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Instant Hot Chocolate Taste Test -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedVideo

By: BuzzFeedVideoPublished: 3 months ago

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"I've never questioned chocolate so much in my life."

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Renn Li
'Renn Li' 6 hours ago
I think it's not really fair that the cheaper brands are instant pre-mixed packages so some sort of cream/milk powder was included, making the drink taste richer. Meanwhile, the higher-end brands only had the chocolate, so it's obviously going to taste bad if they made it with water and not milk.
'Spectre' 6 hours ago
Always make hot chocolate with hot milk and add an extra spoonful of the choc powder. You'll thank me when you try it.
Zesty Cheesemaker
'Zesty Cheesemaker' 3 days ago
Reason why they all love the swiss miss and nestle is b/c both contains Corn Syrup. If you looked at the ingredients for the three that were not chosen, most likely scenario is b/c they do not contain corn syrup.
LaZy Jeff
'LaZy Jeff' 2 weeks ago
My dad used to live in India (He`s not Indian.) But he would go skiing up on the mountains, he would take the lift up and get a hot chocolate. They literally put chocolate in a pan and melt it, then putting it in a cup with a touch of milk to liquify it, then he would drink it and then go down the mountain. Then coming back up again for another round of hot chocolate!
P3anut Unicorn
'P3anut Unicorn' 1 month ago
'GossipGirl16' 1 month ago
I really though Yessica wasn't in Buzzfeed anymore.
'chandini241' 1 month ago
Land of Lakes.....all the way
Kelsie Cameron
'Kelsie Cameron' 1 month ago
Nestle has always been my favorite ❤
Haley Hennen
'Haley Hennen' 1 month ago
Why isn't anybody white?
Aminata Diabate
'Aminata Diabate' 2 months ago
I love swiss miss. I'm drinking it right now
Amber Boone
'Amber Boone' 2 months ago
Land o lakes makes the best hot chocolate! only thing is that they only sell it as single packs.:(
Hermione Holmes
'Hermione Holmes' 2 months ago
they must have mixed the loose powder hot chocolate wrong. Godiva is my absolute favorite hot chocolate, but i use milk instead of water and put three spoonfuls of the powder in. It's freaking awesome!
Bella Viviane
'Bella Viviane' 2 months ago
Great. Now I'm craving for hot chocolate
Jenessa Rodriguez
'Jenessa Rodriguez' 2 months ago
i saw chris and yessica and universal studios this saturday and i didnt get to take a pic with them, so sad about them but what if they were on a date
Lulu Wang
'Lulu Wang' 2 months ago
I have to say this video is totally misleading cuz they are comparing between hot chocolate and hot cocoa, of course hot chocolate would win because it's made of real chocolate.
Arianna Pour
'Arianna Pour' 2 months ago
I have Swiss miss and Starbucks hot chocolate in my cabinet right now. In fact I think I'll go make some right now. Anybody else want a cup?
'TheAutobotPower' 2 months ago
I like my hot chocolate in water, for real flavor. Milk is just fat from a cow.
'MorriganAtwood' 2 months ago
The reason the other cocoas tasted bland is because they don't put milk in the mix. Swiss Miss is made to be brewed with water because there's already milk in it.
Dragon Spirit Forever AJ
Before: My savior and addiction cause, Swiss Miss, is here. They HAVE to win. // After: YESS I KNEW IT MY LORD AND SAVIOR WON. THESE PEOPLE KNOW THEIR CRAP.
super GOTfan
'super GOTfan' 2 months ago
Good quality dark chocolate, toned milk (not skim) and a teaspoon of corn flour with a pinch of salt makes the best, most luscious and wholesome hot chocolate. You can add some extra sugar if you need.You don't need these powdered varieties. I do like swiss miss dark chocolate version though.
Kodak Yellow
'Kodak Yellow' 2 months ago
Yessica is on People Be Like tho..? This got to be old.
Audrey Natalia
'Audrey Natalia' 2 months ago
Swiss Miss is my favorite!
Hannah White
'Hannah White' 2 months ago
Swiss miss will always be the best
The PannuKakku
'The PannuKakku' 2 months ago
I love hot chocolate
'Caliab' 2 months ago
Cool Hufflepuff sweater!
'Khajiit' 2 months ago
It's not instant hot chocolate but mcdonald's hot chocolate is 10/10
Derek Bryceson
'Derek Bryceson' 2 months ago
420th dislikes :D
The snow Dog
'The snow Dog' 2 months ago
You have to like dark chocolate to light like the ghiradelli
'Anslee104' 2 months ago
Where are the white people?
Stephanie Yap
'Stephanie Yap' 2 months ago
Hot Coco = With Water
Hot Chocolate = With Milk
Meruert Bestybay
'Meruert Bestybay' 2 months ago
The tim Hortons hot chocolate is the best. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Amber Nevius
'Amber Nevius' 2 months ago
'CopicSans' 3 months ago
i have swiss miss a lot
Rice Dude
'Rice Dude' 3 months ago
I don't think it was fair. I doubt ghiradelli would taste watered down, I've had it many times and I'll tell you it tastes really good
'HazelSarahi' 3 months ago
Wendell Baker
'Wendell Baker' 3 months ago
Filsan Musa
'Filsan Musa' 3 months ago
These people have highly unsophisticated palates.
'Lylonpop' 3 months ago
And I thought Starbucks was gonna win
Natalia As it is!
'Natalia As it is!' 3 months ago
Anybody else really happy because they were drinking Swiss miss😂👌🏽 ☕️
'ANaughtyNuke' 3 months ago
f 10
'f 10' 3 months ago
chelsea zang is so lovely adorable
Andres Carmelo
'Andres Carmelo' 3 months ago
wait is Jessica back??????
Dj Rickey Ricardo
'Dj Rickey Ricardo' 3 months ago
I love hot chocolate
'asdfghjkl123' 3 months ago
swiss miss sucks
Melanie Mearns
'Melanie Mearns' 3 months ago
I'm so disappointed in this video. Godiva, Ghirardelli, and Starbucks are supposed to be mixed with milk. The other two contain dry milk products. You are comparing apples to oranges. I hope you re-do this and mix them properly.

