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Wolfdog Lapdog -
Published: 5 months ago By: Sarah and the Wolves

By: Sarah and the WolvesPublished: 5 months ago

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This is Nikki. Nikki has no concept of her size. She's a mid content wolfdog but in her head she is a pure bred Chihuahua. Even though she's muddy and heavy, I'll take her loving any day :)
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'ParallelUniversSoul' 2 weeks ago
So pretty :3
Roberto Jr. Gilnei
'Roberto Jr. Gilnei' 2 months ago
She's so beautiful.
'MrTaurenshaman' 3 months ago
Awww, she so pretty :3
'Oremir' 5 months ago
So what breed is her dog-half?
'SpiritWolf' 5 months ago
yuuuu cuuute
Al N
'Al N' 5 months ago
These videos are always some welcome pick-me-ups before and after work because nobody hates work morning more than me, and everybody hates public transit at rush-hour. And dudes, check the instagram, those wolves are lucky AF, Sarah is fineeeee!!!!! Ok. Just had to get it out the system.
'Jam' 5 months ago
My favourite 30 seconds on the internet.
'XGamingStormX' 5 months ago
i love this
'verthib' 5 months ago
Why even have these dogs and trap them in chain link enclosurs? :(
Carvanni Andrew
'Carvanni Andrew' 5 months ago
I love you and your wolves
'RoadRunner' 5 months ago
99% Chihuahua, 1% Wolf - The wolf gens are still dominant, Bazinga!
'DaniDonut' 5 months ago
Such a cutie :3
'Oliver' 5 months ago
Aww I love your vids!
Evelyn C
'Evelyn C' 5 months ago
Wonderful work you guys do, Sarah,,,,,,,,such a happy dog,,,,,,,
'lmarcondesm' 5 months ago
Best channel ever.
'SanDeygo' 5 months ago
That's a big dog!
'unknown1creature' 5 months ago
just like my chihuahua
PvtReaper89 lost son of Fenris
so darned adorable
'Ultrajamz' 5 months ago
What do you use to record this? What cam/headmount
Channel T
'Channel T' 5 months ago
Aww, what a beauty!
Jeffrey Lane
'Jeffrey Lane' 5 months ago
Ahh yes, the elusive wolf-lapdog. Rarely seen....
Alexander Wolff
'Alexander Wolff' 5 months ago
This is the best YouTube channel.

Wolf dogs are fricken cool.
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