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Drinking Traditions Around The World -
Published: 1 month ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 1 month ago

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Americans try international drinking party customs.

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Visitors at the new IKEA furniture depar
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Abba Concert
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2015 Sundance Film Festival Portraits - Day 1
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Aerial panorama of Stockholm, Sweden
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Swedish Chef! by HarshLight (

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'reigndrop40' 3 hours ago
This has made my life today!
Emely Hernandez
'Emely Hernandez' 12 hours ago
They all made my day😂😂😂😂😂
'ellesigm29' 13 hours ago
i love this video so much
'HanaBean' 13 hours ago
why are they using Japanese soju?
SmoglessMedal 89
'SmoglessMedal 89' 22 hours ago
Please raise your hand if you want to be the tostada 😂
'jpumbaa1' 24 hours ago
Seriously, I would get drunk with all these fools.

Our drinking custom in North Dakota is "well everybody, it ain't gonna drink itself."

Seriously, we'll drink anything here. And all of it. Just ask the city of Frisco, TX.
Alaleh Eghbali
'Alaleh Eghbali' 1 day ago
These guys are brave... My worst nightmare is being filmed while drunk!
tim cook
'tim cook' 1 day ago
that fuckin thumbnail. I was having tea!
Zane Shinners
'Zane Shinners' 1 day ago
you mother fuckers forgot the tradition aussie one. the shoey!
jamie campbell
'jamie campbell' 1 day ago
what about Scottish ? Drinking from aged 12
Hilary Walker
'Hilary Walker' 2 days ago
OOOOHHHHH my god this was amazing
Marielle Krus
'Marielle Krus' 2 days ago
Phase 2 of the Swedish drinking traditions - Celebrating midsummer!
Chanel Love
'Chanel Love' 2 days ago
"You love with your heart! Not your vagina!" xD
Anna madsen
'Anna madsen' 2 days ago
in Denmark we have mjød the rule is you need to drink all of the shot or pure rest in your hair :-P
'Jimbow' 2 days ago
It's kinda funny when people from america think they drink more than any country... :p
Niccolò Machiavelli The Prince
Kelsey having a breakdown is me when drunk HAHAHHAA
Alina Trejo Hernández
Dude, I'm Kelsey
Alina Trejo Hernández
Dude, I'm Kelsey
The video America needs right now
Ground Rising
'Ground Rising' 3 days ago
as a Korean, i personally think they kind of overexaggerated the age thing. plus a big thing for korean college students is drinking games. you rarely drink with a lot of friends without going through drinking games all the way, and we sing a little song for the person drinking. also, koreans always eat while drinking so our stomachs don't get messed up and so that we get drunk more slowly.
'Anna' 3 days ago
😂😂😂 awesome!
Maddie Rose
'Maddie Rose' 3 days ago
Kinda mad they didn't do a shoey 😂
'Linxis5' 3 days ago
Watching from f***ing country Georgia... p.s. In Georgia you don't sip on wine, you take a shot. you should add "vakhtanguri" in that, where two people cross their hands with which they hold their glass and take a shot together
'lobsterlover12' 3 days ago
I was waiting for Hanskeliva (a drinking song from Denmark) some skol's (Swedish) and some skals (Danish, but prounced the same way as in Swedish)!
'sonyal33' 3 days ago
So funny! 👏👏
'lobsterlover12' 3 days ago
How do I get a job with BuzzFeed? Y'all you like you're having so much fun trying and tasting different foods, drinks, and alcohol/liquor!
Robert Tucker Jr.
'Robert Tucker Jr.' 4 days ago
OMG, "Don't love with your vagina!"
'OliviaZao' 4 days ago
more incoherent whispering
Bill Balad
'Bill Balad' 4 days ago
cringiest man alive finally discovered
mari toliashvili
'mari toliashvili' 4 days ago
anyone from counry Georgia ?
The Smiling Cat
'The Smiling Cat' 4 days ago
Zach look, don't threaten Sweden, the work with Denmark, and Denmark owns Greenland, and Santa lives on Greenland, so if you wan't your children to have presents next christmas leave Sweden alone or we shoot him in the head. ; ) (P.S. This comment is just for fun, I found it funny when he threatened Sweden - which I'm from - and so wished to reply) (P.S. I know this comment is pretty late)
Lex Johnson
'Lex Johnson' 4 days ago
I think this is my new favorite buzz feed video
Megan Michaels
'Megan Michaels' 4 days ago
but if i want an orgasm -

