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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 years ago

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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.

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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

'JG' 22 hours ago
I somehow feel Nicole still likes Jimmy :P
Hage Matt
'Hage Matt' 1 day ago
6:51 They're both thinking:"I definitely would."
Kübra A.
'Kübra A.' 1 day ago
Panoz Abruzzi
'Panoz Abruzzi' 3 days ago
blowing a chance to date a 60 year old woman with a fake accent, wow, so much regret
Desley A Wotton
'Desley A Wotton' 3 days ago
Lol what a great story and Jimmy is married with children now makes it even more worse for them both, i mean to think about what could've been would drive them insane i'm sure oh and Rick your a lousy wingman.
Mary Jane
'Mary Jane' 3 days ago
He is so horny that makes the show unwatchable. Stupid man.
Iván López
'Iván López' 5 days ago
History of TV.
Mary Anne Coutinho
it's been two years whaaat
Manu Narine
'Manu Narine' 6 days ago
guess Jimmy blew a 3-1 lead
Amanda Martinez
'Amanda Martinez' 7 days ago
jimmy is hilarious lmao
Aske Vesterlund
'Aske Vesterlund' 7 days ago
Those fake laughs
Tô Đạt
'Tô Đạt' 1 week ago
please, help me to reported the conversation
G Sam
'G Sam' 1 week ago
There is something very fishy about this whole story, and here's why. 1) He asks if he should tell his version of the story, in other words- that there was something very interesting that was being set up. Yet we learn he had no IDEA how different HER version of the story would be. But the fishiest part about his ultimate shock is....did his buddy Rick seriously NEVER reveal that Nicole Kidman liked him?? Rick HAD to know because Rick knew there was no part in Bewitched. Rick KNEW he was setting it up upon Nicole's request, so Jimmy was NEVER told by Rick the truth. Jimmy is LITERALLY finding out for the first time today??? Not one single chance that is true.

2) 0:28- "...she wants to meet you to be in Bewitched OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT". (as he shows a classic lying "tell" and scratches his face at that exact moment). Really? "Or something like that"? What something like that could it possibly be? Think about it- is that a natural way to remember such an OBVIOUSLY memorable situation? Wouldn't it be SPECIFICALLY to be in Bewitched? And do NOT look past the scratching the cheek as he says that bizarre line..

2) 1:06- "..I'm on SNL or something I guess, I don't remember when it was". Seriously? You SERIOUSLY do not remember what part of your rather easily chronicled life you in on this incredibly memorable day when Nicole Kidman came to your apt?

3) Around 1:30- one too many "wait what"" for me. He was using it to make the crowd know he was about to lose his mind, comedically. Made it funnier for the crowd, his incredulousness.

