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Alabama fans watch the end of the 2017 National Championship game -
Published: 3 months ago By:

By: AL.comPublished: 3 months ago

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Ecstasy and Agony. It was a tale of two emotions for Alabama fans as they watch the last few minutes of the 2017 National Championship game. placed cameras in several watch parties around the Birmingham, AL area to watch how fans reacted to the game.

Starship Trooper
'Starship Trooper' 2 weeks ago
So Sad...
😭 this warms my heart. Byog 🐅
'jhumenik97' 3 weeks ago
Still not nearly as bad as that auburn game. This was a really good game, shouldn't be mad about that loss to all Alabama fans out there. I root for KU so football always sucks.
Fight Videos
'Fight Videos' 4 weeks ago
What people don't realize is dat we'll be back in da playoffs next year 😂😂😂
Bammie Sucks-Cock
'Bammie Sucks-Cock' 1 month ago
BAMMIE SWALLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 2
'1 2' 1 month ago
o well war eagle war damn eagle warrrr eagle look at fuck faces at the end lmao
why why
'why why' 1 month ago
those clemson fans who celebrated are brave
Avery Combs
'Avery Combs' 1 month ago
Robert Gilbert Go Clemson Tigers
Javar W
'Javar W' 1 month ago
All these racist ass whites supporting niggers when they doing their field work fucking cracker ass cucks
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
'''''Who the fuck chokes with 1 second left in the season, Bammie football is a fraud''''

......-Bammie fanboys after Bammie choked with 1 second left in the season
'420schweiger' 1 month ago
hhahah yesss!! i love watching the hillbillies from Alabammer crying!! haha cry bitches cry!! cheating ass coach, paying players parents to move so he can get the best guys.. i could watch this all night. You peoples sorrow makes me bery happy!! I could care less if the plane crashed and you lost your team like Marshall!! hahahha
Brian Bennett
'Brian Bennett' 2 months ago
The end of the game looked like Hillary's HQ the night she lost LOL! Go Tigers !!
Michael Moultrie
'Michael Moultrie' 2 months ago
Bama thought they had the win 😂 then Last-Second Clemson Touchdown😂
Nathan Benson
'Nathan Benson' 2 months ago
Frick bama
Johnny Clemson
'Johnny Clemson' 2 months ago
Back to your dirt roads. Dynasty....................................Clems()n
'sosidecop64' 2 months ago
Every game has a winner and loser. Congratulations to Clemson and Dabo. We will get them next year.
Robert Gilbert
'Robert Gilbert' 2 months ago
Mikey Gurrola
'Mikey Gurrola' 2 months ago
What do u do in alabama for fun , besides watch football... Throw rocks at the lake. Idk.....FAWK
ThePokeGoAddict Games, Tv, Entertainment, etc
When it mattered most, Clemson rolled past the Tide.
Darius McCaskill
'Darius McCaskill' 2 months ago
Hhhaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂
Matthew Saiki
'Matthew Saiki' 2 months ago
i hate aLabama almost as much as the patriots
Guillermo Torres
'Guillermo Torres' 2 months ago
The, Clemson, for humiliating the Crimson flies.
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
''''first we we're owned by Ohio St, now the greatest choke in sports history, with 1 second left, Saban and Bammie are frauds'''...........-Bammie fanboys
Bob Lowry
'Bob Lowry' 3 months ago
Now that's funny!!
T Bone
'T Bone' 3 months ago
Wow- the largest collection of inbred, low SAT scoring individuals in one spot at one time.
'KWMANE WILSON' 3 months ago
the Alabama fans is in hibernation
Kyle Cannon
'Kyle Cannon' 3 months ago
BigToe Joe
'BigToe Joe' 3 months ago
I still can't believe we loss
michael johnson
'michael johnson' 3 months ago
The funniest part is the excuses the fans make about why "they" lost. It's never that a team simply was better than Alabama. I have to live in Alabama because of work and absolutely hate hear roll tide. Love the fact the lost. ROLL TEARS
14-0 Down The Bammie Shitter With One Second Left
'''wish i could recruit players that wouldn't choke with 1 second left''''.........Nick Saban on National Signing Day 2017
Caboose g
'Caboose g' 3 months ago
On that day both auburn and clemson fans celebrated

