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The Lawyer - SNL -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 3 weeks ago

1, 552, 693 views

16, 149 Likes   666 Dislikes

A lawyer (Louis C.K.) charms everyone in the courtroom (Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, Vanessa Bayer) with a surprising attribute.

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Austen Cho
'Austen Cho' 21 hours ago
3:53 "I'm out."
Johnny Casteel
'Johnny Casteel' 21 hours ago
This was hilarious, except for everyone of the extremely shitty Saturday night live " comedians" who aren't Louis C.K.....OK only Louis c.K. is funny. P.S. Leslie Jones LOOKS like a fat ugly man and I've felt embarrassed for her everyone i was supposed to laugh and I didn't....which has been every time.
'treereenee' 1 day ago
Walked right into that one. Lol
Lauren Kruczyk
'Lauren Kruczyk' 1 day ago
eric Burdine
'eric Burdine' 3 days ago
Is That Jax? ! ?
Daniel Gemsa
'Daniel Gemsa' 3 days ago
Yur Face 2.0
'Yur Face 2.0' 3 days ago
I'm a simple man. I see a lawyer, I dislike

No, I didn't dislike it, lawyers are good
Mabelcorn N.
'Mabelcorn N.' 3 days ago
lmao I love the defendant discreetly walking out at the end
660 people have clumpy and unremarkable eyelashes.
Kid Chef
'Kid Chef' 4 days ago
Eyelashes work!! 🐸🐣
'asiproductions' 4 days ago
u guys see the killer run off at 3:52
SlickNickP // Slick Craftians
The defendant just leaves lol
'JazGalaxy' 6 days ago
I feel like Loius CK always raises the bar for the performances when he is on the show. They SNL actors often just stand in place and read cue cards, but Lois CK actually tries to act and it feels like it forces the rest of them to as well.
'M O' 6 days ago
finally a good skit, thanks to Mr Louie
NotFunny ButFunny
'NotFunny ButFunny' 6 days ago
those lashes really makes his jaw look slinder
'myrna_loys' 6 days ago
He looks really good with them actually lol
Dylan Tusinski
'Dylan Tusinski' 1 week ago
C L U M P Y A N D U N R E M A R K A B L E .
Jason Eaton
'Jason Eaton' 1 week ago
That was shit !!!!
The dislikes are from normal people who realise that SNL is absolute Ukranian dump rat shit.
Shelly DeLaney
'Shelly DeLaney' 1 week ago
Louis is getting to be a much better actor
Chaotic Order
'Chaotic Order' 1 week ago
Complete drivel. I'm curious of the age demographic of this show if this is deemed acceptable.
Karina Gomes
'Karina Gomes' 1 week ago
This shouldn't be funny. But it really is lol.
'karleesawesome' 1 week ago
His eyelashes make me angry
Kenny Andrews
'Kenny Andrews' 1 week ago
I miss Mad TV
MC Dexpo
'MC Dexpo' 1 week ago
This Skit brought to you by
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful
Coverg- I mean Maybelline...
'burns83' 1 week ago
'FluffyKitsune' 1 week ago
this is absolutely fantastic. i am so glad that louis ck was the guy. <3
Antoniø Brah
'Antoniø Brah' 1 week ago
Lol Maybe it's maybelline. He should do a maybelline commercial haha 😂
Listener Canon
'Listener Canon' 1 week ago
Is Pete playing the same character as he does when he has sex with a teacher or an adult?
'goodgulf13' 1 week ago
In the US. Whether it is with the courts or the police. You get as much law as you can afford.
the nerdiest
'the nerdiest' 1 week ago
amy schumer will no doubt steal this too
Randøm Blue Tøad
Yeah, the defense attorney totally said "Objection!".
'Dog' 1 week ago
I fucking love this man.
'PaintedW0LF' 1 week ago
It's white Derrick Rose.
Ryan Pro
'Ryan Pro' 1 week ago
Kinda funny. They need someone like Louis CK to make anything they do anymore funny though. SNL sucks ass now.
Kyndall Butler
'Kyndall Butler' 1 week ago
Omg who did his lashes?
RT Moody
'RT Moody' 1 week ago
Tom Mccrindle
'Tom Mccrindle' 2 weeks ago
shame about the crappy punchline
Wohlever Gaming Journalism
Corny as hell, but worth a lot of laughs.
Sina yyy
'Sina yyy' 2 weeks ago
i knew this is going to be gay...loved it
Kakaroto K
'Kakaroto K' 2 weeks ago
'sirpsychosexy' 2 weeks ago
I want you to tell me the truth BOOP!
Nouser name
'Nouser name' 2 weeks ago
Whoever was playing the defendant left a bit too early and was in frame.
'RichardCorral' 2 weeks ago
Caveman lawyer was the best SNL lawyer
'Jess6455' 2 weeks ago
This was funny as hell lmao
'bubbleschocolate' 2 weeks ago
"Appalled or jealousss?"  LMAO
Joseph Smith
'Joseph Smith' 2 weeks ago
Best SNL skit I've seen in a long time.
Infidel Punisher
'Infidel Punisher' 2 weeks ago
justice served.
'Scorch428' 2 weeks ago
That was quite disturbing to watch as a heterosexual man.
Razia Khan
'Razia Khan' 2 weeks ago
Louis looks kawaii
Lavanda Reiniger
'Lavanda Reiniger' 2 weeks ago
lmao @ those lashes! 😂
'Mezmer' 2 weeks ago
I hate that spanish looking guy. He's so weird looking, unfunny, and obnoxious.
David Poteet
'David Poteet' 2 weeks ago
