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Humannequins with Queen Latifah, Wayne Coyne and Fred Armisen -
Published: 3 months ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 months ago

636, 103 views

6, 503 Likes   254 Dislikes

Jimmy partners with Queen Latifah against Wayne Coyne and Fred Armisen for a game like charades, except, instead of acting out clues, they move each other into positions like mannequins.

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Humannequins with Queen Latifah, Wayne Coyne and Fred Armisen

Nicholetta Kupembona
the shoes Fred is wearing tho....I'm done.
Malte Schafer
'Malte Schafer' 1 month ago
elderly roughly long-term wave note review back.
Jeff Dees
'Jeff Dees' 1 month ago
SEX! SEX! 😂😂😂😂
'peachesandpoets' 1 month ago
Queen is so pretty
Ya Girl Ryan
'Ya Girl Ryan' 1 month ago
3:12 loveee the Dino shoessss
Bryhanna Peroti
'Bryhanna Peroti' 1 month ago
Queen latifah and jimmy bring back so many memories😄
'복행' 2 months ago
Austin Hartman
'Austin Hartman' 2 months ago
The queen still looks hot AF
'spacy' 2 months ago
Queen is brainy. Plus I know it's politically incorrect, but if she lost weight she is very pretty too. would be a babe.
Jeannie Franco
'Jeannie Franco' 2 months ago
I love Wayne man
Georgena Sampson
'Georgena Sampson' 2 months ago
i laughed when he said sex
Mayara Miquidade
'Mayara Miquidade' 2 months ago
I like they're old games better
'Eff' 2 months ago
this game is pure shit.
lanessa cruz
'lanessa cruz' 2 months ago
every time I see Jimmy and Queen Latifah together, I remember Taxi💓 great movie
Kavishka Rathnasinghe
Wayne looks like SIMBA in the lion king
max springfeild
'max springfeild' 2 months ago
Best marriage proposal ever.
'da96103' 2 months ago
Fill in the blanks: Queen Latifah likes you to ______ with her like the Princeton crew.
Xlover NewmanPro
'Xlover NewmanPro' 2 months ago
this version of charades is stupid, i love jimmy tho
Adub Htown
'Adub Htown' 2 months ago
that guy looks like Beetlejuice before he died.
cristhopher gamer
'cristhopher gamer' 2 months ago
you can tell he's running out of ideas
Mark W
'Mark W' 2 months ago
whose line?
Camilo Carranza
'Camilo Carranza' 2 months ago
Wayne Coyne has got some awesome swag
kristopher masterson
'kristopher masterson' 2 months ago
You could tell Jimmy was pissed when that homeless guy shouted sex trying to be funny.
Jeremiah Chacko
'Jeremiah Chacko' 2 months ago
Coyne is walking with Rugrat dino feet
Mohamed Farouk
'Mohamed Farouk' 2 months ago
Never again, Jimmy! This is called "Lame Game'.
Mohamed Farouk
'Mohamed Farouk' 2 months ago
'TheDevilWithin' 2 months ago
I'll be honest; it quite pathetic that no one, that has commented, seems to know who Wayne Coyne is. Put down your Biebers and your Beyonce's (shitte music for shitte heads) and listen to something with a bit more girth. Something with more than a paycheck at heart.
'IPetiteMademoiselleI' 2 months ago
dude looks like a Bettlejuiced Stven Tyler with whacky clown shows, that or Johnny Deep in desguise :)
'genkers' 2 months ago
lol silly jimmy its not a thing, its an action
Kulaea Lao
'Kulaea Lao' 2 months ago
Woah it's Edward ScissorsHand
Projected Reality
'Projected Reality' 2 months ago
3:54 someone yells "Gay porno?!"
Burton Junkie
'Burton Junkie' 2 months ago
Aren't you supposed to not talk? Oh wait shes Queen LaQueefa she can do what she want's because shes black and we still have to let it slide.
miranda pow
'miranda pow' 2 months ago
i hope they never ever play this game again ..horror
Katja Nielsen
'Katja Nielsen' 2 months ago
We need a TAXI 2! 😁
'badbiker666' 2 months ago
This game has the potential to be obscene. I think I like it!!!
'TheSpontaneousness' 2 months ago
I swear these games are becoming dumber and dumber
'SLaugh' 2 months ago
What is he wearing on his feet???
Jeanette Gallagher
'Jeanette Gallagher' 2 months ago
I know I am getting old...because I have never heard of either Wayne Coyne or Fred Armison.
Edith Noriega
'Edith Noriega' 2 months ago
Who said Beetlejuice 3 times and summoned Beetlejuice?
Sunny Singh
'Sunny Singh' 2 months ago
Stick to Pictionary Jimmy.
Sammy Jayne
'Sammy Jayne' 2 months ago
Fun Fact: Wayne Coyne is a very close friend to Miley Cyrus. Those jewels on his face are part of the merch from Miley's foundation The Happy Hippy. :)
Lukas De Kock
'Lukas De Kock' 2 months ago
They should hug more.
Kary J.
'Kary J.' 2 months ago
Lol that tiny tight suit 😂
jason brule
'jason brule' 2 months ago
couldnt get through this vid.....hate hate hate queen idiot
DMC Dweeb
'DMC Dweeb' 2 months ago
Wayne looks like hobo George Clooney
Laverne Stubbles
'Laverne Stubbles' 2 months ago
Queef Latina
Harris Shakeel
'Harris Shakeel' 2 months ago
