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Bebe Rexha - I Got You [Official Music Video] -
Published: 2 months ago By: Bebe Rexha

By: Bebe RexhaPublished: 2 months ago

78, 924, 886 views

746, 457 Likes   24, 840 Dislikes

Bebe Rexha - I Got You. From the album All Your Fault: Pt. 1:

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Bebe Rexha
'Bebe Rexha' 2 months ago
earth. air. fire. water. i'd go through all the elements for you.
Marbles R round
'Marbles R round' 4 minutes ago
I think she's pretty hot.
Fabián Alfredo Alcántara
She would definitely turns me straight! 🤤
Cathy Ladent
'Cathy Ladent' 37 minutes ago
J'adore putain c est trop beau !!!!!! sa me fait qqch au coeur j adore tu est mon exemple je chante beaucoup moi aussi bref je t'adore je t'aime
isabella saavedra
'isabella saavedra' 41 minutes ago
jaajjaja en algunas partes por lo editado se escuchan como gallos jajajajajaj :v
Victor Matos
'Victor Matos' 44 minutes ago
Ali Hamdan
'Ali Hamdan' 50 minutes ago
i got you in the desert
Mike Fox
'Mike Fox' 51 minutes ago
I wonder if that's Sirius (Star) on 2:19
vik_lp 187
'vik_lp 187' 52 minutes ago
Swag Girl
'Swag Girl' 1 hour ago
She's albania girl and she's the bestt 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥
Michael McGrory
'Michael McGrory' 1 hour ago
Goddess of woman
Callie Hinson
'Callie Hinson' 1 hour ago
I love her fashion so mUCH I CAN'T >v<
Vedat Erdem
'Vedat Erdem' 2 hours ago
ilk tefa bir yabançı şarkıyı bu kadr beğn dim :D
Luis Davi
'Luis Davi' 2 hours ago
what fock
juan lescano
'juan lescano' 2 hours ago
este vídeo esta genial
Rob & Judy McSheehan
Wajdi Kmt
'Wajdi Kmt' 2 hours ago
Who the fuck are you
Zahid Ahmed
'Zahid Ahmed' 2 hours ago
sexy butt...!¡!
Jacob Wope
'Jacob Wope' 2 hours ago
Smash or Pass 😜
Puerto Rico
'Puerto Rico' 2 hours ago
745k pervs watching
Adam Wu
'Adam Wu' 2 hours ago
Alicia E Suas Amigas
Eu, a única brasileira
'JDOGFTW' 2 hours ago
Epic Beat drop bebe
Abbi Massey
'Abbi Massey' 3 hours ago
I want all of her clothes
George Naz
'George Naz' 3 hours ago
She kinda looks like kylie jenner...
Her Yer Video
'Her Yer Video' 3 hours ago
'Sarah' 3 hours ago
The outfits are on point in this video.😂😂😂
Jax F
'Jax F' 3 hours ago
listening to her music from the beginning before she was mainstream she was great. She didn't need to be sexualized to be famous her voice is good without being attached to a sexy half naked body. she looks good as a blonde but it doesn't fit her personality. This is my favorite song for now but the video is so sexual.
Tilda Ward
'Tilda Ward' 3 hours ago
I actually saw her in Calabasas California when I was out there visiting family. she don't look so hot in person.
moollah moollah
'moollah moollah' 3 hours ago
Dilya k
'Dilya k' 3 hours ago
Gabriel Fernandez
'Gabriel Fernandez' 4 hours ago
Lucia sm
'Lucia sm' 4 hours ago
lo bien que le queda a esta mujer el rojo dios😍
ᄒᄌ ᄎ
'ᄒᄌ ᄎ' 4 hours ago
Mihai Cotobei
'Mihai Cotobei' 4 hours ago
complicate ....just i like one girl
Ashley Martinez
'Ashley Martinez' 4 hours ago
you are beautiful
Gaming Girl
'Gaming Girl' 4 hours ago
Bebe👩. + 🎤= A really good singer
CJ Minor
'CJ Minor' 4 hours ago
I love how her channel name is just Bebe Rexha, not BebeRexhaVevo.
Maria de los Angeles Juarez
'TC VLOGS' 4 hours ago
You are the best girl ever
loukili fatima zohra
She looks like Salma Hayek
Savage Cabbage
'Savage Cabbage' 4 hours ago
i got calluiooo
'dazaro' 4 hours ago
No one is likely gonna read this post.

