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Beyoncé - Rocket -
Published: 2 years ago By: beyonceVEVO

By: beyonceVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

10, 874, 059 views

92, 170 Likes   2, 401 Dislikes

BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition.
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Music video by Beyoncé performing Rocket. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

sexy AND classy!

Luv Bey!
andrew carson
'andrew carson' 1 day ago
Third Eye
'Third Eye' 6 days ago
Just in case you forgot...

'Kakaxhii' 6 days ago
Beyoncé moaning the whole video 😂😂
Francoise Bebene Nkolo
omg I love this song and love the way she embraces her sexuality and people should stfu
Gian Santos
'Gian Santos' 1 week ago
Love Love ❤️
Tiara Tonia
'Tiara Tonia' 1 week ago
Lmaoo everybody is upset because she's making "sexual songs" lol did yall forget that she's a grown ass woman and can do anything she wants?
Kai Jun
'Kai Jun' 1 week ago
What a daring yet beautiful song and video
seun Dimeji
'seun Dimeji' 2 weeks ago
would just like to know if the bassist in this song is actually by the gospel bass artist Dwayne Wright or another Dwayne, because the bass my goodness, could turn Chiraq to Chelsea.
autria robinson
'autria robinson' 2 weeks ago
this that song you play when you put the kids to bed to have some alone time mommy and daddy get to " play" lol.
Karine Castilhos
'Karine Castilhos' 2 weeks ago
como não amar essa deusa das deusas!!!
Valéria Rodrigues
'Valéria Rodrigues' 3 weeks ago
eita mulher da minha vida
Ronald Nelson
'Ronald Nelson' 4 weeks ago
this sounds like the female version of How does it Feel by D'Angelo. Amazing!
Litty Bitty
'Litty Bitty' 4 weeks ago
Can you just imagine how awkward the filming of this video was? The director was probably like : Ok, now can you roll over for me? Ah, thats great. Now can you just - oh fuck I'll be right back. It happened again.
'Jackk' 1 month ago
It's really satisfying to watch at 3:18 when everything in the video is on beat
Eliza Silva
'Eliza Silva' 1 month ago
I'm so gay for her
É, Amanda Silveira
'É, Amanda Silveira' 1 month ago
smol dundelion
'smol dundelion' 1 month ago
This song is the literal embodiment of orgasm.
Megan James
'Megan James' 1 month ago
This is my favorite song😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Fareez Hasin
'Fareez Hasin' 1 month ago
Jennie brought me here
'MULTI PIA' 1 month ago
jennie brought me here
Bamtaeng Nicekim
'Bamtaeng Nicekim' 1 month ago
i came here bcoz of jennie
'leannemonade' 1 month ago
Jennie brought me here again!
Jennie you cheeky lil baby
Ice Princess
'Ice Princess' 1 month ago
came here because of jennie kim.. its 19+ 😱😱😱
sarah m
'sarah m' 1 month ago
Damnnn blackpink Jennie that's what's you've been up too 🔥
Karine Castilhos
'Karine Castilhos' 1 month ago
With strength ... I can handle it
Marlon Sublett
'Marlon Sublett' 1 month ago
By the way, this sounds like a song that D'Angelo may have written.
Marlon Sublett
'Marlon Sublett' 1 month ago
Lucky Ass Camel-Joe looking ass husband of hers!!! SMDH............ Fuck the adage about Nice guys finish last, BROKE GUYS (Myself Included) finish last!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marlon Sublett
'Marlon Sublett' 1 month ago
Karine Castilhos
'Karine Castilhos' 1 month ago
Oooh baby ... OMG
'Ella' 1 month ago
Why does it always sound like Beyoncé and Jay always be having great sex in these songs
Normally Abnormal
'Normally Abnormal' 1 month ago
I saw this video and im still not bisexual lmao
but this song omg so GOOD
The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV
this reminded me of Prince
Franon Chu
'Franon Chu' 1 month ago
this song reminds me of d'angelo's untitled/how does it feel
Mr. Myself
'Mr. Myself' 2 months ago
sexiest video ever
Wanderson Jesus
'Wanderson Jesus' 2 months ago
😍😍 i love😍😍
Taylor Harris
'Taylor Harris' 2 months ago
Does anyone but me thinks that this could be an amazing Gospel song. Expressing a person's love for GOD?
kameron markey
'kameron markey' 2 months ago
that ending doe
Kri MD
'Kri MD' 2 months ago
Um, no. I don't like when she's more explicit .. Her song jealous was ok but I'm not bout this one
Scarlet S
'Scarlet S' 2 months ago
Beyonces ass is 🍑y
raechel !
'raechel !' 2 months ago
bitch when this video came out i watched it at school and that was the moment i knew i was so gay wtf
Letícia Borges
'Letícia Borges' 2 months ago
in some point of this video i stopped breathing and just realized when it ended
Summer Wade
'Summer Wade' 2 months ago
the hottest mom ever 💘
Sofía Vargas
'Sofía Vargas' 2 months ago
gay 4 beyoncé
Jackeyh Almeiida
'Jackeyh Almeiida' 2 months ago
Queen Master 👑
'韩陈妙妙' 2 months ago
Just can't be straight listening to her.
Akeetha Gleaton
'Akeetha Gleaton' 2 months ago
i love this song
Cookie Clambake
