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Indian Insults & Comebacks | Stand-up Comedy by Abhishek Upmanyu -
Published: 3 months ago By: Abhishek Upmanyu

By: Abhishek UpmanyuPublished: 3 months ago

2, 737, 020 views

52, 218 Likes   886 Dislikes

Jokes about Indian insults, parents, and their comebacks.


Shot at - Canvas Laugh Club
Edited by - Nanak Bhatia & Abhishek Upmanyu
Sound Mixing & Mastering - Sohail Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios)
Written & Performed by - Abhishek Upmanyu

Special Thanks - Aditi Mittal

Simrat Singh
'Simrat Singh' 6 hours ago
subah uthke naashta kro sab theek ho jaayega was so bang on....
meghana thakur
'meghana thakur' 11 hours ago
"che che yeh kya hogaya"😂😂😂
sagar mishra
'sagar mishra' 21 hours ago
To the 800 ppl who disliked this video... "if that didn't make u laugh I don't know what will".. get urself checked..
Ozair Akhtar
'Ozair Akhtar' 2 days ago
gr8 stuff bro
new vids plzzz
Kratik Patni
'Kratik Patni' 2 days ago
ek hi solution h: beta shadi kr lo😂😂
Jonathan Patil
'Jonathan Patil' 2 days ago
dude can u make more videos plz
Anurag chaudhary
'Anurag chaudhary' 2 days ago
this guy is awesome
Prashant Patel
'Prashant Patel' 2 days ago
wright vcx
'wright vcx' 2 days ago
I never clicked subscribe button so fast.
Pushpa Shankar
'Pushpa Shankar' 3 days ago
very real
Navin Thakur
'Navin Thakur' 3 days ago
You are ultimate dude
Rosella mei
'Rosella mei' 4 days ago
this man is awesome
Anil Pius Rodriguez
Bal Lambe Karlo....
The viral fever
'The viral fever' 4 days ago
saurabh pant is laughing in crowd. wow
The viral fever
'The viral fever' 4 days ago
bro.. make some more videos yr...
Sudhir Kumar Gupta
he is a real comedian unlike those retarded self proclaimed AIB chutiye ....
One love
'One love' 4 days ago
Sourab Pant STFU 👿
'HETAL PATEL' 5 days ago
Anish Puri
'Anish Puri' 5 days ago
Crazy bro
Deeksha Maurya
'Deeksha Maurya' 5 days ago
Awesome man ! 🙌🏻
Vivek Thiruvettai
'Vivek Thiruvettai' 5 days ago
Super awesome,bro.
Rahul Khatri
'Rahul Khatri' 5 days ago
legend ho sir ji aap! /|\
amazing apps
'amazing apps' 6 days ago
your videos are amazing so upload new ones also there are only 3 videos
Satish Chawla
'Satish Chawla' 6 days ago
Dude , you are funny af 😂😂😂😂
'vidhi' 6 days ago
Thank you for representing gay people in a good way, very much needed in India right now. Made me really happy.
Pratyush Pradhan
'Pratyush Pradhan' 6 days ago
too good man👌👌👌😭😂😂😂😂
chandana s.m
'chandana s.m' 6 days ago
No wonder ..y u becam my fav .. 😂😂 wht a humour man...
Harish Shah
'Harish Shah' 6 days ago
u nailed it. awesome
Udbhav Saraf
'Udbhav Saraf' 6 days ago
hats off to you man! ur style of comedy and timing is perfect. very unique.
Arif Mahmoodabadi
'Arif Mahmoodabadi' 6 days ago
plzz upload some more videos
simon mitra
'simon mitra' 7 days ago
prarthna bhalla
'prarthna bhalla' 7 days ago
God I'm hooked
It's such a stress buster.
I beg you to upload more!
be a human.
'be a human.' 7 days ago
3:28 from this part ... i can't control my laugh....... you are the 1 and only best comedian.. i ever seen..... your fan number 1, Shoaib from Pakistan...😉😉😉😉😉
Reelina Sircar
'Reelina Sircar' 7 days ago
Hey, you are great...Really great....
'A.S.K' 1 week ago
Chutiya h tu bc
Richa Khurana
'Richa Khurana' 1 week ago
For me, you're next to Kenny!! Please make videos more often. You're naturally hilarious!!! :)))))
'soccerlover247' 1 week ago
the laugh role is so irritating and unnecessary
Pooja Jain
'Pooja Jain' 1 week ago
you are amazing man.
Karanveersingh Bagga
u are the most amazing stand up comedian i have ever seen.. tu bc .. tuuuuuuuj bc .....
gaurav SINGH
'gaurav SINGH' 1 week ago
the extraordinary talented , you are .
Made by god full of humours .
may you be doing this for a long while and making the lives of our country more happier.
Abhishek Raaz
'Abhishek Raaz' 1 week ago
this was really very nice..
enjoyed everything you said...and especially that repeating phrase...
Zeeshan M. Raje
'Zeeshan M. Raje' 1 week ago
next zakir khan :)
varnika gupta
'varnika gupta' 1 week ago
abhishek i want more videos pls😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Rahul Gandhi
'Rahul Gandhi' 1 week ago
This was Damn amazing work man. Keep doing shows like this and upload more videos.
Aman Gouhar
'Aman Gouhar' 1 week ago
sucks balls.
mohammed amaan
'mohammed amaan' 1 week ago
New beggers
Vinny Saxena
'Vinny Saxena' 1 week ago
