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Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Featurette -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Watch the cast and crew for Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man reflect on the past four seasons of the show. And don’t miss the epic, two-part Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six finale on Disney XD Saturday, January 7 at 7:30pm! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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Maxime Kowalski
'Maxime Kowalski' 2 months ago
What's behind the music is played at the beginning of the video?
Gingoku Vlachos
'Gingoku Vlachos' 2 months ago
am I the only one who enjoyed ultimate spiderman?
dark gamer aww
'dark gamer aww' 2 months ago
please don't stop making episode I like this cartoon
Scottie Studios
'Scottie Studios' 2 months ago
I basically just stopped watching when it morphed into web warriors. Still wasn't good before then.
ThePokemonGamer Kirigaya
Rip Ultimate Spiderman 2012-2017
'stainshield' 2 months ago
I am happy that this sorry piece of shit is over with.  Plus Drake Bell sucks as an actor, singer, Timmy Turner, Spider-Man, and even as a human being.
Michael Rodriguez
'Michael Rodriguez' 2 months ago
I honestly wasn't very fond of this show. It rarely took itself seriously and when it did, it felt forced and I really hated the screeching monkey sound used for every "Oh carp!" moment. I'm really looking forward to the new show.
'nikesshoes2011' 2 months ago
so this series is over after the latest episode? or one more episode? also what are the plans when its over?
Constantine 2050
'Constantine 2050' 2 months ago
Farewell Ultimate Spider-Man, I'm gonna miss this project๏╭╮๏
Nightfury 28
'Nightfury 28' 3 months ago
I will literally watch anything with Spider-Man in it he is my all time favorite superhero ps I can't wait for the new Spider-Man episode to come out #stoked 😆😆😆
Autobot Commander Ironhide
I'll definitely miss Ultimate Spider-Man.
Gadget Gt
'Gadget Gt' 3 months ago
Drake bell omg 😲 yes
Ritchie Chavez
'Ritchie Chavez' 3 months ago
Never should have cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man
pg3d and more 338
'pg3d and more 338' 3 months ago
wait its ending 😢😢😢😩😨😨😨😨😨😩😩😩😩😢😢😭😭😭😭
Linh Dinh
'Linh Dinh' 3 months ago
Alittle part of me just died... great episodes showing what spider-man is all about, The great, insecure, genious that has a heart of gold, always believing in the best of everybody. Old webshooters were awesome, Peter showing how really intelligent he is was really cool and the admiration from the other heroes just shows why he is one of the greatest heros in Marvel.. In fiction
Thank you guys for all your hard work, gonna miss the show
Johnny dela Cruz
'Johnny dela Cruz' 3 months ago
Can Marvel now revive Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes the coolest Marvel animated tv series ever :P
stark tv
'stark tv' 3 months ago
u know after ultimate Spiderman i love Spiderman
David Berry
'David Berry' 3 months ago
my top 3 voices for Spider-man in no particular order, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Josh Keaton and Rino Romano
David Berry
'David Berry' 3 months ago
did the series improve?
Dipper pines
'Dipper pines' 3 months ago
Is the show over?
'MOTIONSOLDIER' 3 months ago
Last time I saw Doc Oct in this show he was short, chubby, and had a lot of hair. SO, what happen .-.
Yamino Kageto
'Yamino Kageto' 3 months ago
Je me demande où je peux regarder les épisodes ... ;w; Je ne trouve ni la saison 3 ni la 4. QnQ
'RavenFal' 3 months ago
I enjoyed this show. Is is amazing? No. Is it spectacular? No. Is it ultimate? Hardly. Was it innovative in any way except its adaptation of Spiderman's character? Not really. But it was a fun Saturday-morning cartoon. And I think the world, what with how so many people seem to be drowning in their desire for dark, suspenseful plots, could use a few more shows like this.
Forrest Jones
'Forrest Jones' 3 months ago
I love drakes music but God...that show sucks
Volck18 YT
'Volck18 YT' 3 months ago
so season5 coming if not then should is say serise finale but it says season finale so yaaaa season5 coming wooohoooo
Daughter of God
'Daughter of God' 3 months ago
Thank you. Thank you so so much for this show. I have always loved it and I hate to see it go. But thanks for an amazing four seasons and for all the various superheroes in the show. I learned so much about the Marvel universe from this show! This is where I first heard of Power Man and Iron Fist and so so many others. Thanks so much for this show, I've adored it and I'm gonna miss it so badly!
'sonicfan20395' 3 months ago
I actually like this show when I was a kid,I'll miss it being on tv but I can't wait to see The new Spider-Man 2017 tv Series.
RIP Ultimate Spider-man, the better series than 90s Spider-Man (That Show Sucks).
Kristopher Hill
'Kristopher Hill' 3 months ago
I'm gonna miss this show I loved it alot all these years
Kaan Söylev
'Kaan Söylev' 3 months ago
Eric Radomski batman the animated series
'riskrunner101' 3 months ago
I'll miss this show so much!
