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Happy Room - Best Killing Machine Ever! - Let's Play Happy Room Gameplay - Happy Wheels in a Room! -
Published: 4 months ago By: Blitz

By: BlitzPublished: 4 months ago

966, 333 views

8, 896 Likes   396 Dislikes

Welcome to Happy Room! Happy Room is a game like Happy Wheels where you are a highly durable human clone trying to lab test the newest weapon technologies! It plays like Happy Wheels!
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Happy Room Game Overview:

Welcome to the Happy Room laboratory!

Here tests are taken upon highly durable human clones using newest weapon technologies. Your goal is to head these tests. Will you destroy the test object using all available arsenal? Here is a wide range of various weapons waiting to be used for the most insidious purposes! Melee, energetic, firearm and even a black hole. Combine it at your desire! You may have a cup of hot coffee while another clone is being ripped by a circular saw and at the same time roasted by a flamethrower. Cruel?.. Maybe, anyway those test objects are just artificially grown human clones. So whatever, put your feet on the table and have no worry about a thing. Let your nerves relax, to the laboratory!

Happy Room is based on our old flash game Ragdoll Achievement & Ragdoll Achievement 2, but have lots more content and features. Happy Room plays similar to Happy Wheels!

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Ausie Gamer
'Ausie Gamer' 3 months ago
screw you you copied LazarBeam with the death machine
Joon Playz
'Joon Playz' 4 days ago
Best way to break game is you need teleported one above and one below
Donquixote Doflamingo
i subscribe
william Brown
'william Brown' 2 weeks ago
I live in Bushnell 609 a street
william Brown
'william Brown' 2 weeks ago
Blitz I need your help on Ragdoll achievement two
Connor Hughes
'Connor Hughes' 2 weeks ago
LOL! Ragdoll achievement ripoff. The same exact thing!
'madubt702' 2 weeks ago
Wtf omg☢️
'madubt702' 2 weeks ago
'RobloxinPlayer' 2 weeks ago
in the bottom of game it says happy wheels instead of happy room :|
Amy S.
'Amy S.' 3 weeks ago
Click the arrow on top of The arrow to go in to the upgrade menu
Jeramy Webber
'Jeramy Webber' 3 weeks ago
wheres the link ii see happy wheels or is happy room on steam?
Ryan Phan
'Ryan Phan' 4 weeks ago
Crossbows are like x-bows
AJ Sellers
'AJ Sellers' 4 weeks ago
ragdoll acheivment😕
'HamishElstobot' 1 month ago
Best trap ever
Poppy Anderson
'Poppy Anderson' 1 month ago
you literally are buddy the elf
Egg Army V
'Egg Army V'n'G' 2 months ago
When he used the cross bow all I could think of was he got a arrow to the knee! Reply "LOL!" if you get the reference!
'PenutButterBrayden' 2 months ago
I think he sounds like northernlion
Pablo Mendoza
'Pablo Mendoza' 2 months ago
I never knew that the € (Euro) was called a £ (pound) since when did the eu change the currency
'IAMADBOY 786' 2 months ago
Ender Bolt
'Ender Bolt' 2 months ago
I think portality should have been him being crushed in between two portals.
'Ino145' 3 months ago
This playlist is so not in order. xD
Morgan Nicoll
'Morgan Nicoll' 3 months ago
I subbed!
Louise Johnston
'Louise Johnston' 3 months ago
Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You bich
Master Slime
'Master Slime' 3 months ago
is this free because I really liked it
anh triêu hoan
'anh triêu hoan' 3 months ago
anh lon tao roi tao cho live
Kristie Stephan
'Kristie Stephan' 3 months ago
i subed
Flying Fluke
'Flying Fluke' 3 months ago
just do a bunch of bombs and it will do a ton of damage
king crab crab
'king crab crab' 3 months ago
is it FREE
Tropix Gaming
'Tropix Gaming' 3 months ago
14:19 i want puss* he sayd
'MattMaverickGaming' 3 months ago
'Milokiss82' 3 months ago
...Same music, Same theme... So far this is just Flak boy, A FREE flash game. Spikes, Jumpers, Mines as the starting... Yeah, Dont download this. It's just flakboy or whatever.
'PurplePlays' 3 months ago
just a tiny tip, try to add some comedy to your channel
Dissident Ace
'Dissident Ace' 3 months ago
Calls € pounds
'Connor's_Doom' 3 months ago
I experienced the stupidest thing in the game. at achievement #40 something, it said, "Explode a mine." WHY THE F*** WOULD IT BE SOMEWHERE AROUND #40?!?!???!?!!?
Jen Hagan
'Jen Hagan' 3 months ago
Thesis gamer is just like Flakboy, if anyone even knows what that is.
Francois Scheepers
'Francois Scheepers' 3 months ago
Maykay.Jaykay Man
'Maykay.Jaykay Man' 3 months ago
How do u not like the gore! Thats the whole purpose of this game, if anything theres not enough of it.
Tristan Taylor
'Tristan Taylor' 3 months ago
Can you make the clones less durable so they're damaged with normal human results?
'vidar12345' 3 months ago
New on the Chanel!
william smith
'william smith' 3 months ago
Dame Daniel
DANKzebra 525
'DANKzebra 525' 3 months ago
subscribe to Christian Conlon
'OliverObz' 3 months ago
happy to not play this morew like XDDDDDDDDDDD
Trang trang
'Trang trang' 3 months ago
Nhin kinh that
Lisa Best
'Lisa Best' 3 months ago
I got the free Sandbox mode for free
'SavageHitmarker' 3 months ago
suh dude
'GalaxyRaven' 3 months ago
1:35 ...

