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Rae Sremmurd - Real Chill ft. Kodak Black -
Published: 2 months ago By: RaeSremmurdVEVO

By: RaeSremmurdVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

15, 707, 467 views

214, 603 Likes   10, 778 Dislikes

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Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Real Chill. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

Ido Shemer
'Ido Shemer' 1 hour ago
Good song
'IVAN' 2 hours ago
kodak black legit sounds like my grand ount 😅😂
Windex Original
'Windex Original' 5 hours ago
They cant wait till we fuck this song up
'Seviitor' 9 hours ago
if i had a dollar for every time kodak made a retarded noise
Donald Whorton
'Donald Whorton' 9 hours ago
this made my nipples hard
Charles Brin
'Charles Brin' 10 hours ago
1:46 Kodak not knowing how the fuck these things glow
'RedAspect' 10 hours ago
Kodak sounds badass HOLY SHIT💯💯
David Guevara
'David Guevara' 10 hours ago
Pineapple head ass lol
Ashton Bassard
'Ashton Bassard' 11 hours ago
slim jim can rap for real
Revolucion Polinesia
'Revolucion Polinesia' 11 hours ago
NasTy/Corrupted Pvp
'NasTy/Corrupted Pvp' 11 hours ago
What kind of real "chill" we talking about?
The chill you get in your balls when you sit on a cold toilet seat?
Or the chill when you dip your balls in grape soda?
'Fury' 17 hours ago
anyone know how to tame a horse in minecraft?
Southside Shit
'Southside Shit' 18 hours ago
they should do a remix with the migos that shit would be fye 🔥
Yarnell Riley
'Yarnell Riley' 23 hours ago
Joey Gamez
'Joey Gamez' 24 hours ago
Remember When No Flex Zone Was Awsome
Dawid Sowinski
'Dawid Sowinski' 1 day ago
check this out! I'm learning making beats, comment it, watch !
Blues Gameplay
'Blues Gameplay' 1 day ago
This song about drugs
Im Ahvoidz
'Im Ahvoidz' 1 day ago
All I smoke is loud ya it's gon blast in yo ear 🎶💨
Jalen Pouncy
'Jalen Pouncy' 1 day ago
they telling !me slow down
Karen Arriaga
'Karen Arriaga' 1 day ago
Party was lit lol
Jadarian Jones
'Jadarian Jones' 1 day ago
fye 💯💯
D.R.9 football
'D.R.9 football' 1 day ago
Some one please do a 1 hour version tell me if you do
Jalen Pouncy
'Jalen Pouncy' 2 days ago
jigle jigle😂😂😂😂
'DeuntaRobinson' 2 days ago
good music
'KEVIN WILLIAMS' 2 days ago
the first nigga rapping came in hard AF
jewel scott
'jewel scott' 2 days ago
All those damn Christmas lights 😂 fuck is this Stranger Things ?
konishi Daiki
'konishi Daiki' 2 days ago
They killing slow beats
beerus the destroyer
Damm thise shit stay chill
Majin Bruce
'Majin Bruce' 2 days ago
Is this a Black version of Stranger Things with all these lights ?
tyler harris
'tyler harris' 2 days ago
Kodak at the top my list this year
weedmouth Ondari
'weedmouth Ondari' 2 days ago
they cant wait till we turn this bitch upside down........i like that verse
salute SIR
'salute SIR' 2 days ago
Dat nigga Jim shoulda neva cut his shit
Justin Bal
'Justin Bal' 2 days ago
woeshoem 1 like for fucking my mother
GT Abraham
'GT Abraham' 2 days ago
Kodak look like black hellraiser
Swagg Doster
'Swagg Doster' 2 days ago
song dope great calbo
Karely Guevara
'Karely Guevara' 2 days ago
The christmas lights remind me of that one scene in stranger things...
'Shadow' 3 days ago
Rae srummerd over there jumpin around and drinking and kodak is over by himself playing with christmas lights...
Ty lee
'Ty lee' 3 days ago
0:33 when you get horny ass hell😂
'CARLOZ MENENDEZ' 3 days ago
This song is sooo trash, that it needed subtitles for people,to understand the lyrics. But yeah nice beat though......
Gaming Master
'Gaming Master' 3 days ago
this song is 🔘_🔘
'J R' 3 days ago
It may FEEL real
but that doesn't mean
that it's real real
Shawn Sajjad
'Shawn Sajjad' 3 days ago
Glad they got those sunglasses, seems really sunny in that club.
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tylik gillespie
'tylik gillespie' 3 days ago
this is badass girl you better put that ass to work
Shakim Lesporis
'Shakim Lesporis' 3 days ago
Kodak Black...... with Rae Sremmurd looks real chill
Shakim Lesporis
'Shakim Lesporis' 3 days ago
Kodak Black...... with Rae Sremmurd looks real chill
Lydia Bradford
'Lydia Bradford' 3 days ago
Sapnu puas