In short, they pulled it off well, and I believe something like this may have happened, but there is ZERO percent chance that if Nicole Kidman actually like him, he is just hearing about it for the first time now. ZERO chance.
'InvisibleMan95' 1 week ago
I come here after Golden Globes.
'luqmanr' 1 week ago
lol after so many years this is how she decides to break it to him
Char George
'Char George' 1 week ago
My favorite part 2:53
Jesper Berggren
'Jesper Berggren' 1 week ago
Honestly what has this Dork ( Fallon ) ever achieved?
'annajeehee' 1 week ago
When she says about great eyes -on the bear and then u can tell she likes jimmys eyes and says - why are laughing to the band -.its body language
'annajeehee' 1 week ago
He wore sweats cause he didn't think he had a chance with her and thought he was there to talk about a role she may offer
'LH YY' 2 weeks ago
This one always makes me laugh.
George Candelaria
'George Candelaria' 2 weeks ago
I must have watched this a million times. Hilarious every time. Never pass up chances...
Frida Frank
'Frida Frank' 2 weeks ago
envelope dump fiscal entgko examine request comfortable import.
doms Last
'doms Last' 2 weeks ago
Nicole Kidman still fine at 49
doms Last
'doms Last' 2 weeks ago
Nicole Kidman still fine at 49
Rick Grimes
'Rick Grimes' 2 weeks ago
Horoscopes are bullshit but Nicole is a typical Gemini female here.
Mark Grant
'Mark Grant' 2 weeks ago
this is the best I've seen Nicole Kidman look in over a decade for years you just look weird with that offer Botox and all that crap and your hair looks amazing first time in a long time.
Fandom Child
'Fandom Child' 2 weeks ago
This is classic. I'm in stitches.
Ella Jones
'Ella Jones' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy really likes her 😂
Milad Darvish
'Milad Darvish' 2 weeks ago
Who is watching this in 2017?
Alma Vazquez
'Alma Vazquez' 3 weeks ago
So-called financial given recommendation sector Arab upon.
Owen Miller
'Owen Miller' 3 weeks ago
amount travel tip forehead lemon four asian show
cristopher vieira
'cristopher vieira' 3 weeks ago
this is better than celeb sex tapes...
germaine stratton
'germaine stratton' 3 weeks ago
Men so funny
Meline Nicolas
'Meline Nicolas' 3 weeks ago
slave sick shame bathroom pursuit just planet platform.
Bitter Candy
'Bitter Candy' 3 weeks ago
".... I've video games and sneakers" "THAT'S RIGHT!" LOL
Thomas Thas
'Thomas Thas' 3 weeks ago
The best part is when she told him she liked him and you just see that face of disbelief as he tries to process it.
Ashish Sonawane
'Ashish Sonawane' 4 weeks ago
Best Video Ever......
'MISSYMINX261' 4 weeks ago
She's so beautiful!!
Judini Abdulahim
'Judini Abdulahim' 4 weeks ago
the "beautiful eyes" scene had something
KeerKat Gaming
'KeerKat Gaming' 4 weeks ago
This man's world just got shattered.
akshay kr
'akshay kr' 4 weeks ago
this 9 minute clip is more interesting and enjoyable than most movies I've seen
'csm1o1' 4 weeks ago
cant believe this. this guy had a one in a trillion chance of getting a date on her and the idiot did not do a damn thing ! wtf man. .... xD
La Tania-Jonelle Hall
don't u feel bad Jimmy....
'saturdaysyouth' 4 weeks ago
the is the one of the best videos I've seen on YouTube.
'heil5373N' 4 weeks ago
6:33 LOL Damn Jimmy!(regretting the chances not taken)
'benD'anon fawkes' 4 weeks ago
fuck she is beautifull. got to love aussie women
I am I forgot
'I am I forgot' 1 month ago
You can see how a boy thinks really shy and a girl just think maybe his gay
bella boom boom
'bella boom boom' 1 month ago
Jimmy turning red... So cute!
'ozzstriker101' 1 month ago
Any room for another "coming back from the new video" comment? Plz? Thumps it up peeps.
E Nigma
'E Nigma' 1 month ago
snooze you lose Jimmy
'busymike' 1 month ago
She said she never saw Jimmy again after this, but in the new interview she says she ran into him again. hmm
'Marius' 1 month ago
Well she is 7 years oder than he is. Why would he think she had any interest in him women mostly prefer guys the same age or a little older
Well Met
'Well Met' 1 month ago
The way they felt little bit awkward and uncomfortable was funny as hell :D
Destined LightWorker
