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The Jungle - SNL -
Published: 2 years ago By: Saturday Night Live

By: Saturday Night LivePublished: 2 years ago

1, 673, 088 views

12, 521 Likes   477 Dislikes

When Dr. Bones (Dwayne Johnson) gets shot with poisoned darts in the chest, butt and groin, Short-Long (Pete Davidson) and Miss Reese (Kate McKinnon) vie to be the one that gets to suck the poison out.

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LoveGaming !
'LoveGaming !' 6 hours ago
'fetacheeseplease' 1 day ago
i love the way pete davidson hunches over and cartwheels up to dwayne's, well, johnson
Maly Pivo
'Maly Pivo' 1 day ago
I feel very frustrated watching this - todays women get sexual apetite only when they see an adequate amount of money - some cheap, some expensive:) I would have infinite sex with a woman that wouldnt do it for money:(
PhoenixFeathers 13
"we'll be back in 15 minutes" omg lmao
'TheKekey123' 3 days ago
Kate could suck me at any time
Warren P
'Warren P' 4 days ago
That moment you realized that buff oiled up dudes wrestling in their underwear wasn't the gayest thing you'd ever seen
Noah Connolly
'Noah Connolly' 4 days ago
you could see the darts in the Rock’s pocket
Stephen Baker
'Stephen Baker' 1 week ago
they are pushing this gay shit to for you call this acting . fire feh that
Elsie Viola Dupuis
'Elsie Viola Dupuis' 2 weeks ago
LOFL this was funny! How did I miss this?!
Elsie Viola Dupuis
'Elsie Viola Dupuis' 2 weeks ago
Oh wow I thought Mads Michaelson got REALLY buff!?
'Wetdookie' 2 weeks ago
The rock is a try hard
Dimitar Vasilev
'Dimitar Vasilev' 2 weeks ago
wtf is this shit? This is just straight up fucking nasty
'MisterTigerz' 3 weeks ago
Ok but can we talk about how good the rock looks with that hair
Kedarius Hatton
'Kedarius Hatton' 3 weeks ago
I guess it only way to suck poison out of butt
Audrey Levisay
'Audrey Levisay' 4 weeks ago
Okay yes but, why
'Okay yes but, why' 4 weeks ago
I choose a random snl video, click on it, click away while it loads so I don't have to deal with buffering, I click back to see how far it's gotten and I see people 69ing while someone watches
'CUlataKatie' 4 weeks ago
pete davidson is so attractive oh my god.
Revel Ation
'Revel Ation' 1 month ago
that was a little homo erotic >.>
Fũ Nguyễn
'Fũ Nguyễn' 1 month ago
kill me! Kill me now!
Crying Singer Girl
'Crying Singer Girl' 1 month ago
SNL really funny. But wow, they are really commited, if they can do this scene. It's not over the line, as long as they put warnings before the scene, because a lot of viewers can't handle it.
Diego Trevino
'Diego Trevino' 1 month ago
Mystery Solved
'Mystery Solved' 1 month ago
I have no more respect for these two men.
Marius VanDamme
'Marius VanDamme' 1 month ago
Good one.
Noah Solomon
'Noah Solomon' 1 month ago
lol. why am i so jealous maybe because dr bones is hot as hell.
Briana Norman
'Briana Norman' 1 month ago
I really think those two (Short-Long and Dr. Bones) had a thing and Miss Reese just so happened to be there....huh sounds my entire life's story....
Ryan Boydstun
'Ryan Boydstun' 1 month ago
Oh my god, fucking "Short-long"
Nina Savino
'Nina Savino' 1 month ago
OMG howling
David Thomas
'David Thomas' 2 months ago
Why did it have to be snakes!
eph elle
'eph elle' 2 months ago
Shane McMahon
'Shane McMahon' 2 months ago
3:40 tombstone pile driver
Katrina Celino
'Katrina Celino' 2 months ago
Whoa Pete, Dwayne, and Kate in one sketch! Jackpot!
leniel dela torre
'leniel dela torre' 2 months ago
wait 'til stone cold sees this
Dannygreen 21
'Dannygreen 21' 2 months ago
"Time is of the essence"
spends 10 seconds arguing
Dannygreen 21
'Dannygreen 21' 2 months ago
What did i just watch? XD
W. P.
'W. P.' 2 months ago
'pop5678eye' 2 months ago
Love SNL, and The Rock is one of the funniest guest stars. He should have been made permanent...
Rosey C.
'Rosey C.' 2 months ago
I feel bad for the girl
Jessica Herrera
'Jessica Herrera' 2 months ago
Robby Lewis
'Robby Lewis' 2 months ago
Henry Xu
'Henry Xu' 2 months ago
make america great
it never was
Xander Crossing
'Xander Crossing' 2 months ago
imagine how crazy it is for pete to tell people he got a hickey from the rock like omg wow
edit: ok actualy just basic lip foreplay with the rock oh my god
'devinmetalfreak' 2 months ago
