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Spaceship - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

2, 115, 922 views

11, 546 Likes   722 Dislikes

To save themselves, the crew of a spaceship (Chris Hemsworth, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Sasheer Zamata) must sacrifice their chicken captain.

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Sam Stark
'Sam Stark' 2 days ago
that chicken is huge. i'd make a nice fried Chicken with her
'w1sdom99' 3 days ago
I think the captain may be a chicken
Mare Mares
'Mare Mares' 4 days ago
That nearly made me not want to eat any more animals. I was nauseous when he stuck the fork in her. :'(
'KillerSalmon' 6 days ago
Captain Poulet on the bridge?!?!

BTW - Poulet = Chicken in French.
Alex M
'Alex M' 7 days ago
Sponsored by PETA
Javier Garcia
'Javier Garcia' 1 week ago
'omni0omega' 1 week ago
lady chicken boo
Christy Tan -
'Christy Tan -' 2 weeks ago
i'm an angry vegan :/
'TheCstar07' 2 weeks ago
Keenan "She's done" 😂
Lori Wolfcat
'Lori Wolfcat' 2 weeks ago
Chris Hemsworth's Love is what made it so sad, yet so hilarious! 😹
Baby Vegeta
'Baby Vegeta' 2 weeks ago
"Of course..but then we're gonna eat her okay.." 😂😂
Emily Evans
'Emily Evans' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful chicken
Bacons Strip
'Bacons Strip' 2 weeks ago
This would have been better with a pug.
M. Adams
'M. Adams' 3 weeks ago
A chicken gives no fucks.
Syfer Polski
'Syfer Polski' 3 weeks ago
This got me thinking about "Solaris" by Lem.
I wonder if I'm seeking a deeper meaning where there is none
'pop5678eye' 3 weeks ago
Seriously, Kill that Fucking Chicken. (KFC)
jean c rolon
'jean c rolon' 3 weeks ago
So this is What kirk's dad was up to before his death
'MPDeventer' 3 weeks ago
Am i a geek? ... Can you go into hyperspace with a warpcore?
Ben D
'Ben D'Alessandro' 3 weeks ago
"Captain Poulet" 😂 😂 😂
Žan-Pier Pellerin
'Žan-Pier Pellerin' 3 weeks ago
hahahaha a microwave core
'Osmostrix' 4 weeks ago
That chicken was very cute!
'clintbrew' 1 month ago
did not know that captain kirk's father was a chicken lover does explain alot about kirk banging aliens (see the first JJ abrhams star trek movie)
Dan ut2
'Dan ut2' 1 month ago
creepy funny
Дмитрий Аверьянов
it is not a joke it is reality now
'Scavenger' 1 month ago
What the hell, that's the Unitology symbol, they are insane unitologists!
El John
'El John' 1 month ago
lol Cecily really shined in this sketch
'TheCstar07' 1 month ago
Did the core even need stabilizing?
Hector Gonzalez
'Hector Gonzalez' 1 month ago
This is just lazy writing.
TryHardGaming HD
'TryHardGaming HD' 1 month ago
Dat Nandos tho.
Hans Huang
'Hans Huang' 2 months ago
not fun at all. stupid aliens!
Pateo Janes
'Pateo Janes' 2 months ago
that is so fucking crinch.....
Ahmad Asad
'Ahmad Asad' 2 months ago
I love Cecily Strong
'vvgu' 2 months ago
I predicted that ending lol
jackyl rox
'jackyl rox' 2 months ago trainwreck
Spartan M117
'Spartan M117' 2 months ago
R comments turned off
'DAMONT PENSON' 2 months ago
Ok, this is just too silly even for me, and thats saying alot.
De Spamifier
'De Spamifier' 2 months ago
The hen is so cute though. So plump and fluffy.
David Phillips
'David Phillips' 2 months ago
Takes tremendous talent to act to a chicken
'Matt 'Bacon' Fellenz' 2 months ago
They should have used Trump (Alec Baldwin) for the captain
'ChainL!nkz' 2 months ago
This one was Thor to watch!
Maxim Yaskolko
'Maxim Yaskolko' 2 months ago
666 dislikes 679 comments. Illuminati confirmed
'HrvatskiHig' 2 months ago
You guys are Unitologists?Damn,you are not going to be happy when you see what's at the end of your journey ... Twinkle,twinkle little star …
pandoras box
'pandoras box' 2 months ago
anybody realize the logo on the uniforms was from I do!
Keshav Sapru
'Keshav Sapru' 2 months ago
Oh My God. Ha ha... the marker from Dead Space might cause them to be DOOMed. I hope that these Elite and Dangerous Space Marines don't have Star Wars during their Star Trek, otherwise they might fall into a Red Dwarf due to a Space Moon, and find that that Sunshine leads to a Death Star. This Interstellar journey does seem to be tragic like the Event Horizon they escaped from, but comic like the Last Martian they met on Mars. Anyways Duke can always Nuk'em forever with a Big Fucking Gun. These Star Citizens have no idea what they're in for. Perhaps a Kerbal of truth might be needed in the higher echelons of their Space Program. Perhaps a Neverending Storey of money might be needed for that X-Communication they so needed from the Men In Black. Oh Well, now I must prepare for a Titanfall from that Infinte Warfare in the comments.
P. Slava
'P. Slava' 2 months ago
You know what's funny? This year they made parody miniseries in Czech republic about flight to the moon which was, after many rigmaroles, ended being sponsored by, well large-scale chicken farmer would probably be the word, and part of the contract was that the Czech Parliament had to elect the spaceship captain. So the sponsor gave, through the secreatry of education youth sports and astronautics, the MPs the CVs of all the candidates and they elected the candidate. And none of them thought about her name being strange. And because the chairwoman of the evaluation commitee was a proud feminist who, by that time, had a bad week (or couple of days in some cases) if you know what I mean, she, when being confronted with the fact that the hen was elected as a captain of 1st Czech space flight to the moon, kicked the bringer of news out of her office.

