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Cut For Time: Alan (Bill Hader) - SNL -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

1, 635, 544 views

9, 803 Likes   590 Dislikes

Meet Alan (Bill Hader), the future of casual entertainment in a box.

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Aut Otoña
'Aut Otoña' 2 days ago
they cut so many great skits
Валерия Бураджиева
there's a dead man in all of us.....
Allans AV
'Allans AV' 2 weeks ago
This skit was very awkward to watch for me...
Mystic Man
'Mystic Man' 4 weeks ago
Perfect Alan expressions :D
Grey Fox
'Grey Fox' 4 weeks ago
I think only Bill Hader and Jim Carrey could have played Alan.
Grey Fox
'Grey Fox' 4 weeks ago
I love you Bill Hader
'cat' 4 weeks ago
bill header is such a little stinker
KeerKat Gaming
'KeerKat Gaming' 4 weeks ago
I feel like Vanessa Beyer is always smiling haha
'A1sausie' 4 weeks ago
Allen's facial expressions are basically Jennifer Aniston's whole career!
Jade Broadnax
'Jade Broadnax' 1 month ago
Total Alan is just Jimmy Fallon regular
'skyletta0626' 1 month ago
The girls at the club I went to a while back
Master Writer
'Master Writer' 1 month ago
SNL is SHIT! God... For the old MadTV,,,
Racharina Bettis
'Racharina Bettis' 2 months ago
Bill is so cute! I love his smile when he says "wait, there is dead body in there!? "
Tom McNeill
'Tom McNeill' 2 months ago
"He's bein a little stinker" hahahaha
Stephan Garcia
'Stephan Garcia' 2 months ago
Don't know why, but this is hilarious!!!
Madison Kelly Maund
'Madison Kelly Maund' 2 months ago
Am I the only one who thinks Bill Hader looks like Thom Yorke??
Shahbano Malik
'Shahbano Malik' 2 months ago
Excuse me Seth Meyers... Stefon is in someone else's box.. come and take him home the kids are waiting
Rachel Wahhab
'Rachel Wahhab' 2 months ago
I'd love to get a Bill Hader
sky boy gaming
'sky boy gaming' 2 months ago
"thanks alan corp ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
valerie boudreau
'valerie boudreau' 2 months ago
my names valerie. just wanted to put that out there. my name is never on shows or movies
'bastet469' 2 months ago
I want my 5 mins & 20 sec back
'menghi93' 2 months ago
so this is how westworld started....
Angelika Goldstein
'Angelika Goldstein' 2 months ago
Bill Hader is irresistible - even as a dead man's body covered with living human tissue!
Brian Moore
'Brian Moore' 2 months ago
Why can't I have an Alan?
'MsLadywasp' 2 months ago
Bill cracks me up . I love him. ❤
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
WHAT THE FUCK did i just watch?!
your mother
'your mother' 2 months ago
This is hilarious 😂😂😂💀
Unicorn Cave
'Unicorn Cave' 2 months ago
Pause at 4:12
Alejandro Ramirez
'Alejandro Ramirez' 2 months ago
he would be the best Freddie
Edwin C. Taliaferro
'Edwin C. Taliaferro' 2 months ago
I wanna see Alan and David S. Pumpkins have a fistfight.
Old Thug
'Old Thug' 2 months ago
Who's Alan Bill Hader
Rusty S
'Rusty S' 2 months ago
Wtf did I just watch
'naibunuuni' 2 months ago
That roar
Ted Cruz
'Ted Cruz' 2 months ago
what the fucj
Delta Dragon Guard
'Delta Dragon Guard' 2 months ago
Omg Bill Haders face when they said there was a dead man inside him. XD
Giovanti Walton
'Giovanti Walton' 2 months ago
4:39 boom mic in upper left
LintBallz Productions
"Thanks, Alan Corp. AUEEEAAAAHHHHH"
'skankhunt' 2 months ago
God awful
Brendan O
'Brendan O'Brien' 2 months ago
totally thought this was gonna be about Alan Alda.
Left Germ
'Left Germ' 2 months ago
they cut this but left other awful sketches on. good job Lorne!
Twinkle Meena
'Twinkle Meena' 2 months ago
I bet Seth Meyers will enjoy the ALAN, I mean Keith 😂
Erin Condon
'Erin Condon' 3 months ago
Taran looks sexy in this sketch.
Justin Hurst
'Justin Hurst' 3 months ago
Was that a body snatchers reference at the end there?
'XxStonedKillerxX' 3 months ago
Bill Hader is a gem of northern american society
anghus houvouras
'anghus houvouras' 3 months ago
Im guessing whoever wrote this also wrote the David Pumpkins sketch
Tawania Dodd
'Tawania Dodd' 3 months ago
Where is my Car???????
lisa ryder
'lisa ryder' 3 months ago
this ass hole stole dexters girlfriend... he left his wife for her damit lol
Andy Six Biersack Black
You either love Bill Hader or you're wrong
Ratul Minhaz
'Ratul Minhaz' 3 months ago
Bill Hader's expressions are golden!
Zulaikha Asyiqin
