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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 4 months ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 4 months ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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Matthew Silvia
'Matthew Silvia' 4 hours ago
Awsome. What a great job on that fully auto "crossbow"! Can't wait to see what else you can cook up.
'TREY RIVER' 4 hours ago
its a Rubber Band BREN ! and held like a STEN/ Sterling

The magazine system is like a Japanese type 96 and Madsen combined. Well though out system Sir.
Tenno Alpha
'Tenno Alpha' 5 hours ago
How do you even stand outside in the snow with only a shirt?
Imm Knight
'Imm Knight' 6 hours ago
Respekt ... was man mit Kreativität so an Waffen zusammenschustern kann ^^
Vitus F
'Vitus F' 7 hours ago
Germans rise again!
Gerald Mardiska
'Gerald Mardiska' 7 hours ago
Bro i love your energy and enthusiasm. keep it up.
'Raycheetah' 7 hours ago
The crossbow is cool, but I get a bigger kick from YOUR enjoyment of it! =^[.]^=
Brian Chan
'Brian Chan' 8 hours ago
so sick. Can you make a smaller yet still powerful one?
School of Night
'School of Night' 16 hours ago
Got a repeating crossbow you might enjoy :)
'I AM' 19 hours ago
Kevin  Harker
'Kevin Harker' 19 hours ago
this shit is dope!!!
'schuur10' 20 hours ago
Its allways a pleasure to watch any inventions from you, becouse you develope only on kinetic power, only this one....
the shooting force stays the same. Brilliant that mechanism with the drill!!
Grüss Erwin!
'NotOriginalOrClever' 21 hours ago
He needs to make it a hand crank, and compress the size, and mount it on his arm.
'NotOriginalOrClever' 21 hours ago
He needs to make it a hand crank, and compress the size, and mount it on his arm.
Vernon Odom
'Vernon Odom' 1 day ago
That's pretty sweet man. Though I have to say that you sound like some of the City Guards in Skyrim. Awesomeness added to an already sweet concept.
'Isaac' 1 day ago
And people say gun control does anything smh
Gionn Caomhin Morpheagh
Eine geniale Idee! Und die handwerkliche Ausführung ist auch nicht ohne. Alle Achtung.

Mad Dog
'Mad Dog' 1 day ago
German engineering at its craziest. lol
reza kaviani
'reza kaviani' 2 days ago
Perfect ides... But a real crossbow is much stronger than this!
Joe Blow
'Joe Blow' 2 days ago
Holy crap this guy is totally awesome!
'GrumpyMadman' 2 days ago
You are amazing to me. Your imagination, the ability to come up with the concept, then actually build it, and have it work well, Wow. I haven't given it much thought, but at first mention of a "full auto cross bow" I thought, how in the hell would you ever accomplish that? Then you pull it out and it is so elegantly simple, yet I don't think I could have ever come up with anything that would work.
Maly Pivo
'Maly Pivo' 2 days ago
I have to admit I was just lately thinking about this - and I have to give it up to you - its a materpiece:)
Using that electric screw driver as a trigger is totally awesome!
Orion MA
'Orion MA' 2 days ago
1:47 Nice move lol ^^
Kojat Fahmi
'Kojat Fahmi' 2 days ago
So that's where Gael got his repeating crossbow.
Kid Buu
'Kid Buu' 2 days ago
Guts anybody?
Tim Cronin
'Tim Cronin' 3 days ago
Where's the "LOVE!!!!" button?
Mas Sixta
'Mas Sixta' 3 days ago
this guy is very crazy about crafting... wanna see him playing the witcher xD
'JKC' 3 days ago
they say his head is made from the steel of an anvil
Ron Hoy
'Ron Hoy' 3 days ago
Joerg... Your awesome, and I'm not easily impressed!
Zod of Heaven
'Zod of Heaven' 3 days ago
Savage contraption, but it is a true sign that we're in the age of overindulgence.
'Boris' 3 days ago
Nobody's going to comment on how he's just outside in frozen ballistic gel conditions?
Young Suk
'Young Suk' 3 days ago
u amazed me <3
eedd sdsd
'eedd sdsd' 3 days ago
It is good day to be giant man.
'TesticuliDomini' 3 days ago
you are freaking awesome, man!
