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Sean Paul - Vevo Behind The Scenes: "No Lie" ft. Dua Lipa -
Published: 1 month ago By: SeanPaulVEVO

By: SeanPaulVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

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No Lie” is out now: Stream: | Download:
Watch The Official Video Here:

Sean Paul…

'BoomToll' 13 hours ago
wait, there's a concept? I thought it was just a cool song with Dua Lipa being pretty and sean paul talking gibberish
killjoy Diallo
'killjoy Diallo' 2 weeks ago
ah ah 1000x
Lyna Jaelx
'Lyna Jaelx' 2 weeks ago
'adoidanaful' 3 weeks ago
Green jacket brand???
antonio andrade
'antonio andrade' 4 weeks ago
10 from brazil
Abraham Guzman
'Abraham Guzman' 4 weeks ago
no lie Dua lipa😍😘
Lahcen el guedmioui
'Lahcen el guedmioui' 4 weeks ago
great video i loVe it
Belkis belka
'Belkis belka' 4 weeks ago
why these videos are not in YouTube desktop
No Legend
'No Legend' 4 weeks ago
"Rising star Dua Lipa"she said....SHE IS RIGHT.❤❤❤
'djjohnnyt' 1 month ago
Gypsy Katieboo Bull #dancer
Sean Paul laugh aha luv it ♥♥♥
Jack The SNAKE
'Jack The SNAKE' 1 month ago
What's the background music?
Mrs Vonne
'Mrs Vonne' 1 month ago
Dua the best
Susi Nasca
'Susi Nasca' 1 month ago
no entiendo nada disculpa buenos días
Léon Griesel
'Léon Griesel' 1 month ago
How old she is ?
Alonso Chumpitaz
'Alonso Chumpitaz' 1 month ago
ScooT Bros Pixley
'ScooT Bros Pixley' 1 month ago
Hi Sean Paul my names is Sebastian Pixley. Your new song is so good. You have met my Aunty her name is Abbie Pixley and you met her at a party. My family are from Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲. I am such a fan of you and love to get a reply from you.
Hasibibb Koj
'Hasibibb Koj' 1 month ago
Andressa Ramalho
'Andressa Ramalho' 1 month ago
Brasil ❤
'O'Raine Thomas' 1 month ago
Veton Jenuzi
'Veton Jenuzi' 1 month ago
thats just a great coat dude @seanpaul #seanpaul u gotta give it to me man , i loved that
Veton Jenuzi
'Veton Jenuzi' 1 month ago
can i have that black coat with the wool on the neck sides
Veton Jenuzi
'Veton Jenuzi' 1 month ago
hey sean
Angie Hernandez
'Angie Hernandez' 1 month ago
Oh Dios, este video será un éxito... Ni lo he visto y ya lo amo <3
#Sean_The_King <3 Lo amo :)
'ANGEL SINCLAIR' 1 month ago
His talking voice is 100x better than his "singing" voice
Gaizel Joyce
'Gaizel Joyce' 1 month ago
Lucas Freitas
'Lucas Freitas' 1 month ago
'장민준' 1 month ago
너무 멓져용
Arda Macit
'Arda Macit' 1 month ago
38.000 izlenmede buradaydık
GasSubWild 8101
'GasSubWild 8101' 1 month ago
Black Fire Fury
'Black Fire Fury' 1 month ago
First comment?
Alison Vargas Avila
'Alison Vargas Avila' 1 month ago
hasta van a sacar la de al fin
Gray Fullbuster *sharmaA
before 1 mil
Ileena Belle
'Ileena Belle' 1 month ago
'LT3me VLOGS & MORE' 1 month ago
Vegas McSwagger
'Vegas McSwagger' 1 month ago
Can't wait, no lie.
Jeefer Osnaya Espinosa
Forever tanisha scott👌😘
Sean Paul 💘💘💘
Victor Covers
'Victor Covers' 1 month ago
When its going to be out¿,
Agnis Dwihandayani
'Agnis Dwihandayani' 1 month ago
Nikola Jamić
'Nikola Jamić' 1 month ago
Eren Palaz
'Eren Palaz' 1 month ago
Sean Paul candır <3
Sean Peezy
'Sean Peezy' 1 month ago
this is gonna be a great video no lie
Taya_g340l xD
'Taya_g340l xD' 1 month ago
Omg im so happy about the 15.4 on this date is your concert at hamburg
'FUT ADDICT' 1 month ago
finally its coming
Noonu Krero
'Noonu Krero' 1 month ago
i love you both.... 😍😍
katarzyna czerniak
'katarzyna czerniak' 1 month ago
hello sean paul
C.jack Sparrow
'C.jack Sparrow' 1 month ago
whn full video is releasing
Emy Bross
'Emy Bross' 1 month ago
come on!! is the time!!!
'il/arb/shqip' 1 month ago
S'Dua Lipa is the best...
Monika Chmielewska
'Monika Chmielewska' 1 month ago
epic song! I had it played endlessly :D Sean's music always lifts me up and inspires for choreo routines :D A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
Lyrical Maniac
'Lyrical Maniac' 1 month ago
Can't Wait
Hasan Yesilirmak
'Hasan Yesilirmak' 1 month ago
Seannn Paul 👍👍
Rhys Carter
'Rhys Carter' 1 month ago
Love this song. Can't wait for both their albums.
Marias Philip
'Marias Philip' 1 month ago
amel Minocha
'amel Minocha' 1 month ago
no lie
'antianto77' 1 month ago
Awo!!! No Lie!!!
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