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BEST URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 PALETTE DUPES?! Dupe Detectives w/ the Merrell Twins -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

89, 228 views

2, 848 Likes   33 Dislikes

Veronica and Vanessa share their favorite Naked 3 Palette Dupes!

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Sarah Nagy
'Sarah Nagy' 2 months ago
I want to see what can replace Mac lipstick
'KIANAGIRLPEACE 29' 2 months ago
I got the nudes makeup pallet and it is only $6
Aamna Plays
'Aamna Plays' 2 months ago
I think the naked palette has no pigmentt
Maria Jose Gonell
'Maria Jose Gonell' 2 months ago
the nude of that pallette is the "L.A girl NUDES"
Maycol Alejandro
'Maycol Alejandro' 2 months ago
imswag loli
'imswag loli' 2 months ago
they maybe look similar, but the power to stay on the lids isn't.
Bella Esherick
'Bella Esherick' 3 months ago
I am being honest my birthday is tomorrow can get 100 likes for being honest
Mackenzie Miller
'Mackenzie Miller' 3 months ago
Farah Badr
'Farah Badr' 3 months ago
Do nail polish
Sophie May
'Sophie May' 3 months ago
You have makeup revolution in America too? In Britain its £4
Ali Zar
'Ali Zar' 3 months ago
Do the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.
Faith Wagner
'Faith Wagner' 3 months ago
W7 eyeshadow pallets are almost exactly identical to naked pallets and you can get them on amazon..they even package the w7 palettes to look close to the packaging of naked pallets
Payton Phillena
'Payton Phillena' 3 months ago
You can find the blushed nudes one for half price at five below
Sarah Tovar
'Sarah Tovar' 3 months ago
I'm supposed to be doing homework and I am watching this
Alondra Hernandez
'Alondra Hernandez' 3 months ago
Anastasia burgeeosu next ITS known to be the best makeup most expensive in earth
'TheJasmineElizabeth' 3 months ago
the naked 3 pallet is around 70$ where I live 😅
Yatziri Gozman
'Yatziri Gozman' 3 months ago
Adam likes both of you he said it on his vlog smash or pass
'Hey EMS' 3 months ago
Can you find a dupe for the better than sew mascara?
'hcdelmundo510' 3 months ago
Kylie Jenner lip kits plzzz
shelby and lauren
'shelby and lauren' 3 months ago
I have the make up 3 and it was free because a friend have I to me But I was 15 bucks
Sabrina Sarmiento
'Sabrina Sarmiento' 3 months ago
Please Use Anastasia's new LIP PALETTE
Sabrina Sarmiento
'Sabrina Sarmiento' 3 months ago
Why does Roni always wear that sweater in every dupe detective episode
Alyssa Alcantara
'Alyssa Alcantara' 3 months ago
Please do the Anastasia Beverley hills brow wiz!!
Kala Ballurkar
'Kala Ballurkar' 3 months ago
Those 22 people who disliked thus video are either doing it for fun or have the darkest soul
Samantha Jones
'Samantha Jones' 3 months ago
Thanks for this vid, makeup can be super expensive😒😭 also you guys are the best!!!!!!
Jennifer Gonzalez
'Jennifer Gonzalez' 3 months ago
They look like Demi Rose😦
Dee Yuris
'Dee Yuris' 3 months ago
Awful to do a palette dupe on just 2 shades out of 12
completely pointless
Hana Qureshi
'Hana Qureshi' 3 months ago
Benefit hoola bronzer plz!!!!!
Alyssa May
'Alyssa May' 3 months ago
Right after I bought the naked 3D palette... why make this now
Husna Tajalli
'Husna Tajalli' 3 months ago
Where is food truck fanatics?
'GrazyGirl97' 3 months ago
in The Netherlands we have the W7 pallette it's under the 10 euro's and they have dupes of a lot of high brand pallettes
Panda Elizondo
'Panda Elizondo' 3 months ago
I was just watching you guys on Jane the Virgin and you guys were awesome
Tavy Smith
'Tavy Smith' 3 months ago
awesome 😀
Elle Beauty
'Elle Beauty' 3 months ago
am i the only one not hearing the sound everyone is talking about?
habiba ashraf
'habiba ashraf' 3 months ago
I see Merrell twins I click ❤ I love the Merrell twins 😍
melison manrore
'melison manrore' 3 months ago
Kylie lip kits
ZOHA AMIR Zohaamir
'ZOHA AMIR Zohaamir' 3 months ago
do for foundation
Shelly Fourer
'Shelly Fourer' 3 months ago
2 merrell twins video this week thank you!!!
Rameen Fatima
'Rameen Fatima' 3 months ago
Thank God dupe detectives are back my fav merrell twins love ya
maddie&kenzie VLOGS
'maddie&kenzie VLOGS' 3 months ago
do the kylie jenner lip kit pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
'erin_mae' 3 months ago
They messed it up u save $40 on blushed nudes and $43 on $7 one lol
marcio francisco
'marcio francisco' 3 months ago
I love Merrel twins they are amazing!
Michelle Trinh
'Michelle Trinh' 3 months ago
Do more Dupe Detective!!!!They're so good!!!
Taylor Dellelce
'Taylor Dellelce' 3 months ago
Skyler Rose
'Skyler Rose' 3 months ago
I have the naked 3 pallet and I love it! It's worth it and lasts a long time!
Mia Balacco
'Mia Balacco' 3 months ago
