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Tory Lanez - :60 With -
Published: 4 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 4 months ago

344, 631 views

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Music video by Tory Lanez performing :60 With. 2017

'SEXXE STONER' 2 months ago
Sasha Prioleau
'Sasha Prioleau' 2 months ago
😍😂💀In my heart, the ice cream shop.
'abutical' 2 months ago
I swear he was about to say Drake for the overrated question
Ebonee Rucker
'Ebonee Rucker' 3 months ago
Where's Your Happy Place??
"Tory In My Heart..💖😭😭. )
I Love Daystar So Much.😙😩.
Kino Taylord
'Kino Taylord' 3 months ago
he was about to say drake tho lol
Krezz King
'Krezz King' 3 months ago
'KiLLA CAiN' 3 months ago
0:35 lemme say it for you! Drake! LOL
'camdevtube' 3 months ago
"the ice cream shop"
Felix Trevino
'Felix Trevino' 3 months ago
No problem
'SASOLINE Hip-Hop' 3 months ago
This shit is nice bro. 🔥🔥🔥
'OHM' 3 months ago
'Niggachu' 3 months ago
he was gonna say drake was overrated 💀
KaijuGamer 2002
'KaijuGamer 2002' 4 months ago
hit the east side of the lbc with me and my homie warren g
Bape Nation
'Bape Nation' 4 months ago
kehlani is not killing the game
Der Lukas MC
'Der Lukas MC' 4 months ago
O NE' 10-5 Was den bloß Ne xD
Mika ChanTM
'Mika ChanTM' 4 months ago
Jussara Quaresma
'Jussara Quaresma' 4 months ago
inscreva-se no meu canal ♡
Dana Sorrells
'Dana Sorrells' 4 months ago
There are only 2 types of people...saved and lost. Forget race, gender, sexual preference, nationality, age, income, education, marital status, etc.....where will you spend eternity?
For as by one man's disobedience (Adam)many were made sinners, so also by one Man's obedience (Jesus) many will be made righteous. Rom.5:19
"For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God." John 3:17-18
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For "whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Rom.10:13
kurd clip
'kurd clip' 4 months ago
heat Justin bebear like
Rayquaza Gaming
'Rayquaza Gaming' 4 months ago
Rosepedal Trails
'Rosepedal Trails' 4 months ago
he was gonna say Drake for the overrated question
Dave Autar
'Dave Autar' 4 months ago
Why guys from Toronto are better
'Đoxy' 4 months ago
Shiiit sholud've said that Steph Curry is overrated smh
Mc Mac In tack
'Mc Mac In tack' 4 months ago
I dont like his haircut
l a u r e n . 牡牛座
aweeee this nigga so cute
Nancy being Nancy
'Nancy being Nancy' 4 months ago
favorite Biggie Song Tory: It was all a Dream . ..
me: 10 Crack Commandments
Toda Loira Tem Sua Morena
Новый Номер
cover nice
rasther 233
'rasther 233' 4 months ago
Justin bieber son of a bitch stop plagiarizing kurt cobain you'll never be like him.and if you want to look like he starts by leaving your shit of music sucks penil 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 fuck
Tildie Scale
'Tildie Scale' 4 months ago
hes actually really friendly
Mary Nana
'Mary Nana' 4 months ago
I love YOU
Rap Mojo
'Rap Mojo' 4 months ago
please help me get my music out there by going to my channel and sharing the links on social media. I would really appreciate it
'MrKekekeshka' 4 months ago
Русские захват базы Снупдогга
All i do Is win
'All i do Is win' 4 months ago
this guy is very talented.
Olga Gantsa
'Olga Gantsa' 4 months ago
he's so adorable 😂😂😂😂
Xtepblisszzz Hop
'Xtepblisszzz Hop' 4 months ago
Mother fuckez...50cent..he is da real gay
'Morcovel' 4 months ago
This is Creepy
Latasha Davenport
'Latasha Davenport' 4 months ago
😍 you Tory!💋
*Cuddy Loc*
'*Cuddy Loc*' 4 months ago
he was finna say drake cuh the realest😂😂
Ty Fire
'Ty Fire' 4 months ago
He seems cool
'KIBORG PLAY GAME' 4 months ago
ёпт мане чё за хе я слушаю именьема
Ezekiel Lyons
'Ezekiel Lyons' 4 months ago
His face looks like a kid almost
Graciela Ponce
'Graciela Ponce' 4 months ago
:::TABVU::: I
':::TABVU::: I' 4 months ago
puto el que lo lea menos yo !
Freestyle mania Full
'Freestyle mania Full' 4 months ago
Suscribacen en mi canal
tiago vieira
'tiago vieira' 4 months ago
you should have moer enrolled that the pweideipei
Ebtesam Shebeeb
'Ebtesam Shebeeb' 4 months ago
du är bäst
Ebtesam Shebeeb
'Ebtesam Shebeeb' 4 months ago
du är bäst
Lexy Sanderson
'Lexy Sanderson' 4 months ago
j randomly clicked this and Kehlani is my favorite artists so I was like Yaaaass
Emzxx Lolxx
'Emzxx Lolxx' 4 months ago
Early xD
Markus Mahadeo
'Markus Mahadeo' 4 months ago
if Tory said Drake he wouldn't be wrong
Doc Kaos815_Productions
Damn why so many dislikes the hate is real and he never mentioned Drake for you Drake lovers that wanted to put that on him
'GAME CHANEL Music' 4 months ago
Android Manyağı
'Android Manyağı' 4 months ago
100 yorum
kurdistan  box
'kurdistan box' 4 months ago
😈😈😈the part 2 in my channal 😈😈😈😈
Austin Stiles
'Austin Stiles' 4 months ago
37 sec wanted to say drake
t singing
't singing' 4 months ago
he was finna say drake
Teddy Nhau
'Teddy Nhau' 4 months ago
rich Niger's only
Teddy Nhau
'Teddy Nhau' 4 months ago
rich Niger's only
'A' 4 months ago
man was about to say drake we all know it😂😂😂
Melih  Enes Mavuş
'Melih Enes Mavuş' 4 months ago
Christian delwego
'Christian delwego' 4 months ago
niggas hatin on drake like he ain the hottest nigga in the game stfu pussies
Camry Woeso
'Camry Woeso' 4 months ago
Bruh was about to say Drake lol
Elite Adapter
'Elite Adapter' 4 months ago
no one likes you
Joel Simmonds
'Joel Simmonds' 4 months ago
he was abt to say drake lmaooooo
Erica Healey
'Erica Healey' 4 months ago
he's hot
Gianni Olson
'Gianni Olson' 4 months ago
Juan Aròn de Suaréz Rodriguez
New Jordans lit eigh
Danny  Ribeiro
'Danny Ribeiro' 4 months ago
Trey Brown
'Trey Brown' 4 months ago
Top Music
'Top Music' 4 months ago
Hello, come check out the new Brazilian success! Watch the new clip released today (06) by Simone and Simaria - Loka feat. Anitta, I recommend it !! ;)
Gilberto  Tavares
'Gilberto Tavares' 4 months ago
Gulberto tav

