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Family Feud: Extended Family - SNL -
Published: 1 year ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 1 year ago

6, 691, 179 views

31, 046 Likes   910 Dislikes

Things get personal when a man (Tracy Morgan), his new wife (Cecily Strong) and step-kids (Vanessa Bayer, Jon Rudnitsky) compete against his former family (Leslie Jones, Jay Pharoah, Sasheer Zamata, Michael Che).

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Collin Morris
'Collin Morris' 2 days ago
Whoa. what happened to SNL? this is tripe.
Ryan Fransham
'Ryan Fransham' 2 days ago
SNL was funny at one point but now they're politically​correct that's why I prefer South Park
K Dub
'K Dub' 5 days ago
Raymond went "ghost!"
Cactus Nr.1
'Cactus Nr.1' 5 days ago
Y'all liked this S U I T
Sam Ash
'Sam Ash' 6 days ago
Leslie not breaking character?! Oh damn!
Richard Knapp
'Richard Knapp' 1 week ago
family frolics
El Coqui Rivera
'El Coqui Rivera' 2 weeks ago
I laughed so hard - Tracey Morgan playing stepdad
Cameron Bird
'Cameron Bird' 2 weeks ago
anyone make out what Steve says after he first comes out
"yll like this suit..."
what does he say afterwards
James Case
'James Case' 2 weeks ago
these folks have got to be on drugs, how do you come up with this kind of #$?! ?
'McSpitfire' 2 weeks ago
When you finally realize what 'I Like it raw' means... fml
Graham Wellington
'Graham Wellington' 2 weeks ago
All have to make MOCKERY of Black People!!!
Lennard Covarrubias
'Lennard Covarrubias' 4 weeks ago
thank you Saturday Night Live my doctor prescribed you he said you will get me by for 4 years.. I think Kaiser will fill the prescriptions...🇬🇧🇨🇦🇫🇷🇺🇸🇲🇽
'athensathens' 4 weeks ago
Is there a worse show on. anywhere?
'BEEELEEE' 4 weeks ago
Finally, an actual family feud.
'Ellie' 4 weeks ago
Sasheer is very pretty
Rene Trujillo
'Rene Trujillo' 4 weeks ago
funny $hit!
'MissNWO' 1 month ago
Lmfao only if this was real
Kevin J. Rivera
'Kevin J. Rivera' 1 month ago
"Show me, keep em off the pole" lmao😂😂 Kenan had me dying there!
Antoinette Williams
'Antoinette Williams' 1 month ago
G Money
'G Money' 1 month ago
"I forgot to pull out!" -staying in for too long!!!!! LOL
Denise R.
'Denise R.' 1 month ago
"That ain't the heart playa!" LMAO!
Jacob Anderson
'Jacob Anderson' 1 month ago
fuckin Raymond dude 😂😂😂😂
'Rock4070' 1 month ago
all that pain within 6mos.....damn
Juan Avina
'Juan Avina' 1 month ago
Kenan is fantastic as Steve Harvey, a lot funnier too. How do Key and Peele have their own show? They aren't nearly as funny ad Kenan, HE should have his own show.
John  Green
'John Green' 1 month ago
show me i forgot to pull out. lol
I love Tracy's New Yorkern accent.
'DaveStation94' 2 months ago
3:12 So I guess Squidward's father is disappointed in him?
Reuben Coutinho
'Reuben Coutinho' 2 months ago
3:58 leslie cracks up
Niles E Francis
'Niles E Francis' 2 months ago
Show me "keep 'em off the pole!" 😂😂😂
'Cf' 2 months ago
Rosetta Murray
'Rosetta Murray' 2 months ago
Extension grant train global yes throughout they management.
Kendrick Triplett
'Kendrick Triplett' 2 months ago
"Show me somebody ain't show up somewhere" Lol
mjay magic
'mjay magic' 2 months ago
Justin Oliver
'Justin Oliver' 2 months ago
He is killin Steve lol
Eric Sinclair
'Eric Sinclair' 2 months ago
Sasheer Zamata got a fat ass
'christansdad' 2 months ago
"It's not even a real strip club. It's a car wash with a room in the back."
Matthew Ayala
'Matthew Ayala' 2 months ago
"The heart wants what it wants, Steve."
"That ain't the heart, player."
I died 😂😂
Tony Williams
'Tony Williams' 2 months ago
Yawl like this suit
'MartinTheWise' 2 months ago
Great thing about Kenan is, even when he breaks character...he's still in character 😂😂
Nick Yad
'Nick Yad' 3 months ago
go T M 👍😂
James Toomey
'James Toomey' 3 months ago
Interracial shit ain't funny no matter who does it!!!!
Headless Jackass
'Headless Jackass' 3 months ago
was sup you tranny nigger shit? you see how much milo is making off his book deal?
'Kia' 3 months ago
as a clarinet player I'm offended XD
Janelle Morgan
'Janelle Morgan' 3 months ago
You guys should get a new favorite person on snl me im so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kitani Hunter
'Kitani Hunter' 3 months ago
Lol that's her ex-husband
1 Bad Jesus
'1 Bad Jesus' 3 months ago
started funny...ended depressing.
'Wetdookie' 3 months ago
Never had a crush on a women over 30 till I saw cecily strong
Golden Melanin
'Golden Melanin' 3 months ago
John Smith
'John Smith' 3 months ago
