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DIY Glitter Bowls?! | Niki and Gabi DIY or DI-Don't -
Published: 2 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 months ago

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Niki and Gabi make DIY glitter bowls and let you know if it's a DIY or DI-Don't.
DIY Glitter Sneakers?! | Niki And Gabi DIY or DI-Don't -
DIY or DI-Don't is the show where Niki and Gabi try to DIY crazy things they see on Pintrest to see if it is a DIY or DI-DON'T! WATCH MORE DIY OR DI-DON'T!
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Fairy Jars: and and
Gummy Bear Popsicles:
Birthday Candle:
Rainbow Tie Dye Cake:

DIY Glitter Hair?! | Niki And Gabi DIY or Di-Don't -
DIY Edible Glitter?! | Niki and Gabi DIY or Di-Don't -

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Joasjoey Lol
'Joasjoey Lol' 19 hours ago
this is a lo g time when Nikkie still has brown hair
DiamondLINDA Girl
You could have used glue because I saw on Di Dare but I used moge podge and I made a confetti bowl , it totally worked. Maybe you just need a few layers.
Vlera Azizi
'Vlera Azizi' 1 day ago
you need to add more than 4 coats soo...
Maya Greenberg
'Maya Greenberg' 2 days ago
I had made a glitter bowl before this video and it look fabulous😇
'PIZZAKITTY CAT' 3 days ago
you could have put a lot more layers
'ALSA MIRON' 3 days ago
cause ur ment to pop it at the very top were u blew the baloon
'xKayleexGamingx' 3 days ago
You need a another layer of mod podge
Brandy Gongora
'Brandy Gongora' 4 days ago
They had this vid for s long time but the burly posted all of em
Funny friends
'Funny friends' 4 days ago
How old are they , they look about 14 but wearing make up like there a 18/19 year old tart like , where are there parents , I'm not trying to be mean and they are loverly girls but it's true
Leanna Chavez
'Leanna Chavez' 4 days ago
Niki or gabie looks like arianna grandea
Cationaire Infiandeyon
They keep wearing the same outfits ...
who to draw wolfe
'who to draw wolfe' 5 days ago
i love u guys
Hennah Cruickshank
Hennah Cruickshank
Gabri looks like Ariana grande
Pop Dove
'Pop Dove' 5 days ago
You could of put a lot more of the substance on
Fatima 128
'Fatima 128' 5 days ago
You did it wrong Becouse your supposed to add the mod Podgorica then the glitter and keep on letting it dry and put more layers
Alexa Rodriguez
'Alexa Rodriguez' 5 days ago
You flip the balloon with the glitter part facing down and the pop it
Alexa Rodriguez
'Alexa Rodriguez' 5 days ago
They did it wrong
jenny_ bek1
'jenny_ bek1' 6 days ago
gabi looks like Adriana Grande
Cindy Quigley
'Cindy Quigley' 6 days ago
Make rainbow cake mix
Cindy Quigley
'Cindy Quigley' 6 days ago
Make rainbow cake mix
'JRaee1108' 7 days ago
It's works with A LOT of layers !!!!.
Ana Alquicira
'Ana Alquicira' 7 days ago
You have to have a lot of layers I did this and I did it it is so easy!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Valencia De Araujo
you'll didn't do it right
Creation World
'Creation World' 7 days ago
whatsupmoms glitter bowl works perfect
'theyloveclairee' 7 days ago
u should've added a hell load of mod podge from my experience
Alissa Ward
'Alissa Ward' 1 week ago
Gabi looks like Ariana grande
Cookielover 301
'Cookielover 301' 1 week ago
Who's watching in 2017?
