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Vegetarians Try Veggie Fast Food Options -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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Anika Ahlstrom
'Anika Ahlstrom' 12 hours ago
taco bell veggie power bowl is like 10x better than the 7 layer burrito.
Eggs are a meat though?
'iluvharrypotter97' 2 days ago
Burger King veggie burgers are so overrated, they don't taste that good.
Dani Brooks
'Dani Brooks' 3 days ago
I don't see why you would eat at a fast food restaurant like Burger King as a vegetarian because even though you buy a veggie burger you still support the companys mass husbandry
Olivia Deng
'Olivia Deng' 3 days ago
can in n out come to canada?? I need it.
halo glow
'halo glow' 4 days ago
egg is not vegetarian lol
'asra' 4 days ago
7 layer burritos, milkshakes on milkshakes and FRIES
'iJam24' 6 days ago
I didn't know vegetarians ate eggs.
Denise Sanchez
'Denise Sanchez' 6 days ago
i loveeeee veggie burgers at in n out
'kalloused' 7 days ago
In 'N Out' is so trash. Californians need to try actual hamburgers
Pink Heart
'Pink Heart' 7 days ago
come to india. lots of variety in vegetarian food.
Dead meme 27
'Dead meme 27' 1 week ago
Svetlana Zheinova
'Svetlana Zheinova' 1 week ago
burger king actually fry their veggie in meat oil im pretty sure!
Freddy Thornton
'Freddy Thornton' 1 week ago
i'm the girl who cried at burger king
Laurel Brown
'Laurel Brown' 1 week ago
I'm a college student, and I live off of burger kings veggie burgers.
ham damage
'ham damage' 2 weeks ago
i have a gluten allergy so fast food is almost always a no go
'SicklySynester' 2 weeks ago
im not vegan or vegetarian but i wouldn't trust fast food employees to get my order right.
'Faxe' 2 weeks ago
hey thats the manspread lesbian
Tugba Bulut
'Tugba Bulut' 2 weeks ago
Wait, don't you guys have in America at McDonalds Veggie Chicken? Here in Austria we have it, it tastes juste like chicken and I'm not vegetarian or vegan.
tori s
'tori s' 2 weeks ago
Y'all hyped the burger king vegetarian too much, it wasn't even that great 😣
erica eang
'erica eang' 2 weeks ago
In n Out sucks compared to Whataburger. Sorry not sorry! Whataburger is soooooooooo much better! Californians have unfortunately never had a chance to try it so all they know is In n Out. lol
padma purohit
'padma purohit' 2 weeks ago
vegetarian from infancy...i nailed it!! ;-) because indian and from a hindu brahmin 20
Tsetan Namdol
'Tsetan Namdol' 2 weeks ago
How to know if your a true vegetarian eating all these foods they have mentioned :))
'sengastar' 2 weeks ago
As a vegetarian I would never have any of these.
jessica farias
'jessica farias' 2 weeks ago
sofritas from chipotle come on peoplee
Kimmy Sunshine
'Kimmy Sunshine' 2 weeks ago
all you people saying Taco Bell is vegetarian friendly, I looking at you sideways. I tried to sub out meat for beans in my Taco Bell order and they charged me extra. Where is this magical place that makes ordering vegetarian alternatives friendly?
levent yıldız
'levent yıldız' 2 weeks ago
I don't believe that they never eat meat to love animals, especially diary product(milk, butter, cheese etc) eventually humans are animals,too. when they were babies, their mothers were breastfeeding them. I think they abhor any form of animal's products.
Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia
Now I want to try them I'm not even vegetarian or vegan.
Barbara Danley
'Barbara Danley' 3 weeks ago
No Taco Bell bean burrito? They are better than the 7 layer IMO.
Barbara Danley
'Barbara Danley' 3 weeks ago
The BK burger is Morningstar Farms, so, yeah, pretty good.
Aditi shrivastava
'Aditi shrivastava' 3 weeks ago
Lola Belle Hazelnut
'Lola Belle Hazelnut' 3 weeks ago
The Australian 🇦🇺 chick is in it!! Represent!
'TSquared52' 3 weeks ago
Girl on the left @ 1:57. If anyone has her IG I'd be glad to accept that information.