'Zulaikha Asyiqin' 3 months ago
taran killam hardly looks at the cue cards, im impressed
'q851230' 3 months ago
Can someone sand a Alan to Seth ?It'll be fun
'thatsdandy' 3 months ago
Kenan Thompson, the luckiest guy ever. Zero talent, SNL for twenty years.
Christopher Collins
'Christopher Collins' 3 months ago
Illuminati confirmed
Benjamin Woodcock
'Benjamin Woodcock' 3 months ago
this makes no sense, like at all. i mean so many resources went into this, how could they not even make it a joke at all. like im seriously upset that this has literally no punchline. it is exclusively bill hader dancing i am so mad. how could they
Gae Elle
'Gae Elle' 3 months ago
Perfect Alan... I want it🙂
Mare Clydesdale
'Mare Clydesdale' 3 months ago
"There's a dead man in there?" Hader gives creepy smile
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 3 months ago
Love Perfect Alan & Total Alan!
Mugsey B
'Mugsey B' 3 months ago
I'm SO trying out 1:10 dance moves next time I'm at the club!:D
'tj' 3 months ago
I can't even count how much times I watched this video now
Andrea Reynolds
'Andrea Reynolds' 3 months ago
Wasn't funny
Dice Diceman
'Dice Diceman' 3 months ago
if youre that good tekk me the soundtrack...
Dice Diceman
'Dice Diceman' 3 months ago
no fucking leslie " bigclit" jones...great bit.
Rhyme Spitter
'Rhyme Spitter' 3 months ago
Alan reminds me of Eric from that 70's show mixed with Jim from the office
'Vickymonswer346' 3 months ago
Latest in robotics in a dead body surrounded by living human flesh. It sounds an awful lot like the FNAF franchise, but that's just me.
Cool Hand Luke
'Cool Hand Luke' 3 months ago
so they just ripped off tim and eric
'doycohamco' 3 months ago
i want an Alan.
PG Werx
'PG Werx' 3 months ago
'65elcamino283' 3 months ago
where's my brand new car???!!!!
Jason Miller
'Jason Miller' 3 months ago
Dirty Casuals get on my level
Akshay Shandilya
'Akshay Shandilya' 3 months ago
Rowan Atkinson would have done so much better as Alan!
Lenny H.W
'Lenny H.W' 3 months ago
I'm melting
the calzones betrayed me
hader's face when he says "there's a dead man in there?" lol i cant
Sedina Lebun
'Sedina Lebun' 3 months ago
I want to listen to the music in the background
Belanca Rosier
'Belanca Rosier' 3 months ago
I could actually watch "Alan" dance for hours actually
Heather Holley
'Heather Holley' 3 months ago
i love the music and his dances
Achilles _1
'Achilles _1' 3 months ago
Terrible sketch. But damn, that tune is catchy.
Erika Miller
'Erika Miller' 3 months ago
I see why this was cut for time.
'sinatrashotya' 4 months ago
Was hoping for a Documentary Now pilot episode ending.
Online Aler
'Online Aler' 4 months ago
This is so unfunny
Samantha Tankersley
'Samantha Tankersley' 4 months ago
What does Keith say at the end?
'Robin' 4 months ago
why was this cut
Dare Devil
'Dare Devil' 4 months ago
This should not have been cut.
Tandy Houghton
'Tandy Houghton' 4 months ago
I just love Bill Hader's faces in this!
john jones
'john jones' 4 months ago
Bill Hader is a gem and saved SNL
killed by porn
'killed by porn' 4 months ago
Fucking Stupid
Young Nino
'Young Nino' 4 months ago
not funny at all
Corey Tolbert
'Corey Tolbert' 4 months ago
at what part of this is, is it supposed to be funny?
Lusitani Mendes
'Lusitani Mendes' 4 months ago
I was thinking it was a sex toy
'schitaco' 4 months ago
Ripoff of Celery Man but shitty
Riley Stewart
'Riley Stewart' 4 months ago
So Jim from The Office?
'Turdsley' 4 months ago
Another skit they went on waaaaaaaay too long.
'starbud1' 4 months ago
Bill header is the cutest as Alan
Joshua Holmes
'Joshua Holmes' 4 months ago
prescription honor reward economy spin.
Mike Jones
'Mike Jones' 5 months ago
Robotic Genitals
'Robotic Genitals' 5 months ago
What does Alan say at 4:46???
"They sound core" is what I'm hearing but, I haven't a clue as to what that might mean.
'NABEntertainment' 5 months ago
Bill Hader could literally do the whole show by himself
Allen S
'Allen S' 5 months ago
Yeah, those other 'Alan's' have always been a little off. Two L's and an E for life!
'LittleBoy19457' 5 months ago
wtf is wrong with that girl? Couldnt she at least try she is reading the whole text instead of acting?
ucipital mapilary
'ucipital mapilary' 5 months ago
Bill Hader will always be my favorite actor!
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