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Editor Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 4 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 4 months ago

11, 977, 639 views

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It's time for our editors to star in an epic video!
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Dude Perfect
'Dude Perfect' 4 months ago
Merry Christmas everyone!
Today we're thankful for our families, for Jesus, and for all of you guys!
- Pound It. Noggin. 👊🏼🙇🏻
Chrystal Kelley
'Chrystal Kelley' 46 minutes ago
Ty's b day is march 24
Jimenez Nicolas
'Jimenez Nicolas' 3 hours ago
Who is filming then?
Lori Tough
'Lori Tough' 4 hours ago
Ashton Fielder
'Ashton Fielder' 14 hours ago
Can I be in the show please I am 11
Magicman333 !
'Magicman333 !' 19 hours ago
DPeditors for the win
Silas Aikema
'Silas Aikema' 23 hours ago
whos panda
Zak M
'Zak M' 24 hours ago
Dude perfect need to make panda edition
Nexecs Gamer
'Nexecs Gamer' 1 day ago
Do a reveal for panda
Priscilla Cardenas
Lachy Savage
'Lachy Savage' 1 day ago
David Fedorov
'David Fedorov' 2 days ago
Who edited this video huh
jacob pruett
'jacob pruett' 2 days ago
who is panda
Shannon b
'Shannon b' 2 days ago
Who is panda
Maciejasty PL
'Maciejasty PL' 2 days ago
What is the intro music name?
'DawnoftheStoneAge' 2 days ago
And tennis court
'DawnoftheStoneAge' 2 days ago
Dphq2 needs a bowling lane
Random BOY
'Random BOY' 3 days ago
Hi guys
Marley Clayton
'Marley Clayton' 3 days ago
Hi guys you are the best YouTubers ever if you subscribe to me that will mean a lot 🙏👍💩😎
Marley Clayton
'Marley Clayton' 3 days ago
Guys you are the best YouTubers ever and by the way can you subscribe to me my name is Marley calyton that will mean a lot
Nicky TV
'Nicky TV' 3 days ago
At 4:53 when Tim said got em I actually thought it was ty for a sec
Lol Sok Productions
DP editors you guys are doing yor work SO GOOD. you huys should male a unedited trickshot video
Paper Airplane Fun
Well this explains the Panda
Spencer Davis
'Spencer Davis' 4 days ago
Tyler Tony made a severe gramatical error, he said what is my birthday when in fact it should be said: When is my birthday
Fe zaide Urrea
'Fe zaide Urrea' 4 days ago
AACRAO's is a good man to the point that I had the best way men woman
Muhib Ali
'Muhib Ali' 4 days ago
1:08 you can tell that Tim faked his reaction
Leigh Shelton
'Leigh Shelton' 4 days ago
you are awsome dp could you send me a free dp backpack if you do thank you
Piratesauce 21
'Piratesauce 21' 4 days ago
Is chad or Tim panda?
Robert Gonzalez
'Robert Gonzalez' 4 days ago
Y'all should do a video with all of yalls first tries on it not where y'all always make it
Muin Faqeeh
'Muin Faqeeh' 4 days ago
who is the panda
Arden and Chase
'Arden and Chase' 4 days ago
Good job really good
'MiniZo' 4 days ago
Who thought it was Ali a and castey nystiet
Mikas Motiejuitis
'Mikas Motiejuitis' 4 days ago
DPeditors for the win!
_- _-
'_- _-' 4 days ago
Sub to my channel PLZ FOR A 29$ gift card Giveaway
Jake Kaim
'Jake Kaim' 4 days ago
ZGrow GT
'ZGrow GT' 5 days ago
It went from tricks to action to sterotypes to trick shots
'POWER' 5 days ago
chad the panda
Jalen alavarado
'Jalen alavarado' 5 days ago
You guys should do a fidget spinner tricks
Oliver McCall
'Oliver McCall' 5 days ago
Jake Hausler
'Jake Hausler' 5 days ago
Who is the panda
Declan Meehan
'Declan Meehan' 5 days ago
Ty named the editors really weird names
Spencer Barrett
'Spencer Barrett' 5 days ago
I think I like these guys better than Dude Perfect...
Tony Chen
'Tony Chen' 6 days ago
I like chad and tim
Kaeden B
'Kaeden B' 6 days ago
Christy Naylor
'Christy Naylor' 6 days ago
You guys are awesome
David Abrego
'David Abrego' 6 days ago
There better than coby
Pink Noise
'Pink Noise' 6 days ago
Rose are red, Violets are blue, I saw the Editors and you did too
Logan Funk
'Logan Funk' 6 days ago
2:45 me when i get home from vacation
RealSonicDOOM 64
'RealSonicDOOM 64' 6 days ago
Your best vid
Perfect Friends 5
'Perfect Friends 5' 6 days ago
which software do you use to edit video
Jaden Coffey
'Jaden Coffey' 6 days ago
Who's panada
JayJay Gaming
'JayJay Gaming' 6 days ago
Great the editors are very good at trick shots as well now what... Owen is going to be the next garret or something.😂😂😂
Brandon & Brian productions
5:10 R.I.P Table ???? - 2016 Final Words: DEAR GOD WHY!?
Sarah Medina
'Sarah Medina' 7 days ago
Dude perfect what's the song 0.40 to 0.53
Sarah Medina
'Sarah Medina' 7 days ago
The editors should pritisapate with dude perfect
'MCGamer6464' 7 days ago
I wonder what would have happened if Chad and Tim had Ty, Coby, Cory, Garrett, and Cody edit the video
John Arquette
'John Arquette' 7 days ago
These guy try to pretend there a dude perfect guy but they failed
Green Creepy
'Green Creepy' 7 days ago
chad look like mark dohner
Rohan Krishnamurthy
For Garrett you should have done
"I'm making a bold prediction..... he ain't winning
Doge Amazing
'Doge Amazing' 7 days ago
Alex Nguyen
'Alex Nguyen' 7 days ago
2:20 i want to see an expectations vs reality of this scene 😂😂
Sky Berry
'Sky Berry' 7 days ago
mohammad sirajuddin
you and your editors are asowme
Kristoffer Brink
'Kristoffer Brink' 1 week ago
I love panda
The Frontman
'The Frontman' 1 week ago
Is Chad panda
ogamer 825
'ogamer 825' 1 week ago
What if under the panda head is a human costume and under that is a panda with human face paint and under that is a human with panda face paint on ?!?!!?!!?!??!??!?!? It's A?
Hurache Escobar
'Hurache Escobar' 1 week ago
This was so dope.
'Killerdude3GT' 1 week ago
You said say DPeditors for the win if we saw that thing? What does that mean thing= desc
Stephanie Pepper
'Stephanie Pepper' 1 week ago
I wonder who filmed this
Ricky Stephens
'Ricky Stephens' 1 week ago
get that pubetic kid off my screen
A Ahlstrom
'A Ahlstrom' 1 week ago
When Tyler interviews them their shirts say all day, dude perfect, filmmaker

