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Can You Guess The Younger Version of These Celebrities? -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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So how true is "black don’t crack"?

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Los Angeles Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures 'Focus'
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The Hollywood Awards Gala
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84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
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Gucci Hosts Reception To Benefit UNICEF
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21st Annual ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards
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38th Annual NAACP Image Awards - Press Room
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'Think Like A Man Too' - Los Angeles Photo Call
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Premiere of 20th Century Fox's 'Meet Dave' - Arrivals
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Bruce Grant

Christophen Allston

'Tupac' 2 days ago
asians don't crack
Holly Cormack
'Holly Cormack' 4 weeks ago
With the female celebrities you can tell from there eyebrows. In the 2000s in was fashionable to have thinner eyebrows so you can tell!!
Roxana Carrion
'Roxana Carrion' 1 month ago
"people with more melanin are able to handle the sun. Ultimately, having more sun than one can handle results in premature aging."
'Aprilbaby' 2 months ago
Only one I got wrong was Will Smith
belinda smith
'belinda smith' 2 months ago
i love the latino
None Ya Damn Business.
CL Roxbee
'CL Roxbee' 2 months ago
I was expecting to see Bianca Lawson
'Paradox' 2 months ago
Keanu Reeves is fuckin immortal... hasn't aged a day since The Matrix
'SwaggerChiick1' 2 months ago
I only got Gabrielle Union wrong lol
'Matthew9203' 2 months ago
It's the lighting.
Monika Oldham
'Monika Oldham' 2 months ago
i got them all right
Dylan Francois
'Dylan Francois' 2 months ago
2:50. I laughed more than I should have. but the face he makes thou
James Burgess
'James Burgess' 2 months ago
When you black, but you already cracked at 16...
'DavesWorld' 2 months ago
Pharrell has looked the same for centuries.
The Godfather
'The Godfather' 2 months ago
Will Smith....You gotta be kidding wid me
Kit Kat
'Kit Kat' 2 months ago
Veronica Reyes
'Veronica Reyes' 2 months ago
Lol I found the Latino guy hilarious
Jennie Delacruz
'Jennie Delacruz' 2 months ago
damn got everything wrong.
Galaxy Univeres
'Galaxy Univeres' 2 months ago
I got right but the will smith I was wrong😔
cafeteria cat
'cafeteria cat' 2 months ago
i got 2 right...
Jay Horne
'Jay Horne' 2 months ago
If you pay attention to the aesthetic of each picture you would've gotten 4 out of 4
'XXIflowerchild' 2 months ago
The game itself was confusing, I'm pretty sure they went ding ding ding on the wrong picture for Pharrell and I couldn't tell which one they were saying was younger/older until the end.
'BrownSkinEbbz' 2 months ago
I Got 3 out 4 😹 Will Smith Jii Messed Me Up 💯 But This Was A Good Game 😁
'OpticJamz' 2 months ago
Google Docs all the way
'OxygenLess' 2 months ago
4 year difference on some of these is absurd. People dont look much different in 4 or in some cases even 10 years. plus makup. even and de wrinkle that skin.
Dee Jay
'Dee Jay' 2 months ago
The Kerry one was a giveaway simply because of her brows. Y'all know we don't do thin brows in 2017.
Punky Nene
'Punky Nene' 2 months ago
"step away from that brujeria" xD
Naner Naner
'Naner Naner' 2 months ago
im 10 years old guay
Fedora Laura
'Fedora Laura' 3 months ago
Stop exposing vampires damn buzzfeed
'안하나' 3 months ago
awww that guy in the beginning ♡
Mike Sandoval
'Mike Sandoval' 3 months ago
Wheres eminem???
Ethan Megenis-Clarke
'Ethan Megenis-Clarke' 3 months ago
You can tell which one is newer by how the sharp the image resolution is.
the star
'the star' 3 months ago
man if they put Angela Basset, nobody would get it right!!
'R TDE' 3 months ago
'Chyer' 3 months ago
Black don't crack, but white is like fine wine.
'De'Shauna Waters' 3 months ago
I love how people in the comments are saying it's cause of makeup and plastic surgery... it's really not. It's your melanin in the skin.
'rocklesson86' 3 months ago
Black seriously does not crack.
'Kedhejah' 3 months ago
I got a 4/4 😊
Magda Gaska
'Magda Gaska' 3 months ago
I'm white and I got all of them right
Alex Kosovo
'Alex Kosovo' 3 months ago
This offends me ALOT and unfortunately I have to sue.
'Steppawolf' 3 months ago
That black girl's hair is GORGEOUS!
Mr Money
'Mr Money' 3 months ago
I bet you can't subscribe to my channel 😑
Mr Money
'Mr Money' 3 months ago
I bet you can't subscribe to my channel 😑
Kia Mitchell
'Kia Mitchell' 3 months ago
I got one wrong.
Tyson Vea
'Tyson Vea' 3 months ago
Ronnie Devoe looks like hes still a teen
Alyssa F
'Alyssa F' 3 months ago
Damn now I wish I was black!
