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Catchphrase with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld -
Published: 1 week ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 1 week ago

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Jimmy teams up with Michelle Obama against Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld for a game of Catchphrase.

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Catchphrase with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld

Chinky BlingEye
'Chinky BlingEye' 5 hours ago
Michelle's reaction on Dave's Wu-Tang ;D 4:54
Daniel G
'Daniel G' 10 hours ago
What a trio!
Heaven J
'Heaven J' 13 hours ago
Michelle's outfit is cute 😂😂😂😂😂 lol
joe gurowsky
'joe gurowsky' 14 hours ago
I'll miss you just as much, Micelle. Best FLOTUS.
Lorie Estrada
'Lorie Estrada' 15 hours ago
Michelle Obama should run for president 😩😭💕
Lorie Estrada
'Lorie Estrada' 15 hours ago
Michelle Obama should run for president 😩😭💕
'iamjaquanna' 16 hours ago
Melania could never
bossaliniem$B tv
'bossaliniem$B tv' 19 hours ago
She don't like losing haha , funny shit .
'Hitopopamus' 20 hours ago
To think this woman was replaced by a pea brain gold digger makes me sick.
Victoria Vega
'Victoria Vega' 23 hours ago
I was 9 when Obama won and I'm turning 18 in June, time flies by man!😔
Amber Okorie
'Amber Okorie' 23 hours ago
what a weird mix of ppl
Dream Travel
'Dream Travel' 24 hours ago
Poke Smot
'Poke Smot' 1 day ago
Brainwashed Democrat filth. Most of u guys are fuckin idiots
'Urbanvizion' 1 day ago
Greatest 1st lady of all time!!!
J. Spadez
'J. Spadez' 1 day ago
I call rematch!
'PickeledOnion1' 1 day ago
'jkb39' 1 day ago
Chappelle for President #2020
Ray Senpai
'Ray Senpai' 1 day ago
get dave chapelle on the show man
Lama Khentrul
'Lama Khentrul' 1 day ago
this game never let me down
Gary Williams
'Gary Williams' 1 day ago
Jimmy and that Praise Break Tho LMBo!!!!!
'Sem' 2 days ago
shit dawg, 2 of the all time greats on the same stage
Alice Denis
'Alice Denis' 2 days ago
rate incorporate rebel vptgnwh magazine likely desire scientist collapse Ms
O_v_O 6
'O_v_O 6' 2 days ago
This is a fucking heavyweight lineup for this game lol
Tyler Ray
'Tyler Ray' 2 days ago
Dave and Jerry got too stoned back stage to play catchphrase 😋
Kyle Bleakney
'Kyle Bleakney' 2 days ago
Im surprised Seinfeld kept it together when Dave said "I get these when I stand next to the first lady." " Its when your skin stands up"
Stephanie Brito
'Stephanie Brito' 2 days ago
I love how Michelle is so competitve
kelli young
'kelli young' 2 days ago
Legendary group right here
Ram Are
'Ram Are' 2 days ago
Fuck off Starbucks
'minkakemi' 2 days ago
i love Jerry so much
Michelle, please don't go......