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Elnur Elgin
'Elnur Elgin' 5 hours ago
She stole my imaginary video clip :(
Mohit Gangrade
'Mohit Gangrade' 5 hours ago
the song is great!!! and damn bebe rexha looks beautiful!
danny yo
'danny yo' 5 hours ago
better hips than Shakira!!!!
Laura Saldaña
'Laura Saldaña' 5 hours ago
me a gustado la cancion
angela tube
'angela tube' 5 hours ago
bebe rexha y love 💎💐
Hello 40
'Hello 40' 6 hours ago
кто здесь руский то лайк!
Hello 40
'Hello 40' 6 hours ago
кто здесь руский то лайк!
'Mrs.cactus' 6 hours ago
THIS SONG HAS EVERYTHING:meaning,a good beat,its catchy,a good video,a great voice,good lyrics
Ana Luiza
'Ana Luiza' 6 hours ago
I love you baby
Xhaka Albania
'Xhaka Albania' 6 hours ago
my life
Xhaka Albania
'Xhaka Albania' 6 hours ago
my everything
Nabeel A Nissar
'Nabeel A Nissar' 6 hours ago
i like the music😘
Deatric Jackson
'Deatric Jackson' 6 hours ago
needs more auto tune
Avni Hyseni
'Avni Hyseni' 6 hours ago
Albanian Lady. ✌
ed junior
'ed junior' 6 hours ago
there is something with her voice that amazes me, such a unique voice she has <3
mujeeb rehman
'mujeeb rehman' 6 hours ago
YOur Voice Ufffff .......!!!!
Kristóf Papp
'Kristóf Papp' 6 hours ago
'dytto' 6 hours ago
Bebe Rexha
this song is fucking Righteous
Маша Семыкина
Danny Herrera
'Danny Herrera' 7 hours ago
she is so damn hot 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
'ProGamer' 7 hours ago
The Best Sing
Sara Paredes
'Sara Paredes' 7 hours ago
I love it so much. 🖒🖒🖒❤❤
Kristiana Petrova
'Kristiana Petrova' 7 hours ago
Dora Vieira
'Dora Vieira' 7 hours ago
sou a unica brasileira ?
harley quinn
'harley quinn' 7 hours ago
i got you 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Shakkira U
'Shakkira U' 7 hours ago
nice song
Paco Shrader K
'Paco Shrader K' 7 hours ago
Toñiito Fernandez.
'Toñiito Fernandez.' 7 hours ago
I am love Bebe rexha 😍😍😍
Fedra 9106
'Fedra 9106' 8 hours ago
You rexha beautiful baby you are the best: D
Алина Кадырова
Обязательно язык высовывать при слове thinking ?!
Bass World
'Bass World' 8 hours ago
sub to me i sub back
Emrats Alpha
'Emrats Alpha' 8 hours ago
I like Alex Aiono's cover better.
Zharich Leon
'Zharich Leon' 8 hours ago
im a big fan♥♥♥♥♥♥
Ana Anutza
'Ana Anutza' 8 hours ago
Sheik Hussain
'Sheik Hussain' 9 hours ago
OMG! Rexha you are looking so beautiful ;*
Pablo Mendoza Ballinas
Me gusta la canción 😝😝💯
'Eidolon' 9 hours ago
Grammar seems to be a dying trend in the music industry....
alice kirishima
'alice kirishima' 9 hours ago
this song is sooo awesome
DJ Virgiz
'DJ Virgiz' 9 hours ago
People ! Support my new channel with likes, thank you ALL in advance !
Eric Kiskisan
'Eric Kiskisan' 9 hours ago
looks like Kylie Jenner... love her voice👑👑👑👑❤❤❤
Junny Spears
'Junny Spears' 9 hours ago
Jemina Mäkinen
'Jemina Mäkinen' 9 hours ago
Rianca Riana
'Rianca Riana' 9 hours ago
Cristian Burke
'Cristian Burke' 9 hours ago
djcoco vip finland y costa rica
Paülo -
'Paülo -' 10 hours ago
janina jagusiak
'janina jagusiak' 10 hours ago
im going to uor consert next week see u there
Anca Vasilescu -Guiu
'Anca Vasilescu -Guiu' 10 hours ago
Ador melodia asta ❤❤😍😍
Juan carlos Arenz
'Juan carlos Arenz' 10 hours ago
Fantastic Disco song.....
Duda Ferreira
'Duda Ferreira' 10 hours ago
Só quem é do Brasil curti esse comentário !!!
Rhea Thaver
'Rhea Thaver' 10 hours ago
Thamika 2 Narain
'Thamika 2 Narain' 10 hours ago
hi rhea
Jamal Ali Khan
'Jamal Ali Khan' 11 hours ago
Du hure
Manoj Varughese
'Manoj Varughese' 11 hours ago
real bebe....
Florence Bégin
'Florence Bégin' 11 hours ago
I love you
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