Hehee.. :D .. U r too gud. Plz upload ur videos frequently.. Very soon this guy will the best standup comedian
Mr. Abhi
'Mr. Abhi' 1 week ago
the best expression was "kya karna hai ab iska?" lol
Meenu Bhambhu
'Meenu Bhambhu' 1 week ago
Dude you are amazing
Sulabh Raj
'Sulabh Raj' 1 week ago
You re awesome man... Best of luck....
queen bee
'queen bee' 1 week ago
"mai kide kha gaya" was epic 😂😂
Navneet Singh Gujral
Please upload more Abhishek Upmanyu stand up videos
samir sakir
'samir sakir' 1 week ago
You nailed it. You're one of a kind. Upload more
Prakash Suthar
'Prakash Suthar' 1 week ago
he looks like Papon ..
Rahul Ramphal
'Rahul Ramphal' 1 week ago
I saw this live ; this guy is crazy good :)
Mohd Wasimuddin
'Mohd Wasimuddin' 1 week ago
Dude you are just awesome......watched all 3 videos over and over still same laughter......Keep rocking bro.
Madhav Mittal
'Madhav Mittal' 1 week ago
pretty sure that 2 million just for his way of saying benchod xD
Sukhwant Romana
'Sukhwant Romana' 1 week ago
nailed it buddy
Vineet Bhatti
'Vineet Bhatti' 1 week ago
NXT best thing
Anishka Hada
'Anishka Hada' 1 week ago
This was really a superb one!!!....just amazing 😍😍
Dasrath Singh
'Dasrath Singh' 1 week ago
hey buddy u r just amazing plzz keep uploading such rofl videos
saiswaroop apuri
'saiswaroop apuri' 1 week ago
wonderful standup comedy
the best so far..
'SOUMEN SEN' 1 week ago
Abhishek......I want 2 see ur MOM.......hohoho......#GeniusLady
Manish Paneru
'Manish Paneru' 1 week ago
3 video
122000 subscribers
Prassant kevin
'Prassant kevin' 2 weeks ago
Someone should give this a guy a medal.
Priyatam Kadam
'Priyatam Kadam' 2 weeks ago
Too good yaar😂😂😂👍
akshay patil
'akshay patil' 2 weeks ago
Lol hilarious 😂😂😂
Rishabh Garg
'Rishabh Garg' 2 weeks ago
What the fuck kapil sharma is......u r far better than of luck bro
'royalpunjabis' 2 weeks ago
Tum subah uth ke to dekho yaar......... I know that feel mate.bro hugs
Lora Bos
'Lora Bos' 2 weeks ago
when u will b back with new vedio
'ANURAG KANDARI' 2 weeks ago
You are too good man!
Shoumik Banerjee
'Shoumik Banerjee' 2 weeks ago
Shashi Bala
'Shashi Bala' 2 weeks ago
nalayak hamare bacchon ko bidar raha hai
desh ko kharab kar raha hai
Nagendra Timilsina
'Nagendra Timilsina' 2 weeks ago
We wanna see more of your videos please make more videos
'Jackpot' 2 weeks ago
Abhi has a unique ability to see funny part in daily life...Keep going Abhi
varnika gupta
'varnika gupta' 2 weeks ago
lambe kar lo -saadi pahn lo -sadak pe nach lo 👌👌👌😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Indrajit Ghosal
'Indrajit Ghosal' 2 weeks ago
how crass!!! wonder ehat made the audiencr laugh at some substandard jokes thrown. but anyway thats what the world has come upto. we lap anything that is thrown and guffaw at it.
piya dubey
'piya dubey' 2 weeks ago
I want full videos....plzzz
moloy manna
'moloy manna' 2 weeks ago
hahahahha. suprb sir
Sumedh Mahekar
'Sumedh Mahekar' 2 weeks ago
Arre bach ke kaha jaoge 😂😂😂
Sayed Moiz Raza
'Sayed Moiz Raza' 2 weeks ago
Again copied from a PAKISTAN'S comedian. wtf india
prateek maharaja
'prateek maharaja' 2 weeks ago
Good stuff
Ankit Sharma ANKI
'Ankit Sharma ANKI' 2 weeks ago
Dilli se hai bhenchod !!!!
Saksham Bambha
'Saksham Bambha' 2 weeks ago
Aman Khetarpal
'Aman Khetarpal' 2 weeks ago
Amit Karmakar
'Amit Karmakar' 2 weeks ago
awesome man.....
Akhil Bhaik
'Akhil Bhaik' 2 weeks ago
Keep up the good work.
vipin bhushan Bhushan
superb bro.. 3rd guy i like after zakir khan and denial fandandiz
bidushi badoni
'bidushi badoni' 2 weeks ago
One of the best on parents
Twinkle Kushwah
'Twinkle Kushwah' 2 weeks ago
best standup comedian
Gagan Singh
'Gagan Singh' 2 weeks ago
Tu Kutta... Tu Kutta... fck laughed guts out..
Shivangi Singh
'Shivangi Singh' 2 weeks ago
this guy is the best
Mahesh Gupta
'Mahesh Gupta' 2 weeks ago
you are the coolest dude
Pooja Srivastava
'Pooja Srivastava' 2 weeks ago
Looking forward to more!
Vick Sanj
'Vick Sanj' 2 weeks ago
Harshbir singh
'Harshbir singh' 2 weeks ago
dad mujhe aids hai? tuk subhe uthke toh dekho yaar. relatable lol lmao rofl
'KATAIDEEPAK' 2 weeks ago
Good one after a long time
Sejal Yadav
'Sejal Yadav' 2 weeks ago
That bit about ''Sube jaldi uthke naashta karo, sab thik ho jayega'' is so damn true.
Yash Fadnavis
'Yash Fadnavis' 2 weeks ago
am I the only one to watch it for the 3rd Time!! #respect!
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