Anastasia stick foundation
Mia Balacco
'Mia Balacco' 3 months ago
Tarte contour kit!
Lya Marcelle
'Lya Marcelle' 3 months ago
do a setting spray!!
sophia rogers
'sophia rogers' 3 months ago
i have the Naked 3 palette and the Blushed Nudes palette and they are DUPES for me. they are very very very close
Chrystler Cantilero
'Chrystler Cantilero' 3 months ago
There's also another pallete from Covergirl and its the TruNudes Roses and it looks pretty identical to the Naked 3 and I love that pallette and the color ranges are similar 😍
Annie Anderson
'Annie Anderson' 3 months ago
I think tartlette palette by tarte
Diane Roux
'Diane Roux' 3 months ago
Concealer: dupe for the smashbox high definition concealer
Jaylynn Rasco
'Jaylynn Rasco' 3 months ago
I say that you guys should find a dupe for the Kylie lip kits
Aubrie Marsland
'Aubrie Marsland' 3 months ago
I have the naked one
Jazlin Moss
'Jazlin Moss' 3 months ago
Jazlin Moss
'Jazlin Moss' 3 months ago
when nessa closes her eyes with the eye shadow on she looks like kyle Jenner
Lucky Gold
'Lucky Gold' 3 months ago
too faced peach pallet
'malbby12' 3 months ago
Can you guys do a dupe on the "Too Faced Peach Pallet"?
'IndyGoGames' 3 months ago
115 comment
'readlikewoe' 3 months ago
foundation dupes just good foundations from drugstore
Aneli M
'Aneli M' 3 months ago
You forgot CoverGirl Trunaked...
Gaby Madrigal
'Gaby Madrigal' 3 months ago
my sister has the maybelline
Raina Boling
'Raina Boling' 3 months ago
I have the blushed nudes one and they were not pigmented at all!
Ayat Malik
'Ayat Malik' 3 months ago
can u do the zoeva cocoa blend palette
Miranda Navarro
'Miranda Navarro' 3 months ago
Kylie Jenner lip kits
Lea Baric
'Lea Baric' 4 months ago
kylie jenner lipstick
prisha singhal
'prisha singhal' 4 months ago
Brooklyn and Bailey have to be in awesomeness tv,who else agrees?🙋🏻
Candice Chu
'Candice Chu' 4 months ago
Merrell Twins again!!! :)
'Diana101' 4 months ago
4:24 vanessa's dreamy face
Emily Phu
'Emily Phu' 4 months ago
I love the Merrell twins 💞 I also watch Brooklyn and Bailey 😊
'FunfettiDelight' 4 months ago
Please do the anatasia modern renaissance pallete❤️❤️
Izabella Olsen
'Izabella Olsen' 4 months ago
omg where i live they cost like 26 dollars!
Nicole Nguyen
'Nicole Nguyen' 4 months ago
is the Covergirl Roses palette also similar?
Jodie Pasquill
'Jodie Pasquill' 4 months ago
Kylie jenna lip kit
Cait Scott
'Cait Scott' 4 months ago
Do the kylie lip kits
Samantha Bearden
'Samantha Bearden' 4 months ago
Do the becca highlighters next❤
Marissa Garcia
'Marissa Garcia' 4 months ago
Y'all should've tried the covergirl one
'abby4130' 4 months ago
Best dupe is Covergirl TruNaked Roses
Louise Hope
'Louise Hope' 4 months ago
I got the revolution first and then the naked and I way prefer revolution
Lauren Dunn
'Lauren Dunn' 4 months ago
Ariana grande M.A.C lipstick
Juliette Dubaere
'Juliette Dubaere' 4 months ago
I also have the revolution pallet and in England its £1 in super drug!
Juliette Dubaere
'Juliette Dubaere' 4 months ago
I have the same brushes as Vanessa!
Kathryn B
'Kathryn B' 4 months ago
I swear by revolution eyeshadows, I have a big 144 colour pallette which is incredible. I also have the fortune favours the brave pallette which is my go to eyeshadow pallette and it's only £9.99, this one is slightly more expensive than their other pallettes but it looks a lot more professional so it's worth it :)
Ana Music lover
'Ana Music lover' 4 months ago
Merrell Twins=💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖
'Makeupxoxo' 4 months ago
77th comment
Laura Herrera
'Laura Herrera' 4 months ago
Can the next dupe be Kylie Jenner cosmetics like the lipsticks n stuff 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 please
Laura Herrera
'Laura Herrera' 4 months ago
Emz .
'Emz .' 4 months ago
eh ig this was cool ? ._.
'Madisonlovesmakeup35' 4 months ago
$66 Canadian😒
Amirah Gulnawaz
'Amirah Gulnawaz' 4 months ago
Find a dupe for the benefit defined and refined brow kit plz love the merrel twins ❤️
Bushra Hassan
'Bushra Hassan' 4 months ago
finally something with the merrell twins :)
Starbucks lover xo latte
does anyone hear a glitch- like high- pitched sound?
CandyLoverapi ._.
'CandyLoverapi ._.' 4 months ago
Dupes for Kylie cosmetics
'waterfall1323' 4 months ago
I already owned both of those palettes and they are really nice
Rebecca Jinfen
'Rebecca Jinfen' 4 months ago
I love this series
Rand Beirouty
'Rand Beirouty' 4 months ago
i only watch this for roni and nessa <3
Camryn Mcdaniel
'Camryn Mcdaniel' 4 months ago
I love the revolution palette
Angeliah Gutierrez
'Angeliah Gutierrez' 4 months ago
I love this series 👌❤
diana semeniuc
'diana semeniuc' 4 months ago
I ❤️ U
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