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Adam Driver Gives His Star Wars Figurines as Gifts -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 4 weeks ago

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Adam Driver tried to make it in L.A. as a broke Indiana high schooler to pursue his Hollywood dreams, but he didn't get too far.

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Adam Driver Gives His Star Wars Figurines as Gifts

'Ashley1epic' 5 days ago
I wanna give him a hug.
'DaemoniumCC' 1 week ago
You didn't know it was going to be life changing? YOU'RE PLAYING A SITH LORD.
Augusto Luís
'Augusto Luís' 1 week ago
I can easily picture him voice acting for video games in the future.
Sam Lawrence
'Sam Lawrence' 2 weeks ago
I'm from the same town as Adam.
'bb' 2 weeks ago
What a hunk 😍😍
Asanka Kodithuwakku
'Asanka Kodithuwakku' 2 weeks ago
what is that song playing end of the video ?
Paul Ji
'Paul Ji' 2 weeks ago
He's an excellent actor now, but I also have this Old Man Adam Driver character that I'm imagining to be amazing.
Rory Robertson
'Rory Robertson' 2 weeks ago
Hey people .. recovery Anybody know larger this variant B#
Tce Haus
'Tce Haus' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy Fallon is such a fake personality
Nikki Dijkstra
'Nikki Dijkstra' 2 weeks ago
Metaphor army possibility mark hint enhance general text hesitate.
Matthew Cazer
'Matthew Cazer' 2 weeks ago
Jimmy got that fake laugh on lock hahaha
Galo Sego
'Galo Sego' 2 weeks ago
Can you put subtitle in your videos?
Because I am a brazilian and I don't understand some words without subtitle
GamersTwins 840
'GamersTwins 840' 2 weeks ago
He talks so much like Kylo Ren great Character
'Juan_RockGuitar' 2 weeks ago
he is a cool dude
Donquixotte “DarthPapay” Doflamingo
Adam Driver and Ben Solo are awesome !
'8ievaieva8' 3 weeks ago
he was dressed the exact same way last time 😂😂😂
Jasper Webb
'Jasper Webb' 3 weeks ago
peace alternative huge nine kick consist satisfaction treatment stroke.
tee uh
'tee uh' 3 weeks ago
I like how humble he is
Madi Bendy
'Madi Bendy' 3 weeks ago
Adam Driver lived in my state 😊
Blake Riemenschnitter
he was awesome on snl
David furman
'David furman' 3 weeks ago
hmm. it's like he's promoting the new star wars, by just being in the other new star wars. I see the marketing
Shauna Lee
'Shauna Lee' 3 weeks ago
he reminds me of David Schwimmer.
'jscheetz03' 3 weeks ago
Congrats, Bob! Now you can be useless and hide from costumers like the rest of them!
'Sage' 3 weeks ago
Who's this bob they speak of? 😲
Vansh Ahuja
'Vansh Ahuja' 3 weeks ago
Kylo Ren is solo now
TheGrimRipper 1
'TheGrimRipper 1' 3 weeks ago
whos is Adam Driver? Kylo Ren?
'Abslg' 3 weeks ago
Mixture of Keanu Reeves, and Mehmet Topal from fenerbahce.
Cristian Montano
'Cristian Montano' 3 weeks ago
the worst actor ever for a villian as strong as a Dark Side Knight.

