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Cut For Time: Alan (Bill Hader) - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

1, 774, 238 views

10, 811 Likes   635 Dislikes

Meet Alan (Bill Hader), the future of casual entertainment in a box.

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Ethan Caudle
'Ethan Caudle' 4 days ago
That got dark quick.
Dev Komath
'Dev Komath' 1 week ago
Perfect Alan = Lil Uzi
'Sudiptaa' 2 weeks ago
I want an alan :D
Alexa Nee
'Alexa Nee' 2 weeks ago
All of the cut for time sketches are the best ones!!!!
Dutli Anvilhand
'Dutli Anvilhand' 3 weeks ago
"Hes being a little stinker!" Hahaha oh wow
'sassafrassiest' 3 weeks ago
I wonder if Bill Hader ever thought to insure his facial muscles while he was at SNL. Because they're basically the funniest part of this sketch
alessia wurst - vbl
'alessia wurst - vbl' 3 weeks ago
Taka Ono
'Taka Ono' 3 weeks ago
That actually became terrifying by the end.
Jay Rock Jinx
'Jay Rock Jinx' 3 weeks ago
"He's being a little stinker".
Pleb Blud
'Pleb Blud' 4 weeks ago
Hellstar Remina
'Hellstar Remina' 4 weeks ago
what did he say at the end? I can't understand
Ben Hamilton
'Ben Hamilton' 4 weeks ago
Like a reverse Cyberman
Brielle Anwander
'Brielle Anwander' 4 weeks ago
Snl is so cringy
'madimoose' 1 month ago
I'd buy one
'GoodsfrumtheWoods' 1 month ago
he's being a little stinker
Ill Nyx
'Ill Nyx' 1 month ago
Sr Sr
'Sr Sr' 1 month ago
Sherlock Holmes
'Sherlock Holmes' 1 month ago
I need more of Bill dancing...for research.
Constantine Dragases
The look at 4:06...
Titania Evil
'Titania Evil' 1 month ago
The end was a bit jim carry ish
Mya Fagerhaug
'Mya Fagerhaug' 1 month ago
bill hader is so hot
Jordan A
'Jordan A' 2 months ago
This reminded me of the "David Pumpkins" sketch, but Hader's expression at 4:06 is priceless!
Judge Joe Brown
'Judge Joe Brown' 2 months ago
you can tell youre talking to a millenial when they say bill hader is the best
Skeech Sandstrom
'Skeech Sandstrom' 2 months ago
Where's the humor?
TheJoker 175
'TheJoker 175' 2 months ago
The unique smile of Vanessa :D
'RogueJyn' 2 months ago
Its stupid, but, I can't look away
Ena Vuckovic
'Ena Vuckovic' 2 months ago
i thought that wrapped present was a wall
Nathanael Tan
'Nathanael Tan' 2 months ago
That Greg reference in the skit itself xD
'bikeatl77' 2 months ago
"there's a dead man in all of us". lol.... so true
Aut Otoña
'Aut Otoña' 2 months ago
they cut so many great skits
Валерия Бураджиева
there's a dead man in all of us.....
Allans AV
'Allans AV' 2 months ago
This skit was very awkward to watch for me...
Mystic Man
'Mystic Man' 3 months ago
Perfect Alan expressions :D
Grey Fox
'Grey Fox' 3 months ago
I think only Bill Hader and Jim Carrey could have played Alan.
Grey Fox
'Grey Fox' 3 months ago
I love you Bill Hader
'cat' 3 months ago
bill header is such a little stinker
KeerKat Gaming
'KeerKat Gaming' 3 months ago
I feel like Vanessa Beyer is always smiling haha
'A1sausie' 3 months ago
Allen's facial expressions are basically Jennifer Aniston's whole career!
Jade Broadnax
'Jade Broadnax' 3 months ago
Total Alan is just Jimmy Fallon regular
'skyletta0626' 3 months ago
The girls at the club I went to a while back
Master Writer
'Master Writer' 3 months ago
SNL is SHIT! God... For the old MadTV,,,
Racharina Bettis
'Racharina Bettis' 4 months ago
Bill is so cute! I love his smile when he says "wait, there is dead body in there!? "
Tom McNeill
'Tom McNeill' 4 months ago
"He's bein a little stinker" hahahaha
Stephan Garcia
'Stephan Garcia' 4 months ago
Don't know why, but this is hilarious!!!
Madison Kelly Maund
'Madison Kelly Maund' 4 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks Bill Hader looks like Thom Yorke??
Shahbano Malik
'Shahbano Malik' 4 months ago
Excuse me Seth Meyers... Stefon is in someone else's box.. come and take him home the kids are waiting
Rachel Wahhab
'Rachel Wahhab' 4 months ago
I'd love to get a Bill Hader
sky boy gaming
'sky boy gaming' 4 months ago
"thanks alan corp ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
valerie boudreau
'valerie boudreau' 4 months ago
my names valerie. just wanted to put that out there. my name is never on shows or movies
'bastet469' 4 months ago
I want my 5 mins & 20 sec back
'menghi93' 4 months ago