Jaroslav Keprt
'Jaroslav Keprt' 3 days ago
Ich liebe dein Lachen und deine Wafen :-) Subscribe
'CripplingMemes' 4 days ago
I love this guy, he seemed like he really enjoyed this creation. Plus the laugh is really glorious.
Brian Kerr
'Brian Kerr' 4 days ago
that's just extremely awesome.
balaur 999
'balaur 999' 4 days ago
OMG i dont konw if is more hard do the auto cbow or use T-shirt in winter :P
gagid a
'gagid a' 4 days ago
Better than russian×vodka
'quertbarbie62' 4 days ago
I do not know how I ended in this channel but hey you got a new subscriber!
'BEER' 5 days ago
Thank You for that video. It was really impressive to watch.
'Older&Wiser' 5 days ago
Joerg, you are a fine example in a long line of ingenious German weapons engineers. I wonder if John Browning may have had some German DNA. Impressed & subbed in Texas. :)
Crusader Templar
'Crusader Templar' 6 days ago
Is this reinhardt's engineer?
dat gio
'dat gio' 6 days ago
0:29 this is why I watch this channel hahaha
Fartface Shitlord
'Fartface Shitlord' 7 days ago
From Software, start taking notes!
Charles Ward
'Charles Ward' 7 days ago
you have to make the one from van helsing, gas powerd drum crossbow.
Shine D
'Shine D' 7 days ago
This guy is like the Heavy from TF2, but with a crossbow.
Samuel Kerby
'Samuel Kerby' 1 week ago
i feel scared for the mail man
Blabla Blabla
'Blabla Blabla' 1 week ago
But can it run club penguin on 0,103427 fps?
'O D' 1 week ago
"Drill angle adapter" would allow to hold this as a regular crossbow and would be triggered by right hand ;]
PMMillard Windowlicker
next update to warframe.
H.K. Builds&inovations Rich Melton
Definitely the coolest DIY I have ever seen.
Thanks for sharing....;)-=
'MrInformYou' 1 week ago
His laugh had me looking for the subscribe button. Great channel 👍
Sam Grattan
'Sam Grattan' 1 week ago
Would it work with a hand crank? What if you scaled it up to ballista size and used a crank to turn it?
Sasha K
'Sasha K' 1 week ago
Your laugh is coool
Sasha K
'Sasha K' 1 week ago
Hammmer geil
nikos palaiologou
'nikos palaiologou' 1 week ago
i like evrything you have done so far.but the auto crossbow this my friend it's like the mothership of the empire.when i whached thi video i tried to find an idea for a poster "what it's on joerg's mind"
Taylor Bates
'Taylor Bates' 1 week ago
this guy is amazing
'volvo245' 1 week ago
Ruinyourday-a-nator 3000XL
Carlos Eduardo Pessotto
this dude is awesome
'Apprentice' 1 week ago
steps to survive the zombie apocalypse: 1. meet joerg 2. you win!
Amanda Theilman
'Amanda Theilman' 1 week ago
Seven Proxies
'Seven Proxies' 1 week ago
The mechanics is actually very similar to how an airsoft electric gun works. :)

A sector gear pulls on a toothed, springloaded piston and when the teeth of the sector gear run out, the piston is released and the spring forces the piston i to a cylinder causing quick air compression, which powers the small plastic BB out of the barrel of the gun.

The only real difference to the principle is that the power in this crossbow is derived from the rubber band instead of a spring, and that the electric motor powering an AEG is placed at straight angle because it doesn't rotate the sector gear directly but powers it through two other gears.
Imagine, a few years later, the zombie apocalypse happens.
Bandits come to raid a woodland location they found that has slingshots, pencils, and crossbows.
And then, they hear the sounds of a man saying one sentence...
"Let me show you its features."
Seconds later, the bandits collapse from the wounds of five or so bolts each, and Joerg steps out of the shadows.
(Best crossbow I've ever seen. Even better that it's deemed legal, heh.)
'Koneko-Kun' 1 week ago
Make a ballista version. Please.
Patryk Pudlo
'Patryk Pudlo' 1 week ago
Hi! Every time I watch your movies, I am wondering what is your day to day job? You obviously have a lot of engineering background and has some nice tools in your shed to make all these "toys".
