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CHEERLEADING Expectations vs. Reality w/ Avrey Ovard! -
Published: 4 months ago By: AwesomenessTV

By: AwesomenessTVPublished: 4 months ago

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Avrey shows you what life is REALLY like for a cheerleader!

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Amy Herbert
'Amy Herbert' 1 month ago
'CandiedChloe' 3 months ago
This is so accurate!! omg. I'm a flyer and the struggles of stunting is real 😂😂
Laina R
'Laina R' 3 months ago
this was so true😂 cheerleaders unite!😂
Mea Troy
'Mea Troy' 3 months ago
Avery!!!! Oml
Joycelynn McCoy
'Joycelynn McCoy' 3 months ago
I was expecting come crazy video with some random person pretending to be a stereotypical cheerleader but this is actually so true
Ayla Thompson
'Ayla Thompson' 3 months ago
This is so off u don't laugh after u mess up. U don't tumble or stunt like that either
Brooklyn Ackerman
'Brooklyn Ackerman' 4 months ago
are you sisters with Aspen?
Iman Abrar
'Iman Abrar' 4 months ago
this seems like so much fun we arent taught cheer or things like that in our country
Laura Neidhold
'Laura Neidhold' 4 months ago
Wait is she related to Aspyn Ovard?
Shannon McKean
'Shannon McKean' 4 months ago
everything about this video was off. she cheered for like 2 years then quit. also the cradle was sooo bad
Shannon McKean
'Shannon McKean' 4 months ago
her eyeshaddow is messed up
Gracie Mclain
'Gracie Mclain' 4 months ago
Sofia Seguel
'Sofia Seguel' 4 months ago
Aw i love Avery!💕
Olivia Messina !!!
'Olivia Messina !!!' 4 months ago
Very relatable I'm a cheerleader I can relate to all of these
Esi A
'Esi A' 4 months ago
When you can't even do a cartwheel...
Makenna McLean
'Makenna McLean' 4 months ago
Girl tell your flyer to tighten and hold herself up holy crap 😂
'CrayCrayJay' 4 months ago
This makes me wish I was in cheerleading 😩
'AlexandraColeen' 4 months ago
for me it's actually not that hard to balance when you're being lifted as long as you and your lifters are working as a team haha 😂
Claire Fredrickson
'Claire Fredrickson' 4 months ago
WHOA avreys hair is long in this video...?????
Grace bolton
'Grace bolton' 4 months ago
Cheer reality- Your coach yelling at you, you messing up like 5 million times then you do the skill once then can't do it anymore😂
Hannah Campbell
'Hannah Campbell' 4 months ago
this video is so cute!! makes me wanna do cheer still haha
Jenlove Makeup
'Jenlove Makeup' 4 months ago
Tiffany Calverley
'Tiffany Calverley' 4 months ago
Do you still cheer Avrey?
Julia Dilallo
'Julia Dilallo' 4 months ago
hey you. yes, you. stop being unhappy with yourself. you are perfect. stop wishing you looked like someone else or wishing people liked you as much as they like someone else. stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks. love them. without these things you wouldn’t be you. and why would you want to be anyone else? be confident with who you are. smile. it’ll draw people in. if anyone hates on you because you are happy with yourself then you walk away and say screw it. my happiness will not depend on others anymore. I’m happy because i love who i am. i love my flaws. i love my imperfections. they make me, me. and “me” is pretty amazing.

