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DIY Glitter Bowls?! | Niki and Gabi DIY or DI-Don't -
Published: 2 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 months ago

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Niki and Gabi make DIY glitter bowls and let you know if it's a DIY or DI-Don't.
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DIY or DI-Don't is the show where Niki and Gabi try to DIY crazy things they see on Pintrest to see if it is a DIY or DI-DON'T! WATCH MORE DIY OR DI-DON'T!
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Alexandra Castaneda
'Alexandra Castaneda' 6 hours ago
you have to add more mod poge and glitter
Chanel Hanna
'Chanel Hanna' 6 hours ago
You guys should of dipped the balloon in the glue and glitter
Caroline Dimond
'Caroline Dimond' 8 hours ago
What is Mage poge
Alayjah Leggett
'Alayjah Leggett' 8 hours ago
they didn't do it right
Pinkgamet 10
'Pinkgamet 10' 8 hours ago
It actually works if you do more layers
nataly alfaro
'nataly alfaro' 12 hours ago
niki and gabi made it wrong using mod podge,so mod podge will not work, but i use to make baloon with rip newspapar so i first add glue around the baloon then the newspaper
Andrea Curran
'Andrea Curran' 17 hours ago
you should have done loads of layers to make it thick.i did it and it worked

btw i luv you guys
'Ponygal1' 1 day ago
You did everything wrong
Claire Smith
'Claire Smith' 1 day ago
Is it just me who thinks gabi looks like Ariana grande
Snowy spirts and freinds Aj
I think you guys used wrong glue I pretty sure u have to use elmers so ya
Pam Fields
'Pam Fields' 1 day ago
I did one but I did not use glitter I used fabric and put glue with fabric and made many layers and then made a bowl and it ACTUALLY WORKED! Please make it in ur channel it would really make my day🙂
Happy Hamsters
'Happy Hamsters' 1 day ago
Wrong way
Evalyn D
'Evalyn D' 1 day ago
Herlinda Vasquez
'Herlinda Vasquez' 1 day ago
team gabi
Stephanie Santamaria
Y'all should have put paper mache and then modge podge and then put glitter over it😉😉😉
Amanda Perez
'Amanda Perez' 2 days ago
There stupid they needed to do multiple layers not just one!🤦🏻‍♂️🙄
Marissa Hanratty
'Marissa Hanratty' 2 days ago
It takes 3 couts
kim Montileaux
'kim Montileaux' 2 days ago
Niki and Gabbi are creative
sup its jacky
'sup its jacky' 2 days ago
First of all they didn't put enough layers and second they pop the balloons to fats they should have let the air out slowly
Diamond Nicki
'Diamond Nicki' 2 days ago
I miss their hair
'Lilya' 2 days ago
They look like Ariana Grande
okamitalk !!!
'okamitalk !!!' 2 days ago
use glue tissue and glitter
DiamondGamer Minecraft
U did it wrong
Jacob Taylor
'Jacob Taylor' 3 days ago
who is hoter gabi
Jacob Taylor
'Jacob Taylor' 3 days ago
who is hottter gabie
Kaylen Carrasco
'Kaylen Carrasco' 3 days ago
They did it wrong you put glue then the glitter you don't combine it
Lindsey Isom
'Lindsey Isom' 3 days ago
you did it wrong
Fiona Algermon
'Fiona Algermon' 3 days ago
put the moge pog in the bowl i think it will work
Grace Woods
'Grace Woods' 3 days ago
You did it wrong you do a few layers not one
Jay Forester
'Jay Forester' 3 days ago
they popped it wrong
Chloe Morse
'Chloe Morse' 3 days ago
You guys are so pretty 😵😵😵😵😵😵
Kaylee Seppala
'Kaylee Seppala' 3 days ago
you needed more than 1 layet
Aiza Bhatti
'Aiza Bhatti' 3 days ago
There poped it the wrong way
Ernesto Guillén
'Ernesto Guillén' 3 days ago
they had to put it continuously
Tatuskaa Boop
'Tatuskaa Boop' 4 days ago
you can maybe mix the moge poge and glitter in a big bowl and then dip the balloon in it then let it dry
world of weird !!!
Gabi is like me I can't blow up a baloon and my did can
Kylie,Bella,Mayce And Loggie
You have to take modpodge put it on then add sprinkles or something but not flutter then let dry it worked for me
madison monahan
'madison monahan' 4 days ago
I think they messed up somewhere because on another channel called WhatsUpMoms, they did these exact things, but there's turned out fine.
Nafisa Ahmed
'Nafisa Ahmed' 5 days ago
You didn't do a thick layer that's why
'Vulpix5000' 5 days ago
Errr more layers...
and a top layer of mod podge.
Rebecca Obar
'Rebecca Obar' 5 days ago
you can make a chocolate bowl
'shisuk' 5 days ago
Do 1st layer
Let it dry
Do 2nd layer
Let it dry
Do 3rd layer
Let it dry