Closely related to this is prepared hot chocolate. As a hot chocolate fan, I am very picky. Starbucks stores actually excellent hot chocolate because they don't use high fructose chocolate syrup to make it. Hot chocolate is serious business to some of us. ; )
Batavian Republic
'Batavian Republic' 3 months ago
Where is the Dutch brand: chocomel?
Terry Cheong
'Terry Cheong' 3 months ago
they should try the nestle milo
Lars Chue
'Lars Chue' 3 months ago
1) Put hot chocolate powder in an empty latte cup that held the generic coffee you bought from your local cafe.
2) Select a Coffee mold to insert into the Krueger machine.
3) Hold your cup under the Krueger coffee machine
4) Add some cream, and ice. Then shake, and enjoy.
Tuan Hoang
'Tuan Hoang' 3 months ago
I loveeeeeeeeee nestle!!!!!!!!!!!!!😚😚😍
'Screwylooy333' 3 months ago
love the fact the overpriced hot cocoas bomb the taste test
Giulia Vojvodic
'Giulia Vojvodic' 3 months ago
Stop advertising Nestle
Claudice Gillian Salazar
Dark chocolate obsession
'BabyBooh' 3 months ago
No suchard, no Caotina. Cancelled.
'Phankitty' 3 months ago
the "chocolate gunk" is amazing
Hailey Arianator
'Hailey Arianator' 3 months ago
'Excellent_Ella' 3 months ago
Was the hot chocolate made out of milk or water? Or maybe some was made from milk and others water? Because one reaction was that one hot chocolate was too watery, and another reaction was that it was too milky.
'VY' 3 months ago
Godiva is hecka rich, they're doing it wrong. Putting water in hot chocolate is sinful. It's a shame they don't have Abuelita and Milo, those are cheaper and delishhh.
Ae Bie
'Ae Bie' 3 months ago
i love some whole milk from kalona w the cream on top heated on stove until it starts to release some steam. add a few table spoons of dagoba dark chocolate, a tad of godiva dark chocolate for sweetness and a table spoon of just cacao. pour into a mug; sometimes i leave a dark chocolate at the bottom of the mug or even a bit of fresh cream
Bacon Axolotl
'Bacon Axolotl' 3 months ago
In australia
Thirrin Lindenshield
'Thirrin Lindenshield' 3 months ago
where in the name of God is the bally Cadburys
Kawaii Chan
'Kawaii Chan' 3 months ago
I grew up with Swiss Miss
AJ Rayo
'AJ Rayo' 3 months ago
I think they only used water for the Ghirardelli.
'REZ' 3 months ago
Nathali Blanco
'Nathali Blanco' 3 months ago
I thought yessica was gone?? I'm confused 🤔🤔
Ethan Seafield
'Ethan Seafield' 3 months ago
swiss miss is the best for me
Elena Lena
'Elena Lena' 3 months ago
swiss miss is BOMB
Karlie Caulfield
'Karlie Caulfield' 3 months ago
Nestle uses child slave labor, no joke. Don't support them
'Lobo' 3 months ago
What about abuelita
Lylou Lacroix
'Lylou Lacroix' 3 months ago
Hi ! ! closer Does anybody understand worse than this%reswnt
Qingru Wu
'Qingru Wu' 3 months ago
I love Swiss Miss!!!!!!
'Palantir' 3 months ago
Its what we grew up with..not ghiradelli...not Godiva...but are childhood 8>)
Classic Stupid Tom
'Classic Stupid Tom' 3 months ago
I have not had a single instant hot chocolate in my whole life
All homemade bb
emily wood
'emily wood' 3 months ago
Where the Cadburys at??!!
'BluuLady' 3 months ago
they should have tried Caotina... it's the best... don't you get that in the USA? Well it's very popular here in Switzerland :D
Jessica Lan