NO, I taught you BETTER
'Hogwarts' 5 days ago
You don't love with your vagina
You love with your heart
Elise Brocklehurst
suicide shot in England 😂 you snort salt take a shot of tequila and then squeeze lime into you eye
'SKITTLEDROP' 5 days ago
all buzzfeed accomplishes is that they show everyone how every employee they hire are a bunch of alcoholics
kristien Mckeever
'kristien Mckeever' 6 days ago
"I taught you better than that"
ziji helium
'ziji helium' 6 days ago
I'm Muslim...
Nolan Derosia
'Nolan Derosia' 6 days ago
well... that got weird.
'Michelle' 6 days ago
okay for other dutch people here: ik her nog nooit iemand een shot zien nemen op deze manier... Heb ik iets gemist?
Leon Correia
'Leon Correia' 6 days ago
You don't love with your vagina.
soomyeonxing saves lives sweaties
isnt mixing drinks bad? lol
Prazina Khadka
'Prazina Khadka' 6 days ago
You guys should have tried "chyang" the traditional Newari homemade drink from NEPAL 👑🇳🇵
'hwy9nightkid' 6 days ago
Kelsey is a Realtor's daughter of a hot mess
'Poostre' 7 days ago
Pilsner for the win!!
'Kiwikick238' 7 days ago
NOOO I taught you better than that 😂😂 hardest I've ever laughed in a buzzfeed video
'Kiwikick238' 7 days ago
shotskis awful when your the shortest
Rosanna Cabrera
'Rosanna Cabrera' 1 week ago
in My country we drink and through it on the floor for the death 😂
Kling Kling
'Kling Kling' 1 week ago
I love Kelsey so much !!!!
Jess L
'Jess L' 1 week ago
Man. This was a roller coaster ride from start to finish. Buzzfeed giving the people what they want. Finally.
Kenny Beckum
'Kenny Beckum' 1 week ago
OMG! Ikea?! Are you kidding me!? LMAO!
Kenny Beckum
'Kenny Beckum' 1 week ago
James Wilkinson-Jones
"that is the cutest sneeze I've ever heard" hahaha he was so smashed hahaha
'diamond' 1 week ago
these guys have alot of fun I wana work with buzzfeed
Amber Smith
'Amber Smith' 1 week ago
the flicking the foam out seems like a liability
Joan Paguio
'Joan Paguio' 1 week ago
omg kelsey! i so like you! 😆😆
'PrettyOddish' 1 week ago
What kind of shotski was that??? At least make one for the video!
'UnpopularOpinion' 1 week ago
This was the best time the whole time!
lysh xthl
'lysh xthl' 1 week ago
"I wanna feel loved"