hopefully this helped whatever you’re going through. please don't say im doing this to gain, I just want to make people smile
'Truth' 4 months ago
Uh like totally
Rachel Meador
'Rachel Meador' 4 months ago
Omg yes Avery! Loved this video 😍😍
Gia rose
'Gia rose' 4 months ago
this is so true
Allison Rose
'Allison Rose' 4 months ago
YAYY Avrey Congrats girl xx
Savi Spice
'Savi Spice' 4 months ago
Sydney Little
'Sydney Little' 4 months ago
This video is so true. Before I started cheer I thought all the tumbling would come naturally. I was wrong
Melia Webb
'Melia Webb' 4 months ago
Spot on😂😂
katie gouldby
'katie gouldby' 4 months ago
Jonathon Ross
'Jonathon Ross' 4 months ago
Sarah Bradford
'Sarah Bradford' 4 months ago
do avrey remind you of aspyn
Paulina Saenz
'Paulina Saenz' 4 months ago
awww aspyns sister shes sooo cute and nicee
Uryah Mcallister
'Uryah Mcallister' 4 months ago
No trying to be rude be point your toes in tumbling
Liv Lunar
'Liv Lunar' 4 months ago
lmao if my coach saw our stunting and it was like the 'reality' over and over again. he'd probs flip shit and start yelling.
Ellie W
'Ellie W' 4 months ago
Is she and Aspyn related?
jordan butler
'jordan butler' 4 months ago
The tumbling part couldn't have been more accurate 😂😂
Jessica Johnstone
'Jessica Johnstone' 4 months ago
Taylor Powers
'Taylor Powers' 4 months ago
how is she relevant
'Rylie' 4 months ago
Kathy Gray
'Kathy Gray' 4 months ago
Alexis Harris
'Alexis Harris' 4 months ago
You should've taken a different angle at filming this. Instead expectations of hitting the first time and reality taking a couple tries. Expectations of one full out but reality having ten, etc. NOT this joking around stuff, lol, maybe I'll do one on my channel
'tina' 4 months ago
So funny! 😂😂
Alina Thun
'Alina Thun' 4 months ago
Paige Plucker
'Paige Plucker' 4 months ago
But if you can do it really well isnt it actually the reality
Lexi Loo
'Lexi Loo' 4 months ago
this is so true
Ginger Rose
'Ginger Rose' 4 months ago
Why are you talking bad about practices though? It's not like that ...
I mean, yes, there ARE practices like that. But for everyone who was really expecting a view behind the smiles and routines - this is not how Cheerleaders practice normally. If you're truly interested in that, watch the 'Cheerleaders' Show by AwesomenessTV. THIS is how it really is.
'It's Michelelynelly' 4 months ago
Emily Hunter
'Emily Hunter' 4 months ago
The technique of tumbling in this vid made me want to gag but other than that I loved it
OnesecondofMartinez Fan
I hate how people stereotype cheerleaders as dumb. They aren't dumb. But sometimes, they don't have common sense, sometimes. To be a cheerleader, or in any sport really, you have to have a high expectancy with the grades you have. If you're failing or below average, you're no longer allowed on the squad. So classifying cheerleaders as dumb airheads, make YOU the dumb ones.
'RYAN BECKER' 4 months ago
'Marrell' 4 months ago
Not my stunt group
'Itsmemaddie' 4 months ago
Actually me 💕💕😂
Constantina Giorgalla
Jaimee Weatherby
'Jaimee Weatherby' 4 months ago
My cheer team😂
Sarah Playz
'Sarah Playz' 4 months ago
21st comment!!! #WheresMyEarlySquad?!
Maddie Sibley
'Maddie Sibley' 4 months ago
Can relate to all of these during practice omg thank you finally someone makes a video like this
Bruna Aguiar
'Bruna Aguiar' 4 months ago
I know that this comment will eventually get lost in the sea of comment but to everyone reading remember that you are beautiful and loved
I hope you're having a great day or night ☺️☺️
Bruna Aguiar
'Bruna Aguiar' 4 months ago
I'm a gymnast and I was wondering if it's cheer is any diferent(the tumbling and stuff)
Meadow Skye
'Meadow Skye' 4 months ago
I would really appreciate if everyone just looked at the new video I uploaded!!!!! :)
Splash The Magikarp
'Splash The Magikarp' 4 months ago
Pretty accurate lol happens to me all the time
Katarina Mirkovic
'Katarina Mirkovic' 4 months ago
Is she aspyns sister
Lauren and Greg
'Lauren and Greg' 4 months ago
Avrey is so beautiful! 🎀
Nightcore Shadowhunter
I thought it was going to be with SMOED
Angie Barberena
'Angie Barberena' 4 months ago
7-4 am
'7-4 am' 4 months ago
Anybody who has school tomorrow after a bunch of snow days
Layla Mackinnon
'Layla Mackinnon' 4 months ago
your vid is great?
'Lora's Craft's' 4 months ago
Soo early!
Greta Salkauskaite
'Greta Salkauskaite' 4 months ago
check my ig🦄👉greta.salkauskaite👈
Tilly the Awesome
'Tilly the Awesome' 4 months ago
265th view!!! YAY!
M. Howard
'M. Howard' 4 months ago
#earlysquad like if your early
'Randomfandom' 4 months ago
Im ZedZee
'Im ZedZee' 4 months ago
I I was the first to subscribe
Rida Fayyaz
'Rida Fayyaz' 4 months ago
claudia mendez
'claudia mendez' 4 months ago
i've never been this early
Dantdm Superfan
'Dantdm Superfan' 4 months ago
claudia mendez
'claudia mendez' 4 months ago
Chyanne Mempin
'Chyanne Mempin' 4 months ago
'Maddiel' 4 months ago
Iam third yes
Fenne Saaf
'Fenne Saaf' 4 months ago
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