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Indian Insults & Comebacks | Stand-up Comedy by Abhishek Upmanyu -
Published: 1 month ago By: Abhishek Upmanyu

By: Abhishek UpmanyuPublished: 1 month ago

1, 869, 473 views

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Jokes about Indian insults, parents, and their comebacks.


Shot at - Canvas Laugh Club
Edited by - Nanak Bhatia & Abhishek Upmanyu
Sound Mixing & Mastering - Sohail Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios)
Written & Performed by - Abhishek Upmanyu

Special Thanks - Aditi Mittal

Siddhesh Y Pawar
'Siddhesh Y Pawar' 52 minutes ago
Chandan Jha
'Chandan Jha' 2 hours ago
Aarif Shaikh
'Aarif Shaikh' 3 hours ago
Sir, agla video kab aega,,,,, mujhe laga maza aega
'TEJ INDIA' 3 hours ago
'TECH ANIK' 6 hours ago
Sarita Singh
'Sarita Singh' 7 hours ago
I can't stop it watching again and again. its so wonderfully put, thank you.
piyali bhattacharya
'piyali bhattacharya' 8 hours ago
you are the best.. thumbs up for you
Neerav Vyas
'Neerav Vyas' 9 hours ago
shreyansh bhargava
'shreyansh bhargava' 10 hours ago
Dude.. You are hilarious.. Waiting for more.. :D
Alok Pandey
'Alok Pandey' 10 hours ago
one word- HILARIOUS 😂 looking forward to see more of you, great job
priyank goud
'priyank goud' 11 hours ago
why only 2 videos abhisekh?
please upload more.
your one of the finest out there.
Ravi Mallick
'Ravi Mallick' 16 hours ago
nice one ..poore hospital ka mood kharab kardiya..
Suresh Bhuj
'Suresh Bhuj' 20 hours ago
upload your new video please
Navin salde
'Navin salde' 21 hours ago
mom mera ek friend hai woh gay hai , beta aisa kuch nahi hota, mom main gays ki baat kar raha hu bohot ki nahi, chup kar bohot hote hai..
Saurabh Das
'Saurabh Das' 21 hours ago
mujhe aids h ...tum subhah utha k to dekhoo.....that was masterpiece..
Navin salde
'Navin salde' 21 hours ago
Aids waids kuch nhi hota tu bas subha uth toh jaa..
Ankit Gomkale
'Ankit Gomkale' 24 hours ago
why the fuck only two video man?? 4th time visiting your channel expecting to see a new video :(
Tanvi Kulkarni
'Tanvi Kulkarni' 1 day ago
Only two videos available :|
Saahil Gazi
'Saahil Gazi' 1 day ago
Tu mera fav aaj se 😎
Ishan Sharma
'Ishan Sharma' 1 day ago
Expecting more videos from you bro
ankit jadhav
'ankit jadhav' 2 days ago
pls upload more
i have seen it many times still i like it a lot
G Singh
'G Singh' 2 days ago
Awesome Abhishek. Keep it up mate. I wish I was in Mumbai watching it live. Keep posting more stuff mate.
Shishir Dongare
'Shishir Dongare' 2 days ago
this videos is hilarious man....i have watched it more than 10 times......upload some more man great work....
priyank goud
'priyank goud' 2 days ago
Chi chi ye kya ho gaya hai.
gordon gama
'gordon gama' 2 days ago
Good vedio man..👌👌👌
Sailendra Majhi
'Sailendra Majhi' 2 days ago
Sorry...Mujhe hansi Nahi aayi...Aise hi Popular Bana Rahe ho
rajan yonjan
'rajan yonjan' 2 days ago
We need more from him.. only two videos, aint enough
a dhawan
'a dhawan' 2 days ago
yaar I feel stand up comedians stereotype hote jaa rahe hai. You should follow JIM CARRY as stand up comedian
kirti jain
'kirti jain' 2 days ago
abhishek upmanyu you are amazing man..
sanket modh
'sanket modh' 2 days ago
swati java
'swati java' 2 days ago
thnxxxx #ankesh for ur suggestion..he is outstanding!!? god
Parag Bramh
'Parag Bramh' 2 days ago
i thought zakir khan is awesome. but but but man......!!!.u 🙌
Adv Vikas Pandey
'Adv Vikas Pandey' 2 days ago
or videos daal bhai
Call 629
'Call 629' 2 days ago
next video kab ayega??
naufil manasiya
'naufil manasiya' 3 days ago
this man is amazing
Destro Mars
'Destro Mars' 3 days ago
Please. Please. Upload more. You are a killer man."muze laga maja ayega"
Nikhil Shrivastav
'Nikhil Shrivastav' 3 days ago
You are going to be a next big face of standup comedy.You're blessed to have this talent.
Orpi Nandy
'Orpi Nandy' 3 days ago
Loved it. Eagerly waiting to watch more of your gigs.
rohit bahuguna
'rohit bahuguna' 3 days ago
u nailed it man
Pratibha Chhajer
'Pratibha Chhajer' 3 days ago
you are good man! hope to see more stand up comedy videos by you!
Sherwin Dourado
'Sherwin Dourado' 3 days ago
when is the next vedio coming up😋
Prachi Sharma
'Prachi Sharma' 3 days ago
Awesomely funny man!!!!
More videos pleaseee!!!
Jadugar Jagga
'Jadugar Jagga' 3 days ago
😂😂😂nice one
Sujit Lodha
'Sujit Lodha' 3 days ago
Dude awesome comedy.. much better than some of the established comedians.. keep on the good work
Gupta Ganesh
'Gupta Ganesh' 4 days ago
mujhe AIDS h subhah uthh kar to dekho....hahahahhaaaaa.....bc