Anyway it's always fun to watch your stuff, even though when you laugh it's kinda freaks me out:))
phuck ewe
'phuck ewe' 1 week ago
Could you make a mounted model with a hand crank?
'박지호' 1 week ago
That is amazing!! Are u Torbijorn??
'GALTER Che' 1 week ago
How do you home-made this
Zach Barlow
'Zach Barlow' 2 weeks ago
This guy is awesome
plouk zoing
'plouk zoing' 2 weeks ago
No wonder they called themselves the master race !! they are
Texas Red
'Texas Red' 2 weeks ago
You sir, are awesome! I came to this channel when I heard about one of your previous videos come under fire from YouTube. Glad to see it backfired! I really enjoy your content. Keep up the great work!
David Totten
'David Totten' 2 weeks ago
Just subbed, I have crossbows, blowguns, pellet, bb, airsoft guns, but this guy is over the top bad-ass cool, and fun to watch. You go man!
'MrSpukinator' 2 weeks ago
You could just electrically move the trigger of the drill over to the handel of the bow if you wanted and forget the 90 degree adapter, pherhaps to much work though lol
Alexandre Clavel
'Alexandre Clavel' 2 weeks ago
Now make it shoot IKEA pencils!
'MrBeal' 2 weeks ago
you should call it the auto porcupine gun. still a cool idea i like it.
Jay J
'Jay J' 2 weeks ago
thank God you have things to defend yourself.
Jon Oldham
'Jon Oldham' 2 weeks ago
This is the first video of yours I watched and you're like a crazy scientist and its awesome. I hope I'm as cool as you when I'm older as I have a daughter on the way and I most want her to have fun than anything else.
yammy sushi
'yammy sushi' 2 weeks ago
that manly laugh
Tefen M
'Tefen M' 2 weeks ago
'caveymoley' 2 weeks ago
'Paulus MANKER' 2 weeks ago
made from german know-how ;-)
M e J show
'M e J show' 2 weeks ago
i wish i could buy one of those =´(
Goose Grabber
'Goose Grabber' 2 weeks ago
Addiction Shield
'Addiction Shield' 2 weeks ago
It's a kite, it's a bow, it don't matter, it's German engineering :).
DIY Center 007
'DIY Center 007' 2 weeks ago
you can use an hub motor insted the drill
avenged Twojastara operatin
reminds me of a the japanese ww2 lmgs for some reason
Johncarlos Rivas
'Johncarlos Rivas' 2 weeks ago
You are not good at entertaining us but nice machine I wish you made it smaller so I would like it
matthew wilson
'matthew wilson' 2 weeks ago
Man I hope this channel doesn't go down, you make great content dude
'Fante247' 2 weeks ago
Get a flat brushless motor with an RC battery, and you can get rid of the drill
Alois Graf von Kechtenbach
Das wird nicht lange dauern, dann kommt wieder einer mit dem Waffengesetz um die Ecke, weil die Geschosse nicht mit indirekter Muskelkraft angetrieben werden. So ist Bananen-Deutschland nun mal... Probier doch mal, den Antriebsmechanismus auf Federkraft weiterzuentwickeln, wie z.B. bei einem Vorderlader-Radschloss. Dann wäre man auch nicht auf Strom angewiesen, was für die Heimverteidigung nach dem nächsten Cyberangriff von großem Vorteil ist...
'Varimathras' 2 weeks ago
Precision German engineering!
Borce Ivanovski
'Borce Ivanovski' 2 weeks ago
The Real Art of killing #
'nenadcvele' 2 weeks ago
Only when you showed frozen gel did I see that you're in t-shirt in winter.
Plot Twist
'Plot Twist' 2 weeks ago
Make a test using a John deere engine. I would like to see a fully automatic tree-trunk launcher.
malaka gamer 2k17
'malaka gamer 2k17' 2 weeks ago
I'm hoping have make one with the deer engine :P
N3rd on F1re
'N3rd on F1re' 2 weeks ago
Jörg war Newtonmeter nicht eigentlich Joule?
William Manning
'William Manning' 2 weeks ago
Man, you are a truely remarkable individual. I wish you were my uncle.
'GasNBullets' 2 weeks ago
i was going to suggest a 5hp gas engine and centrifugal clutch
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