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Diesel gives us a piece of his mind -
Published: 2 years ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 2 years ago

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After driving 3100 miles cross country Diesel had had enough of the car. He decided to voice his displeasure in no uncertain terms.
Diesel is not sick or sad or mistreated. He is a big ol' baby. I had been sitting in the backseat with him but moved to the front seat because unlike Diesel I actually do get car sick. He's talking because he can't sit on my lap. That is the only reason. We had regular potty and exercise breaks and spent nights in hotels. He adores car rides and will jump into any car with its door open. Hopefully that can alleviate some concerns and you can all enjoy the video for what it is: a noisy dog being goofy.

'MDthornton83' 5 months ago
So cute!
'RoadRunner' 6 months ago
You can't argue with that. He's got a point!
Shock _Games
'Shock _Games' 9 months ago
Anyone notice how he said "Raggy" like scooby doo?
Wyatt Frazier
'Wyatt Frazier' 10 months ago
That's not funny
'Govanmauler' 10 months ago
Aaargh super cute

My freind used to have a pit that like a cry too
'typhlosionisbest' 11 months ago
Sounded like a Southern black guy saying "Raspberry" at 0:42
'McSpicee' 11 months ago
Pitbulls and their lil' floppy ears! I have a pit and I love them so much!
Meida M Pacheco
'Meida M Pacheco' 11 months ago
move Over with him, it's Not funny hearing him distressed: he has emotions and they are your concern too..! 😖
'TrustedGaming' 11 months ago
I really hope you let him out to walk and do his business and didn't just keep him in the for for 3100 miles straight. He was acting like that because he didn't feel good.
Roberta Choate
'Roberta Choate' 11 months ago
Well someone has a lot to say
'fyafishy' 11 months ago
I am truly sorry Please stop comenting what I put I truly am sorry please stop
Justin Wenderoth
'Justin Wenderoth' 11 months ago
My dog started barking to this
Paxton Gregg
'Paxton Gregg' 11 months ago
My chihuahua and our shi tzu do the same thing! 😂 They do NOT like car trips!
'traderjoes' 11 months ago
He seems so human!
Legend Gaming
'Legend Gaming' 11 months ago
Jason Scott
'Jason Scott' 11 months ago
I love your laugh! and we need more videos! They are the best. I'm a new subscriber and would love to know more about how you care for these wolf dogs. would my toy poodle be able to play with them?
Violet Wrath
'Violet Wrath' 11 months ago
Poor baby
'JennzNailWorld' 11 months ago
Awe he is precious giving you his piece if mind lol
Time Lapse Productions
'Time Lapse Productions' 11 months ago
Oh cute but he must be so scared. Poor thing
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 11 months ago
So adorable
Sync Nuveo
'Sync Nuveo' 11 months ago
Let me out
Let me out
This is not a dance
Demar Brown
'Demar Brown' 11 months ago
He does bring up a very good argument though
Omar Raymundo
'Omar Raymundo' 11 months ago
Adorable little guy !!! 👍😊
Zillywho Fictionworks
'Zillywho Fictionworks' 11 months ago
Aww poor pibble
Naomi Braverock
'Naomi Braverock' 11 months ago
He is so cute!😍 I'm guessing he is a pitbull...I have one too named Gia she is 5years old and she is the best dog I could ever have!!!😍😍😍😘😘😘🐶🐶🐶
Eno Factor
'Eno Factor' 11 months ago
A-are you crying or laughing?
Miguel Marquez
'Miguel Marquez' 11 months ago
Web you don't get gta5
Phung Lê Phan Kim
'Phung Lê Phan Kim' 11 months ago
Yi Liu
'Yi Liu' 11 months ago
A Singing Dog~
Jasper Aurelius
'Jasper Aurelius' 11 months ago
Omg I may be a cat person but I love big dogs❤️ subscribed!
karen ward
'karen ward' 11 months ago
are you crying
Depressed potato.
'Depressed potato.' 11 months ago
Akward Rock
'Akward Rock' 11 months ago
so funny!
'WillyTheComposer' 11 months ago
I love this channel
Treble Clef Guy
'Treble Clef Guy' 11 months ago
Poor guy. I can't imagine being in his place. ;_;
'snip3r416' 11 months ago
Awww so cute 🐶 hes talking
Myte Myteo
'Myte Myteo' 11 months ago
My rott does the same thing then i give other dogs attention.
Creacher Creature
'Creacher Creature' 11 months ago
poor guy, the other pooch was behaving though and looking at him like he was crazy. Diesel has a cute nose I wish I could touch it.
'Racks' 11 months ago
woe I'm 2nd comment
'WaterGirl49' 2 years ago
I get him.. too long for me too LOL I'da been crying right along with him : )
'DVS1 USMC' 2 years ago
Get me out of the car mommy!
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