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Do Guys Know What Women Want? -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Guys try to guess what women want, while women confirm or deny their answers.

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Nancy Cerulli
'Nancy Cerulli' 2 days ago
the guy in the light brown sweater is so cute
Mira AMV Nightcore
All mens in this video are nice "_"
'luvr381' 3 days ago
Women want all your time, attention, and wealth. But they're just three holes walking, so don't give them anything.
Mitali Vaidya
'Mitali Vaidya' 4 days ago
honestly i'll take whatever i can get which isnt much lol
Juliette Branker (farejuliette)
Why're all these people good looking? 🤔
Nicole Second
'Nicole Second' 4 days ago
who else actually thought that all the girls had died half their hair pink till at least more than half of the video
Shamir Bidaisee
'Shamir Bidaisee' 4 days ago
they want gender equality.
Kawaii Frappuccino
I like a sweet guy that's not afraid to cry
Michelle Miyazato
'Michelle Miyazato' 4 days ago
"clark kent in the streets, superman in the bed" lol so tru!
'Fanfire101' 5 days ago
Hey buzz-feed, you're cancer
Naomi Zawadzki
'Naomi Zawadzki' 5 days ago
Loll no one likes a**holes
'DivineSpiritxXxX' 5 days ago
Can't believe that girl actually said "We just want simple things" after all of what she said
Simply Mari
'Simply Mari' 5 days ago
Hold on....IS THAT KELSEY?
Dayna de Montagnac
im not reaally that attracted to abs or perfect jawline actually. being funny is a must tho
Eileen Conley
'Eileen Conley' 6 days ago
smh they mean what straight women want..
'KaiaTrxv' 6 days ago
00:34 You
Tim Boutilier
'Tim Boutilier' 6 days ago
Never mind that was the light
Tim Boutilier
'Tim Boutilier' 6 days ago
All the girls have pink hair 👩‍🎤
The Gaming Ninja
'The Gaming Ninja' 7 days ago
Women like certain things
Like men
Sorry if this is sexual assault
Arrowhead Mason0310
I think this video should really be called, 'Do men know what straight women want in a date?'. Anyone agree or am I being too Tumblr?
The Chicken Fairy
'The Chicken Fairy' 7 days ago
Basically women want balance lmao
The Chicken Fairy
'The Chicken Fairy' 7 days ago
Basically women want balance lmao
Kawaii Chan
'Kawaii Chan' 7 days ago
Idgaf about abs. I know so many guys with abs that make them look so unattractive. Tell me why you look like a lobster? If that makes you happy cool, get abs. Just don't do it for girls/boys/others do it for yourself
Katrina B
'Katrina B' 7 days ago
can you do "Do girls know what guys want"
Tram Nguyen
'Tram Nguyen' 1 week ago
no one ever bring up loyal ????
Persona non grata
'Persona non grata' 1 week ago
Oh, I don't have to have ALL the money. Thank god!
Call Of Caymen
'Call Of Caymen' 1 week ago
Buzzfeed believes all men should kiss the toes of women an listen to their every demand
Tokotoko Bunni
'Tokotoko Bunni' 1 week ago
I only date nerds. It's all about the personality, and over time you learn to spot the traits your type usually has physically, as well.
Pranks gone SEXUAL
why no one asks what lizards like. people need to stop hating other species
Delaney Cunningham
I feel like all this video served to do was confuse the masses more! These women said contradictory stuff and the guys were prone to believing stereotypes like "girls want the bad boy". For whatever it's worth, my two cents is this: women and men alike have their ideal significant other in their minds, but its not necessarily the person they end up wanting to be with. That being said, I do think that every person has a bottom line they want met when it comes to a s/o which should be someone who can love you as much as they love themselves and more.
Ketamine Productions
Feminism is cancer, eat crap buzzshit, go home kids, ketamine is all u need
George Vito
'George Vito' 1 week ago
Try to understand what women want its impossible, themselves they dont even know
Maria Uribe
'Maria Uribe' 1 week ago
I agree, that's what most women want. But some people like exactly the opposite. Take me for instance, I dont like nice guys. I like possessive, clingy, protective and dependable guys. Feminists are going to be like "OH SO YOU WANT AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP?!" It's not like that at all. I just like someone who can make decisions and take control when I'm not willing to do so myself. I'm naturally very dependent, naive and unmotivated, so I need someone who can lead me through life like a protective barrier around me. Girls just need a guy that complements them, and the stereotypical good guy just doesn't do it for everyone.
Edward Norton
'Edward Norton' 1 week ago
guys want. a women who's pretty, not fat. that's about it. women asking for too damn much. y'all just a wet hole 2 me frfr 💯
Manny Akintunde
'Manny Akintunde' 1 week ago
It's funny how women can talk about what they want in a man but, when a man asks to do the same, he's labeled a sexist or a pig. Textbook double standard.
Miller Savetz
'Miller Savetz' 1 week ago
This lighting is distracting.
'RebelWithKnives' 1 week ago
+Hunter Avallone anyone?
'mfriedrich2012' 1 week ago
They want resources ($), protection, social status, plus heavy doses of attention and drama.
If drama is not provided to them then they will manufacture it themselves.
Clarissa Lord
'Clarissa Lord' 1 week ago
The ginger is hot
The Full Metal Mike
I just want a woman who knows how to be happy and single BEFORE getting into a relationship.
quiet, shy boys are kinda cute tho because you know they arent fuckboys
Flop Kingdom
'Flop Kingdom' 1 week ago
Um i just want another woman.
Luke Robin
'Luke Robin' 1 week ago
Don't know don't care
Ev Is Hopefully Not Drowning
Ambition? These women want themselves some Slytherins
Santy Valens
'Santy Valens' 1 week ago
Marco Mercado
'Marco Mercado' 1 week ago
I'm just triggered by the man spreading
The guy in the thumbnail looks so much like Josh Dun I can't even.

