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Drone Racing Battle | Dude Perfect -
Published: 11 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 11 months ago

10, 681, 294 views

159, 403 Likes   2, 481 Dislikes

It's time for high speed drone racing!
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Jennifer Bonney
'Jennifer Bonney' 11 minutes ago
I hate you winning Tyler
mohammad sirajuddin
'mohammad sirajuddin' 2 hours ago
you need to film with justin beiber
Sacha Hoek
'Sacha Hoek' 3 hours ago
See the diffrence 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😕🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
B.A Art Club Da
'B.A Art Club Da' 7 hours ago
Is that Chris Hemsworth
Lui Gaming
'Lui Gaming' 8 hours ago
use a proper racing drone
Boston Johnson
'Boston Johnson' 15 hours ago
U guys should do a RC plane race!!!
zachary rccars
'zachary rccars' 15 hours ago
The lower you fly the better because you will be in ground effect. Next time you should use fpv race drones @dudeperfect
'AustinJacksonMVP' 18 hours ago
Dwayne Johnson
Miguel Swanson
'Miguel Swanson' 19 hours ago
Remelyn Rellora
'Remelyn Rellora' 1 day ago
Are those the guys from the Independence Day?
Sean Cunningham
'Sean Cunningham' 1 day ago
Film big show
Matthew Nightingale
Why does Tyler always win?
Con Field
'Con Field' 2 days ago
Liam newsworthy looks like Chris hemsworth
'PAARAS CLUB' 2 days ago
Anyone notice that Cody wasn't in the vid
Sami mustafa
'Sami mustafa' 2 days ago
why tyler always win
'Rizecod1,0000' 2 days ago
Nice nut
Nahian Al Azad
'Nahian Al Azad' 2 days ago
Film without hero
Ritwaj Dubey
'Ritwaj Dubey' 2 days ago
Robert Downey Jr
roblox boss
'roblox boss' 2 days ago
jhon cena or camron smith
roblox boss
'roblox boss' 2 days ago
go Tyler you rule and good job to rest
Carlos Gedangoni
'Carlos Gedangoni' 2 days ago
Is coby and cory twins??
Mister Twister
'Mister Twister' 3 days ago
they used my favorite drone: the parrot bebop 2
Tomas Favetto
'Tomas Favetto' 3 days ago
who else wants to see how ty looks like with out his beard
MatyG Channel
'MatyG Channel' 3 days ago
Liam looks like pie die pie
'spicypickle77' 3 days ago
Deskchair person
'Deskchair person' 3 days ago
I just don't want to do what Coby did
Mr Dank™
'Mr Dank™' 3 days ago
cmon! parrot drones? they SUCK!
Benedict Rebello
'Benedict Rebello' 3 days ago
I am team Coby
Tabish Khan
'Tabish Khan' 3 days ago
no its realy boring par ape ka sa ra video acha ha mana channel subcribe bhe kia ha phale video mana app ke plane battel dhake the or hama bhot ache lagi
Lucas Lim
'Lucas Lim' 4 days ago
Who's watching this in 2017?
Sabrina Fernandez Hainser
Margot robbie😍
Sean Belcher
'Sean Belcher' 4 days ago
it's not fair corys battery died
Steven Parker
'Steven Parker' 4 days ago
joe flacco
'Nightstrike04' 4 days ago
John cena
Captain Sarcasm
'Captain Sarcasm' 4 days ago
Lol "TY"nasty 😂
Thomas Smith
'Thomas Smith' 4 days ago
I think Chris Hemsworth
N.L. Team
'N.L. Team' 4 days ago
tyler is da best
Kristin Lynn
'Kristin Lynn' 4 days ago
tyler sow thoughtfull at the end
Chris VanOpdorp
'Chris VanOpdorp' 4 days ago
Where was Codes?
Jackson Pace
'Jackson Pace' 4 days ago
Who is watching 2017?
samyak jain
'samyak jain' 4 days ago
john cena and aj styles
Sir Flatkap
'Sir Flatkap' 4 days ago
am i the only one that wants to see them use the trophy's somewhere like flying the gold drone or shooting the gold nerf gun
Ice Queen33
'Ice Queen33' 5 days ago
1 hr later... Jeff makes it
Luke Goldston
'Luke Goldston' 5 days ago
I think your next celebs should be Emma Watson and Tom hanks for the new movie " the circle " rated pg-13
HivE Apollo
