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My Dream Sixteen | LIFE AFTER QUINCE | EP7 -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

448, 907 views

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It's Airam's (second?) biggest day in her life and everyone has come it to celebrate with her, but Airam's Sweet 16 is not short of drama. Will Matt and Victoria decide how they feel about each other? Will Vivian and the gang pull off the surprise dance? Will Javier approve of #Aizaam or will there be Bad Blood? So many questions to be answered in the season finale of Life After Quince. Is it going to be forever? Or will they all go down in flames?

Gustavos Productions

Yost Theater

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Created By: Kevin Stalker and Laura Flanagan
Executive Producer/ Director: Laura Flanagan
Producer/ Director: Kevin Stalker
Editor: Fay Robles
Associate Producer: Ali Gould
Associate Producer: Jackie Merry
Director of Photography: Dawn Shim
Camera Operator: Armir Camangian
Sound Mixer: Monson Douglas
Post Production Assistant: Anais Bergues




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Music provided by Extreme Music.

makeup goals
'makeup goals' 6 days ago
Victoria's new boo looks like jon kranaski from the office
Lulu Frias
'Lulu Frias' 2 weeks ago
is she in santa ana ?
Kathy Ly
'Kathy Ly' 2 weeks ago
I was a little vervous for Isaac
Cheyen Garcia
'Cheyen Garcia' 4 weeks ago
The dad was kind of mean🤔
Aaminah Ali
'Aaminah Ali' 1 month ago
My dad would do exactly what Airam's dad did !
Angie Ortiz
'Angie Ortiz' 1 month ago
the level of cringe was like above 5000
Nataly Valdivia
'Nataly Valdivia' 1 month ago
I hate my dream sixteen it is way boring
Ashley Benitez
'Ashley Benitez' 1 month ago
@Airam'sWorld omg please where did you get that white fur cuff coat
CrazyAwesome Amy
'CrazyAwesome Amy' 1 month ago
A sweet 16???? Wtf two parties that's a lot of money for the parents
Areli Aragon
'Areli Aragon' 1 month ago
her dad thinks hes a big shot . doesn't have to be so rude😑
Emily Gonzalez
'Emily Gonzalez' 1 month ago
0:40 eww it's Xavier's girlfriend
Slime Princess Lisette
I love this family
Caitandsee ND
'Caitandsee ND' 2 months ago
More eps?
Miranda King
'Miranda King' 2 months ago
the fucking cringe was real
Briana Villalba
'Briana Villalba' 2 months ago
does anyone else think that Alyssa or Vivian like Xavier!!💟❣💙💜💖
Julio Morales
'Julio Morales' 2 months ago
Joaquin Gonzalez
'Joaquin Gonzalez' 2 months ago
what that did
Cassandre J
'Cassandre J' 2 months ago
The way Airam's dad's "bodyguard" looked at Isaak was so sus.
Leslye Martinez
'Leslye Martinez' 2 months ago
Why is her dad beingRUDE!!??😡🙄🙄🙄 To izaak he is being respect,responsible and nice.He should be happy 😉
Christiana Esqueda
'Christiana Esqueda' 2 months ago
Her dad was all like I'm speaking to my friends like what friends 🙄
Fawziya Mohammed
'Fawziya Mohammed' 2 months ago
what happened to shany and xavier
'GRAHARRY' 3 months ago
Airam is honestly so cutteeee! ❤❤
daisy diaz
'daisy diaz' 3 months ago
what happened to this series? They stopped uploading.
hrs hb
'hrs hb' 3 months ago
at 0:37 you can see Xavier's girlfriend!
Daniela Sanchez
'Daniela Sanchez' 3 months ago
Victoria is too much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
'Juanji' 3 months ago
ida :)
Deja Evianna
'Deja Evianna' 3 months ago
Victoria got rid of her jack and got herself a Ricky
'____.xoxoxo.____' 3 months ago
Can't Shany wear on better lipstick😒😒😒
Brotato Llamacorn
'Brotato Llamacorn' 3 months ago
I'm still waiting for the next episode._.
Andrea Gonzalez
'Andrea Gonzalez' 3 months ago
