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BEST URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 PALETTE DUPES?! Dupe Detectives w/ the Merrell Twins -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 weeks ago

59, 869 views

2, 459 Likes   25 Dislikes

Veronica and Vanessa share their favorite Naked 3 Palette Dupes!

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Music provided by Extreme Music.

Yatziri Gozman
'Yatziri Gozman' 6 days ago
Adam likes both of you he said it on his vlog smash or pass
'Hey EMS' 1 week ago
Can you find a dupe for the better than sew mascara?
'hcdelmundo510' 1 week ago
Kylie Jenner lip kits plzzz
shelby and lauren
'shelby and lauren' 1 week ago
I have the make up 3 and it was free because a friend have I to me But I was 15 bucks
Sabrina Sarmiento
'Sabrina Sarmiento' 1 week ago
Please Use Anastasia's new LIP PALETTE
Sabrina Sarmiento
'Sabrina Sarmiento' 1 week ago
Why does Roni always wear that sweater in every dupe detective episode
Alyssa Alcantara
'Alyssa Alcantara' 1 week ago
Please do the Anastasia Beverley hills brow wiz!!
Kala Ballurkar
'Kala Ballurkar' 1 week ago
Those 22 people who disliked thus video are either doing it for fun or have the darkest soul
Samantha Jones
'Samantha Jones' 1 week ago
Thanks for this vid, makeup can be super expensive😒😭 also you guys are the best!!!!!!
Jennifer Gonzalez
'Jennifer Gonzalez' 2 weeks ago
They look like Demi Rose😦
Dee Yuris
'Dee Yuris' 2 weeks ago
Awful to do a palette dupe on just 2 shades out of 12
completely pointless
Hana Qureshi
'Hana Qureshi' 2 weeks ago
Benefit hoola bronzer plz!!!!!
Alyssa May
'Alyssa May' 2 weeks ago
Right after I bought the naked 3D palette... why make this now
TSRS Tajalli
'TSRS Tajalli' 2 weeks ago
Where is food truck fanatics?
'GrazyGirl97' 2 weeks ago
in The Netherlands we have the W7 pallette it's under the 10 euro's and they have dupes of a lot of high brand pallettes
Panda Elizondo
'Panda Elizondo' 2 weeks ago
I was just watching you guys on Jane the Virgin and you guys were awesome
Tavy Smith
'Tavy Smith' 2 weeks ago
awesome 😀
Elle Beauty
'Elle Beauty' 2 weeks ago
am i the only one not hearing the sound everyone is talking about?
habiba ashraf
'habiba ashraf' 2 weeks ago
I see Merrell twins I click ❤ I love the Merrell twins 😍
melison manrore
'melison manrore' 2 weeks ago
Kylie lip kits
Masterblasterjojo Zohaamir
do for foundation
Shelly Fourer
'Shelly Fourer' 2 weeks ago
2 merrell twins video this week thank you!!!
Rameen Fatima
'Rameen Fatima' 2 weeks ago
Thank God dupe detectives are back my fav merrell twins love ya
Karli Reese
'Karli Reese' 2 weeks ago
do the kylie jenner lip kit pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
'erins_life' 2 weeks ago
They messed it up u save $40 on blushed nudes and $43 on $7 one lol
marcio francisco
'marcio francisco' 2 weeks ago
I love Merrel twins they are amazing!
Michelle Trinh
'Michelle Trinh' 2 weeks ago
Do more Dupe Detective!!!!They're so good!!!
Taylor Dellelce
'Taylor Dellelce' 2 weeks ago
Skyler Rose
'Skyler Rose' 2 weeks ago
I have the naked 3 pallet and I love it! It's worth it and lasts a long time!
Mia Balacco
'Mia Balacco' 2 weeks ago
Anastasia stick foundation
Mia Balacco
'Mia Balacco' 2 weeks ago
Tarte contour kit!
Lya Marcelle
'Lya Marcelle' 2 weeks ago
do a setting spray!!
sophia rogers
'sophia rogers' 2 weeks ago
i have the Naked 3 palette and the Blushed Nudes palette and they are DUPES for me. they are very very very close
Chrystler Cantilero
'Chrystler Cantilero' 2 weeks ago
There's also another pallete from Covergirl and its the TruNudes Roses and it looks pretty identical to the Naked 3 and I love that pallette and the color ranges are similar 😍
Annie Anderson
'Annie Anderson' 2 weeks ago
I think tartlette palette by tarte
Diane Roux
'Diane Roux' 2 weeks ago
Concealer: dupe for the smashbox high definition concealer
Jaylynn Rasco
'Jaylynn Rasco' 2 weeks ago
I say that you guys should find a dupe for the Kylie lip kits
Aubrie Marsland
'Aubrie Marsland' 2 weeks ago
I have the naked one
Jazlin Moss
'Jazlin Moss' 2 weeks ago
Jazlin Moss
'Jazlin Moss' 2 weeks ago
when nessa closes her eyes with the eye shadow on she looks like kyle Jenner
Lucky Gold
'Lucky Gold' 2 weeks ago
too faced peach pallet
Mal C. Lor
'Mal C. Lor' 2 weeks ago
Can you guys do a dupe on the "Too Faced Peach Pallet"?
'IndyGoGames' 2 weeks ago
115 comment
'readlikewoe' 2 weeks ago
