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Published: 2 weeks ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Being famous isn't always as easy as it seems.
Camila Cabello sits down for an interview with Lena Dunham, and she might have just given us some new information on why she left the group! Find out what she said!

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Hosted by Hunter March

Produced by Maggie Knox
Written by Sierra Middlebrooks
PA: Arianna Jonae
Edited by Earl Wells




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'Itz.Vertro.Gaming' 1 hour ago
u look like jacob sartorius
I actually have thought this the whole time the group has been on the rise since X-Factor. They had such a sweet, girly vibe and that only got them so far. All of a sudden they were these sex bombs and they blew up. I like their music but agree it felt uncomfortable at times and I wondered if their management was pushing this oversexualized agenda, this only confirms my suspicions.
Maria Zepeda
'Maria Zepeda' 1 hour ago
Maria Chavez
'Maria Chavez' 2 hours ago
I totally think fifth harmony sound better without camila
Melissa Chavéz
'Melissa Chavéz' 2 hours ago
I think everyone should just respect her decision
JustaNormal HumanBeing
i hate fifth harmony before cause fews reason but i respect her decision, that wise i support Camilla
damn you
'damn you' 10 hours ago
she's probably better off solo but then I just want her friendship w the girls will never end tho
Selendi Gonzalez
'Selendi Gonzalez' 11 hours ago
Not the real reason she left
Ashley Lucero
'Ashley Lucero' 13 hours ago
She was my fav In the group!😭
Chloee Overstreet
'Chloee Overstreet' 14 hours ago
dude i love your shirt!!! skeleton simpsons !!!!
Musical Sapphire
'Musical Sapphire' 17 hours ago
It's not fifth harmony anymore its fourth harmony now
Karla Quinde
'Karla Quinde' 18 hours ago
I'm not a fan of fifth harmony👎🏼👎🏼
tailor newton
'tailor newton' 20 hours ago
its still good with her
Destroyer Jack
'Destroyer Jack' 21 hours ago
Should they change to 4h ?? or get a new member and just stay with 5h lel. cuz it wont make any sense now since there is 4 people. 4th Harmony
Kenya Cortez
'Kenya Cortez' 21 hours ago
allison gura
'allison gura' 21 hours ago
I loved her what the neck she left bro
'NWANKWO LYNDA' 21 hours ago
i don't have any problem with Camila and 4 d girls they should change their group name to fourth harmony
VibeWithTam x
'VibeWithTam x' 23 hours ago
Camila used the group for fame she carried this on so long until she could leave but still stay famous
Alaysha Jones
'Alaysha Jones' 1 day ago
worth it
Rita Montañez
'Rita Montañez' 1 day ago
I'm with you its her desicon
Φωτεινη Καρρα
that's bullshit
Lei Licuanan
'Lei Licuanan' 1 day ago
She wants to be solo 😎❤
Omg It
'Omg It's gehnevi' 2 days ago
emmy nicolaus
'emmy nicolaus' 2 days ago
That's my girl
Natania Akau-vasquez
Can I get 5 like today is my birthday 🎉
Lady Irean
'Lady Irean' 2 days ago
I think people should stop the hate towards Camila Cabello she can do what she wants with her body and no body else can tell her the right and wrong of sexuality
'TheFairyEspeon' 2 days ago
Is camila from the doctor from that one show called Vampire Diaries.
Natalia-Elisa Rodriguez
please don't break up😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😢😢😢😢😢😬😨😨😨😨😨😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
Darlencie Marcelin
I think the group should now be call 4 harmony
she could of done both have her own songs and be in the band but she had to PUT HER FOOT DOWN
camila is a bitch i hate her for what she did
Overlord of Hell
'Overlord of Hell' 2 days ago
Actually hoping Dinah will leave too, so I don't have to care about 5H at all. Cause Dinah and Mila was who I care about most. I love the others , but god I love Dinah and Mila more as an individual. Band sells more , but honestly I want to see them as Individuals so much more.
