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Ben Affleck's Love for Taylor Swift -
Published: 1 month ago By: TheEllenShow

By: TheEllenShowPublished: 1 month ago

1, 123, 317 views

8, 933 Likes   1, 007 Dislikes

The multi-talented Oscar winner caught up with Ellen on everything from Matt Damon to one of his new hobbies – going to Taylor Swift concerts.

Don Seagrave
'Don Seagrave' 1 week ago
She is just awful. All of her songs have one meaning: YOU'RE A DICK, IT DEFINITELY ISN'T MY FAULT THAT MY RELATIONSHIPS NEVER WORK, I'VE HAD SO MANY BOYFRIENDS IT CAN'T BE MY FAULT! She is talentless, overrated, rinse and repeat, pop trash.
Ann Attig
'Ann Attig' 2 weeks ago
8 seconds into the video and i'm thinking "Ben's drunk!"
Grace Gilrane
'Grace Gilrane' 2 weeks ago
Yes Taylor is a great role modeln
'frangfbpa' 2 weeks ago
Sruthi Nambiar
'Sruthi Nambiar' 2 weeks ago
I just watched Good Will Hunting this week :D Amazing film!
Khushi Shah
'Khushi Shah' 3 weeks ago
Is saying that going to TS concerts means loving her? Good thing I read the comments first!
Irene Ramirez
'Irene Ramirez' 3 weeks ago
sorry but why would you compare winning an oscar to being in a car accident
'galetaf' 4 weeks ago
For the person who wrote the title, Ben Affleck interviews does get views even on your youtube channel so don't try and mislead us by putting a pop star's name on the title for the sake of views
Hi my name is kevin
'Hi my name is kevin' 1 month ago
I never want to be a dad
Rex Tyler
'Rex Tyler' 1 month ago
dislike squad where you at??
#makeyoutubegreatagain #nomoreclickbait
Elis Asenova
'Elis Asenova' 1 month ago
Carolina Leal
'Carolina Leal' 1 month ago
great title
Musa Khalek
'Musa Khalek' 1 month ago
Who makes those Love jumpers that Ellen is wearing!?
Clove Foray
'Clove Foray' 1 month ago
At least the comments were left on for this video.
Huriya Assegaf
'Huriya Assegaf' 1 month ago
There is so many other things that he talked about and yet they chose this as the title. Click-bait at its worst, good job team.
Joshua Eleko
'Joshua Eleko' 1 month ago
1:54 haha his voice got so low
Martin Larsen
'Martin Larsen' 1 month ago
Well the thing is that Affleck, just suppressed findings that his ancestors were Slave owners. The TV program "who do you think you are", originated in the UK. Delved into Ben Allfecks background, with his permission, cause he wanted to know more about his ancestry. Well, they found slaveowners, and Affleck immediiatly put a KAIBASH on the whole production.
Roseann Finnerty
'Roseann Finnerty' 1 month ago
He goes to Taylor swift concerts with his daughter and she's a great role model? Title is a bit misleading!!!! It's a few seconds right at the end!
Lolo Rty
'Lolo Rty' 1 month ago
Alex Herolagen
'Alex Herolagen' 1 month ago
Bestiees Hi
'Bestiees Hi' 1 month ago
Finally a Ellen video that doesn't have the comments disabled
'BODDENERGON' 1 month ago
"Mad" Max Rockatansky: "That's bait."
Lavonne Cervantes
'Lavonne Cervantes' 1 month ago
broker please this material ieeply conference
even ellen has to click bait now
'Dan TDM' 1 month ago
BAT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dana rose
'Dana rose' 1 month ago
the title is falt
'EL23 TV' 1 month ago
Even Ellen clickbaits 😂😂😂
PS Im kidding
I know she doesn't come up with the titles.
New Bob
'New Bob' 1 month ago
Patricia Johnson
'Patricia Johnson' 1 month ago
This title is almost unethical
'albukairi' 1 month ago
why does he look like he's 55 .. he's only 44 !!
Tony Villella
'Tony Villella' 1 month ago
I just had a convo with him today. he's a really nice man