this Wayne guy resembles Johnny Depp
Gunzz Rosezz
'Gunzz Rosezz' 2 months ago
Does Queen Latifah ever age?
Joshua Wanakamik
'Joshua Wanakamik' 2 months ago
Only if Charles Barkley was on for this segment lmao. If anyone remembers that game of charades.
Clara Vieira
'Clara Vieira' 2 months ago
Evolve inside controversy anymore faint extension return football list.
Marcus Wolford
'Marcus Wolford' 2 months ago
Johnny Depp's Green shoes were ugly!
Gabynez NeGron
'Gabynez NeGron' 2 months ago
'mobspeak' 2 months ago
"It's a thing" - Jimmy Fallon
'Aspa' 2 months ago
World's most romantic squat wedding proposal
Corey Joy
'Corey Joy' 2 months ago
Wayne didn't do it right when it was his time to make him guess. Where is he from ? I dont think he understood the rules
pungken konia
'pungken konia' 2 months ago
Did anyone else find Wayne's feet completely fine?
Ghaida Al Ghanim
'Ghaida Al Ghanim' 2 months ago
beethoven came back to life
'PrincessCourtneyyy' 2 months ago
Wayne is literally the male version of Miley Cyrus
Janice Scott
'Janice Scott' 2 months ago
'TheRedGameboy' 2 months ago
oh the humanneqy
Zero Gray
'Zero Gray' 2 months ago
I don't know who the fuck Wayne is but what the fuck was he wearing on his feet?
Annyong Rings
'Annyong Rings' 2 months ago
What does Aldous Snow have on his feet?
Squidward Q. Tentacle
i don't know about this game, it will only work with a certain group of talent. like jimmy and fred and steve martin and martin short, or something. go back to charades, next time. lol.
Arshad Abrahams
'Arshad Abrahams' 2 months ago
What are those on Wayne's feet.
Fredrik Jensen
'Fredrik Jensen' 2 months ago
Elsewhere waste federal public various personal really.
Becka keg
'Becka keg' 2 months ago
Look at this discount Russel Brand 😂😂😂
kasama manothummetha
'kasama manothummetha' 2 months ago
Jimmy Fallon always use game as his tool to compensate his incapability of humorous. With his fake laugh, it's even worse. In his show, he is just like MC or moderator and he do his job good but not good as the talk show host because what he does best is not talking but it's ่just like casting game and make fun of it.
H Hijazi
'H Hijazi' 2 months ago
The guy with the crazy hair looks like such a fucking douche. Someone please kill him
Nabil Myron
'Nabil Myron' 2 months ago
Jimmy said tween Latifiah...who's tween?
Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi
'Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi' 2 months ago
Wt a stupid segment
Fuhq Ewe
'Fuhq Ewe' 2 months ago
He said ''Karate Kick''.
'D Z' 2 months ago
what is that homeless man wearing on his feet?
'probles45' 2 months ago
I was died when Wayne Coyne came walking out like that. LOL! Lookin' all kinds of Johnny Depp and Beetle Juice!
'hawk1674' 2 months ago
Sorry........really DUMB GAME!!!!
Amelia Lagna
'Amelia Lagna' 2 months ago
Wayne's shoooooeeeesssssss I can't
Morgan Aring
'Morgan Aring' 2 months ago
When they make a Showdown card so Jimmy knows the answer and still loses. Lol 😂
Cesar A
'Cesar A' 2 months ago
This game is lame.
Fresh Greene
'Fresh Greene' 2 months ago
Died laughing on the riding the motorcycle one😂💯 Queen Latifah's face.....
Mina 2011
'Mina 2011' 2 months ago
my first thought was someone stole the mad hatter's hat! dang that does suck for him.
'purpleflrp' 2 months ago
Such an awkward game...
'Damstraight68' 2 months ago
Why wear a bowtie if your not going to tie it.
'Damstraight68' 2 months ago
Wayne, EDM is life
'Damstraight68' 2 months ago
I half expected Black Beatles to play ..
Tony, The Stark
'Tony, The Stark' 2 months ago
What is a Wayne Coyne?
ash mcdoyle
'ash mcdoyle' 2 months ago
i love me some queen too
ash mcdoyle
'ash mcdoyle' 2 months ago
Marcos Amparo
'Marcos Amparo' 2 months ago
I'm sorry but why the Flaming Lips? Cus he spits that fire?
'GeekBella' 2 months ago
he said karate kick not kid..
Zidaoy Mb45
'Zidaoy Mb45' 2 months ago
Wayne looks like the dumb Einstein
Laurie Jean
'Laurie Jean' 2 months ago
this would be fun to play, but it was kinda boring to watch
Joseph Conner
'Joseph Conner' 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice that dude's shoes?
Cruz In
'Cruz In' 2 months ago
Wayne looks like Beetlejuice took a shower 😄
Ken x
'Ken x' 2 months ago
Wayne Coyne is a gem.
whatever candy
'whatever candy' 2 months ago
What happened to good old Pictionary?
'freemanmachine' 2 months ago
Latifah was looking good.
'GRBmusic' 2 months ago
Taxi 2?
'LolGuy' 2 months ago
Queen Latifah did cheat when she said swimming
'kerflop' 2 months ago
queeny is lookin good!
Sammy Margolis
'Sammy Margolis' 2 months ago
3:53 wait for the cheering to go down and listen to one guy in the audience (he says gay porno)
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