Season 2 please ❤️😩🙏🏼
Solbie Hussein
'Solbie Hussein' 3 months ago
Her father is sooo meann😂😂
'Mylifeasmaria' 3 months ago
When is the next episode going to upload? I'm so anxious to know, I love their videos.
'Kixo' 3 months ago
It seems like the show is just about Airam
Avery Awsomepotato
'Avery Awsomepotato' 3 months ago
while watching izzac I was just like bitch dont you dare cry
Ayesha Khan
'Ayesha Khan' 3 months ago
Lmao dad being dad that cute
Spanken  - Blender
'Spanken - Blender' 3 months ago
Valerie Rubio
'Valerie Rubio' 3 months ago
vivian has a big butt. shany is beauty ful. allyssa is on fleek.
Duncan Donovan
'Duncan Donovan' 3 months ago
Batman S
'Batman S' 3 months ago
I just had my 16 brithday ,who can give me thumbs up or comment to me? ^_^:)
Fathima Nasra
'Fathima Nasra' 3 months ago
Waiting for the next oneee
Samantha Venegas
'Samantha Venegas' 3 months ago
I want more
'jAdamariE' 3 months ago
I think its so cute how he asked her dad for permission but dang that would have been scary af because of how the dad kept responding lol😅
Nathalia Banuelos
'Nathalia Banuelos' 3 months ago
her dad is a dick. wtf thank God I don't have a dad lol.. that dude is a douche
Devyn Monroe
'Devyn Monroe' 3 months ago
I swear I am late for every video😂
Miyah Montes
'Miyah Montes' 3 months ago
I just want a sweet 16
Irma Capulet
'Irma Capulet' 3 months ago
Isaac should have not even talked to airams dad. Since the dad was being so rude. like shit a guy is asking permission to date you're daughter be grateful that he is being respectful!!!
Johanna castaneda
'Johanna castaneda' 3 months ago
That face he makes at the end of their conversation @ 3:24
'DoveHappyTime.' 3 months ago
This is like the Keeping up w/ the Kardashian but 15-16 years old kid
Joel Ramirez
'Joel Ramirez' 3 months ago
ariam look so pretty and ariam her hair was mistup # ariam your dress is red it is so pretty
Airam Andrea
'Airam Andrea' 3 months ago
I never thought to find someone with my same name.
Emily Garcia
'Emily Garcia' 3 months ago
What song was used at the end
Castro Cepa  Maria Rita
please do a season 2 of life after quince
superWTFeli 233
'superWTFeli 233' 3 months ago
her dad is such a dick he has a body gaurd and todo eso like ey clamate
Moon Star
'Moon Star' 3 months ago
i need more
Dayanara Lopez
'Dayanara Lopez' 3 months ago
Red for you tube
Anayah Pesina
'Anayah Pesina' 3 months ago
he was rude but he had to be , Issac has to know that he was serious about his daughter's well being.. my dad was the same way and he said it was because he needed to know if he would respect me . for example : when he said something along the lines of "don't you see me talking to my friends?" but did he snap back ? no . he was calm and very respectful. :)
Mark Verdad
'Mark Verdad' 3 months ago
Kiki go through boyfriends like toilet paper. So fast
Mark Verdad
'Mark Verdad' 3 months ago
American Mexican parents are troubled because of the back to back extravagant celebrations they need to have for their daughters, a Quinceanera and a Sweet 16
cynthia torres
'cynthia torres' 3 months ago
airams dad was not being rude it's common sense to not inturupt an adults converstation and not introduce yourself to the others there her dad is A: looking out for his daughter and B:putting the rules down before he goes into a relashionship thinking he can slide on things. props to her dad if anything when I was her age my dad never made an effort she's lucky and I wish them both luck!!
Robin Assels
'Robin Assels' 3 months ago
Izzac is so hot! Whats his last name?
Adolfo Domingo
'Adolfo Domingo' 3 months ago
Maria Hernandez
'Maria Hernandez' 3 months ago
