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Editor Edition | Dude Perfect -
Published: 3 months ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 3 months ago

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It's time for our editors to star in an epic video!
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Dude Perfect
'Dude Perfect' 3 months ago
Merry Christmas everyone!
Today we're thankful for our families, for Jesus, and for all of you guys!
- Pound It. Noggin. 👊🏼🙇🏻
'Alkio335' 1 hour ago
600 ft fails... XD
'Unknown' 3 hours ago
lol all that math
Collin Alexander
'Collin Alexander' 4 hours ago
I have ur basketball goal
Gavin Saldana
'Gavin Saldana' 12 hours ago
thats bogus that twin 2 was like lets gooo
flany fisher
'flany fisher' 1 day ago
Happy birthday Tyler
Marley Kingston
'Marley Kingston' 2 days ago
Who's better? Tim or Chad.
Casteel Colt
'Casteel Colt' 2 days ago
I think one of them is panda or the other guy that showed up in the stereotype part.
'TITAN 35' 2 days ago
Who si panda?
'TaxorX95' 2 days ago
Ewwww macs for video editing.
Joes club
'Joes club' 3 days ago
you got some sick moves
sean 웃
'sean 웃' 3 days ago
could they have made this any cringier.
Makaylon Watch
'Makaylon Watch' 3 days ago
who panda?
'AlınTeri' 3 days ago
0:25 LOL +1 LİKE 😂
Nayef jassim
'Nayef jassim' 3 days ago
Ty your birthday is in December 24
Syed Uddin
'Syed Uddin' 3 days ago
Jachob Leon Bartolabac
yay internet is back
Matt Cat
'Matt Cat' 4 days ago
plz sub to my channel it's Matt Cat.If u do plz comment what I should do for my vids
Matt Cat
'Matt Cat' 4 days ago
plz sub to my channel it's Matt Cat.If u do plz comment what I should do for my vids
Paul Fahrenholz
'Paul Fahrenholz' 4 days ago
Where are you from?
T& B
'T& B' 4 days ago
To designate witch one edit app uses dives?
We mimic you! We are a big fan!
Charles Simpson
'Charles Simpson' 4 days ago
Hey People, Click on my channel's first video. I got an Coool Gift For Youu!! U might Thank me later :)! 23fd3
'Coolness1289' 5 days ago
MLG PANDA                       3:20
Hung Nguyen
'Hung Nguyen' 5 days ago
What song in 0.01
Laurin Behrens
'Laurin Behrens' 5 days ago
Give Them a like they Are the reason this channel works and they earn 0 probs
Immanuel Javatkhnard
Tim's shot was amazing!
Lily Christmas
'Lily Christmas' 6 days ago
Make a video on March 19 2017.
'Libby' 6 days ago
JesserTheLazer and the rest of the Bucket Squad are coming for your records.
'Dana HARNAGE' 6 days ago
Hey dude perfect can you do a pool edition video this year plz
Vilgot Norén
'Vilgot Norén' 6 days ago
Tim needs to be in more!
Eric Selvig
'Eric Selvig' 7 days ago
Ty's birthday is March 24th
Dayna Faupusa
'Dayna Faupusa' 7 days ago
make a vidio of dude perfect panda guy at the end of your cereer
Dayna Faupusa
'Dayna Faupusa' 7 days ago
i sucscribed
Jonathan Acosta
'Jonathan Acosta' 7 days ago
Ya are the best YouTuber
Jonathan Acosta
'Jonathan Acosta' 7 days ago
Can you make a video of flaying and falling with a pert shot even panda
Jonathan Acosta
'Jonathan Acosta' 7 days ago
A dress comptshen
Jonathan Acosta
'Jonathan Acosta' 7 days ago
Make a video of black ops
And another bubble rape fite
Dominic M
'Dominic M' 7 days ago
I love DudePerfect and there video games 🃏
Freexe // Free GFX, And More!
Mandy Grammer
'Mandy Grammer' 7 days ago
when are you going to make another video dude perfect
Imka Volkovs
'Imka Volkovs' 1 week ago
Its my Bday today can i get 30 likes please
Wes DaBoss
'Wes DaBoss' 1 week ago
Wait, I dont know tyler's birthday. Does that mean im gunna get sprayed with silly string! 😳
'1234GEORGEish' 1 week ago
whos the panda?
Tyson Henson
'Tyson Henson' 1 week ago
I know who the panda is 😄
Jordy Nelson Jr.
'Jordy Nelson Jr.' 1 week ago
A good name for Chad is Caderwurst
Eloy Dominguez
'Eloy Dominguez' 1 week ago
your a pro bru
Marilee Hixon
'Marilee Hixon' 1 week ago
Do a video for St Patricks day
Belinda B
'Belinda B' 1 week ago
I love this show especially the Tyler part of the rage monster 😡😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cade Fowler
'Cade Fowler' 1 week ago
yall should do a wrestling match with Panda
Skyler Cohen
'Skyler Cohen' 1 week ago
Those stereotypes tho
Cedric Tecosn
'Cedric Tecosn' 1 week ago
our russian roullete is kind lf cutting of the finger if he loses
Jeffrey Niehaus
'Jeffrey Niehaus' 1 week ago
Why aren't they in dude perfect?
