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Drone Racing Battle | Dude Perfect -
Published: 10 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 10 months ago

9, 980, 963 views

153, 793 Likes   2, 345 Dislikes

It's time for high speed drone racing!
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'BATERA Wg' 6 hours ago
vcs sao TOP
'GAMING MANGO' 7 hours ago
With vindiesal and race rc cars
Kartikey Singh
'Kartikey Singh' 14 hours ago
i love them and they should be celebrities
Beastballer24 Swishmaster24
Stephen Curry
Daniel Kearsley
'Daniel Kearsley' 1 day ago
i didn't know parrot bebop's were racing drones
Clarence Boone
'Clarence Boone' 2 days ago
I just don't want to do what Coby did!
Beth Halpain
'Beth Halpain' 2 days ago
I like how you guys name them up, that's so much better, cuz I didn't like watching it before cuz I could tell who's object was being flown by who.
Connor Botone vlogs
film with jacksepticeye
Sydney Crosby
'Sydney Crosby' 2 days ago
I liked when Ty quoted Crazy Russian Hacker. Also where is Cody?
Trev & Trace
'Trev & Trace' 2 days ago
I'm a hater fan
'VisordownR6' 2 days ago
If they filmed with Guy Martin it would be absolutely amazing to watch
Daniel Worby
'Daniel Worby' 3 days ago
Wheres cody ?
Alton Brown
'Alton Brown' 3 days ago
The commentary is annoying...Please stop making this shit gimmicky...
Slowslither vlogs
'Slowslither vlogs' 3 days ago
I want one of them drones!!!
Cristiano Ilyad
'Cristiano Ilyad' 4 days ago
Hey guys its me cristiono soccer man I won a tournament so I decided to watch dude perfect😉
Cristiano Ilyad
'Cristiano Ilyad' 4 days ago
My YouTube videos who wants to see it leave a comment I will come to you
'XGN RIFTY' 4 days ago
Aiden Linke
'Aiden Linke' 5 days ago
Snappy Dhruv
'Snappy Dhruv' 5 days ago
Next celebrity should be Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson
Jacob Yee
'Jacob Yee' 5 days ago
How do they get celebs in their videos
Yeison Arrdondo
'Yeison Arrdondo' 6 days ago
Cameron Franck
'Cameron Franck' 6 days ago
You guys should do a real life Mario Kart race with items.
Edward Mensel
'Edward Mensel' 6 days ago
Team ty is anyone a ty fan
Matthew Malandruccolo
Plus the people who are watching you just said thanks for watching I should be making something saying thanks for making
Barto Xd B k
'Barto Xd B k' 6 days ago
Dude to moi naj jeśli youtuberzy
'DeejayRJ' 6 days ago
I just don't want to do what coby did!
[Kp]Kpoper Girl
'[Kp]Kpoper Girl' 6 days ago
My favorite in dude perfect is tyler
Andy Vi
'Andy Vi' 1 week ago
stephen curry,kyrie irving,and lebron james
Aidan Brusman
'Aidan Brusman' 1 week ago
derek jeter
Melody Roney
'Melody Roney' 1 week ago
Is Jim the panda or is liam
bad dude cheese perfect
Kaden Koenig
'Kaden Koenig' 1 week ago
have robert downy jr
'sushant' 1 week ago
film next with wwe superstars and vin diesel
Puran Tharani
'Puran Tharani' 1 week ago
you should shoot with Dwayne Johnson
Benjamin Ecsedy
'Benjamin Ecsedy' 1 week ago
4:13 "Safety is number one priority." Time for CRH to file copyright infringement...
Hunter Grider
'Hunter Grider' 1 week ago
is that the guy off juricpark
RC Deevil
'RC Deevil' 1 week ago
“I just don't want to do what Coby did!"
Nandhu N.Nair
'Nandhu N.Nair' 1 week ago
What is going to be next battle
Nandhu N.Nair
'Nandhu N.Nair' 1 week ago
Who is the new guy an aged guy
Steven Cooley
'Steven Cooley' 2 weeks ago
let someone else win tyler
'1LavishGirl' 2 weeks ago
Larry Jenkins
'Larry Jenkins' 2 weeks ago
What kind of radio transmitters are they using? Do they have built in FPV monitors? Those things look sweet! I found after a little searching, the Skycontroller
Danielle Amend
'Danielle Amend' 2 weeks ago
You can make the subscribe button be disappeared by clicking it lol
Surja Banik
'Surja Banik' 2 weeks ago
I just don't want to do what Coby did!
Billy Wheeler
'Billy Wheeler' 2 weeks ago
I'm a coby fan
Kanwal Sran
'Kanwal Sran' 2 weeks ago