Katie Harley
'Katie Harley' 3 weeks ago
Im kinda forced to be sorta vegan cuz of my many food allergies, but sometimes Im like, screw it and I eat all my allergies...
'EricaFlipped' 3 weeks ago
Meme Lord
'Meme Lord' 3 weeks ago
Go back to manspreading Tan
'PlantPoweredPenguin' 3 weeks ago
They're lucky they're oblivious to the death they're contributing to by eating dairy and eggs, being vegan is even harder in terms of finding fast food.
Hong Fei Bai
'Hong Fei Bai' 3 weeks ago
It's hard when you're vegetarian and can't eat eggs for religious reasons too.
Summer Putman
'Summer Putman' 4 weeks ago
"What do you call an appetizer" haha
Ann-Margret Parke
'Ann-Margret Parke' 4 weeks ago
Hi fellow Australian vegetarian! They aren't doing the Macca's veggie thing here right now, but you can get one at Hungry Jacks.
Priyal Gajbhiye
'Priyal Gajbhiye' 4 weeks ago
Her face when she said "what's a breakfast sandwhich" 😂😂😂
Kasy Santos
'Kasy Santos' 4 weeks ago
The African American girl with the dreads continuously critiquing the Asian girl is so annoying ..let people be themselves..
'Mkano' 1 month ago
do u realise that by buying vegetarian food in burger king u support meat-seling-killing animals buisness?Cuz they use ur money to kill more animals
Chloe Check
'Chloe Check' 1 month ago
Michelle Reap
'Michelle Reap' 1 month ago
I thought the grilled cheese at In n Out was really bad and the fries were even worse
Christel Bailey
'Christel Bailey' 1 month ago
Being a vegetarian in Holland can be challenging as well, being a vegan is even worse. Like in Amsterdam it's much easier because it's super touristic and all but I live in the country side and here everything that's vegetarian has cheese in it so that doesn't make it super healthy or anything, and just because you don't eat meat they pressume you like all these weird vegetables hardly no one really eats or likes so yeah...
'jpumbaa1' 1 month ago
To paraphrase Raven from Teen Titans; I respect that you don't eat meat. Please respect that I don't eat fake meat.
'posumy' 1 month ago
there is a wondeful place here where i live called lord of the fries
'zeyma1998' 1 month ago
7 layer burrito at Taco Bell isn't vegetarian because the sour cream contains gelatin
Joy Z
'Joy Z' 1 month ago
Im trying to go vegan ;)
Emily Blake
'Emily Blake' 1 month ago
Where my vegetarian squad at
Siva Nova
'Siva Nova' 1 month ago
I want to be a vegetarian so bad but it'd be so difficult fitting that in with my family's lifestyle, I've slowly integrated it into everyday life though e.g. I will absolutely refuse to eat anything with lamb or cow meat in it, I don't care even if it's gravy or like sweets with beef gelatin in them like I will sooner eat my own foot than anything with those animals in it.

I need to start doing the same with everything else though, such as chicken and fish. I don't want to eat those beautiful animals.
Alisha S
'Alisha S' 1 month ago
just say 4! lol
Doug Kincaide
'Doug Kincaide' 1 month ago
Nothing about that In-N-Out sandwhich is vegetarian. Pigs were slaughtered to make it.
'spa123able' 1 month ago
A&W have really good veggie burger ... l
'The'Sev.' 1 month ago
they dont eat animals but they eat animals food lol
ashley fazio
'ashley fazio' 1 month ago
should have done the 8 layer veggie burrito at del taco!!! sooo good!
'brittk2007' 1 month ago
In n out- get a grilled cheese, extra toasted bun, extra tomato, and animal style. You're welcome
'ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ' 1 month ago
" i usually don't go i there because they don't have food for me".

Really ? As a vegetarian it is super easy xD try it as a vegan !
Kejsi Hoxha
'Kejsi Hoxha' 1 month ago
Didn't know they had LP as a special guest
'Ghostgamer916' 1 month ago
I gave my vegan gf a meat burger, she broke up with me. c;
Wonder Neo
'Wonder Neo' 2 months ago
"Are you crying again?"
'Kels617' 2 months ago
I'm not sure if your from Texas or have this or not but find a Freddy's fast food restaurant they are know for their burgers but their vegetarian burger is bomb! And that place is known for their actual meat burgers but the vegetarian burger taste way better to me
homestucks everywhere
i just cant do fast food, it makes me want to puke.