'Fable' 1 week ago
"just remember to scream when you make a shot"
Henry Tomilko
'Henry Tomilko' 2 weeks ago
LOL they used geektyper in 2:15
Hunter Goldsmith
'Hunter Goldsmith' 2 weeks ago
who's panda
Kathy Williams
'Kathy Williams' 2 weeks ago
pandas chad
Brady Lawrence
'Brady Lawrence' 2 weeks ago
Garrett's trick was that he put the card back together.
mc crafter
'mc crafter' 2 weeks ago
I can do the hockey shot in the begining of the video easily!
Rebecca Childs
'Rebecca Childs' 2 weeks ago
make a video about panda
'ISAX' 2 weeks ago
Ethan ansah So do 16 million
archana kulkarni
'archana kulkarni' 2 weeks ago
DPeditors for the win!"
Ryan King
'Ryan King' 2 weeks ago
More editor videos!!
Ibrahim Niazi
'Ibrahim Niazi' 2 weeks ago
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
Smashed Diamonds
'Smashed Diamonds' 2 weeks ago
So all there tricks r fake
Kimberly McIntyre
'Kimberly McIntyre' 2 weeks ago
best people ever
Jagger Cripe
'Jagger Cripe' 2 weeks ago
Chad looks like Gronkowski
'RecallzOP' 2 weeks ago
More please
Will Hawk - Rocket League
0:42 tim is so good at hockey. ike this if u agree
'DANIEL NAYLOR' 2 weeks ago
Tim's voice is so deep COUGH
SLS Element
'SLS Element' 2 weeks ago
I came back too this after 2 months and one my favourites DP vids ever
Minecrafter Joshka
'Minecrafter Joshka' 2 weeks ago
Tim and Chad actually need to be in more vids.
R&W Network
'R&W Network' 2 weeks ago
you guys got some compition!!
Dania Macchiorola
'Dania Macchiorola' 2 weeks ago
march 24
Bryton Petrequin
'Bryton Petrequin' 2 weeks ago
tim is the panda
Gamer Emilio
'Gamer Emilio' 2 weeks ago
I love you're videos sometimes
Luke Van Arsdale
'Luke Van Arsdale' 2 weeks ago
I lov you guys
'LOL' 2 weeks ago
Aka panda edition
Terry Lacourse
'Terry Lacourse' 2 weeks ago
😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😑😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌 what is the difference
Mr Crafter Dude
'Mr Crafter Dude' 2 weeks ago
1:25 How bout dat
archie powell
'archie powell' 2 weeks ago
Who is the panda
Jake Fox
'Jake Fox' 2 weeks ago
love your music
DM Cubing!
'DM Cubing!' 2 weeks ago
1:20 howbow da
Savannah M
'Savannah M' 2 weeks ago
a panda is my school mascot
Matthew Jaylord
'Matthew Jaylord' 2 weeks ago
They can be a part of DP
TheGoldenCoin Geometry Dash
1:58 they can code like gods that have like 350wpm
DeadlyDitcher103 Like&Sub
It's all serious when they were talking about the last trick shot with the music and everything...Wait never mind
Tyler Bridge
'Tyler Bridge' 2 weeks ago
Chad and Tim take wifi seriously
Madison Krull
'Madison Krull' 2 weeks ago
Thomas Yang that was rude if u don'r like it don't watch them any more because they are the best. By the I like to see u do all those and make them send me the link after. P.S don't make yourself look stupid FYI you just got burned from a girl.
Seema Patil
'Seema Patil' 2 weeks ago
how about panda edition? huh that would be fun
Michael Sormanti
'Michael Sormanti' 2 weeks ago
Justin Zay
'Justin Zay' 2 weeks ago
My Siri was activated when he said hey Siri
Mr Pedit
'Mr Pedit' 2 weeks ago
dude perfect would be so much better if they appeared more often
Milana Feed TV
'Milana Feed TV' 2 weeks ago
CT BassFishing
'CT BassFishing' 2 weeks ago
what happened to toby?
Evan Shi
'Evan Shi' 2 weeks ago
Now you guy's need a janitor edition for all the paint dust on the floor.
'swikS' 2 weeks ago
404404error eeeee
On the Pitch
'On the Pitch' 2 weeks ago
It's pretty obvious that one of them is Panda
'Just FLIPS' 2 weeks ago
Pls make a vdo of ur fails
Weird Science
'Weird Science' 2 weeks ago
whats the song @dude perfect
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