Hillside Idiot
'Hillside Idiot' 3 months ago
Roll Tigers 🐯
Cedric Green
'Cedric Green' 3 months ago
When it touches the wrong hole
You could smell the incest in the air.
Howard Barnett
'Howard Barnett' 3 months ago
Duke Moose
'Duke Moose' 3 months ago
Three in this crowd actually attended UAT.
'SuperDavemiester' 3 months ago
Nothing like watching a bunch of bandwagon fans upset.
Johnny Clemson
'Johnny Clemson' 3 months ago
'rubixpuzzlechamp' 3 months ago
I wonder how many of these Bama haters in the comments section are actually Clemson fans...
Hi Person
'Hi Person' 3 months ago
Wwwaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Jody Schwieger
'Jody Schwieger' 3 months ago
Dr. Phil, paging Dr. Phil, we're gonna need you for the next year in Alabama, clear your schedule :-)
Cody Grenzke
'Cody Grenzke' 3 months ago
I guess you can say the Tide got Rolled, haha. #CryBabiesCry
Michael Moultrie
'Michael Moultrie' 3 months ago
Daniel Aguilar
'Daniel Aguilar' 3 months ago
#tigers 🙏
Michael Hancock
'Michael Hancock' 3 months ago
you mean their team didn't win and they didn't riot, block the streets, burn buildings down, set vehicles on fire and didn't loot all of the stores? I thought that's what happens when you don't get your way? Damn, what a concept? #RealAmericans
Bammie The Greatest Choke Ever With One Second Left
Bammie's entire 2016 season down the clogged trailerpark shit hole!!
WITH 1 SECOND LEFT.................LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce Ryan
'Bruce Ryan' 3 months ago
can't win em all I guess
John Young
'John Young' 3 months ago
there is too much hate over a football game which non of you played. being a fan does not make you a member of any team regardless which colors you paint your house, car or dog. you are only a fan.
Pikachu of Texas
'Pikachu of Texas' 3 months ago
Michael Toland
'Michael Toland' 3 months ago
'10bigrob10' 3 months ago
Around the bowl theN Down the hole, ROLL TURDS ROLL
'10bigrob10' 3 months ago
Hahah roll tears roll
'beavismcquevis5' 3 months ago
another illegel pick TD happened at 0:42
Ian Rowland
'Ian Rowland' 3 months ago
Im a Tiger, but this is critical. Love to snatch heart of a giant, but this is a little morbid if you ask me. All these people's hopes and dreams got smashed.
'3finger10' 3 months ago
Stupid fucking bammers......
Dan Avery
'Dan Avery' 3 months ago
Was this the Alabama game or a Hillary Clinton watch party?
E Willis
'E Willis' 3 months ago
Alabama will be back in 2017-18, Clemson won't be back for another 30 years. ROLL TIDE!😛
Precious Jewel
'Precious Jewel' 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂too funny!! GO TIGERS ALL DAY!!!
Don Rüesch
'Don Rüesch' 3 months ago
Inbred cousin fucking hillbillies
Caleb Andrew Lewis
'Caleb Andrew Lewis' 3 months ago
I feel bad for poor Billy Bob. His sister was so upset with the loss that he didn't get any action that night =,-(
Anna C. McGuinn
'Anna C. McGuinn' 3 months ago
The tide was a little low towards the end. Go Tigers
Jonny Grawburg
'Jonny Grawburg' 3 months ago
hahahahahahaha go clemson baby national champs 17 baby
Khristian james Calderon
To the dude who clapped at iron city: I salute you
Ethan Hill
'Ethan Hill' 3 months ago
Howard Stern
'Howard Stern' 3 months ago
Roll those freaking tears
'BITTER STEEL' 3 months ago
bama banswagoniers
KingAce 25
'KingAce 25' 3 months ago
'OoN3ALxPOLOoO' 3 months ago
This makes me really sad
'rumpelstiltskin' 3 months ago
you have to admit, it didn't hurt the same way we loss to Auburn on the kick 6. Dabo is a son of Alabama. if we were going to lose to anyone I'm glad it was him. When Saban is done this boy is coming home to Alabama. praise the Lord I was the light
'geddoe316' 3 months ago
both teams, one loss.....clemson gets to avenge their loss over the course of the season, alabama does not. clemson is then deemed the national champions.

