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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 years ago

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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.

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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

Courtney Henry
'Courtney Henry' 3 hours ago
This is the most awkward interview in the world lmao
Tyler Letsom
'Tyler Letsom' 8 hours ago
Keith Urban's music is garbage. That's all.
rhaulvictor 150100
'rhaulvictor 150100' 18 hours ago
Best interview ever!!!
all time classic tv.
Vanessa H.
'Vanessa H.' 1 day ago
Cristóbal Trejo
'Cristóbal Trejo' 1 day ago
This scene should EXIST as a short sketch but from the point of view of Rick: Worst Wingman ever! That would be hilarious!
Edson Castro
'Edson Castro' 1 day ago
3:34 That laugh tho
Magaly Suarez
'Magaly Suarez' 2 days ago
why jimmy, WHY???????????
Project Lets Play
'Project Lets Play' 2 days ago
2:53, I just burst out laughing!😂
Ailyn Garcia
'Ailyn Garcia' 2 days ago
'mondaymornings3' 2 days ago
2:43 when jimmy realises he fucked up so bad
'mondaymornings3' 2 days ago
how did i miss this omg.....iconic
'RON STUDIOS' 3 days ago
I bet jimmy couldn't able to sleep later that night lol
Gamer Asylum
'Gamer Asylum' 3 days ago
Lmao smh poor Jim😂
Owen Asztalos
'Owen Asztalos' 3 days ago
I feel bad for Keith and jimmy's wife
Maxwell Duo
'Maxwell Duo' 3 days ago
I need a fucking map to know if girls are interested in me. I always realised to late that a girl was in to me haha. Why cant they just say hey i like you and get it over with?
'BAdrianne91' 3 days ago
'fourbypete' 3 days ago
I kinda feel for the both of them. But that was really funny too. I wonder what the world would have looked like in that time line. Would they have gotton married? Any kids? Would she have met Tom Cruise? So many questions.
Virtua Tech Store
'Virtua Tech Store' 4 days ago
this Jimmy don't stop talking??? let her talk please and shut up?
Xinping Deng
'Xinping Deng' 4 days ago
That gay assumption is right in the heart.
Haifisch NZ
'Haifisch NZ' 4 days ago
Wow what a dumbass. It would have taken me 15 mins to nail and bang this babe
Nicole you'd prolly be my wife by now. Too bad we never met
Joseph James
'Joseph James' 4 days ago
sort environment regional item until personality
Daughter of Jerusalem
I did not watch this video and I don't believe for a SECOND that 37 million people were genuinely interested in this. Youtube please stop recommending. You're worse than 90's MTV
'cool' 4 days ago
this is literally the wildest, funniest interview ever! I love how couldn't even act like he was a catch without apologising - 'im joking, I'm joking!' dude legit acting like he's still in love w her
'sputnic' 5 days ago
She still looks beautiful , before she had something terrible bad to her face ! I'm so sorry .
Bitter Candy
'Bitter Candy' 5 days ago
"But the Bear does have the most beautiful eyes"
"No he does!"
"yeah he does!...???"
'ℓev' 5 days ago
Her hair 😍❤.
Sharon Zurcher
'Sharon Zurcher' 5 days ago
this is still funny to watch but sooo awkward at the same time, poor Jimmy she just milked this for all it's worth annnnd she still wants him
'CrazSimmy' 5 days ago
Someone tell me what went on with Tom, Jimmy and Keith
Itsjustme lol
'Itsjustme lol' 5 days ago
Eduardo Pérez
'Eduardo Pérez' 6 days ago
She still has a crush on him, it's obvious tho
'94lalinha' 6 days ago
This will forever be one of my all time favorite moments on any talk show
Armand Bauer Lavin
Best interview ever )))
Azzahra Venusyah
'Azzahra Venusyah' 6 days ago
The talk doesn't have quality after that awkward flashback
'mzzkeely' 6 days ago
Still a fave episode! Lol! Happy Valentine's Day Jimmy!
A Giant Sloar
'A Giant Sloar' 6 days ago
They need to just bone and get it out of the way.
santino hp
'santino hp' 6 days ago
this video was awesome Jimmy!!
you are the man!!
you are the man!!
'Treekz' 6 days ago
"Not now" That'll leave a scar. 😂
H P͟a͟l͟p͟a͟t͟i͟n͟A
Who's Rick?

Is he talking about Rick grimes from the walking dead?