this sucks...snl became such crap... its sad i miss that show
'Filmation77' 3 months ago
Michelle Coleman
'Michelle Coleman' 3 months ago
This never gets old lol😂😂😂!!!
"Oh, so you fresh on the scene"
"Right out the gate"
"Show me keep 'em off the pole"
Akil Akil
'Akil Akil' 3 months ago
question: Name something people frequently forget? Answer : Their Family ! Steve's response "Right off the jump, right off the jump " (funny asl ..lmao !)
Johnny Utah
'Johnny Utah' 3 months ago
"That ain't the heart playa😆".
Terry Maloney
'Terry Maloney' 3 months ago
Keenan Thompson is awesome
Dr. Behoove
'Dr. Behoove's Me' 3 months ago
Lol "Knots as thick as ....SHAQ'S FIST!"
'manman14401' 3 months ago
now i feel bad for playing the clarinet in school
Darrin The Baron
'Darrin The Baron' 3 months ago
"I got this tie at Sacs 5th, tie knot thicker than Shaq's fist"
Revel Ation
'Revel Ation' 3 months ago
imagine if this went down on actual family feud
Mo Jo
'Mo Jo' 3 months ago
that aint the heart playa 😂😂😂
'PoppaBoogaloo' 3 months ago
I love Keenan. He's the hardest working comedian on SNL.
Buck Buck
'Buck Buck' 3 months ago
black stereotypes white what the fuck ever,, blacks don't like whites and visa versa,MOVE O N,,,WTF!!!!!!!
Sen Ben
'Sen Ben' 3 months ago
Vanessa Bayer, the woman of my dreams. I'll marry her. Next life. Hope she likes black dudes.
Blazing Blade
'Blazing Blade' 4 months ago
kenan looking at the camera is funny enough never mind his act
Matheus Martins
'Matheus Martins' 4 months ago
this was just hilarious man
'spongebobmx' 4 months ago
kenan Thompson is hot, right ladies?
Kousigan Gautam
'Kousigan Gautam' 4 months ago
God damn it! Fucking hilarious. :) Thumbs up!!!
Daniel Harris
'Daniel Harris' 4 months ago
This Skit is foxn Tooo much I LOVE U LESLIE!
husky loads
'husky loads' 4 months ago
Keenan is the only one holding down snl
SCCT Official
'SCCT Official' 4 months ago
There was a fucking annoying laugh in the audience. Ruined it.
'yzchenwei' 4 months ago
sasheer, girl, never noticed she got some nice rack.
'roadhouse699' 4 months ago
Kenan Thompson is like my favorite person ever.
Jordan Vandiver
'Jordan Vandiver' 4 months ago
I'm dead
This is A name
'This is A name' 4 months ago
Why do people hate Leslie Jones so much?
Felipe Sierra
'Felipe Sierra' 4 months ago
this is so fucking funny
'FragmentalStew' 4 months ago
lol. got a little bit too real there for a second
'SuperJTthunder' 4 months ago
Is every SNL skit now just making fun of black people stereotypes? Because this isn't funny
Scores Man
'Scores Man' 4 months ago
I see that skin wig and that mustache and I lose it every time!!
Rx Franklin
'Rx Franklin' 4 months ago
Kenan Thompson sounds just like Steve Harvey!!!!
'Vanessa' 4 months ago
"I don't think it's right, but it's real!" lol
'NATHAN DAWSON SR.' 4 months ago
leslie is good looking women
dat ass...
Brian Orr
'Brian Orr' 4 months ago
Yeeeaaahh, not that funny :\ Weak writing imo.
Gurung pasang
'Gurung pasang' 4 months ago
Kenan is fucking hilarious as the host loll
Saitama Trash
'Saitama Trash' 4 months ago
If he divorced her six months ago and he got married six months ago... Da Hell! 😭😭😭 I feel so bad for his ex wife.
Tiffanie R
'Tiffanie R' 4 months ago
I really enjoy Leslie Jones
Maron may Masterson
'Maron may Masterson' 5 months ago
o god this is great
'MarieAmicalola' 5 months ago
Jules Winnfield
'Jules Winnfield' 5 months ago
That Vanessa Bayer though.
Reagan McMillan
'Reagan McMillan' 5 months ago
Is it bad that I want this to be a real episode😂
Mikael P.
'Mikael P.' 5 months ago
And here is SNL's entire black cast
'SandraWeLove' 5 months ago
This was funny. 4:55 to 5:06 is my favorite part in the clip.

steve: looks like the williams magill family has a chance to steal
steve: i guess i walked...right into that one.

Theodes Lewis
'Theodes Lewis' 5 months ago
I don't know it's right.but I know it's real...
Verina Spencer
'Verina Spencer' 5 months ago
Oh Kenan!!!! This guy only has to make a face and I'm dying laughing
Jeremy Bagley
'Jeremy Bagley' 5 months ago
Shoot I don't blame him for leaving Leslie for smoking hot non ghetto Cecily! Just saying what the majority of all guys were thinking...
William Wyant
'William Wyant' 5 months ago
hitman4hire killyatwice
Leslie Jones is AWESOME!!!!!!!
K Kincaid
'K Kincaid' 5 months ago
like kanye said 'he gon leave your ass for a white girl'
Jacob Dunn
'Jacob Dunn' 5 months ago
HE HAS STOLEN ENOUGH FROM ME STEVE!!!! lmao i cant breathe
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