EDIT: He only looks like Josh in the thumbnail, not really in the video.
'rocklesson86' 1 week ago
Every girl is different.
Twentyøne Crybabys
Here's what I want in a guy:

He would make me laugh
He would listen
He would care about my personality, not my looks
He would be the daring type
He would enjoy being around me
He would actually care for me.
beckerline pierrre
the end 😂😂 4:24
Jake Thumbs
'Jake Thumbs' 2 weeks ago
Confident, good looking, "rich", not a "bad boy" (which is a complete lie cuz all girls/woman want that. so you're telling me that you want the complete gold edition premium pre-order package?

oh well, means I'm going to be alone forever.
Calvin Ruysch
'Calvin Ruysch' 2 weeks ago
Heya guy !! complain Anybody watch larger than this result ? lewl..
Cici Jade
'Cici Jade' 2 weeks ago
I hate how the scale goes goes nice guy or A hole, there has to be a middle ground where your independent but still kind
Christine Owens
'Christine Owens' 2 weeks ago
personally I can think a guy is attractive up until I find out they are a jerk. Depending on just how attractive they are I can still appreciate their appearance, but I would never actually date them.
Elisa Marsing
'Elisa Marsing' 2 weeks ago
-social and good around people!
srsly what's hotter than a guys who's good around other people and can make everyone laugh?
Cookie Cat
'Cookie Cat' 2 weeks ago
This is all so complex, I just want someone to love me 😭😂
'Endjo' 2 weeks ago
confidence has been looked down on because of feminism deeming it macho/toxic masculinity.
therefore it is harder to find. otherwise interesting video

people say that women are set to an impossible standard because of looks. when in reality those looks shown on ads do not make men think drastically different thoughts about womanly beauty.
men on the other hand are supposed to be strong, masculine, be nice, not be too poor, not be masculine in the wrong way, not be too nice, be themselves but change everything because a woman said so just to get dumped for being "fake" and they have to be confident but not show it but still show it. all because women are easily affected by advertisement and just generally confused.

