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Marvel NOW! Titles for January 4th -
Published: 2 months ago By: Marvel Entertainment

By: Marvel EntertainmentPublished: 2 months ago

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Marvel NOW! continues this Winter. Check out all the NEW Marvel titles arriving in stores January 4th. Tune in each week to see the new books! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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Adonis Fiend
'Adonis Fiend' 2 months ago
Soo that moon knight cover, exactly how twisted and bizarre is moon knight? That cover peeked my interest
Devil of Hell
Gabriel Benitez
'Gabriel Benitez' 2 months ago
Unworthy Thor
Old Man Logan
Spider Man 2099
Amazing Spider Man

Those are the titles I'm still reading. I'm mostly hyped for the Resurrection of THe X Men.
Ultimate SkyFather
'Ultimate SkyFather' 2 months ago
Unworthy Thor - Spider man 2099 - Old man Logan and Avengers mainly because spider-man. The rest garbage
Bill Wilson
'Bill Wilson' 2 months ago
SJW writers
Geek forlife
'Geek forlife' 2 months ago
Is it just me or is the guy who draws the covers for scarlet witch covers the same guy who drew them for the matt fraction hawkeye run ?
'Noek' 2 months ago
Champions, and NOVA!
'krisj827' 2 months ago
I need to buy the Scarlet Witch books. That cover is insane.
'Mandog76' 2 months ago
Champions, Deadpool the Duck, Slapstick, and maybe Wasp
'VideaVice25' 2 months ago
Unworthy Thor and Hawkeye
'TheComicCrafter' 2 months ago
My thoughts:
1. Another Deadpool crossover series? Why not just have him run into these heroes in his solo series? I don't need nor want a miniseries of just Deadpool and Howard the Duck, or Hawkeye, or Spider-Man, or Carnage, or whoever they throw in with Wade next.
2. Moon Knight is still REALLY weird. I preferred when you couldn't tell whether he was insane or actually was connected to a god.
3. The Avengers: Ultron Revolution comic book is pointless; it just retells stories you've already seen in the cartoon, if you watch it at all.
4. That had better be Richard Rider on that Nova cover! I've had enough of Sam Alexander; he's like an unfunny Spider-Man.
5. Is Scarlet Witch supposed to be a horror series or something? Because if so, that's stupid, and if not, that cover is very misleading.
6. Slapstick seems like a nice change of pace from the standard Marvel series; more comedy than action.
7. Still not happy about Miguel fighting crime in the present; seeing future versions of classic Marvel characters was always interesting.
8. Why is Thor still "unworthy?!"
9. I LOVE the costumes of all of the USAvengers. I'm also happy that Red Hulk is finally keeping his mustache when he transforms; it never made sense when it disappeared other than to hide the fact that he was General Ross way back when he was first introduced.
10. Please just kill this new Wasp. Jarvis hates/hated her, and I agree/agreed with him wholeheartedly. Maybe if I'm lucky she'll turn out to be a synthezoid with fake memories created by Ultron.
Art Pajazitaj
'Art Pajazitaj' 2 months ago
Is the Scarlet Witch book worth reading?
Bowl Cut
'Bowl Cut' 2 months ago
champions and slapstick
'daour' 2 months ago
USA(vengers)! USA(vengers)!
'WMICx' 2 months ago
That scarlet witch cover is awesome
Ryser GamesTr
'Ryser GamesTr' 2 months ago
'Hühnchen' 2 months ago
What happened to Webwarriors ?
Luis Felipe Guzman Verduguez
Wow, I dont know if I am excited or afraid with that Scarlet Witch comic
'Triceratops' 2 months ago
Deadpool the duck and wasp and maybe champions
Eli Eeee
'Eli Eeee' 2 months ago
Marvel stop trying to be vertigo
nintendo plaza
'nintendo plaza' 2 months ago
Gonna get Champions, OML, and possibly UsAvengers and or Nova.
Gamercat 99
'Gamercat 99' 2 months ago
What the heck is wrong with that Moon Knight cover?!? It's SO freaking creepy!!
'Potaka79' 2 months ago
Was looking at unworthy Thor but where is Thanos?....That was a master piece.
Larissa Van De Pol
'Larissa Van De Pol' 2 months ago
my birthday is januari the 4th. (yeay)
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 2 months ago
0:14 the old or other Nova?
José David Catemac
'José David Catemac' 2 months ago
0:13 The cartoon?
Razer Howl
'Razer Howl' 2 months ago
When Marvel doesn't release Moon Knight On Netflix
'GAME CHANEL Music' 2 months ago
ᗩᗰᖇIT ᗪEᔕI
'ᗩᗰᖇIT ᗪEᔕI' 2 months ago
i am waiting
iron doom #
'iron doom #' 2 months ago
i now many marvel comic fans are upset because of civil war 2 but unworthy thor for example ist just great and definitely worth reading just like champions infamous iron man and old man logan
'Obadiah' 2 months ago
Free greenscreen dude
BDJ tv
'BDJ tv' 2 months ago
You guys f*cked up civil war 2
'Gotham's Finest' 2 months ago
I am not first!!
Black Heart
'Black Heart' 2 months ago
Guys are Unworthy Thor , Old Man Logan and Avengers worth reading??? By the way only picking up Spidey 2099 from here..
Ben Reilly
'Ben Reilly' 2 months ago
Marvel where is Dead No More #4 at thoe
'Constance' 2 months ago
the scarlet witch one looks so cool! and btw, 12th
Emirsonn Ali
'Emirsonn Ali' 2 months ago
Unworthy Thor
bastian12 chavez
'bastian12 chavez' 2 months ago
cómics deadpool !!!
'dredre8424' 2 months ago
Deadpool the Duck coming to contest of champion soon
Lego Ghost Rider
'Lego Ghost Rider' 2 months ago
Looks nice. Nice.
David Lopez
'David Lopez' 2 months ago
Deadpool the Duck!
'Blackwing2040' 2 months ago
Looking forward to US Avengers
'Neoxon' 2 months ago
Bring on Nova #2!
'DragonFrost_' 2 months ago
'phobos-243' 2 months ago
FFSkills 11
'FFSkills 11' 2 months ago
'Georgified' 2 months ago
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