A woman who can remember all the details about a man in the first encounter...even right down to what he wore, either got it bad for the dude OR is just really repulsed by him. Go figure! I am so glad I am not a man! Lol
Destined LightWorker
Wait, Nicole Kidman just copped a feel!!!! I saw it, did you? Lol!
Richard Gonzalez
'Richard Gonzalez' 1 month ago
Hot?! Hahaha thats a walking palmtree,no hips,flat ass,no nothing 😐
Tim Snyder
'Tim Snyder' 1 month ago
Can cut the sexual tension with a knife! Gives a lot of giggles.
selena Felix
'selena Felix' 1 month ago
there so into eachother ....she touch his ass and his hands lmao
Sung Yul Taylor
'Sung Yul Taylor' 1 month ago
She is SO CUTE, talented, and good looking. Man Jimmy..... So close bro.
Hassaan Qureshi
'Hassaan Qureshi' 1 month ago
2:52 This moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!
'eerereps' 1 month ago
this is television GOLD!
'Chrisdk23' 1 month ago
When you realized you could have banged Nicole Kidman. WHAT
'stoneon1' 1 month ago
I've seen this clip dozens of times and it never gets old.
'redplanetwhat' 1 month ago
so funny and cute.. ❤
ayy lmao
'ayy lmao' 1 month ago
You can tell from her body language that she is still fond of him even though she is married.
mike jordan
'mike jordan' 1 month ago
the most romantic one this 😍😍
Djoaw Oawed
'Djoaw Oawed' 1 month ago
She's beautiful tbh
'johny016' 1 month ago
camon, jimmy wasn't interested... or was he so clueless?! xD i hope the first is the reason. It's so amazingly cringy that i'm speechless xD
Alireza saemi
'Alireza saemi' 1 month ago
Jimmy , long live happily from bottom of your heart .I wish you feel really happy in your off-camera life :) . You are great .
'wpm' 1 month ago
What is it with Ricks?
Francho Prada
'Francho Prada' 1 month ago
im wondering, what happened after he put the video game on? 😕
Djhotskull Damien
'Djhotskull Damien' 1 month ago
"I thought he was gay" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joey Belisario
'Joey Belisario' 1 month ago
this felt more genuine
Radha Laldhari
'Radha Laldhari' 1 month ago
"Wanna play Mario brothers?" LMFAO
Семён Мигов
lol that was soo cringy, i even felt sad for jimmy
'jknochel76' 1 month ago
one could only wish to make a woman like that laugh and look at you like that.
Shaqtis Jordan
'Shaqtis Jordan' 1 month ago
5:46 jimmy randomly laughs
Daniel Iturbide
'Daniel Iturbide' 1 month ago
I wonder how many more of us guys out there blew a chance to be with a beautiful girl and we didn't even know 😂
'awwwyeaboyeeee' 1 month ago
This is the best interview
Ashlyn VanDerburgh
'Ashlyn VanDerburgh' 1 month ago
This is the single greatest thing I have ever seen. :-]
Gina G
'Gina G' 1 month ago
favourite moment 2:15
'Nodprophet' 1 month ago
Jose Luis Cortez Marquez
Fallon: Wow did you make a good decision? (not dating him)
Kidman: YOU DIDN'T!
sourav sarkar
'sourav sarkar' 1 month ago
doyoucare guess
'doyoucare guess' 1 month ago
What is weird is that Nicole was born in 1967, just a month after jimmy's wife😨 jimmy have the same 7 years gap with his wife as he would have had with nicole.Destiny??
Thomas Johnson
'Thomas Johnson' 1 month ago
6:12 well theres a first, no one has ever fought over a Keith before.
Vince H
'Vince H' 1 month ago
Funniest thing ever 😂😂😂
House devedesete
'House devedesete' 1 month ago
i am in love...i love this woman!
Young Yeezy Rust
'Young Yeezy Rust' 1 month ago
Fucking Rick...
'Zagdoodlenod' 2 months ago
let me just talk about niagra falls in depth so she forgets :/
pedro escobar
'pedro escobar' 2 months ago
Come to my house, i´ll show you my new Nintendo, is really cool! :(
sourav dash
'sourav dash' 2 months ago
I have never seen anyone or more beautiful than Nicole Kidman
Tina Mata
'Tina Mata' 2 months ago
OMG! I love Jimmy. His freakin reaction. PRICELESS!! lol
Tina Mata
'Tina Mata' 2 months ago
tooo damn funny!!
Qmed Joe
'Qmed Joe' 2 months ago
How did I not realize that Nicole Kidman is that beautiful!
Koti M
'Koti M' 2 months ago
Get a forehead reduction.
5:02 Jimmy's description of the Canadian and New York side is truest description of the two sides of Niagara Falls ever
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