'Jessica Lan' 3 months ago
Burger Patty
'Burger Patty' 3 months ago
why isn't there Abuelita I am outraged
'spike31642' 3 months ago
did you guys mix the godiva and Ghirardelli with water or milk? I think you're supposed to use milk for those.
Failed Pixel
'Failed Pixel' 3 months ago
Yessica, I don't see William Haynes here, what are you doing girl
Random Prim
'Random Prim' 3 months ago
i love swiss miss
'KYNGA100' 3 months ago
Switzerland is the best for chocolate~ ♡
TechTubeHD Reviews
'TechTubeHD Reviews' 3 months ago
Swill Miss is the best it's so good
'Hi' 3 months ago
I bet buzzfeed just added more water into the good ones and then wanted to make people want to click on other taste testing videos. Sorry if I'm confusing.😏
Sydney Peters
'Sydney Peters' 3 months ago
The ad before the video 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭
'mgmnoddles' 3 months ago
You guys forgot about DD's hot chocolate... it's bomb 😍
where is cadburys?
'RemwindStudios' 3 months ago
Why does Yessica work for buzz and SF? lol only clicked to dislike and see why she was in it anyway
Supernerd Rose
'Supernerd Rose' 3 months ago
But where's the Carination brand???😂😂😂
'achanwahn' 3 months ago
no Land'o'Lakes? o.O))
Shraddha Vemuri
'Shraddha Vemuri' 3 months ago
I'm not a fan of Swiss Miss but my favorite is Godiva. I have it all the time, but I don't as much cause I found out how expensive it was.
Luffy SkyWalker
'Luffy SkyWalker' 3 months ago
That dog movie is teaching reincarnation
Jaylynn Vega
'Jaylynn Vega' 3 months ago
Button Nose
'Button Nose' 3 months ago
I've tried a couple varieties of Swiss Miss and I find them too sweet too.
The only Swiss Miss I have tried that I like is Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Mocha which is marketed as "a flavor Exclusively made for the Philippines", it's not too sweet and has a rich body.
Don't mistake it as Filipinos not liking sweet things, because most people here love their sugary drinks and pastries etc.
Other Instant Hot Chocolate I've tried are:
- Hershey's = I love it when I was a child, not so sure if I will still like it if I drink one today. It's a bit expensive compared to cost of living here, so for my family's income range this is something you receive as a gift or buy in rare occasions.
- Ricoa - a local product, bitter and more authentic (less chemicals added). I love it! You adjust the sugar level by adding more. I love adding condensed milk to this
- Ovaltine - it's good
- Milo - it's good

There are other brands here that I just don't plan on trying such as Nesquik.
Sarah-Audrey Mome
'Sarah-Audrey Mome' 3 months ago
Can someone answer how Yessica is on this while she's on another channel too?? I thought that was against Buzzfeed rules.....
Benjamin Edger
'Benjamin Edger' 3 months ago
Did they make the Godiva one with milk? It's not good with water...
'thatrandomphangirl' 3 months ago
ahhhh i got that "dogs purpose" ad before this😢😢😢
'eLem3nT' 3 months ago
The girl at 0:18 on the left hello hot girl 😍😍😍
'defiantone' 3 months ago
Did they use milk or water when they tested these? It makes a big difference in the taste.
Karen M
'Karen M' 3 months ago
Yessica is back!
Jose Navarro
'Jose Navarro' 3 months ago
Abuelita is the best one
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