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DIY Glitter Bowls?! | Niki and Gabi DIY or DI-Don't -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Niki and Gabi make DIY glitter bowls and let you know if it's a DIY or DI-Don't.
DIY Glitter Sneakers?! | Niki And Gabi DIY or DI-Don't -
DIY or DI-Don't is the show where Niki and Gabi try to DIY crazy things they see on Pintrest to see if it is a DIY or DI-DON'T! WATCH MORE DIY OR DI-DON'T!
DIY Glitter Hair?! | Niki And Gabi DIY or Di-Don't -
DIY Edible Glitter?! | Niki and Gabi DIY or Di-Don't -
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Melody Witches
'Melody Witches' 7 hours ago
They changed their hair!
Jaz Johnson
'Jaz Johnson' 7 hours ago
test out string art please
Nicole Paz
'Nicole Paz' 8 hours ago
Who miss this vids
I still remember their hair!
Not Me
'Not Me' 12 hours ago
If I had a dollar every time they said mod podge wrong ugh
three musketeers
'three musketeers' 12 hours ago
you should of put more layers
Artist ForLife77
'Artist ForLife77' 18 hours ago
They dyed their hair that little ago.
julia silva
'julia silva' 19 hours ago
Cloe rose
julia silva
'julia silva' 19 hours ago
What the heck
cheap prepper
'cheap prepper' 19 hours ago
Shures up
Ciara Mcarthur
'Ciara Mcarthur' 19 hours ago
You are post to leave it for 12hours then pop the bloon
Kamiya Rae
'Kamiya Rae' 20 hours ago
Gabi looks like Ariana grande
Madasyn Karpenko
'Madasyn Karpenko' 22 hours ago
you did it so wrong
JoJo Yammii
'JoJo Yammii' 1 day ago
Why Is This Published In Jan 11 2017?!?!?
Mollie Shaw
'Mollie Shaw' 1 day ago
U sould of put on a other layer
Lulu Yaffe
'Lulu Yaffe' 1 day ago
U were supposed to but a lot of layers on the bottom to make it stirdy
Pravallika Manju
'Pravallika Manju' 1 day ago
I've done this before but I stuck a first primer like layer of newspapers, let it sit overnight and then did the second layer. It works and is sturdy.
toni lee
'toni lee' 1 day ago
Subscribed them
AU Girl
'AU Girl' 1 day ago
gabi, you look like ariana grande
Abby M
'Abby M' 2 days ago
This is such an old video omg look how Brown nikis hair is!!!!!!
sabrina your pastel princess
if you dont do layers it wont work i did it and it worked
Anawyn Batiles
'Anawyn Batiles' 2 days ago
use glue gun it will work
Emmy Awesomesauce
'Emmy Awesomesauce' 2 days ago
Is it really that hard to blow up a balloon
Emily Geelall
'Emily Geelall' 2 days ago
They did it wrong
'MissAlexFreeman' 2 days ago
Mariam 101
'Mariam 101' 2 days ago
Maybe if you do more layers it could work
'' 2 days ago
The glitter lips you can see photos in internet you just but the glitters on the lips its real cool do it plz....
Garance Marchand
'Garance Marchand' 2 days ago
resist reserve net monument feeling fashion anger forehead.
Kate A
'Kate A' 2 days ago
You can tell they did this a long time ago because Niki and Gabi had brown hair. : )
'OD TB' 2 days ago
You have to add heaps of layers
Seven DIY Divas
'Seven DIY Divas' 3 days ago
You need more than one coat!!!
Yocelyn Delarosa
'Yocelyn Delarosa' 3 days ago
You use glue
Megan Manlove
'Megan Manlove' 3 days ago
When they say modge podge instead of mod modge
Mya Miller
'Mya Miller' 3 days ago
Gabi kind of looks like Ariana Grande
Mimosa Niemi
'Mimosa Niemi' 3 days ago
u had to add layers
Princess Hannah
'Princess Hannah' 3 days ago
U don't do it that way instead of mod podge use glue instead
'Equinelifefor2' 3 days ago
Do it with paper machete
'DARYN SANIA' 3 days ago
why is nikis hair still Brown it said uploaded last week
Cook and Create
'Cook and Create' 3 days ago
Like she's just so negative and bitter
Cook and Create
'Cook and Create' 3 days ago
I hate gabbi idek why lol
Lea&Mina Queen
'Lea&Mina Queen' 3 days ago
you have to vait
Naliyah Arredondo
'Naliyah Arredondo' 3 days ago
you need to put more layers of glue for it to work
'Taryn' 3 days ago
this would have worked if they did a ton of layers
Vibhuti Patel
'Vibhuti Patel' 3 days ago
you're supposed to put way more layers on it, to make it thicker and sturdier
min wu
'min wu' 3 days ago
it works you have to do more then one layer is just make the mixer thicker
Amaia Douglas
'Amaia Douglas' 3 days ago
in this Niki was still skinny
Tiffany Tong
'Tiffany Tong' 3 days ago
It didn't dry enough
Sophie Graff
'Sophie Graff' 3 days ago
It dose work they just need to put more layers
Chara Dreemurr
'Chara Dreemurr' 3 days ago
watch Threadbanger do it
Emilyy Longer
'Emilyy Longer' 4 days ago
they need to add layers and layers
Monserrat Nava
'Monserrat Nava' 4 days ago
Gabi looks ariana grande
Alyssa Tee
'Alyssa Tee' 4 days ago
this diy could have worked, if u greased the balloon before adding the mod podge and glitter
bubbles rangel
'bubbles rangel' 4 days ago
use paper not glitter
blue panda101
'blue panda101' 4 days ago
they needed more layers of mod poge of however u spell it
Yvonne Trejo
'Yvonne Trejo' 4 days ago
It worked on my glitter bowl haha bitches
Taibah Tuwairesh
'Taibah Tuwairesh' 4 days ago
the first one you made it wrong u can make it with chocolate
Karla Lorenzo
'Karla Lorenzo' 4 days ago
put glitter in side
Honey Ramos
'Honey Ramos' 4 days ago
Gabie looks like Ariana grande
Marina Young
'Marina Young' 4 days ago
You could always add a layer of paper
Kashish Dudeja
'Kashish Dudeja' 4 days ago
You look like Ariana grande
Katherine Verano
'Katherine Verano' 4 days ago
Gabi is Familiar
Ah like to be Ariana Grande
Yenny H
'Yenny H' 4 days ago
redo it. do at least 3 layers and let dry overnight
Sara Buchanan
'Sara Buchanan' 4 days ago
add 3 layers!!