Boom Nation
'Boom Nation' 3 months ago
Why is it cancelled
Drake Gibson
'Drake Gibson' 3 months ago
Say what you will about Ultimate Spider-Man, but Drake Bell was a very good voice for Spider-Man
Gaius Normanyo
'Gaius Normanyo' 3 months ago
This is my first time seeing any of the voice actors of this show, other than Drake Bell from Drake and Josh of course. I could never have imagined them. I haven't caught up with the show yet, but if I had I would have been thrilled to hear Scott Potter as Scarlet Spider, who I know from Scorpion. Greg Cipes, I think I've heard as Kevin from Ben-10, but now that I see him, he really looks like he could be a live action Danny Rand. If not, at least a hippy variant of him lol.
isacc aniston
'isacc aniston' 3 months ago
it cant have a series finale not yet!
'Spiderfanatic3' 3 months ago
oh shut up i know this show made lots of money but most fans hated it so stop pretending that everyone liked it maybe someone liked it and that's fine . Next time try acknowledging how the situation really is that most fans hated it but that a lot of children loved it
Collins Darkwa
'Collins Darkwa' 3 months ago
it is amazing
Jorge Guzman
'Jorge Guzman' 3 months ago
Miles morales should be white
Jorge Guzman
'Jorge Guzman' 3 months ago
Spider man should be black
Shaheer Chowdhury
'Shaheer Chowdhury' 3 months ago
thank god this is gonna be over. Spectacular and 90s series still rule.
Spyder Tyler
'Spyder Tyler' 3 months ago
Joel Rios
'Joel Rios' 3 months ago
I actually really loved this series. I remember it came out when I was in 7th grade, I would look forward to Sunday nights and I never missed an episode. It kinda sucks to see it go but now that I'm graduating highschool soon, it's just another sign of growing up.
Danica Rasmussen
'Danica Rasmussen' 3 months ago
So the series is almost over?
'DanielN' 3 months ago
This series was great for those who have read spider verse and are fans of variations of other spiders. For me specifically, I am glad the gave an opportunity for Scarlet Spider to be on screen. The overall story plots was just ok but still had some good points especially the last seasons.
Izi Wilson
'Izi Wilson' 3 months ago
I for one, LOVED this show. I love all versions of Spider-Man, and I'm really really proud of all the people who put so much effort into it, the cast, the crew, the animators, BRAVO!
'Master_Cortez' 3 months ago
Can't wait for the new show. Hope it's better story wise.
Ross Sapp
'Ross Sapp' 3 months ago
Meh bring back spectacular spider-man!
'Migsunga' 3 months ago
the only thing that I liked about this show is that he formed a team, sure gonna miss iron spider and agent venom
Stef Tep
'Stef Tep' 3 months ago
VA actually looks a lot like their characters. They can even play them in life on somekind of TV show.
Xavier Productions
'Xavier Productions' 3 months ago
Goodbye Ultiamte Spider-Man, at least you were better than the other Marvel Disney shows.
Soumo Mitra
'Soumo Mitra' 3 months ago
how many episode does season 4 has
till date i have watched 24 episodes
'Latitz' 3 months ago
I would've loved this if his series was actually really like Ultimate Spider-Man comic. This is more like MCU cartoon called Ultimate Spider-Man
Omar José
'Omar José' 3 months ago
was great this show by the ways, gave to me moments of spidey that i never thought i will watch on tv, and im not excited for the new series, is said that miles and spider gwen will appear in that one, so... Damn.
Robert Melena
'Robert Melena' 3 months ago
I hope drake doesn't voice the new spiderman series.. please. and make him ride solo this time but with team ups here and there
'MetalJrock2299' 3 months ago
Despite the show's very rough start, it actually kinda grew on me by season 2. And this is someone who regards Spectacular as the best Spidey adaptation.

Was it a step down? Yes. Was it complete trash? In my opinion, no. It had some good ideas and some bad ideas. Can't we just celebrate the fact that a Spider-Man cartoon actually had a proper ending without comparing it to Spectacular all the time? It wasn't this show's fault it got cancelled, and yes that show may be better, but at least this isn't TTG bad (S1 excluded).
Daisie Cardona
'Daisie Cardona' 3 months ago
*sniff * bye bye ultimate Spiderman I'm gonna miss you
Jerome Valaska
'Jerome Valaska' 3 months ago
dont leave me spidey
Kub4n Cah9
'Kub4n Cah9' 3 months ago
Ссаные буржуи по русски можно?
Chris Li Loia
'Chris Li Loia' 3 months ago
omg @ the guy who voices Iron Fist lmao
Creative Equinox
'Creative Equinox' 3 months ago
So glad this show is ending.
pandaking 100
'pandaking 100' 3 months ago
iam confused lol
Cameron McEwen
'Cameron McEwen' 3 months ago
The next series will probably be a continuation of this one.
Hector Robles
'Hector Robles' 3 months ago
had no idea drake bell looked like peter lol
Lola Melola
'Lola Melola' 3 months ago
Let tell you a joke...