... That's a Euro....

As a British fellow (It's fun trying to talk all posh but I am British) I am offended by your appalling mix-up with Euros and Pounds!

I'm not offended. Just a heads up before you do that xD
'ElmowithSwag' 3 months ago
Who came from Kwebbelkop? Like if so
This comment will not get:
~5 replies
Jacob Hayes
'Jacob Hayes' 3 months ago
'TiTaN' 3 months ago
Cool :D I subscribed
ImSuchApro AtGaming
'ImSuchApro AtGaming' 3 months ago
#happy death
troy tate
'troy tate' 3 months ago
Josha Bonsu
'Josha Bonsu' 3 months ago
So... interactive buddy 3?
Leon Roper
'Leon Roper' 3 months ago
To gain loads of money, just spam mines it works quite well
Blake marks
'Blake marks' 3 months ago
Anyone remember 60 seconds?
Abram Williams
'Abram Williams' 3 months ago
Use the crossbow again that got you a ton of money
mario hissam
'mario hissam' 3 months ago
try the shot gun it does alot of damage
George Duqué
'George Duqué' 3 months ago
Thats was in euros,not pounds
Battle Frier
'Battle Frier' 3 months ago
hello can someone see me
Samuel Ejeh
'Samuel Ejeh' 3 months ago
you are upgrading the waepons with euros
SF Chara
'SF Chara' 3 months ago
Kenny Choong
'Kenny Choong' 3 months ago
I enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kurai Yonaka Channel
'Kurai Yonaka Channel' 3 months ago
I have best of 9877 damage on 15 minutes!
Chad Klasens
'Chad Klasens' 3 months ago
'Ajonce' 3 months ago
they were euros not pounds
'Jaysterplayz' 3 months ago
Sounds like mat shea
Cole Miller
'Cole Miller' 3 months ago
Use a tesla or a laser and you can send him through it repetitively at high speeds. Total exploit
'dogboyfrik100' 3 months ago
i finished this game 2 days ago
Void Exile
'Void Exile' 3 months ago
thos portals aren't even centered -.-
Pablo Hernandez
'Pablo Hernandez' 3 months ago
Forced positivity as it's finest
yahoo answers spookiness
its a little water slide
escept the slide is saws
and the water is blood
WolfblackPL Gaming
'WolfblackPL Gaming' 3 months ago
round 639 000 subs
Dominic Soldier
'Dominic Soldier' 3 months ago
wow you're bad at this game
Lawinia Sunny
'Lawinia Sunny' 3 months ago
Those are euros
Nikolay Vasilev
'Nikolay Vasilev' 3 months ago
Youtube logic:

Name of the game: Happy Room
Game in description: Happy Wheels
'perfpet' 3 months ago
He really did not understand this game? Did he
'C' 3 months ago
'C' 3 months ago
'C' 3 months ago
Bei Bei
'Bei Bei' 3 months ago
Death my thing yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gia Đạt Phạm
'Gia Đạt Phạm' 3 months ago
this's a web gsme???
bjerke jetta
'bjerke jetta' 3 months ago
is this on steam ??
Gold Snake
'Gold Snake' 3 months ago
this is straight up ragdoll achievement, everything is just ragdoll acheivement
'SyrupBuccaneer' 3 months ago
10:35 Hilarious
Leah H.
'Leah H.' 3 months ago
If you complain about people and reply
I can delete it :D
Eric the wingsuit _Corrupted_Maniac_
That poor guy tho 😭😭😭
'権田のっぽ' 3 months ago
very intresting
'Tharulerme' 3 months ago
Did you just call the Euro the Pound?
asriel dreamurr goming
grosss dude😊
Nathaniel Deernsted
'Nathaniel Deernsted' 3 months ago
I'm late better tell a joke no one will read

Me, myself, I. XD
Read Less
'GoatEnCharge' 3 months ago
Its a knock off of ragdoll achievment
Jacob games Hello
'Jacob games Hello' 3 months ago
R u realated to gnarikb
Sniper Wolf
'Sniper Wolf' 3 months ago
Can we play the game on ipad
Jake Mullen
'Jake Mullen' 3 months ago
You have to click the trash can to clear screen but you get all the money back that you used
'MODZEE_ 87' 3 months ago
This reminds me of kick the buddy
xXNawfal PlaysXx
'xXNawfal PlaysXx' 3 months ago
Blitz those aren't pounds their euros
Berat Şafak
'Berat Şafak' 3 months ago
Speckface // OllieBish
this should be called Ragdoll achievement 3
'Newbski' 3 months ago
22:38 Hes falling down stairs.
Bilal Naseem
'Bilal Naseem' 3 months ago
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