Dodgin Dafos
'Dodgin Dafos' 4 months ago
ice cream shoppe... bahahahha
'Leon_KS' 4 months ago
sehrr cool
Samuel moyana
'Samuel moyana' 4 months ago
That face he made when he said my heart 😂😂
Ivan Xahrek
'Ivan Xahrek' 4 months ago
This nigga raw asl
'02Prii' 4 months ago
Toronto rep! So proud of him, lineup at Coachella, that's fuckin huge! congrats 👏
m a r i a
'm a r i a' 4 months ago
Cartoon Toys Baby Game
NO ))))
'김진성' 4 months ago
'Saskiequelle' 4 months ago
0:35 Drake...
Braun Stokes Men
'Braun Stokes Men' 4 months ago
Dopeman dopeman go ooooooo
Captain77 Music
'Captain77 Music' 4 months ago
Hello guys. I just started a channel named Captain77 music. I post daily no copyright music. If you guys are interested or want to give me some tips it will be greatly appreciated!!
tasha hanley
'tasha hanley' 4 months ago
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clinton l. williams jr.
here b4 1k
'Wnukos' 4 months ago
Who is watching with socks on?
Orver Hernandez
'Orver Hernandez' 4 months ago
este nigga es la ley
اقرأ- Read
'اقرأ- Read' 4 months ago
checkout my channel,some amazing stories👌
AJ Millan
'AJ Millan' 4 months ago
you have to ask "Sex or Chocolate" hahah
'YuNG TriLL' 4 months ago
Mathew Lenaerts
'Mathew Lenaerts' 4 months ago
Drake is the one and only 6god 👀
Huba Dósa
'Huba Dósa' 4 months ago
13 th !!!!
مدبلج tube
'مدبلج tube' 4 months ago
sub me please
Deisy Aguilar
'Deisy Aguilar' 4 months ago
Sa Haydee
'Sa Haydee' 4 months ago
No entiendo ahre pd:algún dia hablare inglés!!!
Multi Games
'Multi Games' 4 months ago
'SouthEastMafia' 4 months ago
Loool this nigga was about to say Drake overrated 😂😂Tory the GOAT
Sa Haydee
'Sa Haydee' 4 months ago
Vista 57
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