'Juan' 1 month ago
“Ben Affleck's Love for Taylor Swift” - WOW. Whoever wrote the title deserves a strong punch in the face.
When I see youtube channels doing this I just unsubscribe right away. I don't like to be treated like an idiot.
'Tofu' 1 month ago
He merely mentioned her name~!!
'Tofu' 1 month ago
Sensational is an understatement...
Jayesh Gandhi
'Jayesh Gandhi' 1 month ago
Batman is a fan of TS?! star Lord and katniss everdeen together in a movie!? together!? 2017 YEAR OF DA GEEKZ
'mustang501982' 1 month ago
#1 a 44 year old father of 3 confessing  his love for a 20 something  year old singer he has never met is creepy as fuck so I am happy it did not go down like that, #2 why are you clicking on a Hollywood actors interview just to hear about Taylor Swift   there are millions of videos on here about her its free entertainment stop acting like the Ellen show owes you a apology
Fleur Maes
'Fleur Maes' 1 month ago
Chain index bit iywyaz clean table boom themselves aspect.
Tommy Ozoria
'Tommy Ozoria' 1 month ago
ben affleck is so awkward, i love it
'Explodingtraps' 1 month ago
Wow nice title...Ellen team
Nabihah Sahair
'Nabihah Sahair' 1 month ago
taylor swift mentioned @3:11 you're welcome
'coraline08' 1 month ago
he looks like taylors next mistake 😂😂😂😂
'WafflePunk47' 1 month ago
waitin for a Taylor Swift comment with 15 seconds left like 👀☕
'Ally' 1 month ago
Taylor Swift's music these days is far from child friendly lol....
Juan Pirul
'Juan Pirul' 1 month ago
Kavita Mohabir
'Kavita Mohabir' 1 month ago
I love Ben but I feel his leg was way too high I feel it was touching ellen's hand
'lillost' 1 month ago
So sweet what he said about Jennifer Garner. I'm still holding out for them, they were such a great couple... you know from the outside looking in.
kc pang
'kc pang' 1 month ago
not to be mean or annoying but I think Ben looks like andy-average andy
Karin Gåsste
'Karin Gåsste' 1 month ago
sick of ellen throwing taylor swift on literally everyone. STOOOOOP
mayra faice
'mayra faice' 1 month ago
hola me encantaría que me hicieran una entrevista se podria
Mir Abdul Rehman
'Mir Abdul Rehman' 1 month ago
Damn Bruce Wayne
SJ Courtney
'SJ Courtney' 1 month ago
No matter whats going on in his private life with Jen, you can tell he's a great dad to his kids. He loves talking about them.
'VatsalaMolly' 1 month ago
I always wish Ellen's team would rise above clickbait. She doesn't need it.
Quý Nguyễn Minh
'Quý Nguyễn Minh' 1 month ago
Great title Ellen ! 😒
Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi
Wt d heck is tht caption? Taylor is mentioned in dis conversation just 4 five seconds & u keep her name in the caption? m a victim of click bait...
Nicola Baldwin
'Nicola Baldwin' 1 month ago
the saddest thing on ben affleck is, then one day .. our kids won't be able to see him get a new award, make new movie.. you know.. ben affleck should never get old :D
Nuke 4 Soup
'Nuke 4 Soup' 1 month ago
That title tho...
'FacheChanteDeux' 1 month ago
Casey Affleck is a dirty woman attacker. Nothing to be proud of.
'milanyescu7' 1 month ago
I love you Ellen!!! but Casey Is a reaper and a misogynist piece of shit!!!!! Never get them again. is not good for you or your Charity work. LOVE you ELLEN
'aks1' 1 month ago
I just can't stand his foot placement.. if I was Ellen, I would have slapped it right out of my face.
'Can'tpickausername' 1 month ago
I love Taylor Swift toooooo
Apocalyptic Recess
'Apocalyptic Recess' 1 month ago
I love his shoes what kind are they
'PP S' 1 month ago