"we just wan't simple things" sure every one of these might be simple on their own but combined they are kinda not simple for guys, but i do think that men should listen more to what women want and vice versa if you sniff my drift
'Nali2013' 2 weeks ago
I only like bad boys in fiction. In real life I would always choose the nice guy from next door/best friend
Mocha Ccino
'Mocha Ccino' 2 weeks ago
Idk. If you're funny I will like you.
Shakespeare Olive
'Shakespeare Olive' 2 weeks ago
Everyone is different, you can't simplify what an entire gender is interested in.
Ivaniz Garcia
'Ivaniz Garcia' 2 weeks ago
Screw bad boys, I want a nice guy who will do all my bidding and I can control !! >:D lmfaoo
'allpossibleworlds' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only woman who thinks confidence in men is overrated? Like no, I don't want to be with a guy who is so uncertain that I need to reassure him about everything, but I like guys who are shy and quiet and unassuming.
'armst012' 2 weeks ago
Confidence, good Car, Cash, Career, good Credit..
Singing Liv
'Singing Liv' 2 weeks ago
Is it weird that I don't like confidence? I guess I'm so awkward that I want someone who can understand that and be awkward with me.
Juliana Hochileitner
I relate to none of that women
Elise Slyngstadli
'Elise Slyngstadli' 2 weeks ago
0:33 "what is the definition of a pretty boy?" you sir, are the definition of a pretty boy
'Gwynnie' 2 weeks ago
'What is the definition of a pretty boy?', says the pretty boy.
Elizabeth King
'Elizabeth King' 2 weeks ago
Okay; this was a terrible video. There were far too many things said and no consensus/conclusion.
Homieø (Lizzy)
'Homieø (Lizzy)' 2 weeks ago
I want someone
Karin Reuithe
'Karin Reuithe' 2 weeks ago
I thought all the ladies had some pink in their hair lol it was just the spotlight
bubby bumble
'bubby bumble' 2 weeks ago
If we said this about you would you be mad and call us sexist? I think you would.
bubby bumble
'bubby bumble' 2 weeks ago
Ok. Ok, ok ok. Before I watch the video I will answer. You want oppression. The historical events of the past have oppressed you. So you are deciding to slowly try to "turn the table" and do the exact same thing, to people who had nothing to do with it.
Me, as a guy, think you want to oppress us. Ruin people's lives. These stereotypes are slowly taking over, brainwashing people. That's it. Hugh Mungus has gotten too much of this stuff. We shall bring out the big guns. Nothing has made Radical Feminism listen. I will get Ken M to join the fight.
Jack Dawson
'Jack Dawson' 2 weeks ago
is that guy wearing fake airmags!?!?!😂😆😂😆
WHaaaTT ??
'WHaaaTT ??' 2 weeks ago
women like independent men and they like when do our thing when we want to do it and where we want to do it...
but later they will hate it when we want to watch sports whenever we want
'chucknastyness' 2 weeks ago
Dudes DO know what women want, we just don't want to work our whole life for just ONE. Why work your whole life get money, get in shape, build confidence, charisma, etc just to marry ONE woman?
madison j
'madison j' 2 weeks ago
Honestly don't really care about how much money you have, just want someone who can treat me right, can be my best friend and have lots of laughs, that's it
fancy mustace
'fancy mustace' 2 weeks ago
I mean money isn't that important as long as you have a good job and don't work at like McDonald's it's all good😂
meow Herrera
'meow Herrera' 2 weeks ago
We want to eat and not gain weight
'Scheurthiaume' 2 weeks ago
Am I the only one who's super into goofiness? Like I'm pretty quiet and reserved, so confidence to the point of goofiness is so attractive to me. Like yes, you're not afraid to make a fool of yourself and we can have fun together and not care what people think!
beauty agog
'beauty agog' 2 weeks ago
yo the guy in the light brown jacket tho
Venky S
'Venky S' 2 weeks ago
when you are taking about "bad boys" ,every woman has a smile on their face in this video..accept it you would prefer a bad boy over a nice guy
Kaiya Jones
'Kaiya Jones' 2 weeks ago
I kept thinking some of the girls had a pink strip in their hair but realized it was the lighting... A little later than I want to admit
maria cisneros-ruiz
'maria cisneros-ruiz' 2 weeks ago
I'm 24 and this really didn't speak to me as far as my desires for a man are. I desire someone who can lead me, guide me, protect my heart, know that neither one of us are perfect but despite that fact, still fight for US. I desire a man who seeks God above any worldly desires.
jade dao
'jade dao' 2 weeks ago
Do women know what men want?
Tasha Robertson
'Tasha Robertson' 2 weeks ago
I thought they all had red hair then I realised it was a light 😂
majs langare
'majs langare' 2 weeks ago
Girls want money
'DanAndPhilKinks' 2 weeks ago
They dont have pink hair.
Emma Tripp
'Emma Tripp' 2 weeks ago
straight people are so weird
DeutscherHanfVerband Fan
Do women know what women want? I don't think so, since all women are different. Or do you think that all women are alike?
'kateryna333' 2 weeks ago
I like polite thug with money
Sophia Vogel
'Sophia Vogel' 2 weeks ago
omg that girl in the strapless flower top is sooo pretty
Fox Nose
'Fox Nose' 2 weeks ago
is it just me or the guys in this video are all quite handsome 😋😋
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