Dwayne kinda looks like Mads Mikkelsen with that hair.
Fredy Morales
'Fredy Morales' 2 months ago
How much are they paying these actors like for real lol
'MDub' 2 months ago
Cartwheel up to me = dyin'
jon morrow
'jon morrow' 2 months ago
ok this one was good
jon morrow
'jon morrow' 2 months ago
ok this one was good
Turk 1
'Turk 1' 2 months ago
Dwayne Johnson is hilarious!
Turk 1
'Turk 1' 2 months ago
HD Film Tributes
'HD Film Tributes' 2 months ago
Great sketch. On a side note, it always seemed really irresponsible for Indiana Jones to bring a little kid into those incredibly dangerous situations.
Jeremy Bagley
'Jeremy Bagley' 2 months ago
I wouldn't mind sucking it out if she got shot lol
'D L' 2 months ago
This was awesome - the efficiency, practicality & BENEFITS of 69 !! LOLOLOL - and there is always a lever haha. Also big time kudos to the lead blow dart guy, the statement expression, the shooting expression, the 'watch the dart flying expression, and the pleasure expression upon 'arrival', really top-notch comedic acting. I also thought the music too soft, but quite funny...
Joshua Nichols
'Joshua Nichols' 2 months ago
Shaun Little
'Shaun Little' 2 months ago
so wrong
Virgilnaruto Xavier
'Virgilnaruto Xavier' 2 months ago
3:12 the rock taking out the dart out of his pocket
dell cruz
'dell cruz' 2 months ago
dang she couldn't catch a break there lol...
Keran Kerai
'Keran Kerai' 2 months ago
'zsar16' 3 months ago
Oh gosh !! this was funny as hell !!! 😂😂😂
'stsims23' 3 months ago
LMAO...Short Long how did you ever get that name?!!
Meg Burkon
'Meg Burkon' 3 months ago
"its guy code"
Gurung pasang
'Gurung pasang' 3 months ago
holy shit lollll
Angel B
'Angel B' 3 months ago
'JayPao' 3 months ago
420 dislikes... you are forgiven
scatt jax
'scatt jax' 3 months ago
I wanna know who pitched this sketch to Dwayne. He must be brave, insane, or Johnson horny :)
Emily _
'Emily _' 3 months ago
It's funnier cause she's gay
Lii Villa
'Lii Villa' 3 months ago
take that
'take that' 3 months ago
they can't resist putting gay Shit on tv
Logan Suckstorf
'Logan Suckstorf' 3 months ago
Abe Martin
'Abe Martin' 3 months ago
is that higgins in the intro??
Donovan Morales
'Donovan Morales' 3 months ago
lmfaoooo Too funny, honestly.
'justjohnny05' 3 months ago
uh now that makes me wonder why a grown white man hung out with a young Asian I see.....
francisco ribeiro
'francisco ribeiro' 3 months ago
Christ the shit actors do for their profession.
'诚橙程' 3 months ago
Gabriel Medina
'Gabriel Medina' 3 months ago
that bitch wanted to eat the rocks ass lol
D Woods
'D Woods' 3 months ago
childish green subhuman
Chris Mercado
'Chris Mercado' 3 months ago
guy code I see what you did peterson
Dylan Cannella
'Dylan Cannella' 3 months ago
At 1:30 when the rock is trying to put the next dart back in his pocket
FluxMaster Flex
'FluxMaster Flex' 3 months ago
Lol! The madness
Suchart Boontid
'Suchart Boontid' 3 months ago
gay jokes are always funny.
Vitani Hatshepsut Jahzara
I ship it💓😂
Vitani Hatshepsut Jahzara
I'd be Ms.Reese 100% if I was in that predicament, with the Rock, or his handsome cousins😂
'Grace' 3 months ago
"Time is of the ASSence !"
Bubonik Kronik
'Bubonik Kronik' 3 months ago
HOLY SHIT hilarious ass sketch. Love Pete and Dwayne
sam johnson
'sam johnson' 3 months ago
Well, Pete can offically say he's 69'd with the Rock
zack crawford
'zack crawford' 3 months ago
........ what the fuck?..
Shawnee Longbow
'Shawnee Longbow' 3 months ago
"Don't stop suckin', Short Long, until it's all out!"

'sonyipod' 3 months ago
Lucky guy
edward rivera
'edward rivera' 3 months ago
That was gay 😂
DJ Deckard Cain
'DJ Deckard Cain' 4 months ago
Diabolical Butler
'Diabolical Butler' 4 months ago
damn, the rock be eatin that booty
Kolbe Sarko
'Kolbe Sarko' 4 months ago
Would of been controversial if The rock ate her ass.
I am super serious
'I am super serious' 4 months ago
Jack D
'Jack D' 4 months ago
That reminds me, it has been awhile since I last saw an Ambiguously Gay Duo short... This will do.
Emily Jensen
'Emily Jensen' 4 months ago
It's really funny, but it triggers my cringe reflex.
The Intrigued Viewer
a parody of indiana jones how neat
'NinjaKED12' 4 months ago
Gotta eat the booty like groceries lol
'brother10grim' 4 months ago
Damn dewayne!!! That was funny!!
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