One layer won't work :/
Kia Vink
'Kia Vink' 5 days ago
Love these kind of videos 👌🏼
Rachel cannavale
'Rachel cannavale' 5 days ago
you know you can do that with candy
Blan Correa
'Blan Correa' 5 days ago
Mani K.
'Mani K.' 6 days ago
If this turns out good then Rob (threadBanger) needs to take some lesson from them
'Imagination' 6 days ago
They did it wrong u have to slowly deflate the balloon not just pop it
Amina sabic
'Amina sabic' 6 days ago
you are supposed to add multiple layers
'Annisly' 6 days ago
You have to do more layers, and let the air out of the balloon slower
Gianna Slodzinski
'Gianna Slodzinski' 6 days ago
GABI LOOKS LIKE Ariana Grande like if you agree
I'm Gabi because I can't blow up a balloon 😭
WhatsUpKiawna Gonzalez
They did it wrong
Arleth Alvarez
'Arleth Alvarez' 1 week ago
u did it wrong
Kendall Amor
'Kendall Amor' 1 week ago
You should poor melted chocolate on the ballon and put ice cream
'Noorsilmi' 1 week ago
Gabby looks like Ariana grande like if u agree
DreamDestiny Girl
'DreamDestiny Girl' 1 week ago
U guys r supposed to use GLUE not MODPOGE modpoge is for securing thing or make it dtay still glue dry and its like stronger than mp
Debbie Baltodano
'Debbie Baltodano' 1 week ago
I needs to dry over night
Destiny Zackery
'Destiny Zackery' 1 week ago
Gabi looks like air Ada
Kawaii Penguins
'Kawaii Penguins' 1 week ago
"Modj podge"
Savannah Smith
'Savannah Smith' 1 week ago
U need to add layers so it actually stays sturdy when u pop the ballon
Maria Dominguez
'Maria Dominguez' 1 week ago
you had to put coats
Jackie Williams
'Jackie Williams' 1 week ago
layer it u idout
Kenny Abreu
'Kenny Abreu' 1 week ago
Gabby Looks Like Ariana Grande a Little
Cakethegirl1 Gaming
They could have dipped it in the bowl instead of painting it
Irma Bravo
'Irma Bravo' 1 week ago
The one I made did work
rahim DIYMbira
'rahim DIYMbira' 1 week ago
'Michelle's Crib' 1 week ago
Before gabby got into the Kylie Jenner faze
Anička Nguyen
'Anička Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Nikki looks like Ariana Grande 😂 (not hating)
Ester Chae
'Ester Chae' 2 weeks ago
Nikki and Gaby did a thin layer of the glue thats why it crumbled up if it was thick it would pop like a bowl
Unicorn Gurl
'Unicorn Gurl' 2 weeks ago
You guys should've put more layers on it🤦🏻‍♀️
Beau Allen
'Beau Allen' 2 weeks ago
I was waiting for them to say "some glitter ...Obiously!"I knew they were gonna say obviously
Zara Hussain
'Zara Hussain' 2 weeks ago
They made it wrong you need to dip the balloon in the glitter and glue and make sure that the balloon is the write size
diy baesforlife
'diy baesforlife' 2 weeks ago
They had to layer it up
Newella Rosario
'Newella Rosario' 2 weeks ago
why can't they just put modge podge on a plastic bowl and sprinkle glitter on it
Newella Rosario
'Newella Rosario' 2 weeks ago
why can't they just put modge podge on a plastic bowl and sprinkle glitter on it
Annika Empey
'Annika Empey' 2 weeks ago
Ur supposed to do multiple coats of it
Vivian Nollora
'Vivian Nollora' 2 weeks ago
gabi looks like ariana grande
cutie707 lol123
'cutie707 lol123' 2 weeks ago
no offense but Nikki is better cause Gabi is shy sorry your my favorite Nikki and Gabi !!!!
MK BrownBear
'MK BrownBear' 2 weeks ago
Try and make chocolate bowl
Anime Nerd
'Anime Nerd' 2 weeks ago
Aisha G
'Aisha G' 2 weeks ago
Di don's is baseikly saing (Do it Don't) shouldint it be Don't do it? something like that?
Bo Moon
'Bo Moon' 2 weeks ago
niki gabi ar you sisters
Nur Anatasia
'Nur Anatasia' 2 weeks ago
Nur Anatasia
'Nur Anatasia' 2 weeks ago
put all the mod posge at bellon
Lesly Calderon
'Lesly Calderon' 2 weeks ago
You did it wrong you needed to layer it and you popped it wrong
NataleenDiy 101
'NataleenDiy 101' 2 weeks ago
I did it and it worked,You just put the modge podge on the did it in glitter, when ready to pop face the balloon 🎈 down in the bowl and pop
Mell Caba
'Mell Caba' 2 weeks ago
you needed more glitter it does work
Saj Ashraf
'Saj Ashraf' 2 weeks ago
is it just me or does Nike and Gabi always wear the same clothes in all of these DIYs??????🤔🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🤔🙄🙄🤔🤔
DaGames!! DIY
'DaGames!! DIY' 2 weeks ago
u could've just paint the bowl then add glitter
Slimee Peep
'Slimee Peep' 2 weeks ago
Is it just me or am I subscribers just because of D.I.Y or D.I DON'T...
Jayce Cao
'Jayce Cao' 2 weeks ago
Niki and Gabi have a channel
Happy Happy
'Happy Happy' 2 weeks ago
Gabby literally ripped the balloon into shreds and ripped those shreds into more shreds
Peter Sourgose jr
'Peter Sourgose jr' 2 weeks ago
Gaby looks like Ariana Grande
Jersey Neibauer
'Jersey Neibauer' 2 weeks ago
Kimberly Luu
'Kimberly Luu' 2 weeks ago
you have to put 2 or 3 layers to work
M and M sister Ross
'M and M sister Ross' 2 weeks ago
U did it wrong
Amber Angel
'Amber Angel' 2 weeks ago
To make it stay I would try hairspray
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