'Cookie Clambake' 2 months ago
boring melody
'BABY CAKES' 2 months ago
Ms Jackson_12
'Ms Jackson_12' 2 months ago
Umm was the end a orgasm
Shani Gumah
'Shani Gumah' 2 months ago
Don't know why I love this girl so much. Wifey, Mama she be holdin it down.
Luana Bittencourt
'Luana Bittencourt' 2 months ago
carla galdames
'carla galdames' 2 months ago
Tiff Noodle
'Tiff Noodle' 2 months ago
When you try to show your boyfriend a song about sex and he says he doesn't care lol
It seems like it's time to get a new boyfriend that understands love?
Josefa Paola
'Josefa Paola' 2 months ago
I've cummed 36 times and I'm straight
Super cars of Dubai ,
pure illuminati puppet
Gisela Bramonte
'Gisela Bramonte' 2 months ago
I wonder how many babies were made Listening to this song😂😂😂
Krave Tati
'Krave Tati' 2 months ago
this iz my first time listening to this , WHERE TF HAVE I BEENN ? 😩😭😭
emilia holuigue
'emilia holuigue' 2 months ago
sutilmente sexy, la amo <3
ilksen germanotta
'ilksen germanotta' 2 months ago
crying such a sexy song
Shauna Queen sb
'Shauna Queen sb' 2 months ago
i loooovvvvveeeee this fuckin song soooooooooooo bad
Luna Kovacic
'Luna Kovacic' 2 months ago
Which genre is this
Rage Gaming
'Rage Gaming' 2 months ago
Mashadi Mokone
'Mashadi Mokone' 2 months ago
This song is just spiritually magical!!!!
Marta Silva
'Marta Silva' 2 months ago
Why only 10 millions of view? 😱😱
Marta Silva
'Marta Silva' 2 months ago
viciads nessa música! 😍😍
Kyla Dotson
'Kyla Dotson' 2 months ago
Not even bleach could clean this song
'Aura' 2 months ago
When this first came out, all I heard was, " Let Me Sit This Asssssssssssss On Ya........................ " i knew I would love this song.
Vitor Souza
'Vitor Souza' 2 months ago
the best part is in the end: "damm..." Haha We love u so much, Bey. Thank u.
Keyazhane Bateaste
'Keyazhane Bateaste' 2 months ago
they should've put this on fifty shades darker
éo Lucaas
'éo Lucaas' 2 months ago
Ohh gurl, I totally see myself making a good vanilla sex with my crush with this song playing on. Yaaaas!
AutisticWhale 2
'AutisticWhale 2' 2 months ago
I need the extended half when she was on that R. Kelly type ish tho.
Teddy Griffin
'Teddy Griffin' 2 months ago
i can't wait to freak my man to this song
Swaelee IsBae
'Swaelee IsBae' 2 months ago
Daddy loves it😇😇😇😇😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍🔐🔐🔐💎💍👌
Isabela Sanches
'Isabela Sanches' 2 months ago
mto sensual
Sara Leticia
'Sara Leticia' 2 months ago
Aquele momento super normal que eu vejo esse vídeo da beyoncé e fico duvidando da minha sexualidade 🐝😍 Que mulher é essa meu Deus ❤.
Canal Mais Que Diferente -Milton Cesar
Extremely seductive. Poetry springs from each image, as if it were to jump off the screen and materialize in the next instant, to realize an impossible dream, watered to this sweeping voice. It's a lot of seduction ...
Yolanda Hatcher
'Yolanda Hatcher' 3 months ago
This video and song here... Wow.
'Thomas' 3 months ago
melhor clip prefeito ❤😍👏✋👅🍑💦
Butter Francisco
'Butter Francisco' 3 months ago
is the strawberry a deck
'CallMeNikki' 3 months ago
One of my favorite Beyoncé songs ❤👌🏾
Baby Loopy
'Baby Loopy' 3 months ago
I'm here for Yanis :0
Rtsha Smallwood
'Rtsha Smallwood' 3 months ago
I like to make love and listen to him call on God while he's making love to me
Rtsha Smallwood
'Rtsha Smallwood' 3 months ago
when I want some good dick and want a grown men to play in this sweet fat ass pussy I play this
Sara Leticia
'Sara Leticia' 3 months ago
Misericórdia que mulher maravilhosa ❤ Me dá até uns negócios quando eu vejo esse clipe 💦🌚 Se Beyoncé Existe Graças a Deus Existe 🐝😍 To toda babada rs
girlArianator Fan
'girlArianator Fan' 3 months ago
who would cheat on this sexy girl Beyonce jay z you gonna get fucked up smh you need to see this video then you know how sexy she is and you would never chest on her again lmao bitch you crazy
'Caluminouswhite' 3 months ago
The extended version has me SHOOK omg I love it
MATS Channel
'MATS Channel' 3 months ago
Her taking bra off at 3:26??
Gigi Majestic.
'Gigi Majestic.' 3 months ago
Visuals are sickening 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥>>>>>>>>
'est.2000' 3 months ago
Lol when you've just discovered this song and it's been 2years since it was released 😅
Lyrik Prince
'Lyrik Prince' 3 months ago
she on her prince
Lyrik Prince
'Lyrik Prince' 3 months ago
nice she on that prince shit rt hear
Tiffany Georgia
'Tiffany Georgia' 3 months ago
'HaydenBrownVlogs' 3 months ago
coolios essentions
'coolios essentions' 3 months ago
Glenna Oram
'Glenna Oram' 3 months ago
Anyone else here from Ikons dance? or Hanbins (B.I.) dance?
'Inriyouth' 3 months ago
Rocket 'til waterfalls <3 love it!
Karrin Evans
'Karrin Evans' 3 months ago
Enjoying the fact that this was part of a Scömìche moment
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