Carly Marlene
'Carly Marlene' 1 week ago
Great positive Mindset at 1:14 gabi
Lydia Jade
'Lydia Jade' 1 week ago
Maybe use real glue instead of mod podge
Julia Pawlowska
'Julia Pawlowska' 1 week ago
you can melt chocolate and put it on the balloon put sprinkles wait pop the balloon and here chocolate. bowl
RedPanda lover
'RedPanda lover' 1 week ago
Destiny Locklear
'Destiny Locklear' 1 week ago
put the glittery Parts in a bowl and then pop the balloon
Claire Bear
'Claire Bear' 1 week ago
This was pre filmed a LONG time ago...
Sn Endn
'Sn Endn' 1 week ago
Thats why its glue and modge podge with glitter so it becomes sturdy
Visali. Kuralla
'Visali. Kuralla' 1 week ago
You have put the not side up when you are popping it
Hermione Granger
'Hermione Granger' 1 week ago
gabi looks like she doesn't want to be there
'_.brianna10._' 1 week ago
Dip it in melted chocolate then let it dry then pop the balloon
Elisa Cruz
'Elisa Cruz' 2 weeks ago
try to do a glittery lolly pop
Brianna Johnson
'Brianna Johnson' 2 weeks ago
if I did this I would have probably dipped the balloon in the glitter and glue solution
cool.mincraft. gamer06
let it dry longer
Addison Ternus
'Addison Ternus' 2 weeks ago
You are supposed to let it dry for a day
amzad akmeer
'amzad akmeer' 2 weeks ago
today gabi looks a lil like ariana grande
Emily R5rocks
'Emily R5rocks' 2 weeks ago
you did it wrong because you have to poppet from the bottom
Donna Colucci
'Donna Colucci' 2 weeks ago
I would have worked if they poped the top where it dosent stretch that much
yasmin .Z
'yasmin .Z' 2 weeks ago
"Modge podge" ITS MOD PODGE
Sabrina Ngo
'Sabrina Ngo' 2 weeks ago
wow so colourful I love gabie
Samiya Omar
'Samiya Omar' 2 weeks ago
your supposed to cut the top of the balloon slowly so it's slowly deflates
Madelyn Cundiff
'Madelyn Cundiff' 2 weeks ago
I think you'll should make a chocolate sprinkle bowl.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 from Madelyn
AJ & Angie
'AJ & Angie' 2 weeks ago
Gabi looks like Ariana Grande
#DonutSwag Potato
'#DonutSwag Potato' 2 weeks ago
I like your shirt Niki
Zainab Abdullahi
'Zainab Abdullahi' 2 weeks ago
dascha pellerin
'dascha pellerin' 2 weeks ago
If you put a thicker layer it might have worked
Dhaval Patel
'Dhaval Patel' 2 weeks ago
you have to add 2 or 3 lears of mod pod so it would harden because I added 5 lears of mod pod glittery lears
'Sheryl' 2 weeks ago
they should put newspaper strips on the balloon then applying modpodge and more glitter
Gaby R
'Gaby R' 2 weeks ago
It would probably work if you used sequins
kimmy Quinn
'kimmy Quinn' 3 weeks ago
you should of have done more layers
icecream sparkz
'icecream sparkz' 3 weeks ago
U have to put more than 1 layer
Carly Coats
'Carly Coats' 3 weeks ago
Its has worked before
'Katie's Life' 3 weeks ago
They need to add more layers to make it harder and thicker. Soooo IT DOES WORK
Karen Chan
'Karen Chan' 3 weeks ago
Anyone try this progect and succeed?