Ultimate Spider-Man was a good serie Jajaja
'dragonbenkai' 3 months ago
Finally! Thank God! :')
suliman sulieman
'suliman sulieman' 3 months ago
Yo this is for the best four seasons of a spider man series that was not based on a teen who went to school but a semi full time hero and mentor to many marvel characters and the stories of how Peter lived could not be better because it was different
Leonidas Pagonas
'Leonidas Pagonas' 3 months ago
can you just stop this series,and continue the spectacular spiderman from season 3? :D
'Naos' 3 months ago
I liked this show quite a bit, even though I grew up on Spectacular Spider-Man. Drake Bell was a way better Spider-Man than I thought he'd be. Good work. My hopes won't be too high for the next show though.
Ben Sherlock
'Ben Sherlock' 3 months ago
I'm going to really miss this show, but I would love if Drake Bell's Spidey gets in Avengers: Secret Wars.
Cinema Trailers
'Cinema Trailers' 3 months ago
The best Doc ock
Alex Pollock
'Alex Pollock' 3 months ago
Drake bell has done two Spider-Man things, This and the Spider-Man parody movie he made in the early 2000s
'Fagmin' 3 months ago
thank god for netflix. im too poor for disney ;-;
Erez Is That Nerd
'Erez Is That Nerd' 3 months ago
Im kinda gonna miss it..
'bigmacchasi' 3 months ago
can u make a box set of this spider-man tv show this time marvel still waiting for the 90th tv show to be on dvd and blue ray
Dominus Pegas
'Dominus Pegas' 3 months ago
So when it starts to get good they cancel the show? Sounds about right. They did it to all the other series why not this one.
Ashek VB
'Ashek VB' 3 months ago
Wait it seems like this show is ending? Is it ending? NOOOO! I love this show
Anthony Morejon
'Anthony Morejon' 3 months ago
Good riddance.
Anodonum 05
'Anodonum 05' 3 months ago
Don't get me wrong I liked it but it was a little rough around edges like how he went to the triscelion yet aunt did not notice how he was gone.Also the new one is meant to focus more on Peter Parker, something something ultimate Spiderman missed completely
Omar azad
'Omar azad' 3 months ago
I hope drake parker is cast back for the new show bc he is a good voice for Peter Parker
Carolyn Mihelcic
'Carolyn Mihelcic' 3 months ago
I Love MARVEL I Love MARVEL*****
Barrett Harger
'Barrett Harger' 3 months ago
Now would be an opportunity to pick up where Spectacular Spider-Man left off!
Ira Ford
'Ira Ford' 3 months ago
enjoyed this series and sure it wasn't the best Spiderman animated series but I enjoyed it for what it was and can't wait for the new Spiderman series coming later this year.
Jeremy Fields
'Jeremy Fields' 3 months ago
I still can't believe they cancelled Spectacular Spider-Man for this crap
'Kinomura' 3 months ago
ultimate spiderman become shit
Ali Azzam
'Ali Azzam' 3 months ago
Spectacular Spiderman is the best superhero show
Novembre Pleut
'Novembre Pleut' 3 months ago
I remember seeing trailers for this show when it first aired, spidey bike and all, animation looked super crisp then, this looks pretty poor
Carl Aguirre
'Carl Aguirre' 3 months ago
I wish they could continue Spectacular Spider-man now. This show was great, but it does not just live the hype of the real Spider-man from the comics. I will sure miss this, but not as I miss SSM.

If YJ S3 is coming, could we also hear that from Marvel?
Daryl-Rhys Taylor
'Daryl-Rhys Taylor' 3 months ago
I enjoyed your show ultimate spider-man. You succeeded in finding balance between humour and drama.
'TheFracture' 3 months ago
Well I still want Peter Parker in Spider-Man´s Costume and not Deadpool.
Aneime lover aneime
'Aneime lover aneime' 3 months ago
really awesome series!!!! I just don't wanna stop watching and hopefully u guyz don't stop to making it.
'TheKryce' 3 months ago
Good, now bring Spectacular back.
'joey2099' 3 months ago
I'm kinda disappointed there was no romantic moment with mj
'joey2099' 3 months ago
everyone talking about the series and I'm here like: they'd still have a tasm2 costume?
Liza Villalta
'Liza Villalta' 3 months ago
stop! I'm crying!
Spencer Ray
'Spencer Ray' 3 months ago
"There have been a lot of Spider-Man tv shows, and a lot of them were very good"
Shon Allen
'Shon Allen' 3 months ago
Yeah after its cancelation I give it 3 months max before this show is completely forgotten
Joshua Washington
'Joshua Washington' 3 months ago
I love this Spider-Man show I wish it could have went on for a couple more seasons
Varun Srivastava
'Varun Srivastava' 3 months ago
Aww heck, now I'm tearing up.
'GarnettTank' 3 months ago
season 1 and 2 were the best ones for me it started going downhill at web warriors
spider man 2099
'spider man 2099' 3 months ago
I'll miss this show because then when i qas akid til now ill miss it a lot :|
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