Grant D
'Grant D' 2 months ago
That girl's silver eyeliner is ON POINT.
Mya Amlani
'Mya Amlani' 2 months ago
1:20 Chantel's face when Tan didn't know what a breakfast sandwich is 😂😂😂
Gauri Sansare
'Gauri Sansare' 2 months ago
eggs are vegetarian ???
Kendra Schmidt
'Kendra Schmidt' 2 months ago
gargi gupta
'gargi gupta' 2 months ago
how can they miss which which sandwhich they have the best vegetarian sandwhich everrrrrrr...plz try if you guys haven't
'BelowAverage000' 2 months ago
I live off of these foods. Life as a lazy vegetarian girl is so funny like I'm not doing this for health I'm actually trash
Dalton Croy
'Dalton Croy' 2 months ago
Subway's veggie patties are really good. I'm a meat eater and I'd get them on occasion because they're so good
'Gnarly182' 2 months ago
can the girl at 1:00 with the red lipstick, stop staring into my soul
Johnny the Gamer 1
'Johnny the Gamer 1' 2 months ago
I'm crying because the food is so good huhhhhhh
Johnny the Gamer 1
'Johnny the Gamer 1' 2 months ago
I feel so bad for vegetarians
Nobody WhatSoEver
'Nobody WhatSoEver' 2 months ago
I love that girls purple hair
Anna Lee
'Anna Lee' 2 months ago
I always get the grilled cheese at in and out but whenever I ask for one the employee just looks at me like 'wtf is this girl serious"
Outback 54
'Outback 54' 2 months ago
The asian chick is way too enthusiastic for anything. seen her previous videos as well. She's annoying.
'asivoria9' 2 months ago
Technically egg isn't fully vegetarian. It just depends on the type you are.
Heartless Angel
'Heartless Angel' 2 months ago
tania has a girlfriend or she is still single!😍
Emily Blake
'Emily Blake' 2 months ago
Her face when she said what's a breakfast sandwich
'gyloir' 2 months ago
Vegetarians who eat eggs, not exactly true vegetarians imo.
Priyanshi Sharma
'Priyanshi Sharma' 2 months ago
since when egg white is considered vegetarian? 🙄
Jake Bob
'Jake Bob' 2 months ago
But they aren't vegetarian... Eggs and cheese? lol
Cadence & Maddi?
'Cadence & Maddi?' 2 months ago
now try being vegan ❤🌱😂😂😂 in America
Sarah Castro
'Sarah Castro' 2 months ago
But shake shack does have a vegetarian option. It's the Portobello Mushroom burger when it's just a huge mushroom stuffed with cheese and secret sauce and it's amazing
'maz-e' 2 months ago
This is also good for religious hebraics who don't eat meat unless it's ritually slaughtered.
'EnchikO' 2 months ago
Are you cryin again :D
Sahib Vening
'Sahib Vening' 2 months ago
I wonder if Tan is "man spreading" right now
Jazmin Paeste
'Jazmin Paeste' 2 months ago
I wan't that IN-N-OUT grilled cheese! IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!🍔🍔🍔 And I'm not even vegetarian🍳
Sara Winardi
'Sara Winardi' 2 months ago
I am not a vegetarian but I ate Burger King's veggie burger. It is so good but now I want to try in and out's
Jovana Neri
'Jovana Neri' 2 months ago
Close ya legs tan!!! -H3H3
Aditi shrivastava
'Aditi shrivastava' 2 months ago
Egg whites, technically are not veg, they come from animals
Andrei S
'Andrei S' 2 months ago
Vegans get pranked by being forcefed meat.
Lisa May
'Lisa May' 2 months ago
I'm a vegetarian
'Joseph' 2 months ago
Isn't the egg thing not vegetarian cuz they had to get it from the egg
'thetoiletofkings' 2 months ago
The Shake Shack 'Shroom burger is the absolute best fast food veggie option. I'm sad they didn't include it.
Jouanna Drammeh
'Jouanna Drammeh' 2 months ago
yeah I'm never doing that
Chae Janae
'Chae Janae' 2 months ago
Going out to get a veggie burger from BK rn
Unnati B
'Unnati B' 2 months ago
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