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What is Infinity Gauntlet? - Marvel TL;DR -
Published: 3 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 3 months ago

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Today, Marvel tells the mesmerizing story of the Infinity Gauntlet. This, friends, is an epic love story with an equally epic battle as one villain tries to secure the heart of his love. Follow Thanos on his quest to secure the Infinity Gems, prove his love for Mistress Death and eliminating half the life of the Universe! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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“Marvel’s TL;DR” is for the Marvel fan who hasn’t gotten the chance to dive into some of Marvel’s most epic collections and thought they were too long and didn’t read, or as it’s more commonly expressed, TL;DR.

Originally conceptualized by former Marvel Intern, and current “Marvel’s TL;DR” Writer and Producer, Noah Sterling, each week Noah offers up an easily digestible summation of Marvel’s best tales!

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Bhaskar Mitra
'Bhaskar Mitra' 4 days ago
"And probably answered his cellphone at the movie theatre..."
ROFL... 😂😂
sparky 357
'sparky 357' 2 weeks ago
nothing seems to impress death...except for Deadpool....but he's married now
SpringCorps DJ
'SpringCorps DJ' 3 weeks ago
I mean, can't he eat goblin
SpringCorps DJ
'SpringCorps DJ' 3 weeks ago
why was spiderman biting Deadpool leg?
Mistress death you greedy hooker
Ps you look like a dude
Show Me Your Moves
'Show Me Your Moves' 1 month ago
When clueless casuals talk about how infinity war should be DARK JUST LIKE THE COMIC VERSION. Stupid bandwagoners
'SonofMrPeanut' 2 months ago
Spoilers guys, geez. :P
Erick L
'Erick L' 2 months ago
whats the comic called?
'SnowCat0208' 2 months ago
I read the Infinity Gauntlet like a few times and it awesome.
'batista6242' 2 months ago
So excited for infinity wars! 😊
tasmanian mapper
'tasmanian mapper' 2 months ago
do great lakes advengers
John C Meyer
'John C Meyer' 2 months ago
Thanos does everything Death asks of him and more to prove his love for her and she won't even give him the time of day. I'm sure all of us guys can relate.
The Matous Geeks
'The Matous Geeks' 2 months ago
The way you explain the infinity gems is hilarious
Pony Braddock
'Pony Braddock' 2 months ago
i need more spider ballerina fanarts now
Darius Lyon
'Darius Lyon' 2 months ago
all i know is sexy lady thanos needs a spin-off
katie owens
'katie owens' 2 months ago
I think hulk could batter thanos even with the stone's like if you agree :-)👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Inhuman with a Keyboard
Say Marvel could you do Maximum Carnage storyline?
red cardinal
'red cardinal' 2 months ago
do you work for marvel?
Captain Harlock
'Captain Harlock' 3 months ago
I really hope Adam Warlock is done much better in the MCU. Like keep the costume, it was cool, Vision proved classic designs with modern updates work. Just for heaven sake don't make him such a winer and chump. Here you make him sound like "Glam rock Space Wizard" After he relinquished the gauntlet he became such a useless bore.
Vladyx 897
'Vladyx 897' 3 months ago
I wonder what's God doing after Thanos'ultimate power?
Mr. Adventure
'Mr. Adventure' 3 months ago
Still a better love story than Twilight.
Daniel Lee
'Daniel Lee' 3 months ago
Mephisto the biggest troll ever.
Migz Amante
'Migz Amante' 3 months ago
Wow...Thanos beat Galactus, Eternity, Death, and a whole bunch of Gods...How are The Avengers and other MCU heroes gonna stand up to him?
'XxFlamingStarXx' 3 months ago
Did he kill deadpool and death lol
YouTube Official
'YouTube Official' 3 months ago
wow no way avengers could defeat the thanos or maybe marvel studio will spoil it and make thanos like a weak stupid person
Sir Draco
'Sir Draco' 3 months ago
I love this series, it's very helpful.
Reed Oka-Maclaren
'Reed Oka-Maclaren' 3 months ago
This video makes me hate the story
Pûnk Rock
'Pûnk Rock' 3 months ago
i remember when this guy had his own channel and remember this specific video :)
Jacob Chapa
'Jacob Chapa' 3 months ago
Can someone tell me the name of the comic in which thanos gets the infinity gem
Jonathan Struggs
'Jonathan Struggs' 3 months ago
Infinity war next .please
Shawnpo5the Gamer
'Shawnpo5the Gamer' 3 months ago
What about deadpool
MarvelKing 9000
'MarvelKing 9000' 3 months ago
What''s with the Spider-Man fetish?
ethan fernando
'ethan fernando' 3 months ago
house of m pls
Matt Som
'Matt Som' 3 months ago
I know he's pretty irrelevant now, but please do one for the Sentry!

