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How Pogo Sticks Are Made -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

298, 960 views

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How modern Pogo Sticks are made at Vurtego Pogo factory.

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Vurtego Pogo Sticks
Silas Orteza

Natalie Robert
'Natalie Robert' 2 months ago
I thought this was gonna be about how to make pogos like the food...a disappointment 😂
spike reaper
'spike reaper' 2 months ago
Sam Gingell
'Sam Gingell' 2 months ago
Why would i want to know honestly
'HeKTeK' 2 months ago
Wow! Thanks! I'll be sure to tell my friends how pogo sticks are made!
You take the...uh...the stopper thing...and put it on the...uh...the metal stick thing...then you put some more stuff on!
Paloma Rice
'Paloma Rice' 2 months ago
of all things to show how it's made
Abby Faust
'Abby Faust' 2 months ago
And they said buzzfeed was running out of ideas 😭😭
'Kpow701' 2 months ago
Did I just watch How it's Made, or Buzzfeed cause I "can't" difference.
'RaZ0r_MaStERs' 2 months ago
Thanks for telling us how pogo sticks are made! I'm really interested 🤙
Shiann Brown
'Shiann Brown' 2 months ago
Why did comedy channel become how it's made?
rian rems
'rian rems' 2 months ago
they're called pogo sticks? where I live, pogo is a brand of corndog... tf
Babar Suhail
'Babar Suhail' 2 months ago
Sorry, I didn't know I was watching "How its made".
'elis' 3 months ago
Maria Visoso
'Maria Visoso' 3 months ago
Gabrielle Vachon
'Gabrielle Vachon' 3 months ago
I thiught the video was about pogos... which is what we call corndogs in Canada... that was confusing.
joudy sibai
'joudy sibai' 3 months ago
Mom said if I get 50 likes we can get pizza for breakfast
Kristine L
'Kristine L' 3 months ago
I thought this was about hot dog on a stick pogos
'Vulcan3000' 3 months ago
I was so confused wondering how any of this had to do with pogo sticks... until I realized I was thinking of POGO like the corn dog...
Norberto Montanez
'Norberto Montanez' 3 months ago
'kelwhitepaw' 3 months ago
more like how pogos are assembled. this is a very poor how it's made video. next time show how the individual pieces are actually made, molded, machined, etc.
Rebecca Sophie
'Rebecca Sophie' 3 months ago
Different angles + fancy music = try hard video
Sophie Salazar
'Sophie Salazar' 3 months ago
I've never been on a pogo stick. who can relate?
Abby Goose18
'Abby Goose18' 3 months ago
I never thought I'd come down this far and the YouTube black hole
Jesse Kitabjian
'Jesse Kitabjian' 3 months ago
There's a reason there's a tv show called how it's mad
Emma Schmitz
'Emma Schmitz' 3 months ago
Hey mate ! wilderness Does anyone identify larger than this result? $
Shanay#1 xD
'Shanay#1 xD' 3 months ago
I legit had to check if I was on how it's made on accident
Tiffani Erickson
'Tiffani Erickson' 3 months ago
This isn't how pogo sticks are made; this is how they are assembled. Leave the "how it's made" stuff to How It's Made.
'Mashiro-chan!' 3 months ago
I thought they meant the food pogo stick lol
the goat
'the goat' 3 months ago
they have officially ran out of ideas
Kayden Franklin
'Kayden Franklin' 3 months ago
I came here thinking they meant the hotdogs on a stick...
Michael Hernandez
'Michael Hernandez' 3 months ago
Hey that's pretty good
Mikaël Hubert-Deschamps
am I the only one who was thinking they were gonna show how pogos sticks (food) were made? I thought I would see food, not these random sticks :(
'SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL' 3 months ago
By Fred is running out of ideas
Its A Trap
'Its A Trap' 3 months ago
Next thing you know they have a whole series dedicated to how things are made
Ellie Farra
'Ellie Farra' 3 months ago
I thought they were talking about the food 😂
kabal singh
'kabal singh' 3 months ago
I thought they were talking about the corn dogs.....
'Salah' 3 months ago
Is it Pogo stick season ? ... I don't get it !! Is Buzzfeed turning into How it's Made ?
Gaby Hebert
'Gaby Hebert' 3 months ago
When you thought this was gonna be about food the whole video
Mike B
'Mike B' 3 months ago
That seems pretty easy.
'GeeCee' 3 months ago
Lord Gaben
'Lord Gaben' 3 months ago
And then you have your plain old plumbus
Snappy 1
'Snappy 1' 3 months ago
May I get 50 subscibers please i want to grow my youtube chanel thank you very much have a wonderfull day😊
Arthur Arnaud
'Arthur Arnaud' 3 months ago
Invent shift grant tree product education.
Angel Girl_Games
'Angel Girl_Games' 3 months ago
When you run out of ideas for videos, yet here I am wondering how I even got on this side of Youtube.
Darth Shedinja
'Darth Shedinja' 3 months ago
You guys forgot something: it's taking out a white, heterosexual, male penis, ripping it off and putting it in the device
'Rekoyl116' 3 months ago
This isn't how they're made. It's how they're assembled
karim sinno
'karim sinno' 3 months ago
those are still a thing?
'Happy_Murphy' 3 months ago
0 views 27k likes #youtubelogic
'Missile' 3 months ago
Because I woke up today and thought "You know what, it'd be cool to learn how pogo sticks are made."
Alesya Proskurnya
'Alesya Proskurnya' 3 months ago
Connor Olivardia
'Connor Olivardia' 3 months ago
orrrr how pogo sticks are assembled ? >.>
'Noname' 3 months ago
I thought they meant pogo sticks the food :(
Minty Lemon
'Minty Lemon' 3 months ago
Now I know what to put on my resume.
'Get360NoScope' 3 months ago
so random
Emma Gray
'Emma Gray' 3 months ago
There goes my subscription. Out the window.
Kousin Kevin
'Kousin Kevin' 3 months ago
Anybody else think they were talking about Corndogs?
Ahsan A
'Ahsan A' 3 months ago
thought it was going be a video about the pogo stick snacks
'N0VAxForgotten' 3 months ago
Oh nice, finally a Buzzfeed video where they don't mention feminism, race, or sexual orientation
Nafi Napkin
'Nafi Napkin' 3 months ago
top 6 best how it's made episodes
just one of my personal favs
burrito boat
'burrito boat' 3 months ago
pls make 20$ pogo stick vs 500$ pogo sticks
'Dman2018111' 3 months ago
Where is the spring?
'Evey' 3 months ago
If buzzfeed makes this a series than it's just copying the show How's it Made
Ilse burton
'Ilse burton' 3 months ago
Seriously I opened up this video cause I thought they were gonna show how pogos the food were made. Y'all made me hungry now
'kost4060' 3 months ago
i thought u meant the food :(
Greyson Unlucky
'Greyson Unlucky' 3 months ago
What's buzzfeeds obsession with pogo sticks?
Din Mamma
'Din Mamma' 3 months ago
I want to know how baby snakes are made
'Rockabyebecca' 3 months ago
Only $420
Sean Jonas
'Sean Jonas' 3 months ago
Its more like How Pogo Sticks are assembled. Click bait
'Imperiom' 3 months ago
'astrozombie' 3 months ago
I don't know why but I find it super satisfying to see dislikes on buzzfeed videos go up
Estevan Garcia
'Estevan Garcia' 3 months ago
This is literally what buzzfeed has come to 🤢
'zakuja' 3 months ago
I don't understand... where's the spring? What pushes back???? So confused :(
'FireGab2319' 3 months ago
That's the worst how it's mad elias of video ever. Couldn't even see the parts they used correctly it's just random footage of people building pogo sticks
Oliver Percy
'Oliver Percy' 3 months ago
Ok but where was Fred
cristle write
'cristle write' 3 months ago
When I saw the title I thought they meant the food Pogos haha
'RSG' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed HQ:

Worker: Sir, the Video Generators have gone offline!

CEO: Damn it! Go kidnap the director of How It's Made!

Worker: Wait.. Just steal his idea, people will think from the last video that we haven't ran out of ideas!

Pro Player
'Pro Player' 3 months ago
well we all now know that buzzfeed really runs out of ideas.
Caroline Desmonts
'Caroline Desmonts' 3 months ago
This was debatably the stupidest thing I've ever watched
reuben hodgkins
'reuben hodgkins' 3 months ago
Did you run out of interesting content?
Elizabeth M.
'Elizabeth M.' 3 months ago
i thought this was gonna be about actual pogos..that you eat
Freja Hk
'Freja Hk' 3 months ago
What the heck is POKEGO* sticks .
Say Say
'Say Say' 3 months ago
people still use pogo sticks??
Jason Walker
'Jason Walker' 3 months ago
wow. buzzfeed went down hill.
Tim Bucktooth
'Tim Bucktooth' 3 months ago
luckily I was born with a pogo stick.
pavel Saha
'pavel Saha' 3 months ago
buzzfeed is obsessed with pogo sticks
bea hatti
'bea hatti' 3 months ago
"how it's made" would've done it better
Bk Bk
'Bk Bk' 3 months ago
Theyre really running out of ideas huh?
'monacolizardo7' 3 months ago
so thats how a penis is made
Megasippi _
'Megasippi _' 3 months ago
They t stealing content from shows showing the exact same thing! It's not even interesting!
Mr Slaybury
'Mr Slaybury' 3 months ago
"Watch Vurtego Pogo Factory make all 28 Pogo Sticks they will sell this year!"
Johnny Ordonez
'Johnny Ordonez' 3 months ago
wow buzzfeed finally something actually interesting
'Marciukasb' 3 months ago
System of a Down brought me here.
Karly C
'Karly C' 3 months ago
And I still have no idea how they are made.
'Silklab' 3 months ago
Does buzzfeed have a pogo stick fetish??
'lilacbears' 3 months ago
Ah yes, I've always wanted to know how pogo sticks were made..
'Doge' 3 months ago
It's official buzzfeed has ran out of ideas
j goods
'j goods' 3 months ago
Videos from this channel are getting shittier by the week
Warbling Wombat
'Warbling Wombat' 3 months ago
when you run out of ideas just do a pogo stick video
Zala Marolt
'Zala Marolt' 3 months ago
i didn't even know what that was until i clicked this video...
'Jay' 3 months ago
lol i don't care how pogo sticks are made.
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