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Published: 2 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 months ago

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Being famous isn't always as easy as it seems.
Camila Cabello sits down for an interview with Lena Dunham, and she might have just given us some new information on why she left the group! Find out what she said!

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Hosted by Hunter March

Produced by Maggie Knox
Written by Sierra Middlebrooks
PA: Arianna Jonae
Edited by Earl Wells




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Nightmare #1
'Nightmare #1' 6 hours ago
Well u know what u they say nothing last forever
Briana Lopez
'Briana Lopez' 14 hours ago
bad things
Monique Smith
'Monique Smith' 1 day ago
for some reason, I keep thinking that Camilla and Zayn will be dating soon mostly because Zayn quited 1d ,and Camilla just quited fifth harmony. it'll probably never happen though (or will it ?)
Haley Henson
'Haley Henson' 1 day ago
I love you Camila
Tianna2135 Te2135
Tianna2135 Te2135
Thi Tran
'Thi Tran' 2 days ago
Why are my favorite bands breaking apart??😭😭😭😭
First:Zayn from 1D
Second:Now Camila from fifth harmony!!!!
Why is everything breaking apart??!!😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫
'mady' 2 days ago
Wait isn't awesomeness TV for kids?
twins twins
'twins twins' 2 days ago
l haet you them to son
Tahlia ling
'Tahlia ling' 4 days ago
No offense, but I've seen there videos without camilla..... It's shows more of the mistakes they be making. That's True they be messing up. 😕 They can sing tho.
Brevest Brevet
'Brevest Brevet' 5 days ago
I still don't get why she left can someone tell me please!?
Jayda Goode
'Jayda Goode' 5 days ago
William L
'William L' 1 week ago
so she didn't like being sexualized....then she sings Bad Things with MG Kelly....k
Kezaria Gittens
'Kezaria Gittens' 1 week ago
work from home
Kiley Foster
'Kiley Foster' 1 week ago
Daissy Amaro
'Daissy Amaro' 1 week ago
Plz don't give hate but camilla was always my favorite of all my mom had took me to the Houston rodeo to see 5h and got sad that CC wasn't there I had no idea why but now I know
Zaida Ruiz
'Zaida Ruiz' 1 week ago
I love the song bad things that she made😍😍😙😚💘💘❤
Jackie Manzo
'Jackie Manzo' 2 weeks ago
Camilla SUCKS
king boss
'king boss' 2 weeks ago
she is not the girl how like 's to play💖💖kiss kiss
'ABBY Ericka PINEDA' 2 weeks ago
Xxpanda gamingxX
'Xxpanda gamingxX' 2 weeks ago
I think we they said that she had to put her foot down is because many people were saying that what if camila and lauren we're dating that made them very uncomfortable
'claudia101lol' 2 weeks ago
i feel like shes better onnher own. she has such an amazing voice. Honestly i knew it would happen eventually
Lina Zolali
'Lina Zolali' 2 weeks ago
its true ,the group songs are getting really sexual and the lyrics are getting like really sexual and its not in a good way
Lisiana st fleur
'Lisiana st fleur' 2 weeks ago
i hate her she broke my sister hart so sad now
Leah Loar
'Leah Loar' 2 weeks ago
camila was my fav
Melany Sanabria
'Melany Sanabria' 2 weeks ago
of camilla left i am not gona see the videos because them 5 are the best
Tina Nguyen
'Tina Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
If Camilla left then they should call it Fourth Harmony
Dog sitters club
'Dog sitters club' 2 weeks ago
I don't know about this
Mafel Rose
'Mafel Rose' 2 weeks ago
She has a new song called bad things that talks about doing well bad things with somebody
Ika Fatmala
'Ika Fatmala' 2 weeks ago
What happened
Leilani Ethridge
'Leilani Ethridge' 2 weeks ago
This Christmas
#Safe n sound
'#Safe n sound' 2 weeks ago
Camila is over smart and. is fucker for sure 😂😂😂
Arely FloresVazquez
'Arely FloresVazquez' 2 weeks ago
i agree with u SOOO MOUCH!!!!!
Angelica Jorgensen
'Angelica Jorgensen' 3 weeks ago
I am going to be honest Camila is better off without them I don't even like fifty harmony cause they don't have good song and little mix is so much better then them but Camila at lest she has the balls to do her own music by herself like the other girls
Omq_iiQveen Candy
'Omq_iiQveen Candy' 3 weeks ago
Fifth Harmony is my favorite music group and to see Camilla leave makes me sad
Reaghan Gamez
'Reaghan Gamez' 3 weeks ago
So now it's called forth harmony
kinda Ross
'kinda Ross' 3 weeks ago
I shore fifth harmony is not doing well with out camila
Cash Meh Ousidde HowBah Dah
All these hoes laughing like so funny.
Christy Hoskinson
'Christy Hoskinson' 3 weeks ago
work at home
'EDGARDO ZUNIGA' 3 weeks ago
Who agrees
'EDGARDO ZUNIGA' 3 weeks ago
I miss her so much
'ItsFury' 3 weeks ago
Aww well it Fourth Harmony now
Jou Xin
'Jou Xin' 3 weeks ago
I dont like her since i heard her voice on the radio two years ago, thats why i hate the whole group
French Spanada
'French Spanada' 3 weeks ago
I would love for 5H to perform write on me or work from home
Alison Fox
'Alison Fox' 3 weeks ago
I'm still laughing at her 'too sexualizing' thingy 😂 What about bad things. Taylor taught her well.

