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Florida Georgia Line - Island (Static Version) -
Published: 7 months ago By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVO

By: FlaGeorgiaLineVEVOPublished: 7 months ago

790, 629 views

4, 287 Likes   133 Dislikes

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Island. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Dakota Mortagua
'Dakota Mortagua' 2 weeks ago
luv this song
Dana Shepard
'Dana Shepard' 3 weeks ago
i luv u travie so much and cant wait to spend our lives together...❤...#familyovereverythingxoxoxoxo
Jami Mattison
'Jami Mattison' 3 weeks ago
I love this song
'12312311117' 3 weeks ago
God bless FGL
Landyn Clemons
'Landyn Clemons' 3 weeks ago
I've been listening to y'all since I was prolly about 6 years old and you're still my favorite artists! Keep going strong!
Diane Hayes
'Diane Hayes' 1 month ago
Big Beast 55
'Big Beast 55' 2 months ago
What 107 people disliked this song
Ant the vaper garden
'Ant the vaper garden' 2 months ago
Im in Senegal on a 3 month trip and as I listen to this song I just see one of the girls in my group
Kristina Jonson
'Kristina Jonson' 2 months ago
I like this song yayyyy I always listen to this song everyday
JULIO Del Toro
'JULIO Del Toro' 2 months ago
I love so much this song
Kim Harrison
'Kim Harrison' 2 months ago
Awesome ! Bk and Tyler . .love this!❤👍👍👍👍👍👍
'12312311117' 2 months ago
i love is song
Davon Atwater
'Davon Atwater' 2 months ago
This is my favourite country song ever I could listen to it all day
Bridget McMahon
'Bridget McMahon' 2 months ago
love dis song
Joshua Garvin
'Joshua Garvin' 2 months ago
This is AMAZING.
Ivan Aguero
'Ivan Aguero' 2 months ago
Love it
'MrBigguy12341' 3 months ago
Best song in the album
Opulence Acura
'Opulence Acura' 3 months ago
This song is still amazing.This is mine and my girlfriend's song. We've been together 6 months. It's been are song since the CD released and i bought it!
'NATEMAN256' 3 months ago
Best song make more songs.
Dylan Fulk
'Dylan Fulk' 3 months ago
Brian Kelley's voice will make ya girl cream. Lol
'12312311117' 3 months ago
God bless Florida Georgia Line
Shelly Fye
'Shelly Fye' 3 months ago
love this song
'12312311117' 3 months ago
thank the lord for this song
Shelby Pruitt
'Shelby Pruitt' 3 months ago
what are you do today and I will sen🎵🎤📱d you 📷📷📹📰💳💳💹💹🔖💰📰🔖💰
Lexi Princess
'Lexi Princess' 3 months ago
This is my favorite song ❤️
Amanda Holt
'Amanda Holt' 3 months ago
love fgl. I'm not a huge country music lover but these 2 and George could fix any bad mood
Carlos Ramon Zavala
'Carlos Ramon Zavala' 3 months ago
Reason why I got into country.. because of FGL. Keep up the good work! Ya make some amazing music. Thumbs up!
Regina Sharpless
'Regina Sharpless' 3 months ago
this song... is amazing i just now heard it i don't like country but in do like this these people they know what good is
Kristina Renee
'Kristina Renee' 3 months ago
yay BK has his own song! 💜
Gabrielle Bálor
'Gabrielle Bálor' 3 months ago
YAY!!! BK is showing off his voice more
Lyle Chasing Hawk
'Lyle Chasing Hawk' 4 months ago
this song sounds great to hear from you bk
Emily Scott
'Emily Scott' 4 months ago
this song makes me cry i miss my boy friend so much now i wish they would have taken me instead of him
Gabriel Vildma
'Gabriel Vildma' 4 months ago
let brian sing more
Brooklyn Kelly
'Brooklyn Kelly' 4 months ago
love fgl
Nathan Thompson
'Nathan Thompson' 4 months ago
This aint country music.
Caroline Stierle
'Caroline Stierle' 4 months ago
Kyle Deems
'Kyle Deems' 4 months ago
really good song
Jason Delombarde
'Jason Delombarde' 4 months ago
Crystal Jett
'Crystal Jett' 4 months ago
ilysm Myles Nelson ur perfect
rebecca devaughn
'rebecca devaughn' 4 months ago
omg that's weird cuz the first comment i saw was yours rachel
Christina Raquel
'Christina Raquel' 5 months ago
where is the video for this song? this should be the next video no doubt!
Shelby Pruitt
'Shelby Pruitt' 5 months ago
school starts at 7:20 still 2:_40
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 5 months ago
love this song
Maria Gaso
'Maria Gaso' 5 months ago
my jam
Joshua Harley
'Joshua Harley' 5 months ago
one of the greatest songs I ever heard
Revit the Sergal
'Revit the Sergal' 5 months ago
i listen to song every morning and it gets me in my mode for the day and now me and my mom cant get over the song. #LoveThisSong
Mike Hull
'Mike Hull' 5 months ago
this is FGL's best song they ever made
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 5 months ago
I love this song one of the best
'RebalNation' 5 months ago
FGL is one or the best bands ever
Hunter Nunn
'Hunter Nunn' 5 months ago
I love this song
Tyler Rislund