Also, anyone wanna bet Nebula will die in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?
Superman Clark
'Superman Clark' 3 months ago
Do age of ultron!
Josue Bsrahona
'Josue Bsrahona' 3 months ago
this is my second favorite marvel comic
mubin ahamed sindgikar
M Dolan
'M Dolan' 3 months ago
Are they not allowed to mention Namor in these? He was in this comic.
'XxMadChiefxX' 3 months ago
plzzz make a ghost rider one it would be an honor going to hell 4 once
'thatoneguyonyoutube' 3 months ago
Josh Abraham
'Josh Abraham' 3 months ago
Dandy Guy
'Dandy Guy' 3 months ago
Was Phoenix in this?
shailendra mehrotra
'shailendra mehrotra' 3 months ago
If all this will happen in infinity war then it surely will be the biggest and most awesome movie of all time...
Ivo Teixeira
'Ivo Teixeira' 3 months ago
So... How the hell are the Avenger gonna beat this guy in the movies???
'Alien' 3 months ago
Just reminds me of Lord Hater from Wonder over Yonder trying to impress lord dominator.
Nishith Joshi
'Nishith Joshi' 3 months ago
If this is the storyline for movie infinity war, it will be a more thanos solo movie than an avengers movie
Robert Smithson
'Robert Smithson' 3 months ago
Did you guys know Wolverine once sliced off Thano's Arm?
'A* COMICS' 3 months ago
please do saga of the alien costume
NitroGamer 566
'NitroGamer 566' 3 months ago
make spiderman clone saga
Diwaker Agarwal
'Diwaker Agarwal' 3 months ago
so funny
'RealCoolGuy' 3 months ago
Dr. Doom looks thrilled to be there...
'deadman1597' 3 months ago
Where is Deadpool in all of this?
chetan rautela
'chetan rautela' 3 months ago
heart of universe plz do one on this topic
Sameer Khan
'Sameer Khan' 3 months ago
That was short and sweet!
G One
'G One' 3 months ago
Can you do Infinity War?
Random over Watch fan
Show Me Your Moves
'Show Me Your Moves' 3 months ago
Wtf is this story lol.
Bathin Nate
'Bathin Nate' 3 months ago
i hope all these characters of this particular story will be a near future MCU movie
Just man
'Just man' 3 months ago
Spiderman should have been replaced with Deadpool in the example part cuz thanos and Deadpool have a love triangle with death
'X-Motion' 3 months ago
What was spider man thinking of?
'Kcthewwechamp' 3 months ago
Spidey's thoughts tho.
Edith Ottilia
'Edith Ottilia' 3 months ago
Nebula isn't actually related to Thanos but otherwise this is pretty accurate and def funny haha
Shaan Gaurav
'Shaan Gaurav' 3 months ago
I think the reason Death isn't into Thanos, is because she likes Deadpool…
CaptainMarvell92 Returns
do Annihilation please.
Jack Ripper
'Jack Ripper' 3 months ago
Oh poor Spidey....
All the Infinity Gems were tested on him in this video
sparky 357
'sparky 357' 3 months ago
terraxia? like to see more of her
'BiG CAM' 3 months ago
why is hulk wearing pajamas and why does thor has a beard?
'JoaoVict' 3 months ago
Robert Smithson
'Robert Smithson' 3 months ago
Spider-Man ate deadpool
Vincent Jacob
'Vincent Jacob' 3 months ago
I watched the first edition of this in Noah Sterling's channel 😂😂😂
I still can't believe he's in Marvel already, I feel proud for him even tho I didn't know the guy 😃
'DAGGERD' 3 months ago
I don't know that much about older comics and I love this series so much thanks Noah
Sanchit Mongia
'Sanchit Mongia' 3 months ago
So now Adam warlock holds the gauntlet ?
'HtraP' 3 months ago
who's the purple guy in the floating chair?
Aisyah Shukor
'Aisyah Shukor' 3 months ago
Nam Anh
'Nam Anh' 3 months ago
were hulk ?
Deadpool Pictures
'Deadpool Pictures' 3 months ago
could you maybe do a deadpool comic next?
Nathan Reyes
'Nathan Reyes' 3 months ago
Nasir Bello
'Nasir Bello' 3 months ago
Lol thought you were going to drop the interesting fact bomb and say "oh yeah Death Is into deadpool"
Ayush Patel
'Ayush Patel' 3 months ago
and wahhhhhhhht are h serious he did this all for just a girl ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benny Gugliotti
'Benny Gugliotti' 3 months ago
This was the worst. Are you being paid by DC? This was a great story that you made sound like it was dumb. There was so much you got wrong and a lot you made up. I’ve seen others summarize a storyline that entices me to want to read it but all your makes me want to never read these. You’re doing a disservice.
Pro Richie
'Pro Richie' 3 months ago
plsss do secret invasion
'Thedove' 3 months ago
can wait to watch avengers inifinity war
'Magneto' 3 months ago
The Unseen is working with Thanos
Md Shariq
'Md Shariq' 3 months ago
this is really awesome😄😄
Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube
'Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube' 3 months ago
so basically Thanos get friendzoned?

I am siding with thanos now
'UmagangKayGundam69' 3 months ago
Thanos x Death is meh.
Deadpool x Death is <3.
Ihsan Fikrie
'Ihsan Fikrie' 3 months ago
3:22 Nice Attack on Titan reference there.
Timothy Earl Mapanao
'Timothy Earl Mapanao' 3 months ago
Too bad we won't be seeing The Space Gods/Cosmic Entity and Eternity in MCU....
Alisha Bryson
'Alisha Bryson' 3 months ago
He just needs to plaaaaant new idea puns
'johanazhari' 3 months ago
holy shit that sounds superepic. I wonder how will they (loosely) adapt it to the movie version.
'GameOfGallifrey' 3 months ago
Lmao I own this comic
Omar Abdullah
'Omar Abdullah' 3 months ago
Wait...Why couldn't Thanos just use the mind stone to make Death like him, then?
'vegettossj4000' 3 months ago
What does TL;DR stand for?
Recruit Battle
'Recruit Battle' 3 months ago
spiderman in this animation really cant get a break
'bifa' 3 months ago
nice but I'm waiting for Secret Invasion
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