Like if you agree
Dillon Hittesdorf
'Dillon Hittesdorf' 1 week ago
That moment when you like the editors better
Paul Spokas
'Paul Spokas' 1 week ago
Who's panda?!?!?🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
'Lyr00' 1 week ago
4:20 just to suffer?
Bemo Trix
'Bemo Trix' 1 week ago
Tim is so cool
Peter Koukopoulos
'Peter Koukopoulos' 1 week ago
i liked this video cause u did something special and different...we like these things
Ahmed G
'Ahmed G' 1 week ago
i think chad is panda
Lucas Harris
'Lucas Harris' 1 week ago
You guys should help do trick shots your good
Lucas Harris
'Lucas Harris' 1 week ago
My favorite vid
ki mal
'ki mal' 1 week ago
What happened to Toby
Jayden Kennedy
'Jayden Kennedy' 1 week ago
Ty's birthday is on march 24th duh
Blocksmiths Group
'Blocksmiths Group' 1 week ago
is Chad panda
'PGNR_codboy' 1 week ago
Love you're vids
'MOUSTACHE MAN' 1 week ago
pause video at 19sec
Joseph Whyte
'Joseph Whyte' 1 week ago
does anyone else think chad looks like rob gronkowski
Speedy- Games
'Speedy- Games' 1 week ago
Popular Brooks
'Popular Brooks' 1 week ago
dp i dont like your channel i love it!
'FrostyWillows080' 1 week ago
What about Toby?
tùng bùi
'tùng bùi' 1 week ago
'V_17' 1 week ago
The router part was just him changing the led color XD
Great video!
Mischa Mulder
'Mischa Mulder' 1 week ago
i like these 2
Unknown Dragon
'Unknown Dragon' 1 week ago
Pretty dramatic to upload a video 😂
Luisa dalluay
'Luisa dalluay' 1 week ago
Where's the RAGE MONSTER tho
Refugio Benavidez
'Refugio Benavidez' 1 week ago
the panda is one of the editors wuuutttt
Angela Infranca
'Angela Infranca' 1 week ago
Hi DP my name is Chad and I love you so much for me and you HiChad
'VintageFlare' 1 week ago
1:12 YAAA
Margarita Subida
'Margarita Subida' 1 week ago
Dude perfect AMEN
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