I love Tyler
athul teja
'athul teja' 2 weeks ago
safety is no 1 priority - Crazy Russian hacker
Ginger Lindt
'Ginger Lindt' 2 weeks ago
epic guys
abul kalam
'abul kalam' 2 weeks ago
Steph curry
Tyler Costello
'Tyler Costello' 2 weeks ago
do a video with Ryan Reynolds
MOISE Gaming
'MOISE Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Alan Kuriako
'Alan Kuriako' 2 weeks ago
Which drones are they using?
Sebastian Nadon
'Sebastian Nadon' 2 weeks ago
is that the guy from jurassic park
'TheNukeMan' 2 weeks ago
7:16 that's extremely unsafe
'Yougotnomilk' 2 weeks ago
the one thing theyre not good at lol
'DRAGO POKE' 2 weeks ago
Vin Diesel and james bond
Joe Nimry
'Joe Nimry' 2 weeks ago
Make it with Justin beiber
Alex Name
'Alex Name' 2 weeks ago
Да же Русские вас любят!! Вы ЛУЧШИЕ!!!!!! )
Marcus Suria
'Marcus Suria' 2 weeks ago
how does tyler  always win a battle?
The Earth Lover
'The Earth Lover' 2 weeks ago
HEY JUNE SIX IS MY B-DAY! (Btw it's 2017 not 2016 but who cares)
Phoenix Mashburn
'Phoenix Mashburn' 2 weeks ago
That's Jeff Golblum
Adam Keels
'Adam Keels' 2 weeks ago
I love these guys
Keylime Kreations
'Keylime Kreations' 2 weeks ago
If your not flying in acro mode your not flying at all.
pizza head
'pizza head' 2 weeks ago
ya ty lets go ty lets go.
Arthur Betts
'Arthur Betts' 2 weeks ago
Why does Jeff sound like Siri?
Braxton Wilson
'Braxton Wilson' 2 weeks ago
Liam and steph curry
'NCoutdooraddiction' 2 weeks ago
"I just don't want to do what coby did!"
Seth Montgomery
'Seth Montgomery' 2 weeks ago
I like garret and ty
Grand thief
'Grand thief' 2 weeks ago
That phony won again.Seriously so desperate to win and showoff.You even paid the two celebs to let you win ABSOLUTELY A PHONY
Jugraj Jugraj
'Jugraj Jugraj' 2 weeks ago
the rc battle is good than drone
Fletch Creates
'Fletch Creates' 2 weeks ago
I'm too fly , Jeff goldbloom
Smittywuerbenjägermanjenson Timn
Now do it with Chris Hemsworth
bernice benavides
'bernice benavides' 2 weeks ago
Dac Prescott!!!
gronkowski 87
'gronkowski 87' 3 weeks ago
tom brady
Allplaylists Allday
'Allplaylists Allday' 3 weeks ago
Were was Cody in that video
Sam DeLong
'Sam DeLong' 3 weeks ago
Who were the celebs?
TheYT Gamer
'TheYT Gamer' 3 weeks ago
I just don't want to do what Coby did!
Learned Aqijr
'Learned Aqijr' 3 weeks ago
Dont say like milllions just say one six one five one eight four twenty five ok?
Learned Aqijr
'Learned Aqijr' 3 weeks ago
Coby just say this number before trying anything 161518425
Smiles 1
'Smiles 1' 3 weeks ago
U should do race with race cars
'GamerX705' 3 weeks ago
Where did you get Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth? I'm gunna surpass Pewdiepie in subscribers before I meet either of those guys
'J K' 3 weeks ago
wait a second here... oh my f***ing god, that's Ian Malcolm. That's freaking Jeff Goldblum!
Paddy Roberts
'Paddy Roberts' 3 weeks ago
No liam
Paddy Roberts
'Paddy Roberts' 3 weeks ago
I think ty is going to win
bishop britt
'bishop britt' 3 weeks ago
the next celebrity should be ranaldo
'TheNukeMan' 3 weeks ago
Really? Wifi FPV?

I am so disappointed
Rahil Shaholia
'Rahil Shaholia' 3 weeks ago
do a quad bike race
Nathaniel Diaz
'Nathaniel Diaz' 3 weeks ago
are you crazy you just trow a Parrot bebop 2 it was so expensive
Ahmed alkoot
'Ahmed alkoot' 3 weeks ago
You mean parrot bebop 2
Michael Ezinga
'Michael Ezinga' 3 weeks ago
What drones did you use?
Mario Rui
'Mario Rui' 3 weeks ago
I just don't want to do what Coby did!
'DIGITAL EYE' 3 weeks ago
I just like Jeff........a real gent !
Chris Dinkins
'Chris Dinkins' 3 weeks ago
Jeff is my favorite actor in the lost world Jurassic park
'DIAMOND GAMER' 3 weeks ago
plz sub to my channel
'AayushVEVO' 3 weeks ago
just need some editing and then this will be a drone racing game..
Shivam Parti
'Shivam Parti' 3 weeks ago
Michael Phelps
PokeTry Nub
'PokeTry Nub' 3 weeks ago
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