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Jenn McAllister (JENNXPENN) Spills Who Is the Best KISSER on FOURSOME -
Published: 3 months ago By: CelebSecretsTV

By: CelebSecretsTVPublished: 3 months ago

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Jenn McAllister spills who is the best kisser on her new YouTube Red Series "Foursome!"

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Natania Akau-vasquez
Why did they stop on season 2 or they making more
'RainbowPanda' 3 weeks ago
I wish they would make a 3rd season. :(
Mufin Artz
'Mufin Artz' 3 weeks ago
Mystic Teyana
'Mystic Teyana' 4 weeks ago
so apparently kent's accent is real
Marco Alcocer
'Marco Alcocer' 4 weeks ago
Foursome was so good too bad it ended.. ;-; and also lmao DAKOTA AND THE TEACHER GET TOGETHER IN THE END 😏
wisher AJ
'wisher AJ' 1 month ago
im addicted and i really want season 3 to come out soon she should go out with her firs crush cuz he likes her so much and deep down she loves him too.
Asmr Jason
'Asmr Jason' 1 month ago
i love her
DainBGaming YT
'DainBGaming YT' 2 months ago
rahart is my friends cousin
Jon E.
'Jon E.' 2 months ago
This was great! I found the insight into TV Show producing and writing really interesting. She's a natural interviewee and comes off super down-to-earth. I wish they went even more in-depth into how the show's put together.
'Kittenyadi' 2 months ago
Omg foursome is amazing
Brayden Naughton
'Brayden Naughton' 2 months ago
i love JENNNXPENN she is so beautiful not just her looks but her personality traits are alot like me and what i look for in a girl
yeni soediro
'yeni soediro' 2 months ago
Chloe Hagenbuch
'Chloe Hagenbuch' 3 months ago
Ahh jenn love you soo much❤️😘😍
reacting time
'reacting time' 3 months ago
I hate youtube red it sucks
Emily McAllister
'Emily McAllister' 3 months ago
Patrice Wilson
'Patrice Wilson' 3 months ago
Jenn is sexy but foursome is terrible
'TookieMariePvP' 3 months ago
This show Is the only reason I bought Youtube Red It's SO GOOD!!
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