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Vegetarians Try Veggie Fast Food Options -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 2 months ago

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'Mkano' 2 days ago
do u realise that by buying vegetarian food in burger king u support meat-seling-killing animals buisness?Cuz they use ur money to kill more animals
Chloe Check
'Chloe Check' 3 days ago
Michelle Reap
'Michelle Reap' 3 days ago
I thought the grilled cheese at In n Out was really bad and the fries were even worse
Christel Bailey
'Christel Bailey' 3 days ago
Being a vegetarian in Holland can be challenging as well, being a vegan is even worse. Like in Amsterdam it's much easier because it's super touristic and all but I live in the country side and here everything that's vegetarian has cheese in it so that doesn't make it super healthy or anything, and just because you don't eat meat they pressume you like all these weird vegetables hardly no one really eats or likes so yeah...
'jpumbaa1' 4 days ago
To paraphrase Raven from Teen Titans; I respect that you don't eat meat. Please respect that I don't eat fake meat.
'posumy' 5 days ago
there is a wondeful place here where i live called lord of the fries
'zeyma1998' 5 days ago
7 layer burrito at Taco Bell isn't vegetarian because the sour cream contains gelatin
Joy Z
'Joy Z' 5 days ago
Im trying to go vegan ;)
Adam Helberg
'Adam Helberg' 5 days ago
Where my vegetarian squad at
Siva Nova
'Siva Nova' 6 days ago
I want to be a vegetarian so bad but it'd be so difficult fitting that in with my family's lifestyle, I've slowly integrated it into everyday life though e.g. I will absolutely refuse to eat anything with lamb or cow meat in it, I don't care even if it's gravy or like sweets with beef gelatin in them like I will sooner eat my own foot than anything with those animals in it.

I need to start doing the same with everything else though, such as chicken and fish. I don't want to eat those beautiful animals.
Alisha S
'Alisha S' 6 days ago
just say 4! lol
Doug Kincaide
'Doug Kincaide' 7 days ago
Nothing about that In-N-Out sandwhich is vegetarian. Pigs were slaughtered to make it.
'spa123able' 1 week ago
A&W have really good veggie burger ... l
'The'Sev.' 1 week ago
they dont eat animals but they eat animals food lol
ashley fazio
'ashley fazio' 1 week ago
should have done the 8 layer veggie burrito at del taco!!! sooo good!
'brittk2007' 2 weeks ago
In n out- get a grilled cheese, extra toasted bun, extra tomato, and animal style. You're welcome
'ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ' 2 weeks ago
" i usually don't go i there because they don't have food for me".

Really ? As a vegetarian it is super easy xD try it as a vegan !
Kejsi Hoxha
'Kejsi Hoxha' 2 weeks ago
Didn't know they had LP as a special guest
'Ghostgamer916' 2 weeks ago
I gave my vegan gf a meat burger, she broke up with me. c;
Wonder Neo
'Wonder Neo' 2 weeks ago
"Are you crying again?"
'Kels617' 2 weeks ago
I'm not sure if your from Texas or have this or not but find a Freddy's fast food restaurant they are know for their burgers but their vegetarian burger is bomb! And that place is known for their actual meat burgers but the vegetarian burger taste way better to me
homestucks everywhere
i just cant do fast food, it makes me want to puke.
Grant D
'Grant D' 2 weeks ago
That girl's silver eyeliner is ON POINT.
Mya Amlani
'Mya Amlani' 2 weeks ago
1:20 Chantel's face when Tan didn't know what a breakfast sandwich is 😂😂😂
Gauri Sansare
'Gauri Sansare' 2 weeks ago
eggs are vegetarian ???