Dipendar Yadav
'Dipendar Yadav' 4 days ago
che che ye kya hogaya pura hospital mood kharab kardeya isne sale... This was hillarious
Nikhil Chauhan
'Nikhil Chauhan' 4 days ago
Bro i have seen so many videos but this is the best i am just writing this comment so that you reach out to good audience
ribhav singla
'ribhav singla' 4 days ago
Plzz add more videos..dese r gr8..👌🏻😂😂
Ishika Arora
'Ishika Arora' 4 days ago
yaar that gay part was amazing 😂😂😂
Swapnil Kumar
'Swapnil Kumar' 4 days ago
Waiting eagerly for another clip of ur show.... great work
Nishit Bhasin
'Nishit Bhasin' 4 days ago
0:45 is that Sourabh Pant Laughing?
anumeha kaushik
'anumeha kaushik' 4 days ago
pls abhishek upload one more video. waiting desperately
milind upadhyay
'milind upadhyay' 4 days ago
i am looking for more videos of Abhishek... Anyone has it ???
Rhea Kumar
'Rhea Kumar' 5 days ago
This was so good oh my god
Manas Nanda
'Manas Nanda' 5 days ago
hila diya bhai
Siddhesh sankhe
'Siddhesh sankhe' 5 days ago
Don't copy russell Peter's jokes.. Try something new.
indumathy devarakonda
you are just awesome man.👌👌
harshal shah
'harshal shah' 5 days ago
Watched this a lot of times still laughing like i did the first time!! Hatsoff!
Saurabh Mangar
'Saurabh Mangar' 5 days ago
man u r super... really
Sulaksha Poojari
'Sulaksha Poojari' 5 days ago
this was hilarious...couldn't stop laughing the entire time
'DEVYAN DAS' 5 days ago
super awesome...
Rahul Singh Rajawat
Bro upload more videos, watched your two videos so many times..Just awesome..Maja aaega
Mritunjay Upadhyay
amazing man ... :)
'Hershal13' 5 days ago
He is good.
'prateekgupta1006' 6 days ago
watching 4th tym still found funny
Live Long PakisTaN
Hahahhahaha!!! Bc lundians
Asad Shaikh
'Asad Shaikh' 6 days ago
Post more videos dude
'Zohaan' 6 days ago
"Tum subah uth k to dekho yaar"
Monu Kumar
'Monu Kumar' 7 days ago
Trisha Negi
'Trisha Negi' 7 days ago
Devraj Mehta
'Devraj Mehta' 7 days ago
Bhai tu faad hai...😂😂😂 plz or video daal yr..
'IGNACIUS NADAR' 1 week ago
shi shi ye kya hogaya h😂😂😂😂
rajeev Sharma
'rajeev Sharma' 1 week ago
Simply Hilarious, a future star in making ,,,God Bless & All the very Best Abhi ....
'sykik' 1 week ago
Pintu Nandi
'Pintu Nandi' 1 week ago
how many of u agree "He is the BEST stand up comedian"😂😂😂
Ayush Sharma
'Ayush Sharma' 1 week ago
We want more videos, you are awesome......
Rahul P
'Rahul P' 1 week ago
your sense of humor is Epic. always waiting to see 3rd vid in list.
Rifat Mithun
'Rifat Mithun' 1 week ago
the last joke goes with "insomnia" better rather than "AIDS". thank you
Yash Bhootda
'Yash Bhootda' 1 week ago
how many times can i hit the like button !!!!! LOVED IT
Vivek Sharma
'Vivek Sharma' 1 week ago
u nailed it bro .....after such long a nice stuff not a stereo type
Sagar Soni
'Sagar Soni' 1 week ago
you are awesome
manoj rajput
'manoj rajput' 1 week ago
abhishek bhai love you
Fahad Malik
'Fahad Malik' 1 week ago
'ASHISH KUMAR' 1 week ago
Awesome man . keep it up.really liked it
Naseer Hussain
'Naseer Hussain' 1 week ago
Bhaaai Tussi Ek Dum Masth........
Aarif Shaikh
'Aarif Shaikh' 1 week ago
ur style is unique n natural..hatke hai big thing...ull go places bro...but why only stuck with two videos since long...
Aarif Shaikh
'Aarif Shaikh' 1 week ago
When will u put up ur next video...
Ayush Dobhal
'Ayush Dobhal' 1 week ago
This guy is insane
Somal Rudra
'Somal Rudra' 1 week ago
why don't u upload more man !! hilarious 😂😂😂
shashwat kakkkar
'shashwat kakkkar' 1 week ago
superb manh pls release new video fast I'll be attending ur show @canvas laugh club on 14th feb
Dev Chouhan
'Dev Chouhan' 1 week ago
Awesome yar......... Superb., Dum h bande ki comedy me...
Gupta Abhishek
'Gupta Abhishek' 1 week ago
Ha ha.. lambe karo...saree phen lo.... sarak pe naach lo. .. Ghar me thore paise ayenge... baal lambe kar loooo
'TARUN KUMAR' 1 week ago
o'some bro..
where u man upload so.e new video..missing ur comic..
Debdoot Mukherjee
'Debdoot Mukherjee' 1 week ago
I have e never laughed at any stand up piece more in my life than this.
not even to Daniel Sloss

you're awesome dude! you're awesome!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Samita Tirkey
'Samita Tirkey' 1 week ago
Haha.. Awsm 😂😂😂
Vibhor Goyal
'Vibhor Goyal' 1 week ago
"ha ha lambe karlo, sadi pehen lo ....sadak pr naach lo"
Niharika Sethi
'Niharika Sethi' 1 week ago
@abhimanyu, man you are unique 👌👌
sagar poojari
'sagar poojari' 1 week ago
Comedy at it's best :D
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