'Tyler Rislund' 6 months ago
it is awsom thanks for coming to winnipeg
GamersAreEpix GAMING
'GamersAreEpix GAMING' 6 months ago
Brian Kelley is my favorite. Tyler Hubbard is my second favorite.
GamersAreEpix GAMING
'GamersAreEpix GAMING' 6 months ago
island is a good song
why did you name it that . Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard you are awsome
Christina Raquel
'Christina Raquel' 6 months ago
Saw this preformed live at the dig your roots tour! Love it! 💞💞💞
sweetie pie
'sweetie pie' 6 months ago
Wish it was longer !!
David Nunn
'David Nunn' 6 months ago
i love this song so much
Haley Shurtleff
'Haley Shurtleff' 6 months ago
love every song they sing and perform.....great
'ANG42585' 6 months ago
OMG this is going to be my favorite song on this album!!! ❤💜
Nikki Crawford
'Nikki Crawford' 6 months ago
love it
Nikki Crawford
'Nikki Crawford' 6 months ago
really loving the new fgl.
'XxDogeLoverxX' 6 months ago
i love this song it makes me relax and i am thinking of singing this to my Girlfriend.
Reese Hitzemann
'Reese Hitzemann' 7 months ago
Omg Bryan is really singing I love his voice
BreAnna Wilkinson
'BreAnna Wilkinson' 7 months ago
love this song I could listen to it everyday ❤❤
Bryleigh Skelton
'Bryleigh Skelton' 7 months ago
I love you songs
Kathy Bariezas
'Kathy Bariezas' 7 months ago
I have to hear this atleast 6x a day. Whenever  drive outta Georgia into Florida, gotta put on this cd.
bradley whymer
'bradley whymer' 7 months ago
can somebody please explain to me what they mean by "static" version?
james grubaugh
'james grubaugh' 7 months ago
if u like this song listen to may we all
Dale Gonzales
'Dale Gonzales' 7 months ago
love the song , love them, love the album, whats not to love ?!?
Katie Banks
'Katie Banks' 7 months ago
Brian definitely should get more lead roles. love the song.
Jello Wolf
'Jello Wolf' 7 months ago
my #1 fav. reminds me of me in a bad way everyone exludes me cause I'm different , playen football talken smack to defend myself fixen cars they I can't do that cause I'm a girl😞
Sweet Peeve
'Sweet Peeve' 7 months ago
So excited to see them tonight in concert❤️
brian lewis
'brian lewis' 7 months ago
Simone Stocco
'Simone Stocco' 7 months ago
Great stuff! You're the BEST!
Morgan Vanko
'Morgan Vanko' 7 months ago
my favourite is either this or summerland :)
Nicole Reiter
'Nicole Reiter' 7 months ago
FGL is my favorite band ever!!! They are legit my life.
Reagan Stringfellow
'Reagan Stringfellow' 7 months ago
its back on youtube!!!!!!
Jedidiah Gulsby
'Jedidiah Gulsby' 7 months ago
great album, great songs, great duo. not as great as their other albums but still has some songs that are their best work. but the album as a whole isn't as great as the past ones. definitely needs Tyler on the lead vocals. Brian is great too, Tyler's voice just seems better for country songs.
'terifortune10' 7 months ago
to cool to be true how do you make these videos its so hard to edit all the stuff uot that you don't need its just so hard
work hard, game hard!
I Love this Song, one of the best of the album (happy that Brian has some solo songs :))
Nikki Crawford
'Nikki Crawford' 7 months ago
hope y'all coming back to new Orleans LA. at the smoothie King center.
Nikki Crawford
'Nikki Crawford' 7 months ago
l love the new CD so much❤
Shelvia Woods
'Shelvia Woods' 7 months ago
I love the songs grow old together
Shelvia Woods
'Shelvia Woods' 7 months ago
Love there songs always
Naser Dadino
'Naser Dadino' 7 months ago
love That Song
Jake Mac
'Jake Mac' 7 months ago
glad BK is doing alot of singing
'XxDollfacexX182' 7 months ago
this album is gonna go platinum.
Monserrat Ocampo
'Monserrat Ocampo' 7 months ago
I Love you <3
colleen Elder
'colleen Elder' 7 months ago
my fav song. Has a lot of meaning for me and my husband. Its the same thing with the song Holy for me and my husband.
Rachel DeVaughn
'Rachel DeVaughn' 7 months ago
this is greattt 😻
Tatum Weaver
'Tatum Weaver' 7 months ago
i loveeeeeeeee this song soooooooo much!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! FGL is lifeeeeee!!! <3 <3 <3
nella kalantaryan
'nella kalantaryan' 7 months ago
this is so good!!!
Dalton 101
'Dalton 101' 7 months ago
Best song!!!
Taylor Hansen
'Taylor Hansen' 7 months ago
I love this song. I always have it stuck in my head after the first time that I heard it
Michelle Storm
'Michelle Storm' 7 months ago
Daniel Hutson
'Daniel Hutson' 7 months ago
love it.. man
'REEFER JAMES' 7 months ago
It's What They Do. Great Stuff FGL!
Billie Jean
'Billie Jean' 7 months ago
my favorite😍😍
Ashley Renae
'Ashley Renae' 7 months ago
Brian's voice is perfection. 😍
'MG R' 7 months ago
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