foundation dupes just good foundations from drugstore
Aneli M
'Aneli M' 2 weeks ago
You forgot CoverGirl Trunaked...
Gaby Madrigal
'Gaby Madrigal' 2 weeks ago
my sister has the maybelline
Raina Boling
'Raina Boling' 2 weeks ago
I have the blushed nudes one and they were not pigmented at all!
Ayat Malik
'Ayat Malik' 2 weeks ago
can u do the zoeva cocoa blend palette
Miranda Navarro
'Miranda Navarro' 2 weeks ago
Kylie Jenner lip kits
Lea Baric
'Lea Baric' 2 weeks ago
kylie jenner lipstick
prisha singhal
'prisha singhal' 2 weeks ago
Brooklyn and Bailey have to be in awesomeness tv,who else agrees?🙋🏻
Candice Chu
'Candice Chu' 2 weeks ago
Merrell Twins again!!! :)
'Diana101' 2 weeks ago
4:24 vanessa's dreamy face
Emily Phu ;
'Emily Phu ;' 2 weeks ago
I love the Merrell twins 💞 I also watch Brooklyn and Bailey 😊
'FunfettiDelight' 2 weeks ago
Please do the anatasia modern renaissance pallete❤️❤️
Izabella Olsen
'Izabella Olsen' 2 weeks ago
omg where i live they cost like 26 dollars!
Nicole Nguyen
'Nicole Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
is the Covergirl Roses palette also similar?
Jodie Pasquill
'Jodie Pasquill' 2 weeks ago
Kylie jenna lip kit
Cait Scott
'Cait Scott' 2 weeks ago
Do the kylie lip kits
Samantha Bearden
'Samantha Bearden' 2 weeks ago
Do the becca highlighters next❤
Marissa Garcia
'Marissa Garcia' 2 weeks ago
Y'all should've tried the covergirl one
'abby4130' 2 weeks ago
Best dupe is Covergirl TruNaked Roses
Louise Hope
'Louise Hope' 2 weeks ago
I got the revolution first and then the naked and I way prefer revolution
'ImMae' 2 weeks ago
Ariana grande M.A.C lipstick
Juliette Dubaere
'Juliette Dubaere' 2 weeks ago
I also have the revolution pallet and in England its £1 in super drug!
Juliette Dubaere
'Juliette Dubaere' 2 weeks ago
I have the same brushes as Vanessa!
Kathryn Bateman
'Kathryn Bateman' 2 weeks ago
I swear by revolution eyeshadows, I have a big 144 colour pallette which is incredible. I also have the fortune favours the brave pallette which is my go to eyeshadow pallette and it's only £9.99, this one is slightly more expensive than their other pallettes but it looks a lot more professional so it's worth it :)
Ana Music lover
'Ana Music lover' 2 weeks ago
Merrell Twins=💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖
'Makeupxoxo' 2 weeks ago
77th comment
Laura Herrera
'Laura Herrera' 2 weeks ago
Can the next dupe be Kylie Jenner cosmetics like the lipsticks n stuff 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 please
Laura Herrera
'Laura Herrera' 2 weeks ago
Emz .
'Emz .' 2 weeks ago
eh ig this was cool ? ._.
$66 Canadian😒
Amirah Gulnawaz
'Amirah Gulnawaz' 2 weeks ago
Find a dupe for the benefit defined and refined brow kit plz love the merrel twins ❤️
Bushra Hassan
'Bushra Hassan' 2 weeks ago
finally something with the merrell twins :)
Taylor Latte
'Taylor Latte' 2 weeks ago
does anyone hear a glitch- like high- pitched sound?
CandyLoverapi ._.
'CandyLoverapi ._.' 2 weeks ago
Dupes for Kylie cosmetics
'waterfall1323' 2 weeks ago
I already owned both of those palettes and they are really nice
Rebecca Jinfen
'Rebecca Jinfen' 2 weeks ago
I love this series
Rand Beirouty
'Rand Beirouty' 2 weeks ago
i only watch this for roni and nessa <3
Camryn Mcdaniel
'Camryn Mcdaniel' 2 weeks ago
I love the revolution palette
Angeliah Gutierrez
'Angeliah Gutierrez' 2 weeks ago
I love this series 👌❤
diana semeniuc
'diana semeniuc' 2 weeks ago
I ❤️ U
Samantha Williams
'Samantha Williams' 2 weeks ago
I love you guys
The Word Lab Tv
'The Word Lab Tv' 2 weeks ago
Our favorite YOUTUBERS!! Stop by our channel and check our episode with the Merrell Twins and sub! 💚💛💜💝
Elizabeth Sims
'Elizabeth Sims' 2 weeks ago
Early fam
Its_Me Its_Me
'Its_Me Its_Me' 2 weeks ago
im from switzerland
Its_Me Its_Me
'Its_Me Its_Me' 2 weeks ago
Monnie Maxie
'Monnie Maxie' 2 weeks ago
49th comment!
Ria Bremble
'Ria Bremble' 2 weeks ago
trust me its worth $54
Nabiha Babar
'Nabiha Babar' 2 weeks ago
Cringe Worthy Cooking
Hey to everyone reading this... HAVE AN AWESOME DAY
Love from a small youtuber
Sophie Hind-Smith
'Sophie Hind-Smith' 2 weeks ago
R.I.P headphone users with that sound I thought my headphones were broken 😂
The Luminites
'The Luminites' 2 weeks ago
Smith Vlogs
'Smith Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
What was that noise
Devi Gaur
'Devi Gaur' 2 weeks ago
nd love you guys so much 😘😘😘💗💗💗
Lucy Polo
'Lucy Polo' 2 weeks ago
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