Alessandra Leigh
'Alessandra Leigh' 3 months ago
Oh yea black dont crack as long as theres photoshop, professional lighting, makeup, and hd cameras. Use regular people. Celebrities are a cop out
Patricia Walker
'Patricia Walker' 3 months ago
Now explain Jared Leto.
Lotte Medendorp
'Lotte Medendorp' 3 months ago
Yes, go guessing based on photo shopped pictures... That works
Mari Schroedinger
'Mari Schroedinger' 3 months ago
Ffs they mostly chose pics that were less than a decade apart.
'HFCJBT' 3 months ago
I think Will was the easiest one considering he has ear rings on.
Jacky !
'Jacky !' 3 months ago
It's funny how sooooo many people in the comments got every question right. 😑
Samantha Darroch
'Samantha Darroch' 3 months ago
Eyebrows, that's how I guessed it.
'Korpionix' 3 months ago
2/4 :( Wrong Wrong Right Right.
No no Not I
'No no Not I' 3 months ago
Black don't crack!
camille sinclair
'camille sinclair' 3 months ago
that definition of black don't crack is cute i stand by it but you're completely wrong honey
Valentina Franin
'Valentina Franin' 3 months ago
'HexaRex' 3 months ago
I won
Spooderman Dab
'Spooderman Dab' 3 months ago
These are only 4 years apart wtf?
'Saiyan's Rage!' 3 months ago
buzzfeed please allow people to vote on your damn feminazi videos. This is YouTube accept critism it helps. Obviously you only do this for your "mass" majority. You have people of both genders(look up it's definition) and are giving men a bad rep.
Sophia Eisel
'Sophia Eisel' 3 months ago
I only got one wrong yay!!! But it was really easy
'BubbelsTheFish' 3 months ago
I got all right lol. Its not that hard
Abdi G
'Abdi G' 3 months ago
Got them all right thanks to their style and makeup
Amon Leopold Göth
'Amon Leopold Göth' 3 months ago
White girls are still the best
Suhani Singh
'Suhani Singh' 3 months ago
The Afro-Latino reminds me of Bruno Mars idk why
Lonnoi Emo
'Lonnoi Emo' 3 months ago
Same thing with asians
Vilde Kvammen
'Vilde Kvammen' 3 months ago
got everyone right
Henrietta Klee
'Henrietta Klee' 3 months ago
They took pictures from like 4-6 years apart as if anything will have significantly changed
'Leby' 3 months ago
I got them all right
'TheSuperFunnyMan' 3 months ago
Will Smith was easy, because he had the beard for Suicide Squad.
'zomgseriosuly' 3 months ago
Tournay Le
'Tournay Le' 3 months ago
Botox wont crack 😂😂😂
Being me
'Being me' 3 months ago
It really bothered me that the picture A was on the right side and picture B on the left when they were deciding!
'Mai' 3 months ago
they should of included Bianca Lawson
Isaac Phillips
'Isaac Phillips' 3 months ago
Got them all right. You guys are medicore.
Skinflint _
'Skinflint _' 3 months ago
all right oh yeah!!
for celebrity women the older the get the slimmer they're faces are due to the make up & higher cheek bones
'Moonwalker13' 3 months ago
It's not just the person, but the actual quality of the picture, depending on when it was taken..
Blessing Sam
'Blessing Sam' 3 months ago
U have to look at the eyebrows
My Nice Life
'My Nice Life' 3 months ago
I was correct all of them I know these celebrities well
Ethan Townsend P
'Ethan Townsend P' 3 months ago
Camera quality?
Kalaina Shaw
'Kalaina Shaw' 3 months ago
2:51-2:53 this guy is killing me💀😂
Booster seat Jim
'Booster seat Jim' 3 months ago
Wait a minute..... This isn't fine bros
'Atrain2321' 3 months ago
I knew the will one only because of suicide squad
Big Ol Internet Troll
got em all right
'Zaira' 3 months ago
I got 3/4, that's pretty good for a white person👌🏼😂
'Laila' 3 months ago
I guessed all right. I did this by using eyebrows and beards since the way people wear them is so different now.
'nickness126' 3 months ago
kerry washington's eyebrows gave it away. they went from kate moss brow to cara delevigne brow
Almir Alagic
'Almir Alagic' 3 months ago
Crispin Glover, Milan Jovovich, Kate Winslet just a few white actors who havent aged, it's not just blacks STFU!!
Infinity Hand
'Infinity Hand' 3 months ago
The cast of friends looks the exact same after almost 20 years, black don't crack? stfu
Ally. Ps
'Ally. Ps' 3 months ago
The Will Smith one was easy, just because of the earrings.
Kevin Neira
'Kevin Neira' 3 months ago
I was confused on how to answer
Haley Gallagher
'Haley Gallagher' 3 months ago
Kerry was obvious
Makaiah Breeze
'Makaiah Breeze' 3 months ago
I got every one right
Jacqueline  Reed
'Jacqueline Reed' 3 months ago
I got the will smith one because he had earrings in A and earring holes in B
samantha w
'samantha w' 3 months ago
I got them all wrong
Demetrius Davis
'Demetrius Davis' 3 months ago
1:16 he favors Pharrel a little.
Joseph Quīnque
'Joseph Quīnque' 3 months ago
shouldve put diddy in this lolol
Joseph Quīnque
'Joseph Quīnque' 3 months ago
Asian aint aging thats true too
Fio Mo
'Fio Mo' 3 months ago
I would be more convinced if wasnt for the existence of photoshop...
Boran Chak
'Boran Chak' 3 months ago
The Mexican guy was acting weird but all of us are so
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