' 6 months ago
lv it
Kawaii Cookie
'Kawaii Cookie' 6 months ago
That's my new boyfriend. That song. xD ♥ LOVE IT! :3
David Ace
'David Ace' 6 months ago
wtf is this what is country turning into
'BreakingGun' 6 months ago
Absolutely love this song.
Madison Mccolgan
'Madison Mccolgan' 6 months ago
all song's by Florida gorgeous line are grat
shawn godin
'shawn godin' 6 months ago
nena jay
'nena jay' 6 months ago
amazing wowwwww
Nine Lives
'Nine Lives' 6 months ago
lizzie kuss
'lizzie kuss' 6 months ago
Love the song has the sexy vibe to it love it !
Wes Mason
'Wes Mason' 6 months ago
Florida Georgia Line the best😀😜
Lulu Herrera
'Lulu Herrera' 6 months ago
Equine Extended
'Equine Extended' 6 months ago
Ya boy Steven
'Ya boy Steven' 6 months ago
Ya boy Steven
'Ya boy Steven' 6 months ago
'HannahChan' 6 months ago
pro gamer
'pro gamer' 6 months ago
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