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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 2 years ago

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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.

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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

Sebastián Mayorca
'Sebastián Mayorca' 14 hours ago
He friendzoned Nicole Kidman WOW
Hugo Penafort
'Hugo Penafort' 19 hours ago
it's a petty, they would be a perfect couple
'LEEN MUHTADI' 20 hours ago
that's so awesome 😍
lee smith
'lee smith' 1 day ago
If Jimmy's dick could talk, he would say "Fuck You" Jimmy everyday
lee smith
'lee smith' 1 day ago
Oh Jimmy. you wasted your Dick :D :D :D
'Hela5123' 1 day ago
Poor Jimmy... Hahahhahha
Gabriel Vieira
'Gabriel Vieira' 2 days ago
"ohhh I remenbá.. " love this accent
'mikey101' 2 days ago
she still has feelings for Jimmy
Rishabh Jain
'Rishabh Jain' 2 days ago
Still a better love story than twilight
Rishabh Jain
'Rishabh Jain' 2 days ago
Sen Solo
'Sen Solo' 2 days ago
Ohh I rememBAhh!
Michael Petzz
'Michael Petzz' 3 days ago
she looks old, #botox
Marius Dumitru Hij
I love this so much! Wonderfully moments! :) what a Moran! how could you not ask her to go out with her? oh man if I were, If I only had been there :)
Gonzalo Cerrón
'Gonzalo Cerrón' 5 days ago
8:09 heart melted.
'LibraryofAmy' 5 days ago
Jimmy's shrieky giggle at 8:17 is so cute omg hes so nervous
Pastora Melissa
'Pastora Melissa' 5 days ago
Nadia Bhatti
'Nadia Bhatti' 5 days ago
I'm laughing so hard, this is so cute
Nadia Bhatti
'Nadia Bhatti' 5 days ago
This is the cutest interview!!!!
'leeloopi' 6 days ago
I love Jimmy!!!
'pumarox95' 6 days ago
This never gets old. 😂😂😂
Jose War
'Jose War' 7 days ago
Omg the noise she makes at 3:33 i'm dying
Real or Magic
'Real or Magic' 7 days ago
3:33 Nicole spanked Jimmy
Zahra Zee
'Zahra Zee' 7 days ago
'Paddington' is on TV right now and I help but come back to this youtube video....

This may now be the case whenever I watch the film
Yunqi Liu
'Yunqi Liu' 1 week ago
What did Jimmy say at 5:39 -5:45
'Dr_faisal' 1 week ago
Obviously Rick didn't want them to hookup with each other
'LanIost' 1 week ago
Oh man... this is reality. IT'S TOO MUCH.
david hurtado amparan
oh my god this is the best shit ever
Devesh Kumar
'Devesh Kumar' 1 week ago
Oh boy Jimmy 😂😂😂
Raffaela Neudecker
there is NO show EVER that i laugh about. EVER.
It's unbelievable...
But everytime..really everytime I watch Jimmy Fallon - and may I be soooo so grumpy that time - I'm laughing like a stupid on my own...that people ask me if i was ok. YES! Im laughing on my own! But it's great :D thank you Jimmy for making me laugh even at my really grumpiest times ;) Greetings from Greece!!
Deema Al-Therman
'Deema Al-Therman' 1 week ago
they still like each other hahahaha
'gamerjc21' 1 week ago
2:44 HAHA Jimmy's reaction there is priceless.
'Straddllw' 1 week ago
Dammit Rick you had one job.
Natalie decher
'Natalie decher' 1 week ago
😂😂😭 awww jimmy is so happyyy
'moldoveanu8' 2 weeks ago
loool hey hey hey there is nothing wrong with videogames
'moldoveanu8' 2 weeks ago
:O ooooooh snap
Nadir Beloudnine
'Nadir Beloudnine' 2 weeks ago
After all this time i glimpsed that she touched his ass at 3:33 that so iguess she still like him ,idk
Jessica Pal
'Jessica Pal' 2 weeks ago
i forgot how many times i watched this really!
