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Indian Insults & Comebacks | Stand-up Comedy by Abhishek Upmanyu -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Abhishek Upmanyu

By: Abhishek UpmanyuPublished: 2 weeks ago

761, 895 views

21, 303 Likes   410 Dislikes

Jokes about Indian insults, parents, and their comebacks.


Shot at - Canvas Laugh Club
Edited by - Nanak Bhatia & Abhishek Upmanyu
Sound Mixing & Mastering - Sohail Gandhi (Tuning Fork Studios)
Written & Performed by - Abhishek Upmanyu

Special Thanks - Aditi Mittal

aman vikram
'aman vikram' 1 hour ago
specially the tone of mother
aman vikram
'aman vikram' 1 hour ago
Abhishek Saini
'Abhishek Saini' 5 hours ago
amazing Abhishek 👍👍
sachin kshirsagar
'sachin kshirsagar' 6 hours ago
very nice bro.. awesome
aber warum
'aber warum' 8 hours ago
maybe funny if you speak indian but otherwise, SUCKS
Rajshi Vallabhi
'Rajshi Vallabhi' 9 hours ago
keshav gupta
'keshav gupta' 10 hours ago
dude at first i didnt thought that it would be that gooooood. you are a talented guy. :)
Ashutosh Devshali
'Ashutosh Devshali' 11 hours ago
Pranjal Nag
'Pranjal Nag' 19 hours ago
Awesome stuff!😂😂😂
Viraj Sawant
'Viraj Sawant' 20 hours ago
tum subhe jaldi utho, kadak goodone
Priyanshu Jakhmola
'Priyanshu Jakhmola' 21 hours ago
best part- tu kutta
tu kutta
tu bechod
Almighty Sarthak
'Almighty Sarthak' 1 day ago
Its been 12 new video?
Shanawaz Mohammed
subhe utke tho dekho yaar :D so relatable man!!!! Right in the feels
harshinder kaur chawla
I keep watching this video again and again.... so super funny
Ram Goyal
'Ram Goyal' 1 day ago
abhilasha tiwari
'abhilasha tiwari' 2 days ago
Plz keep posting more and more are just osmmmmm
abhilasha tiwari
'abhilasha tiwari' 2 days ago
I just loved this guy😘😘😘😘
Atul Explains
'Atul Explains' 2 days ago
good one
A Sadiq
'A Sadiq' 2 days ago
You're hilarious please post a few more
Aditya Bansal
'Aditya Bansal' 2 days ago
Hahaha Classic Ending...bro get ready for fame!
Nida Khan
'Nida Khan' 2 days ago
Best part, he doesn't break character
Revati kardak
'Revati kardak' 2 days ago
3 rd time! still cannot have enough of it!
Amit Choudhary
'Amit Choudhary' 2 days ago
are tum uth k to dekho yrr 😂😂😂😂😂
Amal Varghese
'Amal Varghese' 2 days ago
when will you upload the new one??
Chetan Mehta
'Chetan Mehta' 2 days ago
Best comedy video I ever watched.. 4 mins of absolute entertainment.. #MakeItViral
Vaibhav Talwar
'Vaibhav Talwar' 2 days ago
Bhai agla video Jaldi daal.
"Video banne mein kitni mehnat lagti hai pata hai.... AGLAAAAA VIDEO JALDI DAAL."
Krishna Chaudhari
'Krishna Chaudhari' 2 days ago
Faraaz Saiyed
'Faraaz Saiyed' 2 days ago
hilarious man... too good
prince Mehta
'prince Mehta' 2 days ago
bhai plz upload more video 😂😂 we love you more then kapil sharma 😂😂
Niraj Chopade
'Niraj Chopade' 2 days ago
Looking forward for more videos from you, you are awesome!
Swastik loha choudhury
saw it ten times can't stop laughing, anyone else like me?
neha sharma
'neha sharma' 2 days ago
when is ur next video coming abhishek 😑
'supercomplex9' 2 days ago
You're really good! I can't wait for you to upload more videos. I'm truly looking forward to more fun videos! ❤
Saurabh Shukla
'Saurabh Shukla' 2 days ago
Background mein hansi kya fake hai
naina sharma
'naina sharma' 2 days ago
this guy is awesome!!! :D
Pranjal Ahluwalia
'Pranjal Ahluwalia' 3 days ago
Ultimate.. made my morning laugh..
Sweta Das
'Sweta Das' 3 days ago
I love it, man. Awesome. I see it again n again
ashutoshking issingh
hahahaha awesome bro
sachin sharma
'sachin sharma' 3 days ago
sahi tha bhai....
Cunivs Cullen
'Cunivs Cullen' 3 days ago
Damn! This guy is real good! Waiting for his next video
harsh kumar
'harsh kumar' 3 days ago
Abhishek you are good. simple content, audience relates to it
Pranjal Mittal
'Pranjal Mittal' 3 days ago
'FARAZ KHAN' 3 days ago
Bhai your Mom is really awesome
Nikita Bhagat
'Nikita Bhagat' 3 days ago
we want more of you 😟
Rajat Chaudhary
'Rajat Chaudhary' 3 days ago
when will you upload your next video? @Abhishek Upmanyu
Ishvi Shekar
'Ishvi Shekar' 3 days ago
from 4:14 to 4:28 I saw myself right there...😂 matlab hadd hogai, kuch BHI problem batao, ek hi solution niklegi "subhe uthke tho dekho 😈!"
Saransh Joshi
'Saransh Joshi' 3 days ago
waiting for ur next video
Abhishek Oza
'Abhishek Oza' 3 days ago
Bhai tu kadak hai re
saurav singh
'saurav singh' 3 days ago
Collaterlly Damaged
OMG. This is the nth time I watched it.
