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Appliance FLIP Challenge!! -
Published: 1 month ago By: Team Edge

By: Team EdgePublished: 1 month ago

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Just like the Water Bottle Flip Challenge, we're flipping all sorts of Appliances! Even a Barbecue!!
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Gavin Hutchings
'Gavin Hutchings' 1 hour ago
A battery
Conquest x7HMC
'Conquest x7HMC' 9 hours ago
R.I.P. Gunner
John L
'John L'Heureux' 13 hours ago
You guys use so much suspense at the beginning of the videos
'MusicToDie42023' 15 hours ago
I'm here wondering can you guys help me move my furniture and appliances next time I move? XD
Marcy Gabriel
'Marcy Gabriel' 15 hours ago
Joicelyn Tran
'Joicelyn Tran' 18 hours ago
Can you flip Bryan
Adam Briggs
'Adam Briggs' 18 hours ago
Danielle Newton
'Danielle Newton' 19 hours ago
During the introductory thing that had the pictures of the guys and their names, a banner add popped up on my screen for university, the caption being, "Multidisciplinary" - right as Matthias's profile popped up.

Evy Games
'Evy Games' 20 hours ago
Flip stuffed abimals and can stand Animals excuse my spelling ^
Captain Robert
'Captain Robert' 21 hours ago
Nick Scamuffa
'Nick Scamuffa' 23 hours ago
The dang nation Taylor
You need two flip Mathias
Chase Hays
'Chase Hays' 24 hours ago
U guys make me laugh
anton umar
'anton umar' 1 day ago
can you guys flip bryan
Rylie Spearnock
'Rylie Spearnock' 1 day ago
flip Gunner please
Tammy Cyr
'Tammy Cyr' 1 day ago
u r asum
Tammy Cyr
'Tammy Cyr' 1 day ago
'mason' 1 day ago
Kids in Asia could have modded those appliances
Matthew Blades
'Matthew Blades' 1 day ago
Flour and eggs
Behind the scenes of Kaikai619
Flip breakfast like oatmeal cereal pancake mix powder or cereal items are cool
Adrian Knapp
'Adrian Knapp' 1 day ago
Maria Benitez
'Maria Benitez' 2 days ago
yo asshaha
Vanessa Reis
'Vanessa Reis' 2 days ago
Marker flips
Sertcatgames YT
'Sertcatgames YT' 2 days ago
Kids in Africa could of eaten those! Lol
Carly Williams
'Carly Williams' 2 days ago
King dance
'King dance' 2 days ago
everything like if agree
Sea Daedra
'Sea Daedra' 2 days ago
Flip eachother, good video
Amy Liu
'Amy Liu' 2 days ago
J-fred dat is not a flip you suck
Kristoffer Egholm
'Kristoffer Egholm' 2 days ago
Flip a ladder
'LittlePiggyGamer' 2 days ago
Flip: A Dog House! (and have a dog with you in the background)
Mehmet Batur
'Mehmet Batur' 2 days ago
can you flip gunner.
Mehmet Batur
'Mehmet Batur' 2 days ago
i subt
'Minnion' 2 days ago
tv flip challenge
Emma Barrix
'Emma Barrix' 2 days ago
Things with wheels
'HOLLAND LEVIN' 2 days ago
Can you flip J - Fred
Dale Feise Jr
'Dale Feise Jr' 2 days ago
a job good job I can relate to it
Geovanny Quiroz
'Geovanny Quiroz' 2 days ago
Flip everything
Sonadow Sonamy
'Sonadow Sonamy' 2 days ago
is this there job
'devilemma18' 2 days ago
Flip plants
Like if you wants them to
DiyWorld Party
'DiyWorld Party' 2 days ago
team edge pls reply I love ur videos
Marco Gomez
'Marco Gomez' 2 days ago
Flip a box
Fire Zapdos
'Fire Zapdos' 2 days ago
Vli J-Fred/Joey
Noamboss Poo
'Noamboss Poo' 2 days ago
YouTube Weirdo77
'YouTube Weirdo77' 2 days ago
Luc K.
'Luc K.' 3 days ago
Nice thanks
Tiny Tuts Adventures
flip tv's
'AllenVids' 3 days ago
memer's make what you need to make:
Yahel Delgado
'Yahel Delgado' 3 days ago
cant y ou lift. gunner
Iva Peychinova
'Iva Peychinova' 3 days ago
pls pls pls flip TABLES itvwill be really cool to watch😊😊😊😊😊
tonee Tolentino
'tonee Tolentino' 3 days ago
I want to see guava juice in your show
nana nicosia
'nana nicosia' 3 days ago
I just realized that Gunner is 21 years old.
John Kwan
'John Kwan' 3 days ago
I'm going to poop in your face
Snowboarding Dog
'Snowboarding Dog' 4 days ago
Kids in Africa could have eaten those appliances