Fanof Taizokato
'Fanof Taizokato' 2 weeks ago
We can all relate to this story. This happened to me all the time.
Can't count how many amazing opportunities that I missed.
'beautifulmind' 2 weeks ago
when she sad : ( you tell your version !! )...that's mean ....explain to me !!! what is your defense !? i dont understand !!! why you regected me ?!
Asher Nelakar
'Asher Nelakar' 2 weeks ago
The biggest idiot hosting "The Tonight Show" should've been Conan!
courtney pillay
'courtney pillay' 2 weeks ago
I never get tired of watching this
Jered C
'Jered C' 2 weeks ago
For some reason.. i always thought Nicole was an Irish lass.. I don't know why I thought that. Hearing her accent, she's an obvious kangaroo fucka.. she's absolutely lovely!!
symbiosis !
'symbiosis !' 2 weeks ago
What am I doing here drunk and holding my dyck?!...while thinking in Nicole kidman???
Elpelucas Sape
'Elpelucas Sape' 2 weeks ago
Oh my godddddd!!!!!!
'UKGift' 2 weeks ago
Nicole was stunning back in the day so Jimmy really missed out
Marigold In Blue
'Marigold In Blue' 2 weeks ago
She almost touched his butt at 3:32 lol
Jeanne Bastille
'Jeanne Bastille' 2 weeks ago
Somehow, I feel bad for his wife
FJS 15
'FJS 15' 2 weeks ago
Lol. they seem real for celebrities... they still turn red even in this age.. that's legit.. just not meant to be.
claire amer
'claire amer' 3 weeks ago
They should date for real.
Bill and Beth Navarro
Kidman looks wonderful here
Pranay Venkatesh
'Pranay Venkatesh' 3 weeks ago
still a better love story than Twilight
brad D
'brad D' 3 weeks ago
Inspiring to make a film or a romance movie, with little dramatize, I'll watch it.. Anyone have a recommendation movie?
'shockingvic' 3 weeks ago
Love nicole she has this beautiful smile and beautiful accent
Hachiman Hikigaya
'Hachiman Hikigaya' 3 weeks ago
Fun interview.
Χαρα Κλαιρη
2:18 me when my friend says embarrassing things about me to my crush...
jmal jmal
'jmal jmal' 3 weeks ago
jimmy ..... mun r u
jmal jmal
'jmal jmal' 3 weeks ago
i seen the show by chance re play it 3 times tonight im shocked man .... but its never late jimmy ..... but im so sure u gonna do the same if u had another chance you will get cheez and crackers play video games with your historical baseball hat on your ...... toooot
Iktaj Bhinder
'Iktaj Bhinder' 3 weeks ago
My jaw hurts smiling and laughing
Chico Thecat
'Chico Thecat' 3 weeks ago
let's hear her sing BMX BANDITS
Chico Thecat
'Chico Thecat' 3 weeks ago
Chico Thecat
'Chico Thecat' 3 weeks ago
awesome people 👍👍👍👍
Chico Thecat
'Chico Thecat' 3 weeks ago
and played that song ready to fly by the papers.
Chico Thecat
'Chico Thecat' 3 weeks ago
I would have had a huffy bike and ride with her
'emmie796' 3 weeks ago
Nicole Kidman is a beautiful lady
swatantar kr
'swatantar kr' 3 weeks ago
come on!! how dare u dislike my favorite Nicole kidman?? :)
Norah Ri-cnsd
'Norah Ri-cnsd' 3 weeks ago
beautiful girls fall for goofy nerd good looking boys ... #fact ..
that happend to me many times .. I thougt the guy is not interested .. lol
'KHL KLH' 3 weeks ago
no one can be prettier thagn Nicloe... she's farrrrr too good ...
James parker
'James parker' 3 weeks ago
Jimmy Fallon made me realize that Keith Urban is a rockstar
Rob Lund
'Rob Lund' 3 weeks ago
Jimmy screwed up!What a late night douche
'hirampr21' 3 weeks ago
They have to make a movie out of this with them as actors this comment to let them know lol.
Ali Bakir
'Ali Bakir' 3 weeks ago
Along with Bradley Cooper's super laughing episode, both are the best two episodes of the show
Ali Bakir
'Ali Bakir' 3 weeks ago
The moment Nicole tells Jimmy she used to"like" him, he turned into a teenager. Typical guy stuff.
She still "like" him. She says we're both married now which could mean that they're not together just because of their marriage. On top of that, she remembers that day vividly. She literally described what he wore and how his apartment looked that day.. which is about 10 years a go!.
Chandler Jacobs
'Chandler Jacobs' 3 weeks ago
This is sad
Fa Ha
'Fa Ha' 3 weeks ago
probably my 1000th time watching this
Fa Ha
'Fa Ha' 3 weeks ago
probably my 1000th time watching this
'UniqueUsername' 3 weeks ago
Jimmy Fallon is a cuck.
Eric SV
'Eric SV' 3 weeks ago
hahaah this is gold
'_Zeca_' 3 weeks ago
Maybe. He is gay. ahauhauahuahuahuahuahaaa
سلمان المطيري
'whimsicaltimes1' 4 weeks ago
He's so attractive when he's just being himself because he's so naturally funny. Usually he overthinks it and tries too hard.
Kharrato Omaros
'Kharrato Omaros' 4 weeks ago
what is the song please
'Tipsy' 4 weeks ago
She is blushing and remembers every detail, think that she still like him
'Elif' 4 weeks ago
8:17 rare real Jimmy laugh here
'TIG5574' 4 weeks ago
Nicole is trying to get laid and Jimmy puts on a video game. Wow, this is high school allllllll over again.
Nyte Mare
'Nyte Mare' 4 weeks ago
Yea when a girl comes over or invites you to watch a DVD she really wants to bang you! Put down the remote boys!!!
Foro 5
'Foro 5' 4 weeks ago
Very natural behaviour when a woman falls in love. She looks so gorgeous. She feels so strong love force that she can't hide it.
'_Zeca_' 4 weeks ago
He has a preference for video games. :D
Kawtar Shahid
'Kawtar Shahid' 4 weeks ago
omg this is soooo perfect 😭😭😭
'TinyTinkebell' 4 weeks ago
I think its because women are taught, that if a guy likes you, you will know about it. He'll show we just wait until a guy makes it obvious they like us in some way... otherwise we keep our mouths shut even if we like them back, because we assume he's not interested.
AlessandroDourado Dourado
Muito legal!!!! kkkk.
Loodi Alameen
'Loodi Alameen' 4 weeks ago
this so much fun why jimmy why I love the both of u xoxo
Shadow Seeker
'Shadow Seeker' 4 weeks ago
u see u never know what a fuck is up this is one of things that proof's we don't have any fucking control over our lives lol
marifer torres
'marifer torres' 4 weeks ago
2:43 best part
Almat Baiduisenov
'Almat Baiduisenov' 4 weeks ago
Probably that Rick guy was jealous...
Kat Hutnik
'Kat Hutnik' 4 weeks ago
This is hilarious. Haha.
Jay Rock Jinx
'Jay Rock Jinx' 4 weeks ago
Don't know what Fallon blowing it whit Kid man or Meyers blowing it with JLaw
'Azrael' 4 weeks ago
im not particularly into blondes but iv got a special soft spot for Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron
Green Batman
'Green Batman' 1 month ago
God knows how many times jimmy would have watched batman forever if he new nicole kidman like him hahahahahaha😂
'roadrailn' 1 month ago
Props to the camera man for hitting every angle at the perfect timing to help capture this incredible moment for all
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