That was it. And not one of the responsible individuals (read MPS) had wondered at the, now elected, captain's name, which, by the way, was Goldie Tasty. So, yeah they elected poultry as spaceship captain and so...

SNL successfully predicted the future again:)
Joseph Anderson
'Joseph Anderson' 3 months ago
Why does the core look remarkably like a microwave oven with a stone-like finish? Bwaa. They may not have said it explicitly, but I'm telling ya, everyone on that crew who wasn't dating that chicken, err, I mean captain, came prepared with a backup plan. 😆
'koustave' 3 months ago
So noble and cooked to perfection! lol
Tom the ghost person
'Tom the ghost person' 3 months ago
Frickin Unitologists!
Delta Dragon Guard
'Delta Dragon Guard' 3 months ago
Oh man...that was actually a really sad story.
hussein hussein
'hussein hussein' 3 months ago
Puts a new meaning to chicken fucker
Rowena DeCorvinho
'Rowena DeCorvinho' 3 months ago
This is horrible
Eric Huber
'Eric Huber' 3 months ago
Who put a CHICKEN in charge of a spaceship?!?!
666 swaraj
'666 swaraj' 3 months ago
This is completley offensive to chickens
'kat' 3 months ago
One day I hope someone looks at me the way Chris looked at Emily XD
Miss Random
'Miss Random' 3 months ago
Watching Chris Hemsworth talk about him dating a chicken and saying "I love you" to it made my day.
Michael M
'Michael M' 3 months ago
The chicken would not couperate.
'FragmentalStew' 3 months ago
Someone forget to deinterlace the video?
'Ricardofox12' 3 months ago
They are unitologist
Jeremy Bagley
'Jeremy Bagley' 3 months ago
When Kennan said "she's done" I lost it lolol!
Palacio Freire, Pedro José.
It's the first SNL sketch I've watched in almost a decade that made me laugh.
Natsumi Okizawa
'Natsumi Okizawa' 3 months ago
One lucky hen :-D
Elena Taylor
'Elena Taylor' 3 months ago
Isn't their badge the artefact from dead space😂
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 4 months ago
I will secure equal rights for all Chicken Americans.
Polina Z  Ralte
'Polina Z Ralte' 4 months ago
When you are jealous of the jacket 😑😤
Johnny K.
'Johnny K.' 4 months ago
'freakyold' 4 months ago
I love a happy ending!
Erica Armstrong
'Erica Armstrong' 4 months ago
Dude that's the fucking dead space marker insignia on their uniforms wtf
kc lynch
'kc lynch' 4 months ago
Where where the space pants
Cam New
'Cam New' 4 months ago
Who cooks a full chicken in the microwave?
chiara Miceli
'chiara Miceli' 4 months ago
Can you imagine how funny must have been actually acting with that real chicken?
Pierre Le Bourreau
'Pierre Le Bourreau' 4 months ago
In 10-15 years it will be politically incorrect.
'25JAZZLLY2525' 4 months ago
never been so damn jealous of a chicken in my life until now
Jordan Washington
'Jordan Washington' 4 months ago
"There's that laugh I love. " 😂😂😂
Mustafa Ozturk
'Mustafa Ozturk' 4 months ago
This is just wrong :D
'Alexiosization' 4 months ago
This is so offensive for chickens
'DOnker' 4 months ago
racism and canibalism in one sketch
'volikoto' 4 months ago
That chicken's feather is so fluffy.
'racekidishere' 4 months ago
Cheshire C
'Cheshire C' 4 months ago
Chicken= Hillary = bad decisions= (radiation=wikileaks) goose is cooked
toby deep
'toby deep' 4 months ago
man star trek (2009) was really weird
'sonny8988' 4 months ago
Of course the black guy is the first one ready to eat the chicken...
'Phoenixdark1' 4 months ago
This is terrible. What happened to SNL?? Bring back the 90's please...
Kamen Kunchev
'Kamen Kunchev' 4 months ago
Let the chicken fix the core
Let the chicken fix the core
Let the chicken fix the... COOOORE!
Sean Bryant
'Sean Bryant' 4 months ago
Just think one day historians will find our electronic databases from hundreds of years ago and they will eventually find this sketch and along with it the war zone that is the comment section between vegans and everyone else. They will look and see us living life in all of our glory and they will think What The Actual FUck
'Seppuku' 4 months ago
Why do they have the Marker symbol on their shirts
'Quast' 4 months ago
One obese chicken....
Chex Ravenfry
'Chex Ravenfry' 4 months ago
Uh, she's not with the "special " guy for girls, like in the anne rice books. LOL
Jon Dunmore
'Jon Dunmore' 4 months ago
Hens. YUK!
Accent Tué
'Accent Tué' 4 months ago
580 vegans watched this video
Adedayo Makinde
'Adedayo Makinde' 4 months ago
she's flying half cocked...
ozn ebn
'ozn ebn' 4 months ago
sex is funner with a fat girl
'tj' 4 months ago
she's done!
sarah mcleod
'sarah mcleod' 4 months ago
Lol okay weird dating a chicken
Simon opdebeeck
'Simon opdebeeck' 4 months ago
is that Thor
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Oh, no! It's.. it's Melicamp the Chicken!
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