so this is how westworld started....
Angelika Goldstein
'Angelika Goldstein' 4 months ago
Bill Hader is irresistible - even as a dead man's body covered with living human tissue!
Brian Moore
'Brian Moore' 4 months ago
Why can't I have an Alan?
'MsLadywasp' 4 months ago
Bill cracks me up . I love him. ❤
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
WHAT THE FUCK did i just watch?!
your mother
'your mother' 4 months ago
This is hilarious 😂😂😂💀
Unicorn Cave
'Unicorn Cave' 4 months ago
Pause at 4:12
Alejandro Ramirez
'Alejandro Ramirez' 4 months ago
he would be the best Freddie
Edwin C. Taliaferro
'Edwin C. Taliaferro' 4 months ago
I wanna see Alan and David S. Pumpkins have a fistfight.
Old Thug
'Old Thug' 4 months ago
Who's Alan Bill Hader
Rusty S
'Rusty S' 4 months ago
Wtf did I just watch
'naibunuuni' 4 months ago
That roar
Ted Cruz
'Ted Cruz' 5 months ago
what the fucj
Delta Dragon Guard
'Delta Dragon Guard' 5 months ago
Omg Bill Haders face when they said there was a dead man inside him. XD
Giovanti Walton
'Giovanti Walton' 5 months ago
4:39 boom mic in upper left
LintBallz Productions
"Thanks, Alan Corp. AUEEEAAAAHHHHH"
'skankhunt' 5 months ago
God awful
Brendan O
'Brendan O'Brien' 5 months ago
totally thought this was gonna be about Alan Alda.
Left Germ
'Left Germ' 5 months ago
they cut this but left other awful sketches on. good job Lorne!
Twinkle Meena
'Twinkle Meena' 5 months ago
I bet Seth Meyers will enjoy the ALAN, I mean Keith 😂
Erin Condon
'Erin Condon' 5 months ago
Taran looks sexy in this sketch.
Justin Hurst
'Justin Hurst' 5 months ago
Was that a body snatchers reference at the end there?
'XxStonedKillerxX' 5 months ago
Bill Hader is a gem of northern american society
anghus houvouras
'anghus houvouras' 5 months ago
Im guessing whoever wrote this also wrote the David Pumpkins sketch
Tawania Dodd
'Tawania Dodd' 5 months ago
Where is my Car???????
lisa ryder
'lisa ryder' 5 months ago
this ass hole stole dexters girlfriend... he left his wife for her damit lol
Reagan McMillan
'Reagan McMillan' 5 months ago
You either love Bill Hader or you're wrong
Ratul Minhaz
'Ratul Minhaz' 5 months ago
Bill Hader's expressions are golden!
Zulaikha Asyiqin
'Zulaikha Asyiqin' 5 months ago
taran killam hardly looks at the cue cards, im impressed
'q851230' 5 months ago
Can someone sand a Alan to Seth ?It'll be fun
'thatsdandy' 5 months ago
Kenan Thompson, the luckiest guy ever. Zero talent, SNL for twenty years.
Christopher Collins
'Christopher Collins' 5 months ago
Illuminati confirmed
Benjamin Woodcock
'Benjamin Woodcock' 5 months ago
this makes no sense, like at all. i mean so many resources went into this, how could they not even make it a joke at all. like im seriously upset that this has literally no punchline. it is exclusively bill hader dancing i am so mad. how could they
Gae Elle
'Gae Elle' 5 months ago
Perfect Alan... I want it🙂
Mare Clydesdale
'Mare Clydesdale' 5 months ago
"There's a dead man in there?" Hader gives creepy smile
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 5 months ago
Love Perfect Alan & Total Alan!
Mugsey B
'Mugsey B' 5 months ago
I'm SO trying out 1:10 dance moves next time I'm at the club!:D
'tj' 5 months ago
I can't even count how much times I watched this video now
Andrea Reynolds
'Andrea Reynolds' 5 months ago
Wasn't funny
Dice Diceman
'Dice Diceman' 5 months ago
if youre that good tekk me the soundtrack...
Dice Diceman
'Dice Diceman' 5 months ago
no fucking leslie " bigclit" jones...great bit.
Rhyme Spitter
'Rhyme Spitter' 5 months ago
Alan reminds me of Eric from that 70's show mixed with Jim from the office
'Vickymonswer346' 5 months ago
Latest in robotics in a dead body surrounded by living human flesh. It sounds an awful lot like the FNAF franchise, but that's just me.
Cool Hand Luke
'Cool Hand Luke' 5 months ago
so they just ripped off tim and eric
'doycohamco' 5 months ago
i want an Alan.
PG Werx
'PG Werx' 5 months ago
'65elcamino283' 5 months ago
where's my brand new car???!!!!
Jason Miller
'Jason Miller' 5 months ago
Dirty Casuals get on my level
Akshay Shandilya
'Akshay Shandilya' 5 months ago
Rowan Atkinson would have done so much better as Alan!
Lenny H.W
'Lenny H.W' 5 months ago
I'm melting
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