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Appliance FLIP Challenge!! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 2 weeks ago

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Just like the Water Bottle Flip Challenge, we're flipping all sorts of Appliances! Even a Barbecue!!
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'VIRTUAL ESENCE' 1 hour ago
flip TABLES!!!
Donna Tinebra
'Donna Tinebra' 2 hours ago
Azoltopey Bulanadi
'Azoltopey Bulanadi' 6 hours ago
'XxITZYABOIxX Gaming' 9 hours ago
Hey i liked this video and subbed. Is it ok if u can sub to me
Cloud Nine
'Cloud Nine' 10 hours ago
"I employed you two!"
Laurie Simon
'Laurie Simon' 10 hours ago
Dr Luigi
'Dr Luigi' 11 hours ago
A dorito taste challenge
Moonlight Gaming
'Moonlight Gaming' 13 hours ago
Flip out
Grace Brown
'Grace Brown' 13 hours ago
You should flip Disney products (dvds, outfits, pins, stuffed animals, etc)
Noah Cook
'Noah Cook' 15 hours ago
flip each other DO IT or ill send a evil unicorn to attack
Justin Dang
'Justin Dang' 15 hours ago
FLip soda cans can my comment get at least 20 likes pls
Guy Petriello jr
'Guy Petriello jr' 15 hours ago
I love you ❤️
Breanna Fairris
'Breanna Fairris' 16 hours ago
flip each other
Morgan Blanchard
'Morgan Blanchard' 17 hours ago
Is it weird that Gunner is attractive to me?
Olyvia Hanchar
'Olyvia Hanchar' 18 hours ago
Hi I'm olyvia
Jasyboy 2106
'Jasyboy 2106' 18 hours ago
Hi I am so proud to have you and my sisters sister sister I hope your sister likes it and how is the video video and how can I be a sister to me I would be a happy sister sister I would love you so so would love to be your friend to be my love for love love.

Stupid autocorrect 😤😡 it's a piece of 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Caleb Maloy (DCM7734)
This is another team/collab/whatever challenge, so no points are awarded.

Here are your updated scores after this video:
Matthias: 41 wins, 20 2nd, 17 3rd (104 points) (Including +2 Edge Game Point)
Bryan: 21 wins, 35 2nd, 22 3rd (76 points) (Including +1/-2 Edge Game Points)
J-Fred: 25 win, 20 2nd, 33 3rd (70 points) (Including +2/-2 Edge Game Points)

2 - Ties for 1st between J-Fred and Bryan
1 - Tie for 1st between J-Fred and Matthias
2 - Ties for 2nd between J-Fred and Bryan
1 - Tie for 2nd between Bryan and Matthias
1 - Tie for 2nd between J-Fred and Matthias
3 - 3 way ties
Julia Buckowska
'Julia Buckowska' 20 hours ago
can you do the bottle flip challenge 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Jamie Tobin
'Jamie Tobin' 21 hours ago
gunner and I are the same age
Rachel C
'Rachel C' 23 hours ago
I always thought Gunner was older than I am... but we're the same age.
Cristina Eckloff
'Cristina Eckloff' 23 hours ago
flip Bryan
'Ella' 24 hours ago
Every vid you make makes me laugh so hard I sometimes cry 😭
Sabor Cat
'Sabor Cat' 1 day ago
My video buffered when the vacuum was in mid air...
Charlie Ainsworth
Stacey Case
'Stacey Case' 1 day ago
Gunner reminds me of Bruce Banner!
Aiden Artuz
'Aiden Artuz' 1 day ago
flip the bed challenge please like if u agree
'bionicwolf88' 1 day ago
flip food
stereotypical_ prick
flip people
22 Of Swift Fire
'22 Of Swift Fire' 2 days ago
Why I don't work there:

I'm bias with Matthias
'mtgaming005' 2 days ago
pls flip a dildo
Nikayla Schnell
'Nikayla Schnell' 2 days ago
Jing Games
'Jing Games' 2 days ago
Kids in Africa could've eaten Matthias's ear and nose meat
Joseph Pillsbury
'Joseph Pillsbury' 2 days ago
you should flip apples
Destiny Agles
'Destiny Agles' 2 days ago
Why did they think this was a good idea?
Kapteinoplays Fan
'Kapteinoplays Fan' 2 days ago
Cool vid
#BigfanProperidiots #BigfanProperdummies
Why isn't Matthias name in the intro? his kinda the funniest one
space man
'space man' 2 days ago
Victoria Rudolph
'Victoria Rudolph' 2 days ago
your the best!!!!
'SakuraDragon😺' 2 days ago
I LOVE MATT they were all like "Dint breathe in the dust" and he was like "BREATHE IT IN ! IT WILL GIVE U POWERR!!"
Sean Alderson
'Sean Alderson' 2 days ago
do a marker flip challenge
Gamer wolf Girl
'Gamer wolf Girl' 2 days ago
Mathias if you breath in dust you will get supper powers but if we do we won't be as powerful as you!
Cattington Krokel
'Cattington Krokel' 2 days ago
why does Matt look like someone punched him in the intro?
'prodigy10690' 2 days ago
How tall is everyone?
Krista Gerhardt
'Krista Gerhardt' 3 days ago
you are crazy
Matthew Carroll
'Matthew Carroll' 3 days ago
killgor27 velazquez
i love you guys
Jackson Taylor
'Jackson Taylor' 3 days ago
can you do glass flipping
Connor Astell
'Connor Astell' 3 days ago
I've been a subscriber since you were on 1000 subs
rayna coia
'rayna coia' 3 days ago
Totally Delirious
'Totally Delirious' 3 days ago
Gunner doesn't look his age at all
Nicole Landry
'Nicole Landry' 3 days ago
'Lukesta9000' 3 days ago
My parents never would buy me this until im like 20, let alone smash them to bits for "some stupid TueTube"
zulfiqar rr
'zulfiqar rr' 3 days ago
very nice
John Doe
'John Doe' 3 days ago
flip yourself
kimberly mcclelland
Flip each other or at least gunner
Masahi Limehouse
'Masahi Limehouse' 3 days ago
flip each other #Fred
Samantha Redding
'Samantha Redding' 4 days ago
Dude the noises that Matthias makes are hilarious
DISCLAIMER: No appliances were harmed in the making of this video

Except for the ones that were
ninja protecter
'ninja protecter' 4 days ago
ok ok i know this is going to soud stupid but you should flip J-FRED
Warrior Cats the Anime Bookworm
12:07-12:14 Me when I pass a test
Her Silent Cries
'Her Silent Cries' 4 days ago
Just imagine if one of them died, what there gravestone would be like XD
"R.I.P __, Died by a grill to the head."
TheWeasel Duo
'TheWeasel Duo' 4 days ago
Make an intro for mark
bubba heck
'bubba heck' 4 days ago
can u guys do the blindfold obsticle challenge with gunner
Owen Watson
'Owen Watson' 4 days ago
flip culee
Cody Benfer
'Cody Benfer' 4 days ago
how to troll an idiot

read more
Cody Benfer
'Cody Benfer' 4 days ago
I hate people that do this and buy stuff and destroy it somebody else might have needed one of those things somewhere in the world but I still like your guys's videos
Oakley Kafka
'Oakley Kafka' 4 days ago
Flip food
'PIPSACLE 101' 4 days ago
Kids in Africa could've eaten those appliances
dog lover
'dog lover' 4 days ago
i love gunner❤❤❤❤❤❤
doondoons is awsome
look at j-fred at 7:34
Donte Russo
'Donte Russo' 5 days ago
portable oven
Kyesha Quinn
'Kyesha Quinn' 5 days ago
you are my alltime fav peeps
get it because you did the peeps challeng
John Mark Carter
'John Mark Carter' 5 days ago
halfway through i wondered why im watching this...
Angie Lee
'Angie Lee' 5 days ago
When Gunner is only 3 years older than you ._.
Michela Favazza
'Michela Favazza' 5 days ago
why is gunner so hot??
what he said but louder and louder
I want to do this
Tessa Dyer
'Tessa Dyer' 5 days ago
Gunner is so much different when he isn't on his own channel
The Gaming goose
'The Gaming goose' 5 days ago
The frady cat 5:17
Samantha Cedillo
'Samantha Cedillo' 5 days ago
is so biggg
The Crafter Tigery
Flip Computers
'Jakersnaker' 5 days ago
Make more flipping vids please!
Brianna Jones
'Brianna Jones' 5 days ago
im gonna get out of the way,,,your gonna kill me.. -Gunner 2016
Drizzt Godfrey
'Drizzt Godfrey' 5 days ago
Crazy Shooter
'Crazy Shooter' 5 days ago
Flip sports equipment
Amanda Addy
'Amanda Addy' 5 days ago
I subscribe I love Matt
Ros Ellis
'Ros Ellis' 5 days ago
Rami Kassem
'Rami Kassem' 5 days ago
Few grew
MasterJimmy05 :I
'MasterJimmy05 :I' 5 days ago
Yo guys flip bathroom stuff!
Justin Snyder
'Justin Snyder' 5 days ago
are y'all ever going to do trophies flips
pb&g 2178
'pb&g 2178' 5 days ago
I feel like they ran out of ideas XD it sure is entertaining tho ;3
Jorge Rdz
'Jorge Rdz' 5 days ago
how about yall try to flip plants? who's with me?🙋
MCgamer 101
'MCgamer 101' 5 days ago
flip each other
Kk K
'Kk K' 5 days ago
when you realize that you took the bottle flipping challenge too far, and you find yourself flipping home appliances........................that is this video. love your vids btw!
Jesse Morris
'Jesse Morris' 6 days ago
you should flip a desk a chair and a phone
Bryce Sabin
'Bryce Sabin' 6 days ago
Children in Africa couldn't have eaten those appliances!
'ManiacalRed' 6 days ago
When I first loaded into the video I saw red on the floor and thought it was blood... Did... Did someone die?
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