Sara Buchanan
'Sara Buchanan' 4 days ago
gabi looks like an Ariana grande reject
'Unicornkategirl' 4 days ago
U need to do 2 layers
Abigail Gee
'Abigail Gee' 4 days ago
You're supposed to do more than one layer
Alexis Gonrowski
'Alexis Gonrowski' 4 days ago
wrap the balloon with paper glue the paper with a mixture of glue and starch then add glitter let dry pop the balloon walla
Caroline Roney
'Caroline Roney' 4 days ago
You have to do many layers....
Jordan Skidmore
'Jordan Skidmore' 4 days ago
Are they wearing wigs
Hannah Worth
'Hannah Worth' 4 days ago
How long ago do they film these lol bc they both have brown hair 😂😂
Bestvallan12 Amjad
make slime with water food coloring and glue
Lacey Mcintyre
'Lacey Mcintyre' 4 days ago
this must have been filmed SOOOOOO long ago like rlly look at them now
Ximena Aguilar
'Ximena Aguilar' 4 days ago
You need more layers
Nicke Edwards
'Nicke Edwards' 5 days ago
are they sisters
yolo dude
'yolo dude' 5 days ago
they look like Ariana grande
asha unicorn
'asha unicorn' 5 days ago
This was filmed ages ago because Niki has blue hair and Gabi has blonde
Lps Unicorn
'Lps Unicorn' 5 days ago
Do the chocolate and sprinkles version
Lisa Venable
'Lisa Venable' 5 days ago
Use tissues paper
Karinne Dean
'Karinne Dean' 5 days ago
I think you just have to add more layers
'Natorydiys' 5 days ago
It works but not with mode podge we used to do a ton in school
'lobbylady3000' 5 days ago
Lil_ adilene
'Lil_ adilene' 5 days ago
is it just me or does Gabi always seem down in these and looks like she doesn't care
Elissa Duma
'Elissa Duma' 5 days ago
You didn't do it right
Emma Bugge
'Emma Bugge' 5 days ago
Hate when people say modge podge😡like it says mod podge on the bottle!!! Why do you then say modge podge???😡😭😡
Life with Diya
'Life with Diya' 5 days ago
love you
Kirsten_ :\ Narra
'Kirsten_ :\ Narra' 5 days ago
I luv Nikki and Gabbie cuz there awesome.
Alya Cinta
'Alya Cinta' 5 days ago
Ella Shiel
'Ella Shiel' 5 days ago
You should try and make slime without borax
'Gymnast' 5 days ago
it does work you need more layers💕
Kitty Tran
'Kitty Tran' 5 days ago
You guys didn't do enough layers
My Crazy Life
'My Crazy Life' 5 days ago
I think they needed more layers.... Of the glitter.
Aqsa Khatri
'Aqsa Khatri' 5 days ago
ummm ur supposed to keep it overnight
Vesna Drole
'Vesna Drole' 5 days ago
they should make morr of this diys
Duane Jacobsen
'Duane Jacobsen' 5 days ago
I think they should of added more layers
Savannah Ellis
'Savannah Ellis' 5 days ago
I think it's a di dont
Alicia Bais
'Alicia Bais' 5 days ago
They don't have brown hair they are blonde and blue😂😂😂pre recorded
Isha Masani
'Isha Masani' 5 days ago
Isha Masani
'Isha Masani' 5 days ago
you are making it wrong see how to cook that channel sugar bowls
Tijuana Gomez
'Tijuana Gomez' 5 days ago
Gabi look like ariana 😐😱😱😱
Kat McCulley
'Kat McCulley' 5 days ago
u know ur supost to put more than one layer. right? u should put at least 5 to keep the bowl shape and let dry in between
Amanda Saiegh
'Amanda Saiegh' 5 days ago
you're supposed to add layers
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