Read upside down
Martin Petru
'Martin Petru' 3 days ago
--GH--ea murder M
callofdutybeast bruh
the red violets are blue when the beat droped so did my house to
callofdutybeast bruh
this song is awsome 😎😎
Julian Games
'Julian Games' 3 days ago
Kodak Black Killed it tho
Who Curr
'Who Curr' 3 days ago
love this epsode of stranger things
Matthew Allaine Bamba
kodak look likes Lisa Simpson.. black lisa simpson
305 Stud
'305 Stud' 3 days ago
still stealed
Samuel Perez
'Samuel Perez' 3 days ago
Sagar Jha
'Sagar Jha' 3 days ago
can i get likes for no reason guys?
Antho Gott Staxx
'Antho Gott Staxx' 3 days ago
this hoe better chopped and screwed
Heather Preston
'Heather Preston' 3 days ago
have a satal in your hand
Heather Preston
'Heather Preston' 3 days ago
you do not wait until the hart come up
Heather Preston
'Heather Preston' 3 days ago
I know about mine craft
Zoe McNew
'Zoe McNew' 3 days ago
kodak black was 😍🔥
Heather Preston
'Heather Preston' 3 days ago
like it
Lamarrion Kyle
'Lamarrion Kyle' 3 days ago
smoke on that real chill 🔫🔫📱💊
Awe-Full Videos
'Awe-Full Videos' 3 days ago
kodak is just permanently confused
'Zero13x' 3 days ago
LIT ! 💥Beats On My Channel !
AwesomelyClassic Roblox Gaming And More
When you realize this song was made in November
'雑草アニメ' 4 days ago
1:51 Kodick Brick looks like the most badass locked video game character ever
'雑草アニメ' 4 days ago
Kodak Black 1:46 "we didnt have these here lights in da projeks"
'GameRunnerz' 4 days ago
Ear drummers !!!!!
RusticHaven2005 Gaming
I like swae lee he's my favorite!!!! smokin dah kill kill
Elijah Montanez
'Elijah Montanez' 4 days ago
Like they didn't just make this video after playing the call of duty
Kelvin Gabriel
'Kelvin Gabriel' 4 days ago
kodak surprised me here
Pull Up
'Pull Up' 4 days ago
This song makes me wanna slap my girl
Big RoRo
'Big RoRo' 4 days ago
I only came for Kodaks part 💀😂
aesthetic brah
'aesthetic brah' 4 days ago
this nigga kodak just one of the ugliest things ive seen all my live
'bleh' 4 days ago
dude said got that watch on feel like ben 10 lmao
'PRIM3_-TACTiCZ-1' 4 days ago
kodak is trash tf how can yall like him
'airanator1212' 4 days ago
Am I honestly the only one that thinks Kodaks voice sounds disgusting?
Trent Orr
'Trent Orr' 4 days ago
'Youforia301' 4 days ago
Yo if kodak's songs were like this he would be alot better
Tiger Chip
'Tiger Chip' 4 days ago
wait correct me if im wrong but at the beginning did it say penetrate us?
Jimmyray Parham
'Jimmyray Parham' 4 days ago
back to you
Ahmad Sim
'Ahmad Sim' 4 days ago
Ago my girl is the real deal
Molotov Cocktail
'Molotov Cocktail' 4 days ago
Damn, video so dark gotta turn my computers contrast all the way up to see these niggas...
cyborg Phoenix
'cyborg Phoenix' 4 days ago
its a bmore swag...truth b told
'AUSTIN GENTRY' 5 days ago
Kodak black i think they put you on, cause you suck dick and i think they where getting a charity for you so u can try to get some help for your retarded ass!!!haha,, nigga look like the black IT clown smh!!!!!!
tony ponticiello
'tony ponticiello' 5 days ago
real chill beats!
Tiffi B
'Tiffi B' 5 days ago
Slim Jim killed it bruh
Feyla Loulou
'Feyla Loulou' 5 days ago
🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 fire 💥💥💥💥
spaik is bro
'spaik is bro' 5 days ago
ккк по ним плачет ааххаха
DuB KiNg
'DuB KiNg' 5 days ago
Henry de Lesquen
'Henry de Lesquen' 5 days ago
Sound like Pineapple pen
Miah Woody
'Miah Woody' 5 days ago
Everything They Drop Is A Hit!! Much Respect To These Young Successful Artist - Miah Woody -
Ekmah Shalah
'Ekmah Shalah' 5 days ago
does any1 know where my roblox gf went ?
'MiloMeter' 5 days ago
i love you aka i am gay
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