ลักษณ์นารา สิทธิผล
Kathleen Miles
'Kathleen Miles' 2 days ago
Plastic People
'Plastic People' 2 days ago
Who's watching in 2017 2018. 2019???
Darius Thomas
'Darius Thomas' 2 days ago
Sounds like bs to me..its just a nice politically correct way of exiting the group while kinda making them look like sluts for staying..nope not buying iit
Rabbity Love
'Rabbity Love' 3 days ago
Jessica Rodriquez
'Jessica Rodriquez' 3 days ago
demi lovato said it from the begining Camila was the only star of the group
Rodrigo Robles
'Rodrigo Robles' 3 days ago
i hate camila now
Helen Xoxo
'Helen Xoxo' 3 days ago
ᵂᴼᴿᴷ ᶠᴿᴼᴹ ᴴᴼᴹᴱ
'TonyMontana' 3 days ago
That makes no sense listen to the song with mgk
Matthew Santo
'Matthew Santo' 3 days ago
I'm n Camilla side
Taylor Karaitiana
'Taylor Karaitiana' 3 days ago
i will miss camilla
Michelle is4life
'Michelle is4life' 3 days ago
Camila: It's just too sexual
bad things comes out
Victoria Fe Role
'Victoria Fe Role' 3 days ago
she did not left on her own she was kicked by the manager bacause her solos are succesful!
Siennah Jabba
'Siennah Jabba' 3 days ago
but maybe she thinks she is too good
Lisa Estelle
'Lisa Estelle' 3 days ago
YEEEEESSS finally someone that says girls, boys AND others in the US. Everyone does not identify as boy or girl!!!!!❤️❤️
Gamer Boy
'Gamer Boy' 3 days ago
If she left isn't it 4th harmony?
Kids toy review Alvarado
She left cuase they are making her wear sexual clothes and other things maybe I'm not sure 🤔
FrillyPenguin PeguinsRock
i feel sad that Camilla left but it was her decision she should go if she wants to... :P
Fifth Harmony Fan Girl
I hate Camren shippers that's the reason why Camila left
LeeAnne Langerak
'LeeAnne Langerak' 3 days ago
What she left the band!!!! She was the only person keeping that band together :(
Tamira Sky
'Tamira Sky' 3 days ago
Camila or cameela
Sarcastic Unicorn
'Sarcastic Unicorn' 3 days ago
Ok honestly I don't think she'll be that big of an artist. Just like most artists today, I don't think she'll have a long career. The same goes for fifth harmony with the music they're making. People in the comments are talking about alessia, adele and taylor. Alessia makes meaningful music. Adele is a music writer and Taylor produces. Zayn has better music than Camilla. Camilla seems to only make generic pop songs. Fifth harmony needed Simon Cowell to guide them. They could've been good as a group. Most people like Camilla because of her raspy, high voice. I am not a big fan of the group. But I feel as though if anyone would be good as a solo artist, it would be Normani. She has the dancing skills to perform and sing.
'Alx' 3 days ago
Is camila and 5h still on good terms??
Zakeia Murray
'Zakeia Murray' 3 days ago
work from home
Aliyah 9898
'Aliyah 9898' 3 days ago
Its sad that all this time camila was being forced to put on those "sexual" clothes and perform like that on stage.... i completely respect her decision. I dont think taking off your clothes is the right way to do music, although majority of the singers do it anyway.
Freya Sharpe
'Freya Sharpe' 3 days ago
love camila xx😭😭😭😭😪😪😥😢
Austin Tayler
'Austin Tayler' 3 days ago
The tea has been spilt!
Arista Du Toit
'Arista Du Toit' 3 days ago
me too she is just following her hart and I don't think it is about that she is sexual
'J.' 3 days ago
The girls haven't been getting along for a while now and camila isn't so innocent. Her but ego was getting in the way, her racist rants along with her attitude, and Taylor swift putting that bug in her ear that she needs to leave.
Rafaela Skeleton
'Rafaela Skeleton' 3 days ago
why is everyone hating on her?..ok it's her life so she takes decisions! stop it! she can do whatever she wants! God..
