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How do I fap at a friend's place? -
Published: 3 months ago By: StevenSuptic

By: StevenSupticPublished: 3 months ago

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We're back with another Yahoo Quest. The show where I scour Yahoo for the worst questions ever.

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Blair Owens
'Blair Owens' 2 days ago
'HalfLucan' 5 days ago
Alright Steve.
This will forever be on my watch history...
Sah Dude
'Sah Dude' 5 days ago
alice through the lookin ass
'iiKomasan' 1 week ago
how does one fap without lube, without porn, and circumcised?
Piper Vincent
'Piper Vincent' 2 weeks ago
Nice Marty McFly cosplay, Steve.
Beamist Number
'Beamist Number' 2 weeks ago
i was laughing so hard, my dad told me to shut the fuck up
N to the motherfuckin O
look at this duuuuuude
Paweł W
'Paweł W' 3 weeks ago
777k subs. Lel such lucky xD
Lisa Lynn
'Lisa Lynn' 3 weeks ago
tastes like hot snot not pudding
8-Bit Squid
'8-Bit Squid' 3 weeks ago
Foxy Hamada
'Foxy Hamada' 4 weeks ago
So are you gay or what
Ariel Echevarria
'Ariel Echevarria' 4 weeks ago
I'd like to have sex with that 14 year old
'Clinterpottrmus' 4 weeks ago
What is the epic music he plays when answering questions? Great Video btw laughed a couple times :)
'Kinko' 4 weeks ago
I just came here to get the answer •_•
'Wezus' 1 month ago
"I'm soft chicken man"
'DarkArcharon' 1 month ago
why is this in my recommended...
Donald Trump
'Donald Trump' 2 months ago
literally bingewatching your videos you're fucking hilarious
'EffBeeEyeFREEZE' 2 months ago
Way to break it to them easy Steve. I will also do this.
Rin Hill
'Rin Hill' 2 months ago
Heterosexual? do you have something against gay or lesbians people? WTF
'xavier' 2 months ago
didnt know marty mcfly had a fuckin youtube
Ollie Tebbe
'Ollie Tebbe' 2 months ago
he's even got his hover board in the backround
Tegan Bollinger
'Tegan Bollinger' 2 months ago
im vegabn
'KONOWAR SIDUS' 2 months ago
pls does anybody kno what song that is
Tom Kelly
'Tom Kelly' 2 months ago
G8 b8 m8 8/8
Dylan Olson
'Dylan Olson' 2 months ago
why are the adds unskippable now?
WCHN Official
'WCHN Official' 2 months ago
This is Stevens best work
Other Lily
'Other Lily' 2 months ago
"where the questions are pure and delicate" b.s. ppl be asking how to masturbate on yahoo. xD
'Matox_the_56th' 2 months ago
This reminds me of internet commment ediquet.
Nuu Fox
'Nuu Fox' 2 months ago
im fuckinh ugly cackling. i goddamn love the wacky ass sense of humor in your responses
Watson mon
'Watson mon' 2 months ago
My favorite content on this channel
'Axxwound' 2 months ago
This is more entertaining than it should be. Loved it.
David Fredriksson
'David Fredriksson' 2 months ago
aren't you him from buzzfeed
Jake Schiller
'Jake Schiller' 2 months ago
You are fucking hilarious.
zula is a moose
'zula is a moose' 2 months ago
these are hilarious omg
Marisol Sriracha
'Marisol Sriracha' 2 months ago
why do you look like Driper from Gravity Falls
josh dun !
'josh dun !' 2 months ago
Benji Awesomness
'Benji Awesomness' 2 months ago
im 14 and 6'0 i weigh 190 pounds am I obese?
'Sombra' 2 months ago
It has 69 dislikes... coincidence? Probably not...
'Chew&Spit' 2 months ago
Steven.... Why are you dressed like dipper from Gravity Falls...... Steven, if there a cosplay obsession we need to talk about?
Aaron Cutrer
'Aaron Cutrer' 2 months ago
Hamie Bradshaw
'Hamie Bradshaw' 2 months ago
Marty mc fly
The Mute Button
'The Mute Button' 2 months ago
How long on average does it take for your sexy little muggies to arrive, from order to delivery?
'TragedyAli' 2 months ago
This is probably one of the funniest videos ive seen in a while XD
Emily Fairbank
'Emily Fairbank' 2 months ago
yes im soft chicken man
Adan Lawn
'Adan Lawn' 2 months ago
the song made me.cum on my.fingers
Jayson Allred
'Jayson Allred' 2 months ago
where is your foot
'Zombiehand' 2 months ago
I think you look more like dipper pines
Sergio Esparza
'Sergio Esparza' 2 months ago
I haven't laughed this hard at a video in at least three fortnights. Thanks for the gr8 content.
'Addie' 2 months ago
I'm fucking pumped because when I was on yahoo answers maybe a week ago,, I actually ran into the first question only to find one answer by Steven and I just fucking died cause it was such a coincidence that I found his ask account in real life like holy shit this is magical