yep, makes complete sense college football.
Tomathias Beauford
'Tomathias Beauford' 3 months ago
funniest thing i ever watched
Roy Staggers
'Roy Staggers' 3 months ago
That is weird......... Run Dat Ball Boy but you cannot come to my Restaurant and Hang out.
'FlashAcesDesign' 3 months ago
Now you know he we felt after losing last year. Redemption!
William Phelps
'William Phelps' 3 months ago
This is good but watching those Seahawks fans keep saying "why didn't they run it?" Will always take the cake
Jorge Busch
'Jorge Busch' 3 months ago
Jorge Busch
'Jorge Busch' 3 months ago
bammie frauds yet again!!!!!!ROLL TEARS ROLL LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
DYNASTY MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frenchman Frenchy French
roll tears roll!!!!
Dez Atron
'Dez Atron' 3 months ago
Unbelievable moment #TIGERS
Skywalker20 Obiwan
'Skywalker20 Obiwan' 3 months ago
All Alabama fans will complain until next season # Clemson
Steven Moomaw
'Steven Moomaw' 3 months ago
fuck bama!
B List
'B List' 3 months ago
In all of these venues, only 3 people in these crowds actually attended the university of Alabama
vond bee
'vond bee' 3 months ago
i luv it!
Michael Reed
'Michael Reed' 3 months ago
That is priceless...thank you soooo much for the video
T Bone
'T Bone' 3 months ago
Classic inbred Alabama fan. Now we see the results of Alabama's 100% acceptance rate. Program cheats. Loses all academic credibility. Thus, this guy realizes his school is for dumb people who care about football only. Like a degree from the Kansas City Chiefs. Worthless. LOL at inbred rednecks.
'BestToDoIt7' 3 months ago
Hayden Smith
'Hayden Smith' 3 months ago
Go tigers
Ash Sola
'Ash Sola' 3 months ago
don't ever celebrate to early 😂😂😂
Inaya Fontaine
'Inaya Fontaine' 3 months ago
bowl daily since shall stage popular married bite ahead.
'Kyle' 3 months ago
They gave the best QB in CFB 2 minutes to score. Idk why they were cheering so much. pretty much lost them the game scoring so fast.
Brady Hallman
'Brady Hallman' 3 months ago
alabama won bc of dabo. dabo was an alumni
Steve Szanyi
'Steve Szanyi' 3 months ago
I love it! Geaux Tigers!
'rathofturkey' 3 months ago
Way to cheat, Tigers. You earned that Farce Championship.
Donnie Bosarge
'Donnie Bosarge' 3 months ago
This loss was good for the game of College Football. Now recruiting fields will be leveled out once again.
curt lo
'curt lo' 3 months ago
FUCK BAMA... fuckin racist rednecks
luis estrada
'luis estrada' 3 months ago
love it
Spetsnaz Pocomaxa
'Spetsnaz Pocomaxa' 3 months ago
Clemson had a pussy ass cupcake schedule all year long and then played a very immature Ohio State team that was full of freshmen. Let these pussies run through the real gauntlet the SEC runs through every year. The ACC is a damn joke. Clemson was okay, but Alabama beat themselves. Long live METALLICA and Roll Damn Tide!
Rick B
'Rick B' 3 months ago
Now THAT is a fan reaction video !
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