I am sick of the male to female crossdress agenda and the male to female transgender agenda and the male to female transexual agenda and the gay/ lebian bisexual agenda FUCK THE NWO SNL
Chris Eller
'Chris Eller' 2 weeks ago
does she really have that big of a problem remembering her lines, or is she obsessed with the audience?
'JabberCT' 2 weeks ago
This was disturbingly hilarious.
David Burleson
'David Burleson' 2 weeks ago
I'm dying!!
Timothy Jackson
'Timothy Jackson' 2 weeks ago
Please please tell me that Maybelline paid to have you make this sketch.
Drew C
'Drew C' 2 weeks ago
The BattleBros Gaming
When did boy George become a lawyer?😏
Jeff Power
'Jeff Power' 2 weeks ago
is the entire cast of SNL overweight now? sheesh
DDG LivesWell
'DDG LivesWell' 2 weeks ago
Louis CK is hilarious. I def want those lashes
G Man
'G Man' 2 weeks ago
How is this show still on the air
Darker Side of Magic
nobody might get this reference. but max maven would be proud!
'Dsneybuf' 2 weeks ago
Did anyone else expect this to turn into the sequel to that Dave Chappelle sketch with the wigs?
'lKurmeX' 2 weeks ago
This entire skit, just to make that punch line....brilliant!! lmao!!!
John Muirsgrand
'John Muirsgrand' 2 weeks ago
Who is the lawyer supposed to be?? .......reminds me of an attorney I have seen lately somewhere?????........
John Tremblay
'John Tremblay' 2 weeks ago
'HDwalrus' 2 weeks ago
the entire skit is based off of one joke. SNL is running out of ideas, except when it comes to news
Justin Simon
'Justin Simon' 2 weeks ago
As a mock trial enthusiast I must declare that this trial is improper and unprofessional
As a admirer of the beauty in humanity I must say that THESE EYELASHES ARE ON FUCKING FLEEK!!!💦😩😏
You may keep scrolling through comments, thank you for your time✌🏼
'ILiketoLaugh' 2 weeks ago
Thia has Ace Attorney level of courtroom-weirdness, I love it xD
A. Wes
'A. Wes' 2 weeks ago
this whole skit made me blush lol
A. Wes
'A. Wes' 2 weeks ago
whoever thumbs down just doesn't know how luxurious your eyes look with great mascara
'Pinoynumber8' 2 weeks ago
I see Leslie Jones plays herself when she forgets her lines
Trev alexander
'Trev alexander' 2 weeks ago
how much you want to bet maybeline wasnt in the script until like 17 minutes before the clip aired..
'moxbroker' 2 weeks ago
The absolute absurdity of this premise has me enchanted like the lawyer's eyes.
Ill Nyx
'Ill Nyx' 2 weeks ago
Ladoo Page
'Ladoo Page' 2 weeks ago
I have eye like that women hate it all natural
Lisa Watson
'Lisa Watson' 2 weeks ago
he has pretty eyes anyway,even w/o the eyelashes
'Earthling' 2 weeks ago
Trust me, I really tried to laugh at this. There is, without a doubt, a gulf between British and American humour. :-)
Mollie McMullan
'Mollie McMullan' 2 weeks ago
This is the greatest holy shit I'm crying
'athews1976' 2 weeks ago
X[] hehehe... Like WTF man!?
This skit is just some of the weirdest shit I've ever watched. Who the fuck comes up with such unusual ideas?
Jason Shannon
'Jason Shannon' 2 weeks ago
Top shelf gay anyone?
my plumber looks like this sometimes. depends on what he was up to the night before.
Annie Trinity
'Annie Trinity' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone else think that this sounds more like a horror movie?
'tigerlily' 2 weeks ago
Why does everyone assume his lashes are fake? Maybe he's born with it...
'Thirtiesguy' 2 weeks ago
Every time that black women comes in the skit goes downhill fast, this is why having quotas is stupid, it just ruins everything.
Arthur Aleksanian
'Arthur Aleksanian' 2 weeks ago
best of the episode
'vonnii1013' 2 weeks ago
lol OMG I am soooo done with SNL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.....I'm done!!!!!!
'NexisFilms' 2 weeks ago
Damn, Louise CK is HOT !
Andrew Hedstrom
'Andrew Hedstrom' 2 weeks ago
I skit about a lawyer with nice eyelashes? that's SO WEIRD and I love it!
Scott Harrington
'Scott Harrington' 2 weeks ago
Not funny
Danny Steeler
'Danny Steeler' 2 weeks ago
The Lawyer looks like Boy George O__o
'DAVINIA OSBORNE' 2 weeks ago
Now this was a good skit lol.
'pterodactylpancakes' 2 weeks ago
Aidy Bryant's outburst has to be the funniest part of this whole skit XD
Uno Dos
'Uno Dos' 2 weeks ago
Get all these skits on the air now, because once Jeff Sessions cracks down on marijuana, ain't no one having ideas like this for a long time.
'stivaro' 2 weeks ago
LMAO! I love this! :p
Jason X
'Jason X' 2 weeks ago
oh my god, how fucking stupid
'BlackPyramidGaming' 2 weeks ago
You will get disbarred for this behavior no question... if you're male
'DEAD_P1XL' 2 weeks ago
Jesus, did I just get completely trolled by Louis CK and SNL?
A single joke stretched into 4 minutes and 18 seconds. Ok then.
Johnny Cage
'Johnny Cage' 2 weeks ago
I get shit from people for my long eyelashes. Now I know they're jealous because theirs are clumpy and unremarkable.
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