'HivE Apollo' 5 days ago
Where's cody
Half Court Dunk
'Half Court Dunk' 5 days ago
Why does Tyler always win
Lori Hicks
'Lori Hicks' 5 days ago
I think there should be a duck dynasty vs DP in marksman
Al & Rob
'Al & Rob' 5 days ago
the next celebrity should be tom hanks or Samuel L. Jackson
Nelson Leonor
'Nelson Leonor' 5 days ago
What kind of drone are you guys using to take videos?
'Xboxplayer157' 5 days ago
You guys are using the parrot be bop 2
Dan Hamill
'Dan Hamill' 5 days ago
go ty. best
Titan Magsino
'Titan Magsino' 5 days ago
garret looking like a rage monster stereotype when he threw that drone haha
Liam Harrison
'Liam Harrison' 5 days ago
Was his name Liam
Shrella Lawson
'Shrella Lawson' 5 days ago
come to my house
oracio arceo
'oracio arceo' 5 days ago
I un sub
oracio arceo
'oracio arceo' 5 days ago
oracio arceo
'oracio arceo' 5 days ago
To cort
oracio arceo
'oracio arceo' 5 days ago
There so mean
kuba budzik
'kuba budzik' 5 days ago
Is coby gay?
R&k gaming Fan808
'R&k gaming Fan808' 5 days ago
Dude perfect the best you tubers
Michael Comfort
'Michael Comfort' 5 days ago
lebron james
George Fan
'George Fan' 5 days ago
Dude I wanna do that so bad
'AbsorbentCleric' 6 days ago
Where is Cody?
Lex Lutha111384
'Lex Lutha111384' 6 days ago
i would do anything to race drones with Goldblum! lol
amber almodovar
'amber almodovar' 6 days ago
they should do one with Stephen curry
Ashtin Feucht
'Ashtin Feucht' 6 days ago
'CorruptGaming' 6 days ago
yay tyler
Robyn DeMasi
'Robyn DeMasi' 6 days ago
great job Ty
Ben Arscott
'Ben Arscott' 6 days ago
where's Cody
Dog in trousers
'Dog in trousers' 6 days ago
Dog in trousers
'Dog in trousers' 6 days ago
Awww you have those drones
Brendan Binniker
'Brendan Binniker' 6 days ago
Ty The Butterscopper Bearded Guy
'geemailMossman' 6 days ago
Cmon guys we were all like that once...
xept me ;)
Roblox 20Dan03
'Roblox 20Dan03' 6 days ago
I wanted Liam to win so I could comment that someone not in dude perfect won a battle before Coby did
Henri Xhindoli
'Henri Xhindoli' 6 days ago
I have a drone battery
Theo 0321
'Theo 0321' 6 days ago
how about hot wheels racing if you agree
dhanish misbah
'dhanish misbah' 6 days ago
dhanish misbah
'dhanish misbah' 6 days ago
Krazy Blitz5
'Krazy Blitz5' 6 days ago
Phoebe Peck
'Phoebe Peck' 6 days ago
Taylor always win
Roimata Bryans
'Roimata Bryans' 6 days ago
Cool Dude
'Cool Dude' 7 days ago
If you don't win all the time do what gar does don't be in them✌🏻
The top minecraft gamer Thegamingvhannel
Is Jeff in friends
Sneakster Gaming
'Sneakster Gaming' 7 days ago
wheres cody?
NBA Star
'NBA Star' 7 days ago
I just don't want to do what coby did
'wolfi1157' 7 days ago
good job Tyler i love u
Mr. Ghost Lego
'Mr. Ghost Lego' 7 days ago
The next celeb should be the Rock
Caroline Perrotta
'Caroline Perrotta' 7 days ago
John cena
Husariu Paul
'Husariu Paul' 7 days ago
You should film with Paul Walker.
Husariu Paul
'Husariu Paul' 1 week ago
Zalán Budai
'Zalán Budai' 1 week ago
sehr gut
creeper killer
'creeper killer' 1 week ago
i love u guys and is that the man that plays in jurassic park no.1
jimMCY hengboed bobsGeChenge
I love Jeff goldbloom as ruxin Dad in the league
poor cory
Josh Smith
'Josh Smith' 1 week ago
Is Liam henswerth related to krise hens
Josh Smith
'Josh Smith' 1 week ago
Is Liam henswerth assie because I am Australian
'JASHAN J.D' 1 week ago
u with Jurassic park movie actor Jurassic park 2
irexhunter cowley
'irexhunter cowley' 1 week ago
Chris Pratt
Taylor Kerr lego animation
Is that guy from Jurassic park
Zach parkhurst
'Zach parkhurst' 1 week ago
United center
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