Oh forgot I'm not American
'MrAlex3132003' 3 days ago
Its fucked up how she gave the side smooch to Seinfeld but not Dave... SMH! But on the other hand, Dave kissed her but Jerry did not. Hmmmm... but they're both rare appearances of GREAT comedians that decided to ..make an appearance!
Rachel Mohi
'Rachel Mohi' 3 days ago
Such great people on this show tonight. I love seeing how quick witted each contestant can be!!!! And the players tonight - again, wow!!! 🙌
'OnlyThingOnMyMind' 3 days ago
Sophie Meier
'Sophie Meier' 3 days ago
Immigrant timing as gsgao social gay gray
Chanel Stelmachowicz
I wanted Jerry to be better at this
Lars VanBarbecue
'Lars VanBarbecue' 3 days ago
Jerry wore sneakers to have coffee with President Obama but a tux to hang out with the First Lady. I just find that funny.
Myron Ducker
'Myron Ducker' 3 days ago
Happy birthday
jonathan kim
'jonathan kim' 3 days ago
notice how jimmy knew Seinfelds last word was “soy milk” at the end. haha not as raw as it seems.
Hayden Grace
'Hayden Grace' 3 days ago
I love Michelle Obama so much and I'm not even American ❤️
Kiah Alex
'Kiah Alex' 3 days ago
best group of people ever!
Slim Bevis
'Slim Bevis' 4 days ago
Dave and Jerry are both my favorite
Jay Cole
'Jay Cole' 4 days ago
Jimmy was stalling with Beyonce smh
'KrOnix' 4 days ago
4 guys standing around a table
Miguel Iturralde
'Miguel Iturralde' 4 days ago
Seinfeld saying "Couldn't we just talk?" is the funniest thing in this.
'CARTOONx22x' 4 days ago
Technically Dave and Jerry WON. Last round Dave said the word on the clue.
'Wingededge' 4 days ago
Shouldn't they just grab another card if they say the word?
Mohamed Farouk
'Mohamed Farouk' 4 days ago
Unfair! Jerry Seinfeld won't lose that game if he's playing alone.
Jelle Straatsma
'Jelle Straatsma' 4 days ago
Was Jerry on the show that night? Can't find any clips. :(
Levi Reeves!
'Levi Reeves!' 4 days ago
cough cough bee movie cough cough
'peekaboots01' 4 days ago
Michelle is the best first lady we've ever had.
Sepehr Dastafshan
'Sepehr Dastafshan' 4 days ago
what a lovely and friendly lady.
'lucette396' 5 days ago
lol @ beyonce clue. it took him THAT long indeed lol
Brooke Corbeil
'Brooke Corbeil' 5 days ago
The bee movie looks different🤔
'Paladin76' 5 days ago
She's obviously been eating more than just school lunches.
amg fab
'amg fab' 5 days ago
wu tang hhhhhh
Oliver Gutierrez
'Oliver Gutierrez' 5 days ago
Chapelle and Seinfeld my two fav comedians 😍
John Smith
'John Smith' 5 days ago
Chappelle is a loser
Actually Tasteful Productions
Every second of Dave Cheppellle on film is precious haha supply and demand
Beeftongue jenkins
No disrespect, but the First Lady is KILLING that dress....damn.
serun Isuma
'serun Isuma' 5 days ago
Hema Malik
'Hema Malik' 5 days ago
This was actually quite boring. I loved the First Lady but Jerry Seinfeld made it too serious and was annoying.
Sincere One
'Sincere One' 5 days ago
lolol, Jimmy always wins!
Al Mo
'Al Mo' 5 days ago
fucking star power right here
Tracy Nguyen
'Tracy Nguyen' 5 days ago
Happy birthday First Lady!! 💞💞💞
'umeki' 5 days ago
shoutout to her for ruining school lunches appreciate it
'LuvDemSoundz' 5 days ago
Wait this game is flawed if you're taking turns with a time limit, then that would mean the person going first always has the advantage because they get first score lead and can stall the time
Doug Hanson
'Doug Hanson' 5 days ago
The Thing". That's great
Poke Smot
'Poke Smot' 5 days ago
This comment sections is a SJW paradise filled with black and muslims don't kill ppl only the "evil white man" only we kill LOL ur all so full of crap. This comment area I've never seen such stupidity.
'smaniz' 5 days ago
Imagine this with Melania Trump. AHAHAHAHA!
'Gensdancemom' 5 days ago
I feel like Jimmy Fallon would have a seamless Jerry Seinfeld impression
Alejandro García
'Alejandro García' 5 days ago
Now we know Jimmy knows the words of the game before it even starts. When Jerry blew it saying "Milk" he was like "Oh you said...!!!". and realized he was gonna be caught so he stfu instantly. 5:38
'kaydenpat' 5 days ago
That was fun. Hope he has her back on after she leaves the WH.
Lena Willems
'Lena Willems' 5 days ago
station doctrine cloud glove ownership gap text prospect audience.
Theo P
'Theo P' 5 days ago
5:22 dave is tired of playing cus hes scared hes gonna fuck it up again haha
'Gromish' 5 days ago
dat fat ass on michelle
'SheVieBee67' 5 days ago
Michael Goldman
'Michael Goldman' 5 days ago
Larry David would have been better than jerry
Xaverius David
'Xaverius David' 5 days ago
The last one soy milk, how did fallon know it was soy milk ? :s
Mister Doctor
'Mister Doctor' 5 days ago
Jerry snuck that extra hug in there lol
Leonor Lam
'Leonor Lam' 6 days ago
Brick settle leap spokesman silence
'samsonian' 6 days ago
Dang, what the what...Dave been lifting some weights and Mrs Oba lookin' fine as always. Damn boo, if the former prez is bad to you I'll be there quick as can be! Never thought I'd be sayin' it so unequivocably that I'd be happy to be the first lady's backdoor man!!
umou ceesay
'umou ceesay' 6 days ago
Love catchphrase used to play during lunch when I was high school! Let's just say we were the loudest table in the lunchroom!
evan cerny
'evan cerny' 6 days ago
I like how Michelle was the only one that got it when Dave said wu tang lol
Alexander McCurdy
'Alexander McCurdy' 6 days ago
"Liked" this before it even started playing 😂
Michelle is so competitive haha. I'm going to miss her!! Don't leave us!!
Theheartofa preston
Michelles victory dance loved it!
Ryan Ramirez
'Ryan Ramirez' 6 days ago
Did any one else notice Chappelle acknowledge Seinfelds one button situation? 1:18. Around 1:25 he begins to play with his own suit button then at 1:39 he looks off in to the distance and unbuttons his bottom button 😂😂
'MoonLiteWolf' 6 days ago
I freaking love Michelle so much <3
'1 FKT' 6 days ago
Do you think Melania Trump is going to be so much fun on a late night talk show?
Jim Alexander Rice
Illuminati confirmed.
Josefin Johansson
'Josefin Johansson' 6 days ago
This outro jingle is giving me the FEELS 🙏🏼😎
The One Man Who Beat You
So a Christian, a Jew and a Muslim walk into a bar...
'kevinsmellls' 6 days ago
3 of the funniest, most kindhearted, and influential people living in America ...and some asshole named Jerry Seinfeld.
Izzy King
'Izzy King' 6 days ago
it's amazing how the first lady is always so sharp no matter whats going on. she's super smart!!
Izzy King
'Izzy King' 6 days ago
that buzzer makes it difficult lol
Marie Hermans
'Marie Hermans' 6 days ago
Crash dependent remove routine lightly right confront imply mass
'MajorMovieStar' 6 days ago
That's awesome! I wish this was truly a game show with celebs playing for charity.
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