"NO you dont love with your VAGINA" HAHAHAHAHAAHA
Leticia Simões
'Leticia Simões' 1 week ago
Best video ever <3
Fanboy 2627
'Fanboy 2627' 2 weeks ago
The Question I Always Have With These Videos: What do they do with there drunk Co-workers? Do they do this at night? Do they drive them home?
Samantha Morales
'Samantha Morales' 2 weeks ago
Why doesn't Eugene just go with Kelsey? 😭 They're perfect together. Funny, successful ish (no offense), drinkers, like sex, attractive.
'GreenIeaf' 2 weeks ago
"You don't love with your vagina, you love with your heart and your mind!!"
dennis castillo
'dennis castillo' 2 weeks ago
Agatha Cordova
'Agatha Cordova' 2 weeks ago
they should have drunk Terremotos from Chile
Aenna Kayla
'Aenna Kayla' 2 weeks ago
What about Australia?
Michaela B
'Michaela B' 2 weeks ago
Soju! My friend and I love Soju. He described it as "Vodka's dainty cousin." It tastes super light and takes a while to hit you, but when it finally does, damn, does it ever.
Rose Ann Vdr
'Rose Ann Vdr' 2 weeks ago
Drunkest video I've ever watched. This is gold
Michelle Bechor
'Michelle Bechor' 2 weeks ago
They forgot "GAMARJOS!"
K. Schothuis
'K. Schothuis' 2 weeks ago
you guys picked the most boring dutch drinking tradition!!!
Brandy Silva
'Brandy Silva' 2 weeks ago
just saw Chris on Superstore. glad he's moved on from buzzfeed! 🙌🤗
Enua Paki
'Enua Paki' 2 weeks ago
do a Shoey

from Australia
Thy V
'Thy V' 2 weeks ago
Amazingly Fun!!
Rajno van W
'Rajno van W' 2 weeks ago
completely failing the little headbutt.. cheers from holland
Kim Lim
'Kim Lim' 2 weeks ago
You should make a part two and include Philippines' "pulutan" and "Caser" tradition
A Rando
'A Rando' 2 weeks ago
you don't love with your vagina you love with your heart and your mind

Tito Fadairo
'Tito Fadairo' 2 weeks ago
I love watching you guys get drubk
Madison Shayy
'Madison Shayy' 2 weeks ago
Kelsey is that annoying friend that says she isn't gonna get shitface drunk and make you babysit her all night but totally does every single time you go out together.
Brenda Hernandez
'Brenda Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
Kelsey 😒 sounds rude
'theflameoftruth' 2 weeks ago
do they take time between drinks so they don't get wasted? (im talking at least 30 min) I mean I know they are pretty drunk but I'd expect it to be much worse with that much in a short period of time.
'IbanezRG' 2 weeks ago
Proof that americans can't drink
Jacob Ruff
'Jacob Ruff' 2 weeks ago
I lived for a while in Cusco, Peru with a host family. My host brother taught my to drink beer just like that--glass passing and foam flicking (even on the floor of bars).
'RoyalMela' 2 weeks ago
Drinking tradition in Finland:

DRINKING! And sauna.
Minke Mobach
'Minke Mobach' 2 weeks ago
i need a part 2 pls hahah great video:)
ChrystalLily Van Breet
lol they're funny omgosh lol!!!!
Ivo Strejc
'Ivo Strejc' 2 weeks ago
omfg these americans cant drink much...
I want to Believe
'I want to Believe' 2 weeks ago
you can't beat the Brits....
Common Sense
'Common Sense' 2 weeks ago
I got drunk off this video
Sahbastion Hopson
'Sahbastion Hopson' 2 weeks ago
Eugene and Kelsey need to get together
Dovera Conroy
'Dovera Conroy' 2 weeks ago
in New Zealand when you turn 21 for a male you drink a yard glass which is 1.4L of beer (your favorite beer) and is 90cm tall , for girls you do 21 shots unless you can handle a yard glass haha
'piemaker93' 2 weeks ago
I love watching buzzfeed videos where they get drunk
Gracie Versoza
'Gracie Versoza' 2 weeks ago
This is definitely one of their best videos in a while haha
high brittany
'high brittany' 2 weeks ago
6:32 the best part 😂
Tin Tin
'Tin Tin' 2 weeks ago
umm well I feel a little left out since buzzfeed usually idk avoid ? don't talk ? about Poland :< ...
Angel Banuelos
'Angel Banuelos' 2 weeks ago
I think the drunk white woman is my favorite person ever....
Ty Hundley
'Ty Hundley' 2 weeks ago
God Brianna is so annoying...
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