Milind Tripathi
'Milind Tripathi' 3 days ago
Indians don't know how to insult?
tu nahi jaanta insult karna
Ravi KumarThakur
'Ravi KumarThakur' 3 days ago
This is hilarious 😂😂😂😊
aviral mishra
'aviral mishra' 3 days ago
I Was thr for this show man😂 u nailed it!
Prathamesh Patil
'Prathamesh Patil' 3 days ago
best part. yeh kya hogaya purre hospital ka mood kharab kar diya😂😂😂😂😂
Saurabh Saxena
'Saurabh Saxena' 3 days ago
Where is your new video boss. You missed a dead line.
kritigya gupta
'kritigya gupta' 4 days ago
1 week, 1 video, more than 15000 subs !!!!! self explanatory
kritigya gupta
'kritigya gupta' 4 days ago
he seems to be very good
samiksha rushiya
'samiksha rushiya' 4 days ago
"kya karna h fr iska" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌
Iqra Ansari
'Iqra Ansari' 4 days ago
'isne toh saare hospital ka mood kharab kar diya' im laughing madly coz of this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Abodid Sahoo
'Abodid Sahoo' 4 days ago
This is awesome!! Where were you all this time?? Waiting for more. You gained a sub. =D
Vishal Khemnar (Digu)
you rocked it maaan!!! Literally laughed after so many days... rare genuine comedy these days.... Thank you vm
rahul tupe
'rahul tupe' 4 days ago
Aur ek video toh bantiii hai....
Shubham Agarwal
'Shubham Agarwal' 4 days ago
the f... hahaha I m still laughing after 10 mins of watching......oh man !!! really good.
Rishi Raj Bora
'Rishi Raj Bora' 4 days ago
Abhishek Upamanyu has some lookalike chromosomes and behaviour of 'liquid' pyaar ka punchnama
Sidhi Shah
'Sidhi Shah' 4 days ago
LOVED THE CONTENT! you're really good. Waiting for more!
SiDdharth Sachdeva
copied lol
User 568701996
'User 568701996' 4 days ago
Tremendous comedy sense ;-)
Prashant Singh
'Prashant Singh' 4 days ago
awesom yaar
Shanawaz Mohammed
'Shanawaz Mohammed' 4 days ago
dude you are hilarious!!!! one of the few stand-up guys I can really laugh to :D
Abdullah Jay
'Abdullah Jay' 4 days ago
366 parents disliked?
Aftab Khan
'Aftab Khan' 4 days ago
Awesome bro
Gaurav Mittal
'Gaurav Mittal' 4 days ago
Really nice content man, I laughed all the way through. Subscribed, hoping to see more videos.... Cheers ..
debasish sabat
'debasish sabat' 4 days ago
subha uthne wali baat.... damn true man damn true!!!
and i thought i was only person whose parents say subha jaldi utho life set lolzzzzzz
Ritik Jain
'Ritik Jain' 4 days ago
Those were some really strong statements about Homosexuality. Keep it up bro. Congratulations. People would not question the existence of ghosts, but stepping into the sweet reality is far too mainstream for them. And, of course, I, like everybody in the comments, feel like you are a rising star.
Abhishek Bardia
'Abhishek Bardia' 4 days ago
Hahahahahahaha fucking hilarious bro, killer writing!
Rohan Bhatia
'Rohan Bhatia' 4 days ago
A star is born....
Sonakshi Barjatya
'Sonakshi Barjatya' 4 days ago
Chhee chee ye kya ho gaya hai ..!!!! WTF ..!! you are awesome . XD XD
wah saieen
'wah saieen' 4 days ago
Maza a geya Bro. Too good!! from Pakistan
Rohan raj
'Rohan raj' 4 days ago
very nice... plz upload more..
Somnath Yadav
'Somnath Yadav' 4 days ago
ronson dsouza
'ronson dsouza' 4 days ago
Need more of ur stuff brother!
Vibhoo Mishra
'Vibhoo Mishra' 4 days ago
Watching on repeat mode, really hilarious
Bharat Jain
'Bharat Jain' 4 days ago
Amazing one! Must watch :) Waiting for more :D
'SHIVAM SINGH' 4 days ago
waiting for your next video 😂😂😂😂
Vikram 20
'Vikram 20' 5 days ago
the 350 people that didn't like must be idiots or not speak Hindi and english!
h. t
'h. t' 5 days ago
Oh man this is just so real and hilarious
Dhruv Kateliya
'Dhruv Kateliya' 5 days ago
are yaar subhe jaldi uth k TOH dekho!!!! LOL!!
Abinash Meher
'Abinash Meher' 5 days ago
We want more! =D
Shannon Rebello
'Shannon Rebello' 5 days ago
'JEESMON BABU' 5 days ago
on point dude ,....couldn't stop laughing ;)
'SuMiT SinGH' 5 days ago
chi chi ye kya hogya hai😂😂😂? he nailed it😂😂😂
p.s-> Bhoot Hotey hai😂😂😂
'RICHA PATEL' 5 days ago
Abhishek you are awesome man
Srima Pradhan
'Srima Pradhan' 5 days ago
awesome comedy !!
love you:*
just lifted my gloomy mood:*
'Epicjack' 5 days ago
Too good ! Take my Like !

Now don't copy paste this !
aaryan singhal
'aaryan singhal' 5 days ago
LOVE it... :D
ShubHam Maurice
'ShubHam Maurice' 5 days ago
or banaiye videos
ShubHam Maurice
'ShubHam Maurice' 5 days ago
Abhishek you are too good
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