Title: This video has 5 seconds mention of taylor swift
Mr Everything
'Mr Everything' 1 month ago
Ellen click bait lol 😂.
Malini Pandey
'Malini Pandey' 1 month ago
Well I just wasted 3:15. But the last 7 seconds were good because it was actually what I came for.
'photodork' 1 month ago
fucking clickbait.
'HydnBB2' 1 month ago
Really?! That was it???? Wrong title!!!🙄😑😑
Jaye Maelle
'Jaye Maelle' 1 month ago
Ben doing damage control for his sexual assaulting brother and Ellen is here for it! Nate Parker says hi
'raachk' 1 month ago
He's a very talented man!!
Aditi Kaur
'Aditi Kaur' 1 month ago
Why don`t ellen ask the juicy questions like....are you and your wife divorcing
Samantha Gerbrandt
'Samantha Gerbrandt' 1 month ago
Okay, yes its click bait. But not for one second I thought that by the title saying "Ben Afleck loves Taylor Swift" to mean that he was in love with her. I took it as love for an artist.
Edvin Ludvigsen
'Edvin Ludvigsen' 1 month ago
Ben Affleck is so fucking overrated. I call for a boycott!!!
Water Flame
'Water Flame' 1 month ago
When ELLEN uses clickbait...
Prince Diego
'Prince Diego' 1 month ago
Ben, you shouldn't aim your shoe like that at someone's face. Its impolite.
Nina Satine
'Nina Satine' 1 month ago
Who doesn't love Taylor?? She's a queen
LivingLoving Curlee
'LivingLoving Curlee' 1 month ago
the title should be " Puffy Ben is drunk...oooops!"
arrgh garry
'arrgh garry' 1 month ago
this is worse than chatterbait
'iloveinu2death' 1 month ago
The movie "The Accountant" is an excellent movie. Whoever hasn't seen it....needs to! Ben is great in it!
Hey It
'Hey It's Meh!! :D' 1 month ago
i wish i was rich enough to go to taylor swift concerts... as a hobby.
The Flying Potato
'The Flying Potato' 1 month ago
This title makes absolutely no sense...
Raimo Kakkola
'Raimo Kakkola' 1 month ago
Everyone's complaining about the title, but I think this was much better than talking about Taylor Swift
'subwaysurfer' 1 month ago
UNSUBSCRIBED A LOOOONG TIME AGO... This is plain clickbait
Tina Nguyen
'Tina Nguyen' 1 month ago
He is fat
Jeffrey Cross
'Jeffrey Cross' 1 month ago
INVESTIGATE #PIZZAGATE & the PodestaEmails!!!!!!!
'NemPenseNisso' 1 month ago
Vera Sotomayor
'Vera Sotomayor' 1 month ago
Gerard Jraze
'Gerard Jraze' 1 month ago
taylor Swift is amazing!
'beautybybrookn' 1 month ago
Feeling this salt and pepper look he's got going on
S. Y.
'S. Y.' 1 month ago
So his daughters (who watch Disney Channel as well as most young girls do) like Taylor Swift.... such clickbait man
Harrison Neff
'Harrison Neff' 1 month ago
Jorel Elijah
'Jorel Elijah' 1 month ago
What's with all the click bait these days? 2016 had dabbing and bottle flip so 2017 is about click bait?
Stiles_ Andrea
'Stiles_ Andrea' 1 month ago
I don't give a shit if it's clickbait . It's Ben Affleck I immediately clicked on the video when I read Ben Affleck
Stef Addams
'Stef Addams' 1 month ago
why the clickbait tho :( ellen i thought i could trust you, now i'm not so sure 😔
Moeid Nasir
'Moeid Nasir' 1 month ago
He looks like a giant compared to Ellen
'ghamgina' 1 month ago
He is my favorite actor
'wolverineiscool' 1 month ago
nice to see ben affleck cheery for once, no more sad affleck but happy affleck!
Danny Wolf
'Danny Wolf' 1 month ago
It's not about Tay but go 3:10
Hedi Hadiati
'Hedi Hadiati' 1 month ago
the way he talks is similar with Jennifer Garner, imho
Albert Suriñach
'Albert Suriñach' 1 month ago
wtf title hahah
Diego Dias
'Diego Dias' 1 month ago
Oh C'mom, with this title.
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