'FrankMcSwag' 2 months ago
this is amazing
John Stewart
'John Stewart' 2 months ago
Steven suptic is lowkey one of the most underrated youtubers... he deserves more attention
Devin G
'Devin G' 2 months ago
I lost it when he said coitus, I don't hear it very often
'Resettic' 2 months ago
"absolutely not" fucking died.
Grace Biglow
'Grace Biglow' 2 months ago
Why do you look like your character from Steve and Tyler goes fishing??
Sawa Nakamura
'Sawa Nakamura' 2 months ago
i like you because you're a shit, and don't try to hide it
hopefully in a few years when you're 83 youll shed that minecraft fanbase and emerge as a beautiful YT cum dumpster
'AnarchyParkour' 2 months ago
#watch Goofy's trial #laugh
Mister Forlorn
'Mister Forlorn' 2 months ago
Best quote of the video: "I'm soft chicken man."
Finding Magda
'Finding Magda' 2 months ago
#Laugh "i got hugged by a girl"
'ZENA' 2 months ago
Fucking hell Steven
'Consuelo' 2 months ago
why do you look like you're doing a Steve and Tyler episode
'deathdefireplaysmc' 2 months ago
He looks like his mincraft character when he went fishing
'Bugz' 2 months ago
You will never escape your past HwnT
Ryann no
'Ryann no' 2 months ago
steve and tyler go fishing
Maddie Wheeler
'Maddie Wheeler' 2 months ago
why do you end your questions in periods?
'TheJoshMan' 2 months ago
Can i send you a play button made of semen and cat hair?
Matthew French
'Matthew French' 2 months ago
I am in tears after watching this, pretty moving stuff.
gabriel ong
'gabriel ong' 2 months ago
Pretend you are going to poop
Hello You
'Hello You' 2 months ago
those are fucking brackets
KaimyKatZ :3
'KaimyKatZ :3' 2 months ago
Did anyone think of Steve and Tyler Go when he mentioned that he looked like a fisherman?? What a throwback
jen giolito
'jen giolito' 2 months ago
I still want my cake saying "I'm a strong boy."
'Coolcone101' 2 months ago
Christ man, looks like someone forgot his DeLorean xD
'youshouldnteatsoap' 2 months ago
hello, marty
'Shortruler' 2 months ago
I got an ad titled nofap on this video. God damn it, Suptic.
Chris smith
'Chris smith' 2 months ago
is that a real golden youtube award in the background?
batty Boo
'batty Boo' 2 months ago
nigga look like dipper from gravity falls
'JingleMallet' 2 months ago
Semen is actually really salty. You're welcome.
'Silkysmooth' 2 months ago
Steve's fisherman outfit just reminds me of Steve and Tyler go fishing :/
Eveo Wolf
'Eveo Wolf' 2 months ago
What are those headsets you use.
'madlittlemarie' 2 months ago
absolutely not
English Breakfast Tea
Did anyone see him type orgasms are sin and change it?
Shannon Stone
'Shannon Stone' 2 months ago
this is amazing. I'm so glad I found your channel.
'A DOG KNAPP' 2 months ago
why are you dressed like marty mcfly?
notmia edgeatall
'notmia edgeatall' 2 months ago
You look like dipper
Adam VanderZouwen
'Adam VanderZouwen' 2 months ago
Phenomenal! +1 subscriber
kelsey burrows
'kelsey burrows' 2 months ago
these are my fav type of video steve makes
Crazy Frog Lady
'Crazy Frog Lady' 2 months ago
Anyone else notice him erasing words and replacing it with the stuff he actually said. Lots of hidden stuff.
'PieHasNoMemes' 2 months ago
Ayyyy 11/4 is my birthday
Harry Selby
'Harry Selby' 2 months ago
suppy is just an american filthy frank
'mdr48371' 2 months ago
Why is Teben wearing a life preserver?
'SikoTV' 2 months ago
Yes do more yahoo quest
dan Montminy
'dan Montminy' 2 months ago
Marty McFly lookin ass...
'Koosh' 2 months ago
this is actually my favorite series. please continue
MaryAmanda D
'MaryAmanda D' 2 months ago
Where's the friggen INTRO STEVEN
Metal _StInger
'Metal _StInger' 2 months ago
Weed doesn't do shit to your body or brain like actual drugs
Rico Lorenz
'Rico Lorenz' 2 months ago
Hey Steven, I couldn't help but notice that you look a little bit like a fisherman today!
'zodeack300' 2 months ago
jesus christ man you gotta stop, were getting worried about you
'DudeTVDude' 2 months ago
Tyler evenrud is kinda a little obsessed with you
'Kristin' 2 months ago
Marty McSteven
Matt Miller
'Matt Miller' 2 months ago
did you really actually put these comment on there??????/
Ainsley Painsley
'Ainsley Painsley' 2 months ago
"Senior year in middle school"
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