How come the other girls don't get put in life after quince?
Emily Garcia
'Emily Garcia' 3 months ago
What song was used at the end
Margue Margue
'Margue Margue' 3 months ago
Airam, Alyssa and Victoria are my favorite.
Margue Margue
'Margue Margue' 3 months ago
Victoria has so many guy friends kikivictoria7 she has pictures of like a million guys. Haha I wonder why she broke up with Adam? Maybe he treated her badly, she seemed like she really liked him on her Instagram? Poor thing, you can see on her face the break up with hard on her. And Matt was quick to make a move.
Sulma Melendez
'Sulma Melendez' 3 months ago
you are amazing
Mireya Corral
'Mireya Corral' 3 months ago
the dad was real rude to Isaak
its wendy
'its wendy' 3 months ago
I swear they all forgot about giselle
Jasmine Pierce
'Jasmine Pierce' 3 months ago
Is trhis the last. epsiooide
Alyssa Mendez
'Alyssa Mendez' 3 months ago
What happened to xitilaly?
Melissa _xxx0
'Melissa _xxx0' 3 months ago
Issac to cute for airam 🙃
Lyndsay Gaspar-Ayala
'Lyndsay Gaspar-Ayala' 3 months ago
At. 3:23 did you guys see his face?that was kindof rood!
Yaire Perez
'Yaire Perez' 3 months ago
everyone's saying her dad is do rude but obviously he's just kidding, god can y'all take a joke???😂
'JJ X' 3 months ago
When daddy has money
Hilaria Jimenez
'Hilaria Jimenez' 3 months ago
omg I'm so jealous she got a 15n16 i didn't even get none
'hollyken3' 3 months ago
izzac is actually the sweetest, good for him <3
Marianne Johnson
'Marianne Johnson' 3 months ago
Why does she get a quince and a sweet 16
Lea Urbina
'Lea Urbina' 3 months ago
Was This The Last Episode
Anita Solis
'Anita Solis' 3 months ago
Noemy Montes
'Noemy Montes' 4 months ago
This is sooo fucking fake
Maria Camargo
'Maria Camargo' 4 months ago
Why do these girls act as if there relationship is going to last forever.
Ricardo Agiar
'Ricardo Agiar' 4 months ago
Airam! Is slaying at 16. Fml lol these girls are cute. Love the series.
'ValerieCardenas' 4 months ago
Bro I love Airam's dad lol
The Girl of your nightmares
What happened to xavier and Shany tho?
The Girl of your nightmares
Airam's dad😹😹😹
Sara Quijada
'Sara Quijada' 4 months ago
at the beginning I really liked the show but now it's kind of cliche and seems fake. they all kind of act like they are adults going into super serious relationships.
'M K' 4 months ago
wtf is wrong with airams dad fucking rude i really dislike that part this is my body gaurd seriously wow
Valeria Garcia-Lopez
'Valeria Garcia-Lopez' 4 months ago
Make a Season 2 of Life After Quince!!! PLEASE!!!
Lynn Gik
'Lynn Gik' 4 months ago
Season finale? Noooooo. 😭
micheele _xx
'micheele _xx' 4 months ago
nobody else notice Xavier's girlfriend walking up in there😛
Zoey Romero
'Zoey Romero' 4 months ago
Omg I was literally so nervous when Issac was asking for her dad's permission I was so uuuu I know how he felt
Princss _Isa
'Princss _Isa' 4 months ago
Liana Santos
'Liana Santos' 4 months ago
i want more life after quince
Liana Santos
'Liana Santos' 4 months ago
i love this episode
Carmen Gutierrez
'Carmen Gutierrez' 4 months ago
Holy shit she's rich! I celebrated my quince and my "sweet 16 " is gonna be in my backyard 😂
'rainbowunicorns85' 4 months ago
I have a feeling that it's all scripted
Micah Palacios
'Micah Palacios' 4 months ago
Her dad was rude but he has good intentions
Erica Bab1
'Erica Bab1' 4 months ago
They are lucky 😒
Leah Druch
'Leah Druch' 4 months ago
Is it just me or is this scripted like alot..?
jamie amaro
'jamie amaro' 4 months ago
all i want to know is if xavier and shany are going out????? jk lol but i would like to know
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