Aileen Kampenhoy
'Aileen Kampenhoy' 3 weeks ago
Make a DIY chocolate bowl
Ricardo Tobar
'Ricardo Tobar' 3 weeks ago
You did it rong
Annabel Hearts
'Annabel Hearts' 3 weeks ago
You can make a edible bowl using melted chocolate and sprinkles first get a ballon melt chocolate then wait for it to cool down a little bit but not to much then dip the ballon in the bowl take it out and add sprinkles wait for it to harden or put in freezer and I joy you can put ice cream and etc
Julianne Salm
'Julianne Salm' 3 weeks ago
gabi you look like ariana grande
Neverlandis lexla
'Neverlandis lexla' 3 weeks ago
Omg Gabi looks in this video sooo mutch like Ariana
Cristian Reyes
'Cristian Reyes' 3 weeks ago
chloe rose thats not how it work lol.😹😂😅😃
Isabella Abreu
'Isabella Abreu' 3 weeks ago
I did this before its just they did it wrong
Priyanka Joshi
'Priyanka Joshi' 3 weeks ago
This is soooo old and they always to it to fast
Betty Boo
'Betty Boo' 3 weeks ago
I think if u put modpoge then put pieces of kitchen roll paper and then more mod poge and then glitter let to dry it would work
Katelyn Vu
'Katelyn Vu' 3 weeks ago
Maybe do layers duh
Jessica Petz
'Jessica Petz' 3 weeks ago
you guys are so pretty
'favorit1000' 3 weeks ago
You have to dip the balloon
Teigan Kate
'Teigan Kate' 3 weeks ago
u should call it di-do or di-dont
carlos carrillo
'carlos carrillo' 3 weeks ago
Gabi is a wannabe ariana grandeaaaa
carlos carrillo
'carlos carrillo' 3 weeks ago
Gabi is a wannabe ariana grandeaaaa
Heather Cuv
'Heather Cuv' 3 weeks ago
why not just coat the bowl in mod podge and glitter and not mess with the balloon
Cecilymarie I
'Cecilymarie I' 3 weeks ago
This is monkey=🐵
Monkey is sad
To make him happy again
Give him 10 likes or subscribe
Jim McGrath
'Jim McGrath' 3 weeks ago
i did it it worked
'StrawberryCream' 3 weeks ago
'Bianca_xoxo' 3 weeks ago
try it with chocolate not glitter x it works
Chloe McCarron
'Chloe McCarron' 3 weeks ago
You did it wrong
Alice Hill
'Alice Hill' 3 weeks ago
Definitely a di-don't!! 20k likes?
Rory Cats
'Rory Cats' 3 weeks ago
You needed to put a thicker layer... no hate😂😂
'HeyThereImMya' 4 weeks ago
When Thread Banger is more relevant than you.
Jolene Aguilar
'Jolene Aguilar' 4 weeks ago
gabbie looks like ariana grande
Janice Pardo
'Janice Pardo' 4 weeks ago
Gabi looks like Ariana Grande thumbs up pls
J and A nation Jada amir
The one on the right looks likw Ariana grande
Tiana Richard
'Tiana Richard' 4 weeks ago
you were suposed to use glue
deepika kalra
'deepika kalra' 4 weeks ago
this thing happened because u did not put newspaper under the moge podge and glitter
Lydia Clay
'Lydia Clay' 4 weeks ago
is that arianna Grande it soo looks like her
CayCay K
'CayCay K' 4 weeks ago
We did liquid glue, mod podge, glitter, hairspray, and spray glue then the next day we did another coat
Isabel Lopez
'Isabel Lopez' 4 weeks ago
they have to do more than one coat
Zakia Parham
'Zakia Parham' 4 weeks ago
Gabi looks like Ariana grande
Black Goten
'Black Goten' 4 weeks ago
Kjkoala AJ
'Kjkoala AJ' 4 weeks ago
Twinsync Twinsync
'Twinsync Twinsync' 4 weeks ago
Use Elmers glue, don't mix with glitter. Put glue on (multiple layers) and put glitter on it. Let it dry for 2-4 hour then flip it upside down and carefully let the air out of it. Once the air is out, take balloon out and you have the bowl.
Farrah Jones
'Farrah Jones' 4 weeks ago
when you are popping the balloons put the Ballon upside down where the glitter is inside the bowl
Ellie Crafter
'Ellie Crafter' 4 weeks ago
They did it wrong
Delaney MacDonald
'Delaney MacDonald' 4 weeks ago
I ❤️you and your Channel
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