I swear I don't know much about any of this so please excuse me.
Drew N
'Drew N' 6 days ago
AwW haha that's cute!
Bone Smug
'Bone Smug' 7 days ago
How Jimmy procreated is beyond me. Sounds like he had zero game. 😂
Tomsprincess A
'Tomsprincess A' 7 days ago
Oh goodness Jimmy! Lol thank you for making me realize I'm not the only one who didn't realize they were on a "date" with someone - hahaha oh - but I did figure it out eventually and married him lol
Andreas Emilsson
'Andreas Emilsson' 7 days ago
This is bloody fantastic. Jimmy is the real deal.
االعنوود الشهريه
am shockt 😁😳
Lionel Lynch
'Lionel Lynch' 7 days ago
This is just too damn good
Brutus Tan
'Brutus Tan' 7 days ago
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
Magaly Suarez
'Magaly Suarez' 7 days ago
Although you do not know that you are on a date, you are with a beautiful woman and you put video games? Bad and over time funny !!
Jeesho Jerish007
'Jeesho Jerish007' 7 days ago
Best episode ever
Lucio Puglielli
'Lucio Puglielli' 7 days ago
upsss. well . now they ate good friends treat each other very fine. if something has happened it could be different.
'ilarraza28' 7 days ago
So.. at 3:33ish Nicole Kidman touches Jimmy on his hind parts. Is it just me or can someone see the same thing I did the first time I saw this?
Volt Link Media
'Volt Link Media' 7 days ago
mounia ken
'mounia ken' 7 days ago
Nicole Kidman is sooo cute!!
navi kriss
'navi kriss' 7 days ago
whos here to watch it again after the post
'MetiMajor' 7 days ago
Youtubes hashtag ad bought me here
Jesus Christhole
'Jesus Christhole' 7 days ago
The best Fallon segment of all time. They can't even talk about anything else lol
Богдан Шевчук
где субтитры на русском ? :D пошел на курсы английского, чтобы понять о чем там говорят :D
'karthu1993' 1 week ago
Today's Valentine's day and I am watching this.
'tatemcmillan1' 1 week ago
Peep @ 3.34 when she casually pats him on the butt lol
J hilly
'J hilly' 1 week ago
I love hearing famous people have conversations, its amusing
'Jugnarog' 1 week ago
That is so sweet and funny. The moment he understands the truth. I replayed that scene over and over again and just smiled.
Ray Khai
'Ray Khai' 1 week ago
she was sooooo uncomfortable it's hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Primordial Pete
'Primordial Pete' 1 week ago
Is Rick dead yet?
I feel like I wanna kill Rick right now.

Oh and, still a better love story than Twlight.
'TheLegend27' 1 week ago
His penis will never forgive Rick.
Twoofer Derper
'Twoofer Derper' 2 weeks ago
White buffalo.
'Paullittos' 2 weeks ago
Watching again and again and again
Ismail Zrikem
'Ismail Zrikem' 2 weeks ago
This has happened to many of us...but not with Nicole Kidman!
The Farting Pillow
'The Farting Pillow' 2 weeks ago
Never gets old!
Bechir Mouelhi
'Bechir Mouelhi' 2 weeks ago
3:33 she touched his ass
José Hernández Jr.
Omg 😲
'martilicious' 2 weeks ago
Damn Rick! you only have one job
Dhaval Chavda
'Dhaval Chavda' 2 weeks ago
Rick the Dick
Harris Hardian
'Harris Hardian' 2 weeks ago
If this happened to CraigF, she will now have different version of story.
'Bejaardenbus' 2 weeks ago
Well, I can guess who had a tearful wank that night.
'matildako37' 2 weeks ago
ok, now is 2017 and I watched this AGAIN! maybe I'll come back next month. see ya~😗😗
'amywz' 2 weeks ago
3:33 Nichole is a savage😂😂
Omar BinAbdulAziz
'Omar BinAbdulAziz' 2 weeks ago
Nicole is so pretty
Divya Sasidharan
'Divya Sasidharan' 2 weeks ago
Seth was so awkward... this is gold lol 😂
'kicubu' 2 weeks ago
In Foolland Jim you're the King!, seriously!!!!
Geunice Burgos
'Geunice Burgos' 2 weeks ago
Fallon should always let go like this. He is a funny dude. Just not when everything's stiffed & held back
'Bhinnata' 2 weeks ago
Alice White
'Alice White' 2 weeks ago
The look of realisation on Jimmy's face at 1:16 is priceless
dreamscape damsel
'dreamscape damsel' 2 weeks ago
So cute Jimmy
aakash abhinav
'aakash abhinav' 2 weeks ago
rare footage of Jimmy's real laugh
Dilan Montenegro
'Dilan Montenegro' 2 weeks ago
Porfavor con subtítulos , please with subtitle !!! I m Latino, I from Peru !
Rizal Ahmad
'Rizal Ahmad' 2 weeks ago
The original version of Da Da Land
Sam Durden
'Sam Durden' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy you are the biggest fool ever but I love you
Mark Bird
'Mark Bird' 2 weeks ago
I have never seen a man's face drop so spectacularly far... forget mic drop moments...
Mohammed Rizvi
'Mohammed Rizvi' 2 weeks ago
watching this again, 2 years later... This is lovely.
don fan
'don fan' 3 weeks ago
what did she mean you were in baseball cap and nothing? and what did Jimmy reply back?
don fan
'don fan' 3 weeks ago
Wait... WHAT...!??
Pavel Chlumský
'Pavel Chlumský' 3 weeks ago
1:16 The moment when realises the truth is the best thing ever.
'redisculi' 3 weeks ago
3:34 sexy honk
mikeforce 04
'mikeforce 04' 3 weeks ago
Ok, Jimmy might have been clueless, and Nicole should have said something, but seriously. Is no one going to mention how bad of a wingman this "Rick" guy is?
Reema P
'Reema P' 3 weeks ago
what jimmy say in 9:00 😅
William T
'William T' 3 weeks ago
Who's from Reddit
'blindxsv' 3 weeks ago
not too late to be swingers jimmy
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