'Giangdo' 3 days ago
she should leaved 4 years ago
shook skeleton
'shook skeleton' 4 days ago
... did camila know that lena dunham is a disgusting person who said she wished she could be pregnant just to have an abortion? and she also sexualizes black men and said she was trying to grind on micheal jordan for a whole night?
Miguel Reynoso
'Miguel Reynoso' 4 days ago
What's this guy's name ?? I think he's cute.
Kimberleigh Kammies
its not nesasary to do that because everyone has their own rights so why should you hate Camilla because of her desition....would you like her to comment over her life
Herro It
'Herro It's Me' 4 days ago
I get what she means and I think it's a pretty reasonable reason to leave... but I love them all so so so much💕
Jenni Samayoa
'Jenni Samayoa' 4 days ago
I like camella😭😭😭😭😭I don't want her to leave
Tina Ton
'Tina Ton' 4 days ago
They should call fifth harmony to fourth harmony
Karen Jackson
'Karen Jackson' 4 days ago
first of all i didnt even know she left this is new to me like WHAT WTF
Jenna Velasco
'Jenna Velasco' 4 days ago
He looks like Jacob Sartorius
Night Universe
'Night Universe' 4 days ago
I think they can make songs with out her if I was her I would do the same thing
Anahi Barriga
'Anahi Barriga' 4 days ago
idk why camilla left 5h for being sexualized if she was the one who made out with lauren (yes she was lesbian)
Pat Fobbs
'Pat Fobbs' 4 days ago
Work from home and Flex
Kyoko Kat
'Kyoko Kat' 4 days ago
Awe Camila was the prettiest one, but don't hate on her just because she left the group.
Phusheen Lover Forever
How old is she
Dru B.
'Dru B.' 4 days ago
its true the group did break up...but YO!!!...I just dropped a new remix to Marian Hill & Lauren Jauregui's new jam "Back To Me
sumsum 111
'sumsum 111' 4 days ago
she actually left because she wanted to be bf and gf with Shawn mendes
'Ri'AikaCröw' 4 days ago
Camilla did well leaving if that's the real reason. She's still pretty young.
'IzzyCraftGaming' 4 days ago
ik this is unrelated,but if she left then would 5h be 4h???
Sophie Cool08
'Sophie Cool08' 4 days ago
like you shirt I LOVE SIMSONS
'WhiteRose' 4 days ago
Forth Harmony.
LoudGang Beats
'LoudGang Beats' 4 days ago
I called this month's ago but I'm the Asshole right? Let's face it camila left the group because she didn't need them they needed her. They will be shit without her.
samuditha sudheer
'samuditha sudheer' 4 days ago
why is there a dislike button??
Twenty One Crybaby Mixers
I don't really like Camila, but we should respect het decision.
'Harryjsmithers99' 4 days ago
are you coby from dude perfect?
Eman Ali
'Eman Ali' 4 days ago
what the heck is wrong with her foot and almost every thing she says has "put my foot down"
ForeverGirl 101
'ForeverGirl 101' 4 days ago
i would love to hear them sing work from home because camila does all the notes so that would be great to see them "try" to top her because let's be real camila has the best voice in 5H no one could ever sing like her
Ariana Grande is the only that can do a perfect note but camila can to !!! Just saying no hate love all ❤❤
'YoVivels' 4 days ago
Shosho Ahmed
'Shosho Ahmed' 4 days ago
all in my head
'Damian' 4 days ago
youre cute
'E L I Z Z I E' 4 days ago
Then it should be called Fourth harmony not Fifth Harmony now
Freddy Cervantes
'Freddy Cervantes' 4 days ago
Now sence Camilla left fifth harmony but now its fourth harmony
'ShizzlePlays' 5 days ago
u suk m8 get rekt u nub
Nat Loves Her Smol Beans ;3
I don't even like Fifth Harmony I'm just in the drama mood rn lmao
maria martinez
'maria martinez' 5 days ago
I like her songs
maria martinez
'maria martinez' 5 days ago
maria martinez
'maria martinez' 5 days ago
She is stupi
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