Don't come at me if you don't have interesting things to say to me.
Emile Loyat
'Emile Loyat' 3 weeks ago
Camila cabello I love you 💕
Jasveer Bhogal
'Jasveer Bhogal' 4 weeks ago
is she Lauren or
Amanda Georgianni
'Amanda Georgianni' 4 weeks ago
i dont really like camila i dont know why i just dont i tried to make myself like her but idk why i just cant
Shela Begum
'Shela Begum' 4 weeks ago
does she actually have a twin sister
Ines Waite
'Ines Waite' 4 weeks ago
I freken hate her.
Lou Scott-Hovan
'Lou Scott-Hovan' 4 weeks ago
Nobody talking about the dude being hilarious as frick😂? Is it just me? Yea? Okay.
Harp Sihota
'Harp Sihota' 4 weeks ago
that's my girl
rocheIle Serrato
'rocheIle Serrato' 4 weeks ago
Please come back to fith harmony.
Jesse Diaz
'Jesse Diaz' 4 weeks ago
then they should call it fourth harmony😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
'cookie' 4 weeks ago
so its...... 4th harmony.......😂😂😂😶
Thesupergamergirl 1028
Citlalli Chavez
'Citlalli Chavez' 1 month ago
She my cuz
Majd Abu Shaar And Her Toys
And because camlia left they shall be called 4th harmony that doesn't rymth cimlia left its her fault I wish I will hit her because she made her friends upset that's not a way to treat people or friend serisly
'ItzNovaaarr' 1 month ago
Camren is gone... why?😭😭
Ana Emilia
'Ana Emilia' 1 month ago
4H hahahahh😂
'MsLokilla809' 1 month ago
that's so sad 😢 😢 😓 😔 I wish I was her first sister
Richie Rich
'Richie Rich' 1 month ago
She is my fav on fifth harmony she have a beautiful voice especially when she was singing work from home
Juliette Howard
'Juliette Howard' 1 month ago
now fifth harmony is now fourth harmony in a way it doesnt sound right
Juliette Howard
'Juliette Howard' 1 month ago
why did you leave
Itz Nusrat
'Itz Nusrat' 1 month ago
why everything happens to camila she's my favorite fifth harmony 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 I will give this emogi everyday cause is sad about camila
Fahim Rayyan
'Fahim Rayyan' 1 month ago
She has a good singing voice
Alliyah Arandia
'Alliyah Arandia' 1 month ago
Fifth Harmony is now Fourth Harmony
Simone Davis
'Simone Davis' 1 month ago
Camila acts like all that
Kane Fabian
'Kane Fabian' 1 month ago
She left the group and I'm a bit heart broken by it. She was my favorite singer in the group and I thought she sounded the most unique in the group. Any ways, Bad Things really touched my heart and I'll ways be proud of her no mater what.
'A B' 1 month ago
Kimberly Ochoa
'Kimberly Ochoa' 1 month ago
You look like Jacob In a man version
arieyana begay
'arieyana begay' 1 month ago
Why did she leave Camern was a perfect love story
arieyana begay
'arieyana begay' 1 month ago
Why did she leave Camern was a perfect love story
jojo bukasa
'jojo bukasa' 1 month ago
WHAT nooooo Camilla
unruly kidd shiv
'unruly kidd shiv' 1 month ago
im not giving camila anywrong she is right
Mrs.Alexanderia Major-Decius
she was a bitch that's it
VG girl
'VG girl' 1 month ago
shes the prettiest
eT Jdubs
'eT Jdubs' 1 month ago