Just kiddin
Alex goodfellow
'Alex goodfellow' 4 days ago
Great vid guys
'TheBeast' 4 days ago
omg so funny 6:03 and 4:23
Red Fuze Gamer1244
Yahir Moreno
'Yahir Moreno' 4 days ago
your cool
Evan Leitner
'Evan Leitner' 4 days ago
Flip chairs
Dark music rocker
'Dark music rocker' 4 days ago
Computer flip challenge and idk if you'll see this comment but its an idea.
Verica Jordanova
'Verica Jordanova' 4 days ago
Sophie Courville
'Sophie Courville' 4 days ago
I did
space unicorn
'space unicorn' 4 days ago
cake filp
Aby Amador
'Aby Amador' 5 days ago
cool video cool video
catman 55
'catman 55' 5 days ago
flip school supplies ex:glue
'CARL MORSE' 5 days ago
Flip gunner
Lemieux Gaming
'Lemieux Gaming' 5 days ago
Its just an excuse to destroy stuff
Wade Mc Ginley
'Wade Mc Ginley' 5 days ago
I love your video s
sheema talha
'sheema talha' 5 days ago
Flip people
Greg Jonson
'Greg Jonson' 5 days ago
GMM should make a Will It Flip challenge.
Jo Howard
'Jo Howard' 5 days ago
I subscribed for that
abdullah ghazali
'abdullah ghazali' 5 days ago
do a random things flippjng challenge
susan keshishyan
'susan keshishyan' 5 days ago
flip yourself
butt monkey gaming
Actually, the technical term is Aileron roll.
Katie Eckstrom
'Katie Eckstrom' 5 days ago
pool toy flip
Donald Clark
'Donald Clark' 5 days ago
You are so cool
Dave Bennett
'Dave Bennett' 6 days ago
flip a batery
Shabiah Gordon
'Shabiah Gordon' 6 days ago
flip matt
'TIMBOB 42' 6 days ago
You guys rock
Heather Bailey
'Heather Bailey' 6 days ago
'T-JAY' 6 days ago
Do a statue of something
crazy dragon
'crazy dragon' 6 days ago
you guys are awesome
Mordy Feder
'Mordy Feder' 6 days ago
Where do you live
bt outsider
'bt outsider' 6 days ago
can you do a makeup chalenj
Decarlos Williams
'Decarlos Williams' 6 days ago
think harder not smarter
Jing Games
'Jing Games' 6 days ago
J-Fred Quote
"Specialty" -2016
"Special Tea" -2016
Im confused
BIG TNT 1212
'BIG TNT 1212' 7 days ago
Korey White
'Korey White' 7 days ago
flip tvs
Mukul Anand
'Mukul Anand' 7 days ago
Gunner has bigger arms than Matthias and J-Fred. Like if you agree
Sophinia BB
'Sophinia BB' 7 days ago
flip yourself out of the screen so I can meet you
Jaden Mwendo
'Jaden Mwendo' 7 days ago
Matt. hapi
Remington Killman
'Remington Killman' 7 days ago
Can I be a part of team edege
'025salvador' 7 days ago
Sassy sushi ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny 😑😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😩😤😤i can't stop laughing ha ha😤😤😑😑😐😐
Chara Is here And Frisk too
FLIP A CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'dudesum' 7 days ago
Brayton McClaine :
dora stefanic
'dora stefanic' 7 days ago
they should get more subs then 1 milion or 1 milion and something
Kevin De Jesus
'Kevin De Jesus' 7 days ago
is it just or mathisi looks like ssundee
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