Kendra Schmidt
'Kendra Schmidt' 3 weeks ago
gargi gupta
'gargi gupta' 3 weeks ago
how can they miss which which sandwhich they have the best vegetarian sandwhich everrrrrrr...plz try if you guys haven't
'BelowAverage000' 3 weeks ago
I live off of these foods. Life as a lazy vegetarian girl is so funny like I'm not doing this for health I'm actually trash
Dalton Croy
'Dalton Croy' 3 weeks ago
Subway's veggie patties are really good. I'm a meat eater and I'd get them on occasion because they're so good
'Gnarly182' 3 weeks ago
can the girl at 1:00 with the red lipstick, stop staring into my soul
john tasci
'john tasci' 3 weeks ago
I'm crying because the food is so good huhhhhhh
john tasci
'john tasci' 3 weeks ago
I feel so bad for vegetarians
Nobody WhatSoEver
'Nobody WhatSoEver' 3 weeks ago
I love that girls purple hair
Anna Lee
'Anna Lee' 3 weeks ago
I always get the grilled cheese at in and out but whenever I ask for one the employee just looks at me like 'wtf is this girl serious"
Outback 54
'Outback 54' 4 weeks ago
The asian chick is way too enthusiastic for anything. seen her previous videos as well. She's annoying.
'asivoria9' 4 weeks ago
Technically egg isn't fully vegetarian. It just depends on the type you are.
Heartless Angel
'Heartless Angel' 4 weeks ago
tania has a girlfriend or she is still single!😍
Adam Helberg
'Adam Helberg' 4 weeks ago
Her face when she said what's a breakfast sandwich
'gyloir' 4 weeks ago
Vegetarians who eat eggs, not exactly true vegetarians imo.
Priyanshi Sharma
'Priyanshi Sharma' 4 weeks ago
since when egg white is considered vegetarian? 🙄
Jake Bob
'Jake Bob' 4 weeks ago
But they aren't vegetarian... Eggs and cheese? lol
Cadence & Maddi?
'Cadence & Maddi?' 4 weeks ago
now try being vegan ❤🌱😂😂😂 in America
Sarah Castro
'Sarah Castro' 4 weeks ago
But shake shack does have a vegetarian option. It's the Portobello Mushroom burger when it's just a huge mushroom stuffed with cheese and secret sauce and it's amazing
'maz-e' 4 weeks ago
This is also good for religious hebraics who don't eat meat unless it's ritually slaughtered.
'EnchikO' 4 weeks ago
Are you cryin again :D
Sahib Vening
'Sahib Vening' 4 weeks ago
I wonder if Tan is "man spreading" right now
Jazmin Paeste
'Jazmin Paeste' 4 weeks ago
I wan't that IN-N-OUT grilled cheese! IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!🍔🍔🍔 And I'm not even vegetarian🍳
Sara Winardi
'Sara Winardi' 4 weeks ago
I am not a vegetarian but I ate Burger King's veggie burger. It is so good but now I want to try in and out's
Jovana Neri
'Jovana Neri' 4 weeks ago
Close ya legs tan!!! -H3H3
Aditi shrivastava
'Aditi shrivastava' 4 weeks ago
Egg whites, technically are not veg, they come from animals
Andrei S
'Andrei S' 1 month ago
Vegans get pranked by being forcefed meat.
Lisa May
'Lisa May' 1 month ago
I'm a vegetarian
'Joseph' 1 month ago
Isn't the egg thing not vegetarian cuz they had to get it from the egg
'thetoiletofkings' 1 month ago
The Shake Shack 'Shroom burger is the absolute best fast food veggie option. I'm sad they didn't include it.
Jouanna Drammeh
'Jouanna Drammeh' 1 month ago
yeah I'm never doing that
Chae Janae
'Chae Janae' 1 month ago
Going out to get a veggie burger from BK rn
Unnati B
'Unnati B' 1 month ago
'He's gay Petra' 1 month ago
I've really fking struggled with Veganism so I feel vegetarian would be easier for me altho I do feel really disgusting eating meat
Geroge Swagingington
That black girl is sexy af.
Geordie gamer
'Geordie gamer' 1 month ago
Vegetarians eat chicken babys
Just Jess
'Just Jess' 1 month ago
I'm so hungry now, except I don't eat egg either so dd is out
Jai Kethan
'Jai Kethan' 1 month ago
that purple hair is disgusting in my opinion
Julio Bailon
'Julio Bailon' 1 month ago
I wouldn't eat egg if I was a vegetarian
Cyiza a
'Cyiza a' 1 month ago
The Burger King one is good but I can never finish it
The vegan Jess
'The vegan Jess' 1 month ago
Go vegan.
Robin Vangberg
'Robin Vangberg' 1 month ago
i still dont trust or like you Tan!
'Svsca' 1 month ago
If this tasted like meat i would go vegetarian
'AkamonTheLion' 1 month ago
I thought vegans couldn't eat eggs
Tran Nguyen
'Tran Nguyen' 1 month ago
Chantel's face when that girl didn't know what a breakfast sandwich was HAHAHA
Wednesday Party
'Wednesday Party' 1 month ago
I'm a vegetarian
'Thewifeswapped' 1 month ago
That's a chick...wearing the hat...right? ??
'CACubed' 1 month ago
Mohit Kumar
'Mohit Kumar' 1 month ago
I am veg bout plus I can not have eggs but dairy is ok
Mekinzi Lewis
'Mekinzi Lewis' 1 month ago
Can confirm that the Burger King veggie burger IS AS GOOD AS THEY'RE MAKING IT OUT TO BE. I promise. only thing is that if you mind things being cooked on the same surface as actual meat they might do that, I'm not sure. Also, Taco Bell has way more veggie options than that sad little burrito. There's a great black bean bowl thing that I always get, 5☆
'Shokara2' 1 month ago
I love subways vegies patty on flat bread with southwest sauce and loading up on veggies. Oooh man.
Xbox Upload Gaming
'Xbox Upload Gaming' 1 month ago
Tan is just in all he wrong areas Vegetarian and feminist
Hairy Slother
'Hairy Slother' 1 month ago
Hey guys, just a question..

If a Vegan beats meat.. Are they still Vegan?
Aditi shrivastava
'Aditi shrivastava' 1 month ago
Come to India, if you want vegetarian fast food, 3 out of 5 of the fast food items are veg
Doge Meme
'Doge Meme' 1 month ago
How to speak with a British accent
No= Noy
Car= Cah
Hello= Hellor
Tulsi Patel
'Tulsi Patel' 1 month ago
You can get the same burger from in and out at every other fast food place. I've been to chick fil a, McDonalds, etc... From a fellow vegetarian.
'winxred12' 1 month ago
idk burger king had a veggie burger!!
- Hoogy
'- Hoogy' 1 month ago
'Donaldthustra' 1 month ago
We need to gas the vegan untermenschen. Trump will make gas chambers great again.
Omar Lopez
'Omar Lopez' 1 month ago
I hope most people know that In N Out makes their Grilled Cheeses on the same grill that they cook their regular meat patties on...
Veronica Lopez
'Veronica Lopez' 1 month ago
did not know burger king had veggie patty. Cool! I'll be going IN on my cheat day!!!
'brn123' 1 month ago
im so gonna have the burger king one
Taylor Hunsaker
'Taylor Hunsaker' 1 month ago
In-n-out is way overrated. I tried it once and was beyond disappointed
gabrielle keating
'gabrielle keating' 1 month ago
chik-fil-a has the best veggie wrap they just dont advertise it
Murat Demirci
'Murat Demirci' 1 month ago
WTF why is she always crying by eating veggie food 🙄
Alicia Bezzina
'Alicia Bezzina' 1 month ago
I consider fellow vegetarians siblings or at least friends
Pranks gone SEXUAL
'Pranks gone SEXUAL' 1 month ago
joeysalads pranked you people thats meat
VeryNormal SimplePerson
Did she cry after eating a fast food vegetarian burger ?
OMG this people are so flavor deprived. I'm so glad I stopped being a vegetarian.
jack matthews
'jack matthews' 1 month ago
Buzzfeed should do-"$1 bleach vs $1,000 bleach
Cassie Rodriguez
'Cassie Rodriguez' 1 month ago
Where's chipotle though
'noirettebeauty' 1 month ago
Awww new overseas besties being made <333333
'ThatDutchguy' 1 month ago
This made me hungry, i'm going to kill a few chickens now,....bye.
Olivia Everette
'Olivia Everette' 2 months ago
The girl crying is literally me wen I find good vegetarian food
Max Cooper
'Max Cooper' 2 months ago
I've been a vegetarian for my whole life. never been to fast food restaurants outside of when I go to india
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