"Boys and girls...and everyone else" lmao dudes trying not to trigger any of the weird people with weird ass "genders"
Racer Girl
'Racer Girl' 1 month ago
:( i feel bad she had to go through that
Lora Mitchell
'Lora Mitchell' 1 month ago
because she is a snake ....which the media won't expose.
Marwa Maria
'Marwa Maria' 1 month ago
People who are comparing sexual lyrics to actual sexual content in music videos that she is uncomfortable with are stupid af. I'm so sad that the music industry had to come to this that if girls don't strip to barely nothing then no one wants to listen to their music. Camila is talented and beautiful and she will make it without having to be put into an uncomfortable position to do so. So proud of her ❤
Abbey Le Chien
'Abbey Le Chien' 1 month ago
I get it she wanted to leave since she is the longest. She probably didn't want a bad reputation in the future for doing "sexy" dancing at a young age.
sunny emoji
'sunny emoji' 1 month ago
whyyy camila
Andrea 4ever
'Andrea 4ever' 1 month ago
Camilla is "worth it" like if u get my horrible joke
Rob A
'Rob A' 1 month ago
work from home or BO$$
the ultimate lemon
'the ultimate lemon' 1 month ago
so ppl can be gay 😠💩
'Myi'Laili Crockem' 1 month ago
Camilla was my favorite. Join the band again 😭this is what i looked like when i found out she left the band.
Donalynn Headswift
'Donalynn Headswift' 1 month ago
I want them to sing that's my girl
sara Princess
'sara Princess' 1 month ago
she's so stooped
Miss Mix
'Miss Mix' 1 month ago
bullshit, first she shakes her ass on video clips, tv, performance and way more like the other 4 girls and out of nowhere it is now a struggle/problem for her? i don't believe this, she just wanted to go solo thats it
Skyler Suchaz
'Skyler Suchaz' 1 month ago
It's just really upsetting that when you favorite group star leaves its to pushing you don't know what to do CEIES
Isabell Her
'Isabell Her' 1 month ago
plz stay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mefwa Girls
'Mefwa Girls' 1 month ago
Omg no way
'R.I.P CALED' 1 month ago
Dwaipayan Datta Roy
'Dwaipayan Datta Roy' 1 month ago
Kai Smith
'Kai Smith' 1 month ago
lol that gin be awkward and its 4h now
'TrippNessa' 1 month ago
Every time I've watched 5H perform there was just something about Camila that looked awkward. Like she was forcing it (and apparently that's because she was), while the other girls seem to be having an honest good time. So I've been expecting this for a while, frankly. When I heard about it I wasn't surprised at all. I'm happy for Camila, I think she needs to do her own thing and let the rest of the group enjoy what they're doing without making her step out of her comfort zone to keep up with them.
Miku Hatsune
'Miku Hatsune' 1 month ago
At least they have room in the carpool :/
Jd Brysland
'Jd Brysland' 2 months ago
Camila is right People hate her now since she left but SHE HAS THE RIGHTS if she's not comfortable IN THESE (even I don't know the meaning of this)
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