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Florida Georgia Line - Summerland (Static Version) -
Published: 7 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 7 months ago

475, 838 views

3, 063 Likes   125 Dislikes

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Summerland. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 21 hours ago
FGL is one of the GOAT
Kaylee Rae
'Kaylee Rae' 4 days ago
Florida George line yall are the best Country Music! Also i am going to y'alls concert. June 3, Can't wait...
Crystal Baer
'Crystal Baer' 1 week ago
Landyn Clemons
'Landyn Clemons' 4 weeks ago
Why would anyone dislike any of FGL's vids?
Emilie Belisle
'Emilie Belisle' 4 weeks ago
'Sharmart081' 1 month ago
I love florida georgia line!
Caleb Z Weaver
'Caleb Z Weaver' 1 month ago
great song
pishu10 dragon
'pishu10 dragon' 2 months ago
angie hrepcak
'angie hrepcak' 2 months ago
your the best
'palmettobouy1' 2 months ago
this song is my jam right now
Cody Perry
'Cody Perry' 2 months ago
Better than all that auto tune shit everyone else is putting out
hayden Andrews
'hayden Andrews' 2 months ago
good job
Madelyn Montgomery
'Madelyn Montgomery' 2 months ago
Shawn Nixon
'Shawn Nixon' 3 months ago
In no time we'll be slipping off to Summerland
joslynn Jones
'joslynn Jones' 3 months ago
soooooooooooooo awesome
joslynn Jones
'joslynn Jones' 3 months ago
soooooooooooooo awesome
joslynn Jones
'joslynn Jones' 3 months ago
soooooooooooooo awesome
Lexi Princess
'Lexi Princess' 3 months ago
Love Florida Georgia line❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cayden Moates
'Cayden Moates' 3 months ago
Lyle Chasing Hawk
'Lyle Chasing Hawk' 4 months ago
Summerland is the best song yet
Puppet Masters
'Puppet Masters' 4 months ago
Who would dislike this
Puppet Masters
'Puppet Masters' 4 months ago
Thanks for subscribeing to puppet masters
Clay Henderson
'Clay Henderson' 4 months ago
Jamie Barrington
'Jamie Barrington' 4 months ago
A good day
Liv Bishop
'Liv Bishop' 4 months ago
I agree with "wes mason . My favorite song ever
Toi Robinson
'Toi Robinson' 4 months ago
I love all of there songs
Thangamba Moirangthem
on loop since the day I started listening. couldn't help
cliff stracener
'cliff stracener' 5 months ago
Kelsey Rausch
'Kelsey Rausch' 5 months ago
Love you guys you guys are the bast ever
Brenna Hendry
'Brenna Hendry' 6 months ago
Couldn't be more obsessed with these two.
London Johnson
'London Johnson' 6 months ago
I love this song so much the best😍😔
Lucas Flausino
'Lucas Flausino' 6 months ago
Mike Bamsey
'Mike Bamsey' 6 months ago
Aaron boughton
'Aaron boughton' 6 months ago
i love the transition in big diper slow dance
Ken Malan
'Ken Malan' 6 months ago
they should be more famous than justin beiber !!
Ken Malan
'Ken Malan' 6 months ago
my all time favourite
Dogs Rus
'Dogs Rus' 7 months ago
lots a love from Iowa🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽
Kathy Bariezas
'Kathy Bariezas' 7 months ago
Now I want a Southern Man!
LEGO Mocs and More
'LEGO Mocs and More' 7 months ago
my last name is summerland
Kenneth L
'Kenneth L' 7 months ago
Viv Shaw
'Viv Shaw' 7 months ago
What does "static version" mean? 😁
Lesley Alvarado
'Lesley Alvarado' 7 months ago
Mahmoud Soliman
'Mahmoud Soliman' 7 months ago
They are the best EVERRRRRRR!

Love them so much, i feel good when i listen to them...
Simone Stocco
'Simone Stocco' 7 months ago
Brilliant!!! You're the BEEEEEEEEEEEEST
Christina Rodriguez
'Christina Rodriguez' 7 months ago
I love this Album! see you guys in Georgia😘🎆🎉
Maria Gutierrez
'Maria Gutierrez' 7 months ago
they rock this song
TJ Mills
'TJ Mills' 7 months ago
Emily HAM_iliton
'Emily HAM_iliton' 7 months ago
I never listen to country but I've found myself in a country phase and all I listened to you guys. I'm not ashamed. You guys make really good music. Takes a lot not to sing the ones I know in class.
Jaiden Barker
'Jaiden Barker' 7 months ago
This album is gonna sell like crazy
devin shade
'devin shade' 7 months ago
fgl is always good
M Barnett
'M Barnett' 7 months ago
MisterFun 83
'MisterFun 83' 7 months ago
I was at STL dig your roots concert I had to leave like 20 mins early because I was cold in the rain
MisterFun 83
'MisterFun 83' 7 months ago
I was at STL dig your roots concert I had to leave like 20 mins early because I was cold in the rain
'FLM8' 7 months ago
Loisiana sportsman Willis
There going back to how they started has a similar beat to "like you aint even goin"
Sajjad Sakib 589
'Sajjad Sakib 589' 7 months ago
like it
Viper oliver
'Viper oliver' 7 months ago
maher khadhri
'maher khadhri' 7 months ago
Hunt fish sleep
'Hunt fish sleep' 7 months ago
Dab on them fgl
'Thegamerofgreat' 7 months ago
Is it that I watch too much DramaAlert, or does it sound like Calfornia Keemstar at 0:17
Eduardo López
'Eduardo López' 7 months ago
chido saludos desde ecuador i love
Devin Proutt
'Devin Proutt' 7 months ago
wow... just wow
'Senzys' 7 months ago
Great song
Justin Danatos
'Justin Danatos' 7 months ago
florida jewish line back at it again
Wes Mason
'Wes Mason' 7 months ago
Florida Georgia line the best 😀😜
Alinah Padilla
'Alinah Padilla' 7 months ago
Love love love
Cristian Cuhhh
'Cristian Cuhhh' 7 months ago
Equine Extended
'Equine Extended' 7 months ago
so goooooood 😄
Daaniyal Khan
'Daaniyal Khan' 7 months ago
best song
Louis Battams
'Louis Battams' 7 months ago
Roel Candaele
'Roel Candaele' 7 months ago
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