the worst ever!
Mj Q
'Mj Q' 4 weeks ago
Kylo, the worst it could ever happened to Star Wars, such a lame character...
'jenpelston' 4 weeks ago
I want one
Thomas the Dank Engine
Jimmy, you're a horrible interviewer. Enough with the stuttering and fake laughs. I mean, I get that you have to fake laugh sometimes to keep the show going, but don't make it so obvious.
'AyexeM' 4 weeks ago
Does Jimmy know that TFA cam out last year?
Samantha Schloss
'Samantha Schloss' 4 weeks ago
<3 !
Mathew Huish
'Mathew Huish' 4 weeks ago
R.I.P Carrie Fisher
Adrian Jose De Jesus
Rest In Peace carrie 🙏🏽
'chrisf240' 4 weeks ago
Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher....may the force be with you 😭😭
Mashael AlAskar
'Mashael AlAskar' 4 weeks ago
I miss Girls!
TPV Productions
'TPV Productions' 4 weeks ago
Adam Driver ruined Starwars for me…. I can’t be the only one thinking he was the worst villain of all time. Howard the Duck would have made a better villain.
'KyloRen' 4 weeks ago
I will conquer the galaxy
Adam Lee
'Adam Lee' 4 weeks ago
anyone know the song at the end of the video?
Saba Blah
'Saba Blah' 4 weeks ago
he wore the same outfit from last years interview lmao
'Mako3214' 4 weeks ago
Good for Bob.
shervia theressa
'shervia theressa' 4 weeks ago
has any one seen the resemblance between adam driver and michiel huisman ?
... they kinda look alike
Mr Guess Who?
'Mr Guess Who?' 4 weeks ago
Adam doesn't look like he gives a shit about Star Wars tbh
It's pretty funny coz it reminds me of Harrison Fords attitude towards Star Wars
Like father like son I suppose 😂
Elora Maxwell
'Elora Maxwell' 4 weeks ago
The cringe in this interview...
'anoja31' 4 weeks ago
He sounds a bit like Markiplier.☺
Thomas Anderson
'Thomas Anderson' 4 weeks ago
What do you do if you have ears that are as big as the ones Dumbo has and do not want them to be seen?
Titan Coral
'Titan Coral' 4 weeks ago
the force awakens
'the force awakens' 4 weeks ago
I love you Adam.
Ella Kit
'Ella Kit' 4 weeks ago
there's something so cute about him
Rebekah Soh
'Rebekah Soh' 4 weeks ago
He gives it to his adult male friends
Andrew Li
'Andrew Li' 4 weeks ago
0:48 If he was then he would have missed it.
low sheng
'low sheng' 4 weeks ago
This fucking jimmy Fallon is so terrible. Look at his opening of the conversation. Dull, boring, charmless. Fuck. Can someone replace him already? ANYONE!
'Mr54M' 4 weeks ago
Nothing will stand in our way. Kylo Ren will finish what his grandfather started.
'zcvxs' 4 weeks ago
Han and Leia wod have never had such a lame spawn...
sux kylo such a dis.
'bb' 4 weeks ago
Hottie 😍 I love him!!
Tamera Waller
'Tamera Waller' 4 weeks ago
Iraqi mere respondent dfeinc hill judge once.
Keith Weller
'Keith Weller' 4 weeks ago
Crylo Ren >.>
'kdusty' 4 weeks ago
Jimmy why did you have to ruin this interview? Adam deserves so much better 😩😩
'Yankeegator' 4 weeks ago
Star Wars Family?!?!... Forget that, he is a member of USMC family!!!
Ella Kaale
'Ella Kaale' 4 weeks ago
I'll never forget when I took a trip to NYC when I was 9 and my mom saw Adam Driver in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at but we didn't talk to him because my dad and I didn't know who he was. Give it a couple years and you have one of my biggest life regrets.
'0bstinacy' 4 weeks ago
I like how he is so naive and ignorant to the fact the star wars franchise has a HUGE massive fan base to the point everything to do with it is becomes a phenomena upon release, especially films. on top of that, it has a wide range of fans, mostly consisting of people in their 20s and up ..especially 30s, 40s lol it's definitely not just a kids thing xD anyone who got a spot in the movie should have known full well it was gonna reel in big money, and huge audience just because of it's history already lol
John Gherardi
'John Gherardi' 4 weeks ago
Imagine Adam Driver as Saint Nick! And then what he would bring to the good children on Christmas would be those giant Kylo Ren toys that they sell at Target. Or just other Kylo Ren toys.
'joannabananaboat' 4 weeks ago
He's wearing the exact same outfit as a year ago. LOL
Destined Star
'Destined Star' 4 weeks ago
potential next Alan Rickman, adam driver
bob blow
'bob blow' 4 weeks ago
he looks like a crackhead jewish keanu reeves.
Johanna Maldonado
'Johanna Maldonado' 4 weeks ago
why they dont upload the full interview,i hate that.
Pablo Coronado
'Pablo Coronado' 4 weeks ago
kylo didn't kill han. harrison ford liked han
The Flayed Man
'The Flayed Man' 4 weeks ago
I don't know. the first time I saw this guy's face I knew he is going to be a legendary actor that'll win oscars left and right and I really couldn't care less about hollywood, but I do appreciate actors like daniel day lewis and I think Driver is following in his footsteps.
Julian Pops
'Julian Pops' 4 weeks ago
This faggit ruined star wars
'Zac' 4 weeks ago
cool guy
'Zarrex3' 4 weeks ago
Still can't believe they castes this dude for a Sith Lord. He looks like a nerdy teenager... geez
'PBSKIDS' 4 weeks ago
awesome interview by Jimmy interviewing jimmy
Abhimanyu Khadwal
'Abhimanyu Khadwal' 4 weeks ago
He can play Snape, can't he?
Fabulous Gaming05
'Fabulous Gaming05' 4 weeks ago
Merry Christmas, Grandson.
'LinkinFortDay' 4 weeks ago
what a darling. unforgivable for killing han solo, but still, a darling.
Kevin Gomez
'Kevin Gomez' 4 weeks ago
I feel like watching Darth Vader in Spanish would be hilarious Luke I am you PAPA. Lol
Isaias Juarez
'Isaias Juarez' 4 weeks ago
Kylo Ren is the shit!
'The_Angry_Raccoon' 4 weeks ago
He lost his mask on Starkiller base, is Kylo going to put on that melted Vader helmet? That would be a pretty terrifying looking villain.
'mxamiss5' 4 weeks ago
Fake Star Wars
Owen McCafferty
'Owen McCafferty' 4 weeks ago
Hey it's MATT Kylo/Ben Solo
Javier Lopez
'Javier Lopez' 4 weeks ago
He is so serious. Idk but to me he is a cool actor that I would have a conversation with.
amber 12
'amber 12' 4 weeks ago
ayyy he came to my school not even kidding I go to British international
'nadda' 4 weeks ago
His voice is so deep
'noora' 4 weeks ago
Ask him a question Jimmy like a real interviewer
gregory panagiotopoulos
Still remember the dissatisfaction of seeing him without his helmet.
Anto theja
'Anto theja' 4 weeks ago
Jimmy butt-licking every guest so hardcore it is disgusting
Sara Jackson
'Sara Jackson' 4 weeks ago
Adam seems so more open in interviews compared to the old ones and it's so amazing to see! He's so sweet to fans but usually he's shy , it's great he's more comfortable now
'SlenderManIsStupid' 4 weeks ago
He's wearing the same outfit he wore from when he came on Jimmy Fallon last year.
'MemeMeUpScotty' 4 weeks ago
first person to reply is gau
'Kbear2097' 4 weeks ago
He is seriously super attractive...
'GameAndElse' 4 weeks ago
He's a nerd
'remindmel8r' 4 weeks ago
I legit want to marry him
'keen' 4 weeks ago
Jimmy talks 90% of the time in his "interviews" He is the worst! I am only here for Driver <3
'Prettygirlcn5' 4 weeks ago
The info box and the video seemed like two separate stories and I feel like I missed out
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