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Lil Uzi Vert - Ps & Qs [Official Music Video] -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 3 weeks ago

8, 849, 296 views

117, 312 Likes   11, 168 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "Ps & Qs" [Official Music Video]

Directed By: YASHXANA

Animated By: Joe Bullard and Reisen 9k

Styled By: Babes on Legs - Mackenzie Crawford and Alicia Angeles

Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

Alvi Kamal
'Alvi Kamal' 11 seconds ago
Is lil uzi vert gay? I think he is.
Timtim 0910
'Timtim 0910' 12 minutes ago
What da fuck I am having a seasure on this shit😂
unnormalecommentatore diyoutube
but,Ps&qs it's a gta snack😂
The fly Kid
'The fly Kid' 37 minutes ago
Dandre Young
'Dandre Young' 41 minutes ago
lil uzi vert been wacthing to much anime
Yandere- Chan
'Yandere- Chan' 47 minutes ago
He ain't got no money yaaa
Omar Perez
'Omar Perez' 2 hours ago
Lmao wtf?
surpremepr0files tv
'surpremepr0files tv' 2 hours ago
that shit fruity
surpremepr0files tv
'surpremepr0files tv' 2 hours ago
lil Uzi brought this shit to China 😂😂😂 I'm to young anime really he ruien this song
Yolanda Shizhpon
'Yolanda Shizhpon' 2 hours ago
Lil uzi a faggot
That One Bacon Strip
This is my song!
Mahomed Abdullahi
'Mahomed Abdullahi' 2 hours ago
Ainsley Whitney
'Ainsley Whitney' 2 hours ago
If you don't like him then don't watch his vids, that's just giving him bad ratings, and he's a good rapper
official guy
'official guy' 3 hours ago
He's gay or something tf is on his face 🤔
K.R.I.A Killa Rivers In Action
go watch Killa Rivers In Action on YouTube lmk what you think share
'KINGGG Q' 3 hours ago
nigga ugly asf
Big Bang
'Big Bang' 3 hours ago
HELP ME GUYS! Where can i buy online nike air tech challenge 2 hot lava? I'm italian
MtnDEW mercenary
'MtnDEW mercenary' 3 hours ago
Wtf is this trash
Michai Hovington
'Michai Hovington' 3 hours ago
Who Austin
D.J Drew
'D.J Drew' 3 hours ago
I really like the hook and the beat the rest not so much
'muppet103' 5 hours ago
This shit wack
Nomunzarligt Bolor
'Nomunzarligt Bolor' 5 hours ago
lol they use even snapchat on the music videos
'SENN LTF' 6 hours ago
Clip d'extraterrestres
none of your business yonce
I ain't gonna liie he's good looking 🎶🎵🎤
Zurirz ™️
'Zurirz ™️' 6 hours ago
fucking nigger
Takiah Morris
'Takiah Morris' 7 hours ago
look at that head tho
Takiah Morris
'Takiah Morris' 7 hours ago
he is so ugly
'Grindaarz' 7 hours ago
A Lowkey PSA for all the weebs to know we'd look like fucking accidents of god if we lived in an Anime world
damareyay sharpe
'damareyay sharpe' 8 hours ago
one of the best videos ever
cassidy banks
'cassidy banks' 8 hours ago
bad ass lil boy
'KUDDI _THEGREAT_' 8 hours ago
angel ochoa
'angel ochoa' 9 hours ago
That song is lit
Tampa Marine
'Tampa Marine' 9 hours ago
he's werid
Sheleah Nalita
'Sheleah Nalita' 9 hours ago
I love this 🤷🏽‍♀️💜🌴 Lil Uzi and Brit are different and I like their vibe
mike jordan cryface
'mike jordan cryface' 9 hours ago
why this video remind of that britney spears joint
Shem Bunde
'Shem Bunde' 9 hours ago
'Tanner' 9 hours ago
Lil Uzi was probably that one black kid that hanged out with all the Asians
Killer Clown
'Killer Clown' 9 hours ago
This is kamore
KAwaiI PoWeR “TheGamingGeeks”
I'm sorry those eyes actually scared me
I Humble
'I Humble' 10 hours ago
Good song
Mark Krikelis
'Mark Krikelis' 10 hours ago
Y'all niggas cant deal with sum new shit? As soon as you see something different and new you be callin it gay and weird. Uzi be on that playful vibe he could care less while everyone be acting tough trynna kill and diss niggas. Get yo soulja boy tough lookin ass outta here
'KaZe KJSTARS101' 10 hours ago
Is this copyright
'SKEWBY BOOFER' 10 hours ago
Uzi a koo artist and very positive. Da beat is sikk tho
Michail Kinde
'Michail Kinde' 10 hours ago
Damn how the fuck does he know that I like anime
'AdubNation' 10 hours ago
Is that a Scott pilgrim reference at the end
Cynthia Almaguer
'Cynthia Almaguer' 11 hours ago
Love this song
Samar Graham
'Samar Graham' 11 hours ago
You made me believe in my shelf
Lastwordis THEBEST
'Lastwordis THEBEST' 11 hours ago
2:56 through 2:57 uzis like did this bitch just touch me?
Faizan Sharif
'Faizan Sharif' 11 hours ago
bye bye Austin
Rocky Playa
'Rocky Playa' 11 hours ago
Scott Pilgrim at the end anyone?
Alton 420
'Alton 420' 11 hours ago
All u haters just mad cuz u ain't haven fun like this dude angry ass dick in yo butt 😂😂 bruh
Luis Perdomo
'Luis Perdomo' 11 hours ago
some of that anime shit😂
Leticia Rayo
'Leticia Rayo' 11 hours ago
2 thumbs down
Leticia Rayo
'Leticia Rayo' 11 hours ago
everyones on dope
Jerry Stanley
'Jerry Stanley' 11 hours ago
this sucks...
Weirdo Savage
'Weirdo Savage' 11 hours ago
He's a fake rapper like he says YA! After every line
Kyle Style
'Kyle Style' 12 hours ago
I swear these niggas was on some hard ass drugs while watching anime when making this shit
Jacob Benjamin
'Jacob Benjamin' 12 hours ago
usually don't like lil Uzi vert, but I like this song
Jamil Feem
'Jamil Feem' 12 hours ago
Lil Uzi Trash
BatMorf 39
'BatMorf 39'' 12 hours ago
Yall hatin but if you knew anything bout him u would understand
Louis Joseph
'Louis Joseph' 12 hours ago
Sounds like a song a 5 year old could listen to, if you take the curse words out.
Enjoy Weirdo
'Enjoy Weirdo' 13 hours ago
Anime vibe great
Frenchy P.k.A. JeenyuZ
This young guy definitely has the star power... his energy is dope. Very comfortable on camera. Unique vocal tone and delivery. Unique look. He has all the makings of a star... and that's why he's a star.
matthew levy
'matthew levy' 13 hours ago
Dominic Duronio
'Dominic Duronio' 13 hours ago
Black eyed kids
Josh Yanez
'Josh Yanez' 13 hours ago
Wtf is this
Kabrian Kaleb
'Kabrian Kaleb' 13 hours ago
'Jligie' 13 hours ago
Ending Was So Cool.😆😆😆😆
ReiZ Kraze
'ReiZ Kraze' 14 hours ago
everyone is a Lil Uzi hypebeast
'Bruh' 14 hours ago
lil uzi is kinda wierd , but hes also funny ..
assassin maskedBear
'assassin maskedBear' 14 hours ago
my picture looks like a panda,THATS WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE UZI-SAN!!!!
Jailyn Darden
'Jailyn Darden' 14 hours ago
I love this song
Brandon Clowers
'Brandon Clowers' 14 hours ago
'Alvium' 14 hours ago
when u drink that fresh kush
Resolution Gaming
'Resolution Gaming' 14 hours ago
Love the anime look
'ITZ TRIXZ' 14 hours ago
this video is weird
'SmiLes' 14 hours ago
I love this song
juan rodriguez
'juan rodriguez' 14 hours ago
when your thumbnail look like zuri from jessie
Christion Phillips
'Christion Phillips' 14 hours ago
Big Pistol Rojo - ABC's
king bryant
'king bryant' 15 hours ago
this song blew me away
'CASHxGLITCHER' 15 hours ago
That violin cut sounds amazing tho.
jonathan jimenez
'jonathan jimenez' 15 hours ago
lil uzi vert is a type nigga that white people talk about when they have a black best friend.
Denita Hadley
'Denita Hadley' 15 hours ago
Look up Pluto Gotti Good Fellaz
Alvontae Ceasar
'Alvontae Ceasar' 15 hours ago
how spongebob was when he flipped his first patty
Trippy Visuals
'Trippy Visuals' 15 hours ago
am I the only one who saw that thugger necklace.
'BHai' 16 hours ago
I don't even like uzi but I keep finding my way back to this song. It's just so unique and creative!!
Rachel Simard
'Rachel Simard' 16 hours ago
Juan Oliva
'Juan Oliva' 16 hours ago
its some krusty krab shit😂
Suparon 64
'Suparon 64' 16 hours ago
This Pirate music yo
Forsythe Optimus
'Forsythe Optimus' 16 hours ago
rappers and anime? well
Harambe Flavoured Bleach
Gta 5 snacks
'ShiroTheSorrow' 16 hours ago
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Gym Rat 5
'Gym Rat 5' 16 hours ago
WTF am I watching?
Santiago Maldonado
'Santiago Maldonado' 16 hours ago
this guy is a bastard
Jordin Rivera
'Jordin Rivera' 16 hours ago
wtf is this bulshit learn how to rap first then pick a real rapper name!
Natjason Bennett
'Natjason Bennett' 16 hours ago
💲no money
'Dargox59x' 17 hours ago
this is so fucking retarded
'zombiechimp99' 17 hours ago
i swear this nigga lowkey gay
clo Bleach
'clo Bleach